Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Help Me Up

Prop room.

The surface of the mottled wall was still covered in white paint. On the spots where the surface of the self-leveling floor was slightly uneven, putty[1] had been applied on some of those pits. That was probably the aftermath of the previous renovation. Regardless, there were messy things piled up all over most of the room.

Meng Xue the superstar sat in the middle of the room with her head craned up as she stared with her two glassy eyes at the ceiling surface and the paint that was peeling off.

How should she describe her feelings at that moment?

She was overwhelmed with extreme pleasure, naturally.

At the same time, she must also forcefully resist her urge to scream out of her pleasure.

She was Meng Xue the superstar. How could she simply scream out loud?

Meng Xue forced herself to sit up straight and straighten her lower back.

Screaming out loud like some cheap dancer was something that Meng Xue must not allow herself to do. What if there were reporters outside? Even if there were no reporters outside, she still could not scream. Now that 'self-media[2]' was a trend, the efficiency of friend circles and Weibo spreading news would only be much faster than the media itself.

However, the back of her neck also felt much better now.

Meng Xue had forgotten how long it had been since her neck felt so comfortable.

Ever since the concert tour? Longer than that. Ever since filming the previous movie? Longer than that. Ever since she had her very first entertainment talk show in which the show was hers to host? It was indeed interesting, and because there was no other entertainment talk show during that period of time that Meng Xue was able to evolve from being a 'pretty singer and graceful dancer' to being a 'beautiful dance queen', then becoming a national superstar…

"Alright." When Ling Ran saw that the progression of the mission had increased up to 26,380 and stopped there, he decisively declared that he was done.

"In just these few minutes?" Meng Xue was a little dissatisfied. She was just recalling her most interesting experiences at that moment.

"It's enough." Ling Ran put away the half-empty alcohol-based hand sanitizer, made a calculation quietly in his heart, and said, "You did not have to apply so much of it on your neck just now."

The volume of the remaining alcohol-based hand sanitizer would not be enough to sanitize even a few cervical vertebrae. If he ever encountered another wasteful person, the remaining solution would be completely used up in another two to three sessions.

Since there was still a few hours left before the concert ended, Ling Ran was anxious to see his mobile phone only having 30% battery left.

Meng Xue glared at Ling Ran with her round and big eyes.

'Is he complaining? He's definitely complaining, right?'

Meng Xue stood back up on her feet in a flash.

Her stomped on the bench, making herself look like a man. Soon after that, Meng Xue habitually lowered her head out to lecture Ling Ran…

"Huh? You're taller than me?" Meng Xue was a little surprised.

Her height was top among the ladies in the entertainment circle. She was also taller than most of the male superstars.

Being comparable to the height of the western models was also one of the key reason Meng Xue was able to shine in her debut. She had also received notices from many entertainment shows, building up her fame rapidly from that…

In an era where the figures of idols were becoming more and more delicate, Meng Xue stood out among the idols who were forced to don platform shoes to prevent any further humiliation. It was difficult for her to remain unnoticed.

After easily breezing her way through the rookie phase, people started to think twice before standing beside her.

Ling Ran was even taller than Meng Xue.

It had not been obvious when he was sitting down, performing osteopathic manipulation. Now, that he was on his feet, Meng Xue actually needed to lift her head up to look at him.

Meng Xue stepped back haltingly before she looked at Ling Ran's face and asked, "Are you really a doctor?"

The entertainment circle was the ground where handsome men and beautiful women gathered. Meng Xue never showed any face to the men proclaimed themselves to be handsome. But towards a man who was as handsome, proud, and charming as Ling Ran…

Calm returned to Meng Xue's eyes, and she thought quietly to herself. 'No matter what purpose he has, no matter how he answers, he must be treated indifferently.'

Ling Ran took a quick glance at Meng Xue and said, "Yes."

"I'm going to go on stage." Meng Xue prepared to ask Ling Ran which hospital he came from. But then again, she felt that it would turn out weird if she asked questions about a man. So she decided to ask Li Lei later. That was the first time she encountered a person who was harder to chat with than herself…

"Then I will return first." Ling Ran felt a little regrettable as he looked at Meng Xue's back and head. He turned around and left.

Meng Xue did not expect Ling Ran to be so decisive. She also felt that his gaze at the end was strange. She could only quietly watch Ling Ran leave the vicinity.

Ling Ran was regretting the fact that his mission progress had stagnated.

The time to relieve pain in different parts was calculated individually. For a big customer such as Meng Xue herself, one massage on the neck could increase the accumulated time of pain relief by nearly one thousand hours. She was truly a human treasure chest.

And when he was at the sanatorium, Ling Ran was only able to relief pain for approximately one thousand hours after performing one hour of massage manipulation on dozens of old folks, men and women.

Ling Ran made a guess. That was probably because of two factors. One factor was that the state of Meng Xue's cervical vertebra's health was worrying. On the other hand, she was younger. Her muscles, ligaments, nerves, bones and other tissues had good recovery ability. Although one massage manipulation could not completely cure her of her problems, the effects would last for a long time. And relatively, the time she would spend being relieved of her pain would be longer.

From this, one could deduce that the body must already be at its suboptimal health status[3] to be able to exhaust an otherwise, perfectly healthy cervical vertebrae to such lengths. The issues on her spine, back, and her head were just as glaring. Perhaps she would turn out to be one of the huge cases. It was indeed regrettable for being unable to grasp on the opportunity.

Speaking of which, Meng Xue's neck condition was still very good. Her neck was quite straight and slender, and it was slightly plump. The blood flow in the blood vessels under her neck was abundant. The carotid arteries on three corners and the organization at the base of her neck were perfect. The anterior rectus capitis muscle[4], rectus capitis lateralis muscle[5], longus colli muscle[6], superior oblique muscle[7], inferior oblique muscle[8], and many others were firm and had yet to lose strength. Maybe she had even undergone resistance training before. Her trapezius muscles[9] were especially beautiful. Her muscle bundles were long and powerful, both functional and beautiful, just a bit stiff. Although the curvature of the neck bone had changed slightly, the base remained excellent. There was one particular section of her vertebral body where the odontoid process[10] was strong, and the spinous process[11] was small and balanced…

However, the concert was about to begin in a blink of an eye. Ling Ran believed that he was not an unreasonable person, and he would not force other people to be massaged. Hence, he went back to his seat obediently and waited for the concert to start.

"Do you know anyone from this entertainment company?" The beautiful girl who sat on Ling Ran's left had many words to say. She was even more keen to gather intel about Ling Ran.

Ling Ran nodded slightly and said, "I know a person."

"Have you been on television?" The girl was beating around the bush.

Ling Ran hesitated for a moment. His mother Tao Ping lost her patience. She said, "My son is a doctor. Why would he be on television?"

Ling Ran looked at his mother.

Tao Ping said, "Don't count on the one while you were young. She meant to ask about your job."

The girl nodded with a blush. Then, she said, "Auntie, you look really young."

At that moment, the girl's heart was fluctuating rapidly. She was so happy that she was about to soar into the sky.

Who would have thought that coming to a concert would actually net her a boyfriend that looked so handsome who even had such a nice mother? When she told her friends about it in the future, she could still say words such as 'Meng Xue Concert VIP seats'. It would be overwhelmingly romantic…

"Doctor Ling, can you do me another favor?" This time around, Li Lei came out running at a fast pace. Her face seemed a little anxious.

"Alright." Ling Ran also did not ask for the reason. The reason that she looked for him must naturally be for treatment. There was no need to say it out loud to him in public.

The girl who sat on Ling Ran's left was staring at Ling Ran as he left. She could only feel the touch of his leg grazing her knee…

"Aren't we going backstage?" After Ling Ran noticed that they were going at a completely different direction, he asked Li Lei about it.

"There is one audience member on the first floor. He fell somehow and got his face covered in blood."

"Didn't you guys assign a doctor around here?" Ling Ran took a quick glance at Li Lei.

"The person requested to be admitted to Yun Hua Hospital. He claimed that he has a long medical history. Our designated doctor can't stop the bleeding. I thought that since you're Yun Hua Hospital Emergency Department's…" Li Lei's voice was a little tense. After all, she saw quite a lot of blood.

Ling Ran nodded to express his understanding. Actually, he already understood when she mentioned that the person said he had a long medical history. There were many patients who suffered chronic illnesses. If they were sent to hospitals that were unfamiliar with their conditions and the doctors used unsuitable medicine to treat the patients or perhaps even implemented inappropriate emergency treatment methods on the patients, the patients would not live a good life after the treatment, even if they did survive in the first place. For patients like Boss Shao, the doctors would need to consider liver and kidney damages while applying medicine on him. His heart's endurance was also very weak…

While Ling Ran thought, he followed d Li Lei up to the real VIP hall on the first floor. After that, he saw a man lying on the sofa while he bled slowly. The face that was covered in blood stains seemed a little familiar.

"Boss Shao? Why are you here?" Ling Ran only took two seconds to recognize him.

Boss Shao was breathing in when he smiled. "Has the ambulance arrived? I'm feeling a little uncomfortable… I'm just here to take a look at the concert…"

While he was talking, the colorful lights in the stadium suddenly started glowing.

Boss Shao immediately struggled up and said, "Help me up."