Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Additional Rewards

After Li Lei slowly left, Doctor Zhou's gaze was fixed on the concert ticket in Ling Ran's hand.

"Do you know how much Meng Xue's concert ticket costs?" Doctor Zhou's voice was trembling. The ticket Ling Ran got was a front seat ticket. As of then, the current price of a scalper's ticket for that seat was more expensive than finding a medical expert in Beijing.

"I know."

"Hmm... you know it? Why would you know of this kind of thing?" Doctor Zhou looked at Ling Ran with amazement.

Ling Ran chuckled and said, "My mom listens to Meng Xue's songs."

"Ah... alright." Doctor Zhou gave up dejectedly and said, annoyed. "Why can't I meet such a great patient?"

Ling Ran looked him like how one would look at a person without ambitions for a few seconds, and showed a beaming smile. Doctor Zhou turned around and pretended not to see it.

By lunchtime, the crowd that was lined up had dispersed. Ling Ran opened his four recent Basic Treasure Chests he obtained from Sincere Gratitudes as he followed Doctor Zhou to the cafeteria. He only received four Energy Serums.

In terms of the number of people, the probability of receiving Sincere Gratitude for doing osteopathic manipulation treatment was low, and it was concentrated in the first half of the period. Ling Ran speculated that it was probably because the time for doing the osteopathic manipulation treatment was short. In just two or three minutes, although it made many people's cervical vertebra relax, their gratitude and sincerity was not much.

Moreover, it was likely to be related to a lack of comparison. Not everyone had tried osteopathic manipulation in the hospital.

Ling Ran would have gotten several times more Sincere Gratitude if everyone had tried osteopathic manipulation in the hospital before, accompanied by the praise of a white-haired authoritative doctor figure, and a shift in venue of the massage place from outdoors into the much more luxurious indoor setting.

Ling Ran started pondering over whether he should start farming for a new stack of Sincere Gratitude rewards.

Doctor Zhou saw that Ling Ran was a little dazed and was watching a television show that had some singing and dancing. He could not help but worry. "You aren't really considering becoming a celebrity, are you?" 

Ling Ran was a good doctor. When he was here, not only did the business volume of the Emergency Department rise, he also never grumbled when they occasionally used him for the Debridement Room. He was unlike the other doctors. The younger ones would not make you feel at ease, and the older ones were crafty ghouls.

Moreover, Doctor Zhou really felt that Ling Ran could have a bright development on the medicine route. Not to mention that Ling Ran's M-Tang technique already had a good reputation. With his workload and obsessive-compulsive disorder, those could guarantee his future development.

In comparison, what good would it do to become a celebrity?

Celebrities would undoubtedly earn more money than doctors, their customer relations would be better than doctors, and the clothes they wear would be more beautiful than doctors. However, the work pressure of celebrities would be lesser than that of doctors. They would face fewer grandmothers than doctors, and their disputes were not as demanding as doctors...

Ling Ran was still staring at the television in a daze.

Doctor Zhou said a little nervously, "Although they look like they're singing and dancing happily, but off-stage, they have to toil away in the practice room. Rumor has it that some would need to rehearse for ten hours a day."

Ling Ran just replied with an "oh".

Doctor Zhou patted his head and scolded himself in silence, 'What am I thinking? This guy stays in the operating theater for more than ten hours every day.'

"What are you thinking now?" Doctor Zhou asked Ling Ren with a guilty conscience.

Ling Ran drank a bit of mineral water from the canteen, and slowly said, "I think the technique of cervical spinal manipulation could be applied to other places. However, it wouldn't be good to try without any former experience."

"Huh? You were thinking about this?" exclaimed Doctor Zhou incredulously.

"What else would I be thinking about?" Ling Ran somehow felt that Doctor Zhou was a little lacking in IQ today.

Doctor Zhou awkwardly chuckled four times and asked, "If you were thinking about massage manipulation, why were you staring at TV?"

"Should I have closed my eyes?"

"No, I mean... forget it." Embarrassed, Doctor Zhou sighed and returned to the topic, saying, "If you want to do massage manipulation, that's easy. I can let you massage my body any way you want for two hours."

Doctor Zhou gave Ling Ran a heroic look.

How comfortable it would be to be massaged. Who had not gotten any cervical spondylosis, disc herniation, bone hyperplasia, carpal tunnel syndrome, or synovitis before?

"That won't work." Ling Ran now had a basic understanding towards massage manipulation. He shook his head. "If I make a mistake, it may lead to paralysis."

"Well, if that's the case..." Doctor Zhou could not help but hesitate.

A line suddenly appeared before Ling Ran, accompanied by the system's voice.

[Limited Time Mission: In three days, extra rewards can be obtained by using the massage manipulation method to relieve a patient's pain.]

[Mission Details: Relieving pain is one of the many things which render value to a doctor's existence. By using massage manipulation methods, relieve the patient's pain for an accumulative ten thousand hours.]

[Reward: Random massage manipulation method.]

Ling Ran carefully read it through and immediately asked the system, "If I accumulate twenty thousand hours of pain relief, I would get two random massage manipulation methods?"

"Yes," the system replied clearly.

"By accumulating a total of ten thousand… if I cure a patient's cervical spondylosis, does that mean the remaining lifetime after he is cured would be counted as well?"

"The expected time of pain relapse would be the end time."

Ling Ran curled his lips. Diseases such as cervical spondylosis could basically be regarded as an occupational disease. It would appear largely and frequently within a specific profession which required the person to work at a desk. Otherwise, not even one occurrence would be found.

Therefore, even if the cervical spondylosis was really cured, the time of it recurring would probably happen quite soon. The more likely situation to really cure it from the root was to completely change the habits of one's lifestyle; the massage could only alleviate the pain temporarily.

But no matter what, the mission must be done.

After Ling Ran thought up to this point, he picked up his bowl and began to eat ferociously.

Compared with the barbecue from the day before, today's canteen was somewhat lacking in good food. The oily eggplant stew was very mushy, the braised tofu was too tender, and the fried eggs with tomatoes were too soft. The only good thing was that they went well with rice; they could be easily swallowed into the stomach with the porridge-like rice.

"I'm full." Ling Ran completed the task of eating at a rapid pace.

This was a skill he had practiced for many years. If it was the meal made by his mother Tao Ping, he would chew slowly and carefully taste it. If it was just glutinous rice that his old man had simply made, he would just swallow and devour it to only fill up his stomach.

Doctor Zhou looked at his plate in distress and looked somewhat like he was ambushed. The food inside his stomach was not even half-digested.

"You can continue eating. I'm going back to give people a massage." Ling Ran took the plate and left. He did not even ask Doctor Zhou if he wanted to follow him.

Doctor Zhou became more indecisive. If he left now, his stomach would not be fed. If he did not leave, what if Ling Ran got snatched away?

Doctor Zhou thought about it while he ate. After contemplating it for about ten minutes, he decided to leave and took away the empty plate.

The courtyard.

There was a chair in front of Ling Ran. Behind the chair was a table with a row of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and a thick stack of white towels. Behind the table was a crowd lining up.

People who had enjoyed the massage service in the morning not only lined themselves up, but were also constantly persuading the people around them to join the queue.

Ling Ran did not refuse anyone who came. Although some people's necks had been massaged in the morning, further massage could strengthen and extend the effect of the morning's massage.

In the hospital's Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Department, the doctor would often request the patient to undergo massaging multiple times in order to strengthen and extend the effect of the massage.

Since the effect of a massage would last for some time, it would be best if the patients were massaged multiple times so that the effect would be prolonged. At this time, Ling Ran also chose a new method of massaging, focusing on pressure points, tapping, holding, and kneading, with the goal of balancing muscle strength.

He looked at the system prompts while he massaged.

[10/10000] kept jumping out.

[11/10000]... A number like [14/10000] was a keen reminder of the effects of his massage.

Ling Ran massaged and pondered as he tried to relieve the pain with the correct postures.

At this time, even if there were no mission, as long as there were numerical prompts, Ling Ran could not bear to stop.