Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Do What I Can

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In the evening, Ling Ran’s massage venue was transferred to the infirmary, lest everyone be caught in the cold.

The infirmary of the hospital’s sanatorium was not small. It was comparable to the Ling family’s Lower Groove Clinic. It could fit more than twenty people for intravenous infusions. It also had an X-ray machine, and a dialysis machine. A small treatment room could be used to provide injections, and there was shadowless lamp that could be used to handle simple wounds.

Ling Ran just let the people lie on the treatment beds in sequence. He could save some time by massaging them from bed to bed. But what really saved time was the system’s display of the mission progress.

While watching the mission display, Ling Ran could easily determine the effect of the massage he had chosen to do.

As a Master Level in the Chiropractic Manipulation for the Cervical Spine, he could relieve the patient’s pain for forty hours by just simply pressing. Moreover, the restriction of relieving pain here was quite strict. According to the standards of the Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Department, it could be said that it would relieve fifty to sixty hours of pain.

The ten-thousand-hour mission requirement was equivalent to massaging two hundred and fifty people. An average of three minutes per person would be seven hundred and fifty minutes, about thirteen hours.

Ling Ran was certainly not satisfied with just that.

After a little accumulation of experience, Ling Ran began to consciously change the plans of the massage.

The strength of the force, the choice of different massage methods (such as tap, knead, roll, press, and rub), the balance between static equilibrium and dynamic equilibrium and more, could all improve the effectiveness of the massage at different levels. This was the part that Ling Ran needed to pay attention to in terms of technique.

On the other hand, it was even more important to adopt different plans for different patients. For example, the effect of giving the old Red Army’s massage was excellent, and the time of pain relieved was 370 hours, because he had taken effective measures to treat them and also because cervical spondylosis in old Red Army men was more symptomatic.

Ling Ran explored his accumulated experience while he thought and executed the massage.

For him, this was a totally new experience; surgeons were actually not always that good in adapting to sudden circumstances.

Like the M-Tang technique, it was not be specific to one’s own tendon and hand, it was a dexterous and callous way to do Appositional Suturing on the tendons to increase the strength of the suture as much as possible, and then to begin rehabilitation after the suturing had ended.

This was often the case with common surgical procedures. Surgeons would also consider the particularities of different people, but their purpose in considering particularity would be for making the procedure as general as possible.

However, massaging was different.

Each massage could be different, which put greater demands in skills on the massage therapist.

Ling Ran now had a thorough understanding of why he was ranked in the top fifty in the country just because he obtained a Master Level in the Chiropractic Manipulation for the Cervical Spine. This kind of technique was too low in efficiency, and the effect was too poor to be picked up.

After all, compared to saving lives, the feeling of achievement, of relieving dozens of hours of pain, was not high… but the doctor’s effort was still the same.

In the foreseeable years to come, highly-skilled doctors would always be scarce. The difference in skill would be apparent just in the different survival rates alone. For example, there would be a huge difference between the five-year survival rate, the ten-year survival rate, and the twenty-year survival rate of the same cancer patient in the different hands of different doctors.

The patients of a skilful and capable surgeon would have more than a fifty-percent chance of living another five years. There would even be a one or two-percent possibility that the patient could live for ten more years, and it would be up to fate to see if the patient could live for twenty more years.

But no matter the perspective, being a surgeon was a more appropriate choice.

Ling Ran stretched and continued to massage.

For him, the price-over-performance ratio was not the important point to be considered. The most meaningful part was to improve his surgical techniques.


All the staff members have not yet been massaged, but the completion of the Limited Time Mission had reached [10070/10000].

“Wait a minute, let me have some water.” Ling Ran really did not drink much water in that day. When he picked up the cup, he had the urge to drain it dry.

He still only drank barely three ounces. After moistening his throat, Ling Ran waited expectantly for the system’s random technique. The system did not make him wait long. A white box jumped out.

Ling Ran double-tapped the air and saw a splendid glow. Another single skill book jumped out.

[Obtained skill branch: Spinal Back Manipulation (Master Level)]

“So, the first is the cervical spine, then the back. That’s pretty random.” Ling Ran chuckled as he faced the system.

The system remained silent.

“The task is still the same.” Ling Ran once again clarified. He did not mind. After all, they were all Master Level skills.

If he practiced on his own, he would definitely not obtain this sort of effect if he did not massage up to tens of millions of cervical vertebrae. Even if he did touch a few million cervical vertebrae, he might not even be able to achieve Master Level.

Ling Ran was also adjusting his own skills according to the mission progress. For massage therapists who did not have a system to follow, it would be hard to figure out the path from entry to specialization, then from specialization to mastery.

“Mmm…” The person currently being massaged was the former biology student who got her Bachelor’s degree from Project 211 and her Master from Project 985. The girl who studied so much until she obtained cervical spondylosis was still embarrassed and shy as she lay on the treatment bed. She was already comfortably on Cloud Nine as Ling Ran put his hands on her…

“Do you need me to help you with a back massage?” Ling Ran asked.

“Would that be alright?” The girl’s saliva was about to dribble down.

“Of course,” Ling Ran said as his hands pulled and made a cracking sound. It was so relaxing that the girl gasped in astonishment.

Then, Ling Ran’s hand moved down the curvature and slid down to below her neck.

The girl’s whole body became rigid and she suddenly felt somewhat regretful. ‘What if Doctor Ling feels that my body isn’t good? What if Doctor Ling thinks that I’m too easy? Why did Doctor Ling want to do the back massage for me? Doctor Ling seems to be living alone in a single room. Doctor Ling’s room card was even given to him by me. Should I copy a room card? What should I do now?’

“Relax.” While Ling Ran spoke, he used his hand and felt around at a position under her neck.

The girl breathed a sigh of relief naturally, and in a flash, she felt a refreshing sensation.

‘It hurts, but it’s also refreshing; it hurts, but it’s also relaxing… It’s relaxing yet also stressful. It’s nerve-wracking but I want to do it again.’

“Mmm… Ooohhh…”

The girl made a strange, nasally sound.

Her mind was full from imagining Ling Ran’s big hands dancing on her back. She just kept on strengthening her will. ‘Mustn’t make a sound, mustn’t make a sound…’

“Ooh… uunhhh…” The girl’s nasally voice almost sounded like a cry.

“It’s done.” Ling Ran threw away his white towel and panted a breath.

Compared to the cervical vertebrae massage, the back massage was a bit more laborious.

However, from Ling Ran’s perspective, instead of thinking of it as a physical exertion, it would be better to think of this as physical training.

If he could massage all day and all night without feeling tired, and then moved on to do the M-Tang technique for another day and night, he might be able to last. If he had the capability to do so, then he would.

He looked at the mission prompt. The updated completion degree became [10185/10000].

Compared to before, it was the equivalent to alleviating one hundred and fifteen hours of pain, which was no more than five days.

Considering that the back massage took more time, the efficiency of performing back massages was not too high.

However… Ling Ran looked skywards and thought it was not bad.

In the evening, there were only a few dozen staff members left. It would be better to pursue quality over quantity.

Ling Ran quickly announced his decision, “Next, I will perform a cervical spine massage and back massage at the same time. Those who want this may simply rest in the infirmary, I will massage a few more.”

“Doctor Ling, don’t you need to sleep?” The people who waited for the massage felt strange. ‘You did not even accept a dime, and would stay up at night to massage people. What is it for?’

Ling Ran calmly replied, “I am still young, I can still take it, and I only do what I can.”