Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Poke!

The doctor assigned to the concert was very young indeed. He had never received an old patient like Boss Shao himself. The situation had taken all the words out of his mouth.

Ling Ran just wiped his hands with the remaining half bottle of alcohol gel. He wrapped one of his arms around Boss Shao while he placed his other hand on Boss Shao's neck. It would help him get Boss Shao to sit straight, and he could also get into position to perform barehanded bleeding control.

Boss Shao used all his strength to take a step forward. Because of that, Ling Ran could only put him before the window.

It allowed Boss Shao to see the lively crowd, the hot dancers, and the colorful lights below him.

"Nice," Boss Shao muttered with a quivering voice. The bleeding on his head gradually stopped.

The young doctor who was assigned to the concert was astounded.

Although he was also from a tertiary grade A hospital, which was the best hospital that was affiliated to his medical college in Changxi Province, the standard of Changxi Medical Hospital was still far from being as great as Yun Hua Hospital. The most significant surgical operation that their Emergency Department could handle was the debridement of four limbs, so the doctors in that department never once seen barehanded bleeding control before. The young resident doctor was only on standby to 'heal the wounded.' He, however, had no idea at all how to 'rescue the dying.' At that very moment, he was only able to cooperate with Ling Ran in dressing the wound up with gauze before he wiped away the blood stains. After that, he released a breath of relief.

Boss Shao's head no longer bled. He also let out a breath of relief as he said, "That's good. We didn't cause a delay in the concert either. The ticket is quite expensive, you know…"

Ling Ran looked at the decorations and the area in the room. He voiced his agreement to Boss Shao's statement.

Boss Shao's infinite wealth would probably have been depleted if he kept buying VIP tickets for concerts.

"The special ward you have in Yun Hua Hospital is not as expensive as this room," Boss Shao spoke again. He sounded rather dejected.

The young doctor laughed out loud. "People are here to watch the concert. The cost for manpower must be included as well."

"The doctors and nurses in the special wards in hospitals work for much longer hours than concert staff." Boss Shao chuckled.

The young doctor said, "Then why did you come to watch a concert?"

"It is mainly because I made some huge earnings as of late." Boss Shao stole a quick glance at Ling Ran while he spoke. Ever since Ling Ran rescued the two people at Boss Shao's place, many more customers have visited his restaurant. The number of customers had even exceeded the holding capacity of the restaurant, and plenty of these customers took pictures after a few skewers. The more they lined up, the more excited they became. And because of that, Boss Shao's medical funds shot up.

Of course, he would most definitely be losing a great deal of money again this time around.

There was, naturally, nothing much a young doctor, who earned three thousand RMB per month and had a bonus of around three thousand, could say about how much Boss Shao would be losing just by buying the VIP room. After all, if the young doctor himself turned his head around to look at the stage for even one minute, that one minute alone would be worth one day of his salary.

After Yun Hua Stadium underwent major revamp, the place looked quite modern in terms of its appearance. The interior facilities were also quite advanced, but the internal structure was still that of the old stadium.

The so-called VIP room simply allowed those in the VIP room to have more room to move. Their field of vision remained the same as those not in the VIP room.

Ling Ran remained pinching at Boss Shao's wound while Boss Shao sat semi-reclined in his seat. The young doctor held Boss Shao up. He could easily move away if he wanted to.

On the stage, a group of dancers joyfully jumped on stage. Their appearance was accompanied by loud cheers.

The stadium was already bustling with activity.

Someone began to scream at the top of their lungs.

"Meng Xue!"

"Brother Shanyu!"

"Meng Xue!"

"Brother Shanyu."

Boss Shao muttered Meng Xue's name under his breath while he smiled. However, his voice became softer with each passing moment.

Ling Ran looked down, startled. He took a closer look at Boss Shao before he used his hand to press down on his abdomen. He furrowed his eyebrows and asked, "Boss Shao, I remember that your abdomen was not this big before."

"I have been working out recently… I've become thinner…" Boss Shao was short of breath now.

"What… what is the meaning of this?" The young doctor was worried sick. He was able to hear that something was not right.

Ling Ran used one hand to perform a physical examination of the abdomen as he observed Boss Shao's facial expression. Then he slowly said, "It is possible there is internal bleeding."

"A fall can cause internal bleeding?" The young doctor could not believe Ling Ran's words.

But Boss Shao heaved a laugh and said, "If a person is unlucky, then he can even get admitted because he had diarrhea from drinking cold water. Trust me. I've tried that before."

"That's not something to be proud of, Boss Shao." Ling Ran had no idea how to judge Boss Shao's optimistic mind. If Ling Ran himself was optimistic as well, he would probably be laughing right then.

"You laughed, didn't you?" Boss Shao forced himself to speak. His eyes were fixed at the corner of Ling Ran's mouth.

"Is there a first-aid kit here? Cut his clothes away first, then sanitize his abdomen." Ling Ran gave a decisive order.

"Our ambulance is already ready. The stretcher trolley is arriving very soon." The young doctor felt extremely nervous as he looked at Ling Ran. He said, "Why don't we take care of him after we get into the ambulance?"

"After we get into the ambulance, will there be any difference in the emergency treatment measures we will be applying?" Ling Ran turned around and asked him.

This was a question that could only be answered based on medical judgment.

The young doctor could not answer, naturally.

The ambulance was equipped with pacemakers, oxygen generators, and intravenous infusion equipment. Based on the arrangement of the concert, there should also be a great amount of medicine prepared, especially medicine that cured fainting and irregular heartbeats. The only thing that was missing would be a surgeon.

However, no one knew whether a patient who was suffering from internal bleeding would be able to last until he reached the hospital.

On the other hand, Ling Ran was far too imposing.

The operating theater was a place where conceitedness and humility gradually piled up on a person.

In an operating theater, the chief surgeon would make judgments that determined the patient's survival while carrying out surgical operations that decided whether the patients would or die. Once the doctor gave his word, no objections were allowed.

Junior doctors remained in the chief surgeons' shadows. They contributed their strength and their humility to serve as the chief surgeons' punching bags if anything went wrong.

Now that Ling Ran had performed hundreds of cases of surgeries using the M-Tang Technique, he was already qualified to be a surgeon.

Truth to be told, attending physicians from ordinary hospitals who already performed surgeries for around two to three years would still probably be unable to reach the number of operations Ling Ran performed, let alone the number of high-tier operations.

The young doctor who came from Changxi Medical Hospital was only familiar with debriding and suturing. How could he be a match to Ling Ran when it came to diagnosing diarrhea and fevers?

It was by pure instinct that he wanted to move the patient to another place with better medical conditions.

For example, an ambulance, since the conditions of an ambulance was much better than the conditions in a private room.

The environment of the private room was not favorable for performing a laparotomy.

Of course, it was not.

However, the greatest use of a doctor in any medical situation was to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages of executing certain methods, not them making no mistakes in medical judgments.

The phrase "making no mistakes" was a mere legend.

Sickness and death was the reality of the world.

Previously, Ling Ran also tried his best to avoid performing laparotomy while he was at Boss Shao's barbecue shop and on the streets of the night market, but it was because he had better choices.

At present, without hesitation, Ling Ran chose to perform a laparotomy, and that was because there were no better choices.

"Pass me the iodophor." Ling Ran waited for the young doctor to open up the first-aid kit before he made the young doctor his assistant.

The young doctor obediently passed a bottle of iodophor to Ling Ran.

Ling Ran poured out the yellow liquid skillfully.

At that moment, he really did not know how to rate Boss Shao's luck.

Ling Ran would not have been able to handle any other medical symptoms, but it was not that difficult to use Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control to handle internal bleeding. Boss Shao's life was definitely not in peril.

If another doctor were to handle this situation, or Ling Ran was not around and the young doctor were to handle the situation, it would be extremely difficult for them to manage this regardless of whether there was internal bleeding or not. There was no laceration on Boss Shao's abdomen. Ordinary doctors needed to perform an exploratory laparotomy in order to stop the bleeding. With their current environmental conditions, forget whether they dared to perform the exploratory laparotomy, without sufficient blood plasma, the survival rate of the patient would not be high once they performed the exploratory laparotomy.

However, Boss Shao was not really lucky either. The entire floor of contaminated blood was a testimony to his luck.

"We need to clear the area. It's easy to get cross infection[1] with so many people around." Ling Ran looked around him. They began to clear out the area, at the same time, Ling Ran administered local anesthesia on Boss Shao.

The people in the room were chased out. Only Li Lei and the young doctor remained. She held her phone in her hand and increased the brightness of the torch app in her phone to the max.

Ling Ran cleaned his hands again. He asked for a scalpel, held it like he would a violin bow, and cut into Boss Shao while the man laid on his back on the ground.

"Meng Xue!!!"

"Brother Shanyu!!!" The floor below went silent for around ten seconds because of Meng Xue's appearance, but in the next instant, also because of Meng Xue's appearance, loud cheers erupted from the crowd. 

"Hold him steady. Don't move." Ling Ran focused his attention and gave his order. Soon after that, half of his arm plunged straight into the cut he just opened.

Fresh blood gushed out of the wound. Boss Shao's pained moans were suppressed firmly by Li Lei and the young doctor.

Ling Ran merely used a few seconds to confirm the location of the wound; it was the venules of the mesentery[2].

"Alright. Go get the stretcher and get ready to send the patient to the hospital." Ling Ran sat down as he spoke. His eyes were fixed on the stage right outside the window. Coincidentally, he saw the tall Meng Xue get vaulted into the air by a trampoline, and she did a split in the air. She looked so cool to the point that she looked like a professional circus troupe member.

If it were not for the fact that one of his arms was plunged into Boss Shao's abdomen, he could take a picture with this as his background, send it to his friend's circle, and the number of likes he got would easily reach three thousand.