Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 136

Chapter 136: A Great Customer

Yun Hua Stadium's facilities were luxurious and the whole experience was excellent... but that was all only for front stage.

Backstage, only the tiles beneath the feet were exactly the same as front stage. The paint on the walls, the width of the corridor, and even the floor height were all greatly inferior.

The backstage of the stadium was still as the same as it was in the 1990s. It made one feel as though he had gone back in time.

The smell in the hallway was also unpleasant. There was an alternating odor of sweat, plastic, and garbage, and occasionally they would hit you all at once, which would make one wonder what exactly had happened here.

Ling Ran frowned as he followed Li Lei. He soon entered a props room and saw a few dancers who were suffering from cramps in their legs.

There were three female dancers. They were young and had faces done up with fantasy-like makeup. They wore ballet costumes with white stockings on their legs, and were all leaning back in their chairs. They were frowning with sweat on their foreheads while using pillows and hats to press down their skirts.

"Three people are having cramps at the same time?" Ling Ran was a little surprised. This was too much of a coincidence.

"The stage is not flat. After we stepped on the stage, we did a few moves, and we injured ourselves." The dancer in the middle was petite and lovely. She blushed as she stared at Ling Ran.

Li Lei coughed twice and said, "Now is not the time to find excuses. Let's solve the problem first. Doctor Ling, can it be treated?"

Before entering the props room, Li Lei did propose that she wanted Ling Ran to judge whether they could continue to dance. If they could not, she would have to find the dance director to modify the choreography.

"I'll give it a try first." Ling Ran's current osteopathic manipulation skills were limited to the head, cervical spine, and back. It did not include the legs. However, his three osteopathic manipulation skills were at Master Level. Other than placing 79th in the country for his head massaging technique, his cervical spine massages as well as back massages were ranked among the top fifty in the country.

The addition of three skills had undoubtedly increased Ling Ran's understanding towards the osteopathic manipulation skills.

There was a saying such as this, "applying your knowledge in other areas." Right then, Ling Ran literally had to use the three skills he had as a precedent and perform osteopathic manipulation on the leg. His skills would not be up to Master Level, but it would still be possible to be in between Specialist or Sub-Specialist Level.

Smarter osteopathic physicians would need six to eight years before they could reach Specialist Level, which was more than enough to handle the most commonly seen leg cramps.

"Come a little closer." Ling Ran took out the small bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer which he carried with him, wiped his hands, and put his hands on a female dancer's thigh.

The legs of girls who danced often were slender and powerful. Their legs could withstand the pressure as the fingers pressed.

As Ling Ran applied more force, the female dancer immediately moaned. Ling Ran nodded and said, "It seems to be just an ordinary muscle cramp. Let me treat it for a while."

"Can you handle it? Can they still go up on stage?" Li Lei asked urgently.

She looked at Ling Ran only to know if the three could still go on stage, or else she would not have caused Ling Ran any trouble for a small problem like a muscle cramp. They would just need to rest.

Li Lei was most unwilling to give Ling Ran any suggestion that his medical skills were very useful.

"Ahhh!" the female dancer loudly cried out again.

Ling Ran grabbed her thigh forcefully without a word and used the rubbing method to relieve the tension in the muscle.

This was unlike performing chiropractic manipulation for the cervical spine, he could perform osteopathic manipulation with ease despite the difficulty of never massaging legs before. And unlike a head massage, he had a variety of osteopathic manipulation methods to choose from.

Ling Ran was unfamiliar with the osteopathic manipulation of the legs. His understanding of the anatomy of the lower limbs was limited to what had he had learned in medical school, and the small amount of reading he had done recently.

Ling Ran would therefore need to spend more time to deal with the cramped muscles. But even so, Ling Ran's practically self-taught leg osteopathic manipulation skill level still exceeded most of the general attending physicians of most Chinese medicine hospitals. It would also exceed similar medical services that most hospitals could provide nowadays.

"Ah... aaahhh..." The female dancer cried out in pain, which sounded like she was moaning. Her voice quivered as she panted, making many people turn to stare at her.

Li Lei's face was tense. She could not close the door of the props room. If she closed it, the situation would be even more difficult to explain.

"It's done." Ling Ran rubbed the female dancer's leg for a while, and considered his mission completed.

The girl was covered in a layer of sweat from the pain, but she still tried to stand up. Although she was still unused to it, it did not hurt anymore, so she nodded at Li Lei.

The corner of Li Lei's mouth curled upwards at once. She immediately said, "Doctor Ling, I would have to trouble you with the other two. I'll give you a big red envelope. But do pay attention to the speed of things. They will need to dance in a while, the concert will start in less than an hour, and they still have many things to do."

Ling Ran just nodded and said, "Both of you can lie beside me. I can massage you both at the same time."

Ling Ran moved the chair to the middle of the room, and pulled the chairs of the two dancers to his sides. With one hand on each dancer, he could massage both at the same time.

He did not have much experience before, but now that he had made some discoveries, he used the skills he had with his existing head massage, cervical massage, and back massage techniques to provide a good effect on the legs. The idea of performing the massages simultaneously came his mind.



Muscle cramps were already painful enough to begin with. They would hurt even more when they were massaged.

Both dancers were girls about twenty years old. They had never gone through such punishment on a normal day. The pillows and hats that were once on their skirts were now gripped so tightly they were on the verge of being shredded.

Ling Ran's movements remained the same. He exerted more force as he massaged.



A head suddenly peaked out from the door and asked, "What are you all doing?"

"Eh, Shan... Meng Xue, how did you come here?" Li Lei was terribly shocked.

The two screaming female dancers abruptly stopped as though they had suddenly lost their voices. The loudest girl to Ling Ran's left grabbed the hat and blocked her own floating skirt. She endured the pain and called out, "Sister Xue."

Meng Xue was tall with long slender legs, creating an oppressive atmosphere as she walked into the room. Meng Xue hummed in acknowledgement, even though she looked younger than the dancers.

She asked, "What are you all doing?"

"Oh... about this, their legs are hurt, I am asking the doctor to give them a massage." Li Lei quickly explained and nudged Ling Ran.

Ling Ran had to turn around and introduce himself, "I am a doctor from Yun Hua Hospital."

Meng Xue only saw half of his face and asked with some surprise, "Are you the doctor that was invited by the organizer?"


"You're not?"

"I am an audience." Ling Ran did not wait for Li Lei to answer for him and provided it himself. Li Lei's face became full of anguish instantly.

Meng Xue was gladdened. Her big, round eyes brightened, and she happily asked, "Are you my fan?"

Ling Ran shook his head slightly. "My mom is."

A few people bowed their heads, lest Meng Xue saw that they were laughing.

"I wanted to give you my signature, but forget it." Meng Xue pouted unhappily.

Ling Ran did not mind and turned around. He continued to do the massage. The two girls who had leg cramps did not dare scream anymore. They could only use things to cover their mouths as they made pitiful whimpers.

Meng Xue watched and felt an itch under her skin.

Stars needed to dance every day, and they would always feel discomfort in various parts of their bodies. Concert stars such as Meng Xue, also nicknamed the Goddess of Dance, would have experienced a variety of problems like muscle aches multiple times.

After all, Li Lei was an agent. Being decisive was a basic requirement. She tentatively made a suggestion even before waiting for Ling Ran to finish massaging the two dancers.

"Doctor Ling, why don't you give Meng Xue a massage? You know, the chiropractic manipulation for the cervical spine which you gave me before was really good…"

"Wait for two minutes." Ling Ran did not refuse.

When he sat in the audience, he was anxious. Now that there was someone to be massaged, he cherished the opportunity.

Li Lei peeked at Meng Xue. She saw her standing expressionlessly in the room, looking handsome and beautiful at the same time. Li Lei was uncertain of her decision, but she dared not urge Ling Ran to be faster.

When Ling Ran said to wait for two more minutes, it was exactly two minutes. By the end of the massage, the two dancers had bitten their hats until there were water stains on them. They ran out with their heads down.

If they could run, it would naturally mean that their leg cramps were cured.

While Li Lei was relieved, she thought about how to arrange for Meng Xue's massage. Meng Xue was a big star, would the media make a scandal out of it if she let people touch her? 'Should I inform Meng Xue's manager? The concert is about to begin, how much time do we have left to prepare?'

Ling Ran took out the alcohol-based hand sanitizer that he carried with him and handed it to Meng Xue. "You should apply this on the parts to be massaged, including the neck and shoulders."

Meng Xue was stunned for a moment before she hesitantly picked up the sanitizer and began to apply it onto her neck and shoulders.

In order to prepare for the concert, she suffered from a long period of insomnia. Her muscles also ached dully when she woke up every morning.

After Meng Xue slowly and laboriously put some of the sanitizer on, Ling Ran, without waiting for Meng Xue to talk again, grabbed Meng Xue's neck like how an eagle would catch a small chick. Meng Xue's whole body trembled as her eyes became unfocused.

Since she debuted as a big star during her sophomore year, she had been called Brother Shanyu, or Sister Xue, because of her good looks and great background. She had never experienced being massaged on the neck before, but truth to be told, it felt really good.

Meng Xue felt Ling Ran moving around the condyles of her cervical spine, pressing gently and forcefully several times. It felt so comfortable that she wanted to moan.

Right then, Meng Xue suddenly thought of the three dancers just now, so she forced herself to not make a single sound.

Ling Ran used the pulling technique, Meng Xue did not make a sound; Ling Ran used the rubbing technique, Meng Xue still did not make a sound; Ling Ran used the tapping technique, Meng Xue did not make any sound at all.

To be honest, Meng Xue was the quietest customer he had met after he obtained the Osteopathic Manipulation Skill. However, Ling Ran's focus had never been in the voice.

When he massaged, the focus was always on the progress of the task.

The accumulated pain relief time was originally just around 25,400, and in just a few dozen seconds it had become more than 26,000.

Ling Ran could not help but rejoice in his heart. 'I did not expect her to be such a great customer.'