Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 139

139 Peaceful Day

Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department.

It was another peaceful day.

Lu Wenbin sashayed his way through the treatment room.

Over the course of the past few days, Ling Ran was sent to a sanatorium to do a health inspection, and Lu Wenbin felt as if he was the one who was recuperating.

'I don't have to get up at three in the morning, I don't have to do three operations before I see the sunrise. I don't have to do my ward rounds in the morning and write medical records at noon until I don't have time to eat. I don't have to do surgery in the afternoon until the sun sets. I don't have to write medical records during dinner. I don't have to fall asleep cooking my meals...'

Lu Wenbin had never missed the life of an ordinary emergency doctor this much. He used to only need to do ward rounds, write medical advice, do a small debridement surgery, write a medical record for that small debridement surgery, do another small debridement surgery, write another small medical record for the debridement surgery, go home, cook some pork trotters and chicken feet, then play with his phone until he fell asleep...

If Lu Wenbin were to choose again...

Lu Wenbin could not help but turn his head around. Then, he saw Ling Ran.


"What? What? What?!"

Lu Wenbin was already incoherent.

He thought of hiding, but immediately after, he remembered that there was no hiding, either way, so he walked to Ling Ran bravely.

'It's just doing surgeries. It's just doing a few operations for an entire day.'

Honestly, Lu Wenbin felt a little off after not performing any surgeries for a few days.

Lu Wenbin adjusted his clothes and stepped into the treatment room. He looked around before he asked, curious. "Where is Doctor Ling? I thought I saw him just now. Were my eyes playing tricks with me?"

"Doctor Ling has left." The nurse at the patient assistance desk sighed in pity.

"What... he's gone?" Lu Wenbin felt lost. He might not have to do three operations in one go anymore, but...

Lu Wenbin turned his head around to look at the Emergency Department. Many of them were busy, young resident doctors. If they had an opportunity to join Ling Ran in his surgeries, they would not hesitate to make a choice.

When he thought of this, Lu Wenbin could not help but be nervous. "What's happening? Why did Doctor Ling come and leave so quickly?"

"Doctor Ling is not on duty today. He's just here to send Boss Shao over." The nurse seemed to accustomed to it. She smiled and said, "Our Emergency Department's attending physicians have all sent Boss Shao over before. Doctor Ling was the one who sent him in today. He might rise to become an attending physician someday in the future."

Lu Wenbin pursed his lips and felt somewhat relieved. He secretly grumbled in his heart, 'It isn't so easy to get promoted to an attending physician. Doctor Ling's housemanship would take several years. The saying of those who sent Boss Shao here would get promoted to an attending physician is complete nonsense, like'

Lu Wenbin thought about this carefully before he suddenly looked back and asked the nurse, "Where do they usually find Boss Shao?"


Ling Ran followed the ambulance back to the concert.

The ambulance was dispatched to the stadium for backup. There would be many people that would fall sick in such an event. Common sights would be cases of food poisoning, fever, cold, and heatstroke; injuries caused by falls, people stepping on others, or being scratched by also those who fell and got injured, being stepped over, scratched the fence when they jumped over it...

It was quite rare for cases of internal bleeding to occur, such as Boss Shao, who bled internally due to a fall.

When the young doctor and the driver returned to the concert from the hospital, they finally registered the situation, and they began chatting about it.

"The person's injury today was quite bad."

"Lucky for him I drove fast, but he insisted to go to Yun Hua Hospital. If we had gone to Changxi Medical Hospital, we would have reached in ten minutes."

"There is no harm for the old timers to be brought to the hospitals that they are used to. Besides, the bleeding at the venules of the mesentery has been stopped. It was not so urgent." The young doctor peeked at Ling Ran, and he said, "I didn't expect your barehanded bleeding control to be so useful."

Ling Ran was also reflecting on his actions. He heard the young doctor's compliment, but just shook his head gently. He said, "There were too few instruments at hand, and it was impossible to diagnose if it was a mesenteric hemorrhage."

"But what if you were able to diagnose it?"

Ling Ran gave it a thought and said, "I may need to decide whether to perform laparotomy once we get into the ambulance."

Venule hemorrhage of the mesentery may be severe, but it may also not be life-threatening.

If Boss Shao were sent to the nearest Changxi Medical Hospital at the fastest speed possible, he might have been able to avoid the risks of experiencing a laparotomy in an unsanitized room. Compared with the cleanliness in the operating theater, the cleanliness of a VIP room in a stadium was self-evident, making it dangerous for the patient. It would be very unfavorable for recovery, and the patient might even suffer from relapses.

"If there were no instruments, there's no way anyone can make a judgment," the young doctor said hesitantly.

"It's really hard to make a diagnosis through only a physical examination." Ling Ran nodded slightly. Those with Specialist Level Physical Examination Skills had the ability to figure out that the patient was bleeding internally. However, even those with Perfect Level Physical Examination Skills would find it hard to determine that the patient was suffering from mesentery hemorrhage, even though they knew he was bleeding internally.

But these were just Ling Ran's own thoughts, for there were simply no "what ifs" in the world.

"Doctor Ling, I will send you to the venue." The driver was very fond of Ling Ran, since he had rescued a human life just now. He made this offer on his own accord.

"Could you?" Ling Ran looked at the time. The concert had already started for more than half an hour, and it would be best if he could save some time from walking there on his own.

The driver smiled proudly. "I have been in working in the stadium for twenty years. I am familiar with the whole place."

As he spoke, he steered his steering wheel and drove the ambulance into the underground garage. He made several turns here and there, passing through several pitch black areas.

Around five minutes later, the driver parked the ambulance next to an escalator and smiled. "You will enter Area C if you ride the escalator."

"Thank you." Ling Ran shook hands with the driver and said goodbye to the doctor from Changxi Medical Hospital before he went up the escalator.

Before he even opened the door, he could already hear the commotion from the stadium.

Ling Ran did not know how far the concert had progressed. He only heard the screams of countless fans.

Shouts of "Meng Xue" and "Brother Shanyu" alternated between each other. Each cry rose and fell like waves, as if competing against each other to see which was louder.

Ling Ran returned to his seat and saw his mother Tao Ping waving her arms and swaying her body happily.

A beautiful girl that was one empty seat away from Tao Ping looked at her with some fear. She was deeply wary of her future mother-in-law.

"Mom, drink some water." Ling Ran took a bottle of mineral water and passed it to her before he looked at the stage. He saw Meng Xue being surrounded by more than a dozen dancers in short skirts while they performed a fast dance.

Meng Xue was much bigger than the other girls, but her movements were as nimble as the others, and with the stunning music, the atmosphere of the concert became very good.

Madam Tao Ping screamed with the crowd before she took the mineral water Ling Ran gave her. She drank half of the bottle in one go.

"It's so fun!" Tao Ping shouted at Ling Ran.

Ling Ran nodded.

"Have you treated the patient?" The beautiful girl sitting to Ling Ran's left also took the opportunity to move and shouted into Ling Ran's ear. She was even about to place her hands on Ling Ran's shoulders. Even if her future mother-in-law was dangerous, there was nothing she could do about it. After all, her boyfriend was a very dangerous man.

Ling Ran was still nodding. He was too lazy to scream.

At that moment, a song ended, and fireworks exploded. The crowd roared, and after that, the stadium became a little quieter.

Ling Ran took the opportunity to sit down. The girl to his left quickly sat down as well and asked him, "Did you not like the concert? What do you really want to do now?"

Ling Ran looked at her neck, and he could not help but sigh, "I forgot to bring alcohol gel."