Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 11

Chapter 11: New Skill

"The suturing is done. Keep the wound clean and don't get it wet. Be careful when exercising." Ling Ran finished the sutures on the cut eagle head. After bandaging it, he started reciting the Standard Precautions for Patients.

Unlike the miracle doctors on television who disregarded rules, Ling Ran preferred to act according to the rules.

He liked the feeling of counting the bandages before surgery and counting the bandages after surgery. He liked to measure drugs precisely, down to the milligram. He liked medical imaging, where even a black dot garnered attention...

He liked reciting the Standard Precautions for Patients, even though the same set of rules attached to the wall of the Emergency Department.

The man with the cut eagle head still listened earnestly, more earnestly than when he played mahjong.

Resident Doctor Wu continued tearing up.

This was something he longed for just a short while ago when he treated his own patients.

"Doctor Ling, it's my turn, right?"

After Ling Ran was done with the eagle head man, the unicorn man entered the isolated area with a smile on his face. He said anxiously, "Ya gotta make sure to save the staghorn for me."

Ling Ran nodded and said, "Sit down first and let me take a look."

The unicorn man sat obediently on the small chair with his injured side facing Ling Ran, which caused him to sit face to face with Resident Doctor Wu.

Both the obedient unicorn man and Resident Doctor Wu felt a little awkward.

"Can you draw the curtains?" the unicorn man asked Nurse Wang Jia shyly.

"It's not like this is a gynecological examination." Even though Nurse Wang said that, she still drew the curtains.

During this time, Ling Ran did not say anything. Instead, he was deep in thought as he stared at the unicorn man's wound.

Ling Ran had just received a notification from the system.

[The newbie mission 'Treating Patients' has been completed.]

[Reward: Interrupted Vertical Mattress Suturing Technique (Specialist Level)]

And the SP Bar also appeared in his mind.

[Current Skills:

[Appositional Suturing Technique (Master Level)

[Interrupted Vertical Mattress Suturing Technique (Specialist Level)]

Ling Ran thought, 'The Newbie Gift Package really isn't that bad.'

He still did not know how much the difference between Specialist Level and Master Level was. But if he judged the value of the Newbie Gift Package based on the numbers alone, that would mean that the Newbie Gift Package was worth six missions, since there were six sub-skills included under the appositional suturing technique.

Still, it felt pretty amazing to be able to obtain the interrupted vertical mattress suturing technique after suturing only ten patients.

The appositional suturing technique Ling Ran obtained from the Newbie Gift Package was just as its name implied. It was a suturing technique where two tissue bites were made opposite each other across the incision. It can be used to anastomose blood vessels and treat gashes.

The interrupted vertical mattress suturing technique was a bit more special. It was mainly used to suture incisions on loose skin.

What did incisions on loose skin mean? The incisions on the lower bellies of elderly people were usually on the loose side. If the interrupted vertical mattress suturing technique was used to finish up the surgery, the likelihood for wound inversion or infection can be reduced. The technique itself would also promote healing.

Other than that, the interrupted vertical mattress suturing technique was also used in the Department of Urology because the skin of the scrotum for most people was usually loose. (^^)

Ling Ran could not help but have his gaze change, too. 'A newly obtained skill. I really want to give it a try.'

The unicorn man's two thighs shuddered slightly from Ling Ran's gaze. He asked softly, "So doc, am I gonna keep my arm or what?"

Ling Ran opened a new suturing pack and examined the surgical instruments. He asked, "What were you saying?"

Ling Ran's tone was quite monotonous, but the unicorn man trembled violently.

He could not help but think, 'Has the doc ever hesitated when treating so many bloody wounds before this? No! He only took a few minutes to suture a wound. But how long was he staring at my wound just now?'

The unicorn man utilized his imagination to the best of his ability and said grievously, "Doc Ling, is my arm going to become crippled?"

There was a relaxed smile on the unicorn man's face, as if he was free of his burdens. He said, "It's in the rules of the underground that large knives are not allowed. That motherf*cker even bought a cleaver to act cool. Does he think that people like us who use fruit knives can't afford good knives? Well, now that I'm handicapped, they have to go to jail, too. Yun Hua will become boring after this"

"Alright, I'm done suturing your horn." Ling Ran's movements were becoming more and more skilled. In an instant, he managed to align the horn on the tattoo.

There was a slight smile on his face. That feeling of having even more confidence felt really good.

The unicorn man, who was still sad earlier, froze. He reached out a trembling hand and wanted to touch the wound.

"Don't touch the wound, and don't get it wet!" Before Ling Ran could react, the nurse had already blocked the unicorn man's hand. She took the opportunity to say what Ling Ran was supposed to say as well.

"Keep the wound clean and don't let it get wet. Be careful when exercising." Ling Ran repeated the Standard Precaution for Patients. He could not skip it just because the young nurse had said it.

"Next!" Nurse Wang pulled the dividing curtain like a woman running a brotheldiligent and making every second count.

Ling Ran sat quietly inside the isolated area and waited for the arrival of the next tattooed man.

His entire day was spent inserting and taking out needles. When it was time to get off work, Ling Ran's muscles ached a little.

Fortunately, interns did not have to be on shift. Ling Ran just had to notify the superintendent before he went home.

In the hospital's system, medical interns were at the bottom-most layer of the food chain, like algae in a pond, plankton in the sea, and insects in a forestinsignificant yet indispensable.

The hospital and doctors would raise all kinds of demands, but no one cared about how the interns lived or where they rested.