Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 105

105 Artistic

"Doctor Ling, look at us. We're all stupid for not even knowing that fortune was bestowed upon us." When Wang Zhi's wife came in to deliver something, she overheard their conversation and quickly thanked Ling Ran.

The patient at the side said, "I had previously thought that the stitching was done very well, now I know how hard it is to master the technique."

Whenever Ling Ran was present, patients who had not been discharged from the hospital and their family members would naturally have nothing but good things to say about Ling Ran. As for whether they were truthful or sincere... Ling Ran would not have known. The patients had given their Sincere Gratitude either way.

They were all stuck in the rehabilitation center every day, their hands were recovering better than the others, and they were aware of it.

Now that there was a nurse who chimed in and backed Ling Ran up, each one of the patients immediately felt like they have won a prize.

Ling Ran maintained a smile on his face.

He thought about the previous mission [Practice the M-Tang Technique]. He would only receive one Basic Treasure Chest for every ten M-Tang techniques performed. Ling Ran immediately felt that Sincere Gratitude was extremely valuable.

At the same time, Ling Ran also reflected deeply on handing over the work of closing incisions to Lu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin. It was too arrogant of him, always wanting to hand the chores over to his assistants without considering the big picture of things

The nurse at the Rehabilitation Center was glad to see Ling Ran happy. She stressed again, "Our Doctor Ling specializes in M-Tang technique sutures. Just think about how tendons are so small and so difficult to sew, Doctor Ling would be able to suture it well for you. Having your outer skin stitched by Doctor Ling is very rare to come by."

The patient and their family members listened to the nurse's words and nodded to express their approval. They took the opportunity to ask a lot of questions. Ling Ran answered the important ones in a few words, and the rest were answered by the nurses.

The nurse in the Rehabilitation Center had heard of too many of the same problems from the rehabilitation patients, and most of them could be easily solved. Moreover, the four patients present were undergoing excellent recovery, and the patients' hands had recovered to the point where they looked like how a normal person's hand would look like. No bizarre problems had occurred during their recovery.

Ling Ran used his free time to open all four Basic Treasure Chests. The result of consecutively opening four of them was... naturally, four bottles of green Energy Serums.

At this point, Ling Ran had saved up twenty-one Energy Serums. With this number, it was possible for him to work without sleep for a whole month.

Ling Ran casually put the Energy Serums into his pocket without expression.

He had already expected such a result. At the same time, he also knew that, no matter how immoral an operator was, if he or she organized a lottery, there was no way the operator would make it so that the chances of drawing the main prize would be zero. One had to somewhat have simple things like detergent, soap, and basic necessities prepared.

Ling Ran sat in the Rehabilitation Center, silently waiting for the rehabilitation patients to "respawn".

Yun Hua's Rehabilitation Center mainly used the appointment system. Starting from eight o'clock, there would be a new group of patients and family members every twenty minutes. Most of them came from the Hand Surgery Department, and occasionally, there were patients who came from the Emergency Department.

And after every wave, the nurse would tirelessly introduce to everyone about Ling Ran's greatness, his perfect suturing, and the rare chances to be stitched by him.

Besides, the nurse had free time, and since she had to waste her saliva in her daily chatter anyway, she would not be tired if she had to brag about Ling Ran.

Of course, the nurse could tell that there was a high chance Ling Ran was willing to sit in the Rehabilitation Center because he wanted to be complimented by patients and their families. It was not surprising nor perverted.

As a nurse who had worked for several years, she could say with certainty that perverted doctors were not like this!

Ten o'clock.

While smiling, Doctor Ling received four Patient's Sincere Gratitudes and four Basic Treasure Chests.

At the same time, a female lecturer at the Changxi Academy of Fine Arts also joined the team to laud Doctor Ling's accomplishments.

"I would say that the position of your injury is not very good, but Doctor Ling is very good at suturing. One part of it goes along the lines on palm of the hand, and another part of it crossed between the fingers. I think this part where the suture crossed between the fingers looks the best. That would at least make your finger look slender, like having an eyeliner tattoo. Doesn't it feel like that?"

"This suture is very fine. Doctor Ling is willing to give you such a fine thread, which means that he is pretty confident. In fact, from the viewpoint of people pursuing art, a fine scar would be most obvious. But as you take a serious closer look at it, and then move further away, your scar would not be visible."

"Actually, I especially admire Doctor Ling. I used to give classes to students in cram school. They could not draw straight lines as I requested and instead drew squiggly lines. Having tutored children for two to three years, I can say there are many people who can't draw straight lines. Look at Doctor Ling's suture line. It's stitched with a needle, but the straight line is so straight it's as if it was drawn with a ruler."

Ling Ran just kept on smiling as he listened to the various voices in the Rehabilitation Center. He would also receive Basic Treasure Chests from time to time.

He decided to open a set of ten consecutively. He had currently accumulated seven of them and would soon reach his goal.

"Hey, why is your suturing like this?" yelled the lecturer from the Changxi Academy of Fine Arts suddenly, as if she had been scared.

The patient in front of her hid her hands and said, "This is how it looks after the suturing."

"Is this stitched by someone's teeth?!"

"How could you say that? Is there someone who uses teeth to suture?"

"So, yours had been sutured by some other doctor. The Hand Surgery Department doctors would suture something like yours; they would simply suture according to their will, wherever they want it to bend, they would bend it. The surgery that our Doctor Ling does would not look like this." The lecturer was quite dissatisfied and added another sentence, "Doctor Ling's suture can be said to be artistic."

The patient felt a little offended. "My surgery was really done by Doctor Ling."

"What? It's so ugly! Stop lying! Look at our wounds." The female lecturer revealed her clean, smooth wound and said, "If I had not mentioned that it was a tendon suture, you must have thought it was just a small wound, and it was also professionally handled. But look at yours!"

The patient looked down at her crooked wound and inevitably developed some self-doubt. "But mine was really done with the M-Tang technique of the Emergency Department. Look at my wristband, it belongs to that department."

"Who knows, maybe someone new may have entered the Emergency Department, or perhaps it was sewn by a doctor of the Hand Surgery Department at the end. Let me tell you, don't be fooled by those famous Hand Surgery Doctors. The wounds sewed by the associate directors would look ugly, just like yours." The female lecturer shook her head in disapproval.

The nurse quickly came forward and said to the patient, "Your hand is recovering very well. It will not take long for you to be discharged. The suture outside does not look good, but it will not affect the use of hand function. If you don't believe me, you can ask Doctor Ling... Huh, where's Doctor Ling?"

Ling Ran took away the seven Basic Treasure Chests and silently returned to the operating theater.

Many of his patients whom were sutured by him earlier on gave their Sincere Gratitude, whereas the ones later whom were sutured by Lu Wenbin and the others...

Ling Ran felt that it would be hard to receive such sincere gratitude anymore.

He remembered doing a hundred sutures using the M-Tang technique, but only obtained ten Basic Treasure Chests at the end of it. But on this day, after loitering in the Rehabilitation Center for a while, he had already obtained eleven Basic Treasure Chests. Ling Ran could no longer suppress the urge to return to the operating theater.

It was no big deal. Ling Ran could just do another one hundred cases of flexor tendon sutures. If he closed all the incisions by himself, he would receive quite a number of Sincere Gratitude.

The corner of Ling Ran's lips curved as he thought about it.

'System, open Treasure Chests.' Ling Ran went into the Operating Area, took off his clothes, and advanced to the shower room area. He then ordered the system while he took his shower. It was impossible for him to open ten chests in one go now, but he could settle with opening seven Treasure Chests.

The seven Basic Treasure Chests were unlocked and the lids opened altogether, revealing a whole array of shining green lights.

"What is this?" Ling Ran found a book from among the Energy Serums.

[Single Skill Book. Obtained skill branch: Microscopic Perineurium Anastomosis (Master Level)]

[Description: A type of nerve anastomosis used to repair complete or partial rupture of nerves by various causes.]

Ling Ran immediately put the Energy Serum away and opened the Single Skill Book.

"It's quite powerful." Ling Ran praised the new skill he had obtained as he enjoyed the warmth of the hot shower on his body.

Zhao Leyi also had surgery today. He had just taken off his clothes and entered the shower room when he heard Ling Ran's exclamation of praise.

Zhao Leyi turned to look at the mirror in the shower room, then lowered his head and looked at himself, then turned to see Ling Ran's vague figure behind the frosted glass. He could not help but feel depressed.