Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 126

126 Other Peoples Doctor

Seven o'clock in the evening.

Huo Congjun stood tall with his chest puffed out as he brought with him a group of resident doctors, housemen, and medical interns into the observation room.

He initially had an appointment at night, but he was stood up. So, he did not have the chance to sing songs such as "Heaven" and "Going to the End of the World." This made Department Director Huo, who was already left with few leisurely activities, to begin with, very unhappy. The only thing that may comfort him would be ward rounds.

"Sorry, the regular ward rounds would be completed in the morning, but I am still worried, so I came to take a look in advance."

Huo Congjun apologized as he went inside. The sparsely colored hair on his head swayed with his movements, impressing the patients.

"Ah, one has to truly be different to be a department director. It's already so late, and you're still doing ward rounds."

"It's no big deal. No patient wouldn't be happy when a doctor is doing his ward rounds."

"Previously, there was an exceptionally handsome doctor who likes to do ward rounds at night too. But I don't know why I don't see him coming to do ward rounds anymore."

The patient and their family members were very tolerant of Department Director Huo, who came in with a bunch of people. Apart from him having the title of a department director and bringing with him a bunch of followers, everyone also felt at ease, since he looked very experienced with his silver highlights.

Zhao Leyi covered his mouth and coughed twice.

Once he received the reminder, a resident doctor quickly stood up and said, "Bed 1's patient, Li Pan, sixty-six years old, had a comminuted fracture on the distal radius of the right tibia. External fixation was done. When the patient was admitted into the hospital, the patient had a systolic pressure of one hundred and sixty and a diastolic pressure of one hundred. He has stage three hypertension, the electrocardiogram shows that his ST-T is abnormal, the sinus rhythm..."

"Was manual reduction done?" Huo Congjun was annoyed by the convoluted report. Before the resident doctor could finish his sentence, Huo Congjun went straight to the point.

The resident doctor instinctively flipped the medical record and quickly replied, "Um... the patient asked for a manual reduction, but the effect was not well. I gave an open reduction this morning..."

"Well..." Huo Congjun nodded slightly. This was originally the job of the Orthopedics Department, but since the patient had fallen into the hands of the Emergency Department, then the patient would belong to the Emergency Department.

The patient was lying in bed as he listened to the conversations between the duo. He quickly said, "Department Director Huo, your doctor's manual reduction wasn't good. I had to go through the torture twice. This should not be allowed."

Huo Congjun said, "There are many reasons why a manual reduction cannot be done. I think, for your case"

He scanned through the medical case, and said, "For your case, this scan was taken after your first manual reduction was made. We found that the reduction was not ideal, so we performed an open reduction on you. This is us being responsible for you, it's also good for your recovery."

"Why do we still need a manual reduction?" The patient could not help but complain.

The resident doctor also complained, "You were the one strongly requesting for it."

Huo Congjun let out a breath and turned around with a glare. "What is this? You needed a patient to teach you how to cure the disease? It is you who needs to make the decision, not the patient."

"Um... it was not I who performed it..." The resident doctor shrank back.

"Who was it?" Huo Congjun was full of fury.

The resident doctor bowed his head and did not say a word.

Huo Congjun would not really scold the doctor in charge in front of the patient. He turned around and smiled at the patient, "Junior doctors don't know how to persuade the patients how to receive another treatment, but since you requested for it, we could try to treat your injury by manual reduction. However, manual reduction is suitable for limited cases. When the bones are hidden within the flesh, they are not clearly visible either. If manual reduction is not successful, open reduction will be carried, this is a normal medical procedure. Come, let me look at your arm."

The patient quickly extended his arm.

"Us older folk have all of our physical functions declining, so we must pay attention to our bodies, like your diabetes. You have to control it. This is a high-risk factor, it would be highly dangerous..." When they saw how patient Huo Congjun was with the patient, he garnered praise from the other patients. Everyone exclaimed that there was no wonder why Huo Congjun was the department director because of the way he did things.

Several resident doctors were secretly hurt. They had to check the wards for nearly twenty patients every day. How could they be as meticulous and serious as a department director, who only did ward rounds once a week?

Huo Congjun was in high spirits. He spent thirty minutes to look over four patients in a room, impressing all the people.

Once he was out of the door, Huo Congjun sighed. He did not go by the order and enter the next room, but went straight to the observation room of the M-Tang technique group.

"All of you come and look at how this hand is sutured." Huo Congjun stood at the observation room of the M-Tang technique group. His voice immediately became three times louder.

There were basically no mistakes in the surgeries that Ling Ran had performed. There were still some bad results, but they would be due to external circumstances. Human error was almost absent altogether. It was naturally more relaxing to perform a ward round here for Department Director Huo Congjun.

The housemen and medical interns curiously came to watch and surrounded them.

Some housemen quietly asked the medical interns, "Is Ling Ran really your classmate?"

"We're cohorts," the interns who were asked answered gloomily.

Ling Ran's exceptional performance inevitably made his cohorts extremely stressed out.

Nowadays, all the doctors from all the departments would take Ling Ran as an example when they encountered a medical intern.

"What are the difficulties in performing a flexor tendon suture?" Huo Congjun suddenly started asking questions. He called out to a houseman.

The houseman was taken aback. He was stumped by the question.

"Look, a medical intern who is younger than you has already started doing major operations, and you can't even remember the key points of a flexor tendon suture?" Huo Congjun used the traditional teaching method of comparing students' performances to teach the doctors under him, and he could only watch the group of doctors nod in disappointment.

The houseman was triggered by his gaze. His answer instantly formed in his head, and he said, "The possible complications are postoperative adhesions..."

"Too slow!" Huo Congjun interrupted him instantly.

The houseman's faces turned sour.

"Sigh, forget letting all of you do an operation. Look at yourselves. You need to think for so long before evenmentioning a point." Huo Congjun shook his head. "Who can explain the advantages and disadvantages of various stitching methods? Explain them one by one."

"I can." A medical intern who suddenly had the answer appear in his head quickly raised his hand and said what he knew, "Bunnel is the earliest tendon suture method...

"Double-crossed suture...

"Figure-of-eight suture method...

"The Kessler suture technique is the main surgical method of our Hand Surgery Department...

"There is also the Tsuge suture..."

Huo Congjun picked the people one by one to answer his question, and the housemen and medical interns answered one by one. The resident doctors were not spared either.

The family members of the patients in the ward looked at the group of junior doctors and quietly took a photo. They then wrote the word 'tragedy' on their faces and sent the photo to their circle of friends.

Huo Congjun did not care about what the others thought.

He used the questions to pressure the junior doctors while diagnosing the patients' conditions.

The hospital was mainly a training ground for both housemen and resident doctors. Except for a few genii, most doctors have to be abused for about ten years before they could get a steady footing in the hospital.

A steady footing did not mean that the doctor would no longer be picked to answer questions, but at least, they could now pick others to answer THEIR questions, and they could search for a balance in their emotions in this manner.

"Do you know how difficult it is to perform the M-Tang technique?" Huo Congjun asked the main question of the day, and he did so with the tone as if he was comparing his own stupid child to his neighbor's prodigious child.

The group of junior doctors looked at each other. They were unwilling to answer this question.

"The M-Tang technique is far more complex than the suture methods that all of you just brought up..." Huo Congjun looked at the group of junior doctors as he answered his own question with a sentimental tone.

The patients in the ward eagerly listened.

Everyone hoped to get the best medical service, hence why there were so many famous regional doctors. The patients' praises were sometimes objective, and sometimes, those praises were just to comfort their own hearts by making themselves believe that they received the best medical service available.

Huo Congjun really liked Ling Ran and his M-Tang technique. Who would not like it? Doctors who were able to do eight to ten surgeries a day were like treasures in all hospitals.

Even private hospitals such as Aier Ophthalmology would give priority and care to those doctors who could do ten operations a day.

Besides, Ling Ran's M-Tang technique was very complicated, and he had almost monopolized that technique in the hospital.

"Those who know how to do the hand function assessment, please step out and diagnose the patient. This would also let all of you see what it means to achieve 97% in the hand function assessment using the M-Tang technique." As Huo Congjun started to get excited while talking about "the genius child next door," he found a great longing to become young again.

Several doctors voluntarily stood up and did a hand function assessment for the patients.

While they were performing the hand function assessment, Huo Congjun stood by the side talking about the difficulties and essential points of the various indexes of the M-Tang technique. If someone were to give him a microphone, Huo Congjun would be able to bellow out "Heaven" right then because of how great he felt.

The group of junior doctors listened to the point they felt dizzy, but they still had to continue listening.

After laboriously finishing the hand function assessment, the four people in the room were all diagnosed to be in excellent condition, the group of doctors applauded in a great show of cooperation.

"Amazing, right?" Huo Congjun laughed.

"Amazing," the junior doctors answered in unison with a trace of sincerity.

After all, it was already very unusual to be able to perform the M-Tang technique. Being able to execute the M-Tang technique while allowing all the patients to score with flying colors in the hand function assessment was really something epic.


At the same time, Ling Ran opened twelve Treasure Chests from getting praises.

The light from the Basic Treasure Chests shone through the grill, but only Ling Ran alone could see it.

Ling Ran flipped over the chicken wings, glanced over the eleven Energy Serums, and then looked at the skill book in the middle.

[Single Skill Book. Obtained skill branch: Cervical spine manipulation (Master Level)]

[Introduction: Osteopathic manipulation is the most commonly used non-surgical method for the treatment of cervical spondylosis. It can be applied in vast areas. Orthodontic tendon manipulation is done by pressing, rubbing, pushing, pulling, kneading, tapping, rolling, striking, knocking, shaking, flicking, and poking to relax the muscles. When combined with the sagittal plane isometric contract-relax techniques, the clinical curative effect will be so potent that it will be over 95%.]

Ling Ran's eyes swept across his surroundings. He decisively picked up a few fresh chicken wings, beef ribs, and pork chops.

Ling Ran laid them out on the flat surface and used the cervical spinal manipulation he had just learned to do an osteopathic massage on them.

He was seen pressing them for a while before grabbing them, then pushing them before proceeding to tap them. He would even use his arm occasionally as an axis to use his elbow to knead the meat.

The young nurses, female doctors, and male doctors around him looked at him with fascination.

"Doctor Ling is so serious when he barbecues."

"I feel that this batch of barbecued meat would taste even better."

"Doctor Ling is so handsome."

"I really want to become that piece of meat..."