Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 150

150 Brutal Competition

Huang Maoshi led the newcomer of the company, Tang Lian, forward as he perspired from head to toe. They walked until they saw the sign of Lower Groove Clinic.

Huang Maoshi felt a bit guilty. He wiped off his sweat and laughed while he said, "I'm sorry that I parked my car too far away. It's hard to find parking in the main alley"

"Senior Brother Huang, it's because you do things too carefully." Tang Lian smiled innocently.

Huang Maoshi felt his heart flutter. He rubbed his head and replied shyly, "No, no, they always say that I'm a careless guy."

"Senior Brother Huang, you're not careless. You're just more thoughtful than others and you're brave in doing things." Tang Lian chuckled as she covered her mouth. Her eyes sparkled because she thought highly of Huang Maoshi.

At least, that was what Huang Maoshi felt.

Huang Maoshi did not even have time to interpret the logic in her words. But all he knew was his beautiful female colleague and newcomer of the company, who was standing in front of him, thought highly of him. That was enough for the man.

Huang Maoshi put on a boyish smile. "I didn't even know I had such a good side."

Even when he was a model, the management company that upheld the exploitation of its models as its operating principle rarely praised him. Huang Maoshi had not heard such direct praise for a long time.

The fluttering in Huang Maoshi's heart almost made him cry.

"Senior Brother Huang, you have many good sides." Tang Lian smiled sweetly and prettily. She moved her hands to the back, and the way she walked was adorable.

Huang Maoshi praised the company's Human Resource Department sincerely for the first time.From what he knew, Tang Lian had the highest demands among their graduate recruits this time. Although she was just a graduate from a little-known private college with an unknown degree and she messed up in the written examination, the Human Resource Department offered her the highest pay and a 20% commission rate, which was normally offered to senior staff.

Some employees in the company criticized this, and initially, even Huang Maoshi supported their criticism too. However, he now agreed with the Human Resource Department's decision.

"Senior Brother Huang?" Tang Lian stood in front of Lower Groove Clinic without entering immediately.

Huang Maoshi took two swift steps forward. He smiled faintly and said, "Ling Ran usually performs surgery only in the hospital, and it's not easy for us to communicate with him. His family owns the clinic here. We can consider this a good breakthrough point."

Tang Lian nodded while she hummed her agreement.

"When we go in later, just follow my lead. Our main purpose is to get him to help us. Don't look down on these matters. It'll be very easy to build trust if you follow me." Huang Maoshi chuckled and said, "Sweep and mop the floor, help wipe the furniture, water the plants or something. Hiring a professional cleaner is much cheaper than paying us contracted salarymen. But when we do these little things, that's when it'll be effective."

"I understand." Tang Lian rolled up her sleeves and brought out a pair of rubber gloves. "I'm afraid of making my hands dirty. I can at least wear gloves, right?" she asked cutely.

"Of course, of course." Huang Maoshi took note of the cartoon prints on the rubber gloves, and he could not help but chuckle in his heart. The girl became even cuter in his eyes.

"By the way, Senior Brother Huang, this Doctor Ling doesn't seem to be among the list of doctors in the Emergency Department. Are you sure it'll be useful if we come searching for him?"

Huang Maoshi said to the girl seriously, "Let me tell you something. There's one thing that won't change when it comes to the distribution of power in hospitals: it's better to look for the people in charge of certain matters instead of the higher-ups when it comes to hospital affairs The doctors in charge are the people whom pharmaceutical companies can't forget the most. Take, for example, the consumables in the Orthopedics Department. The hospitals and departments set their own rules over these consumables, but at the end of the day, it's the doctors in charge who make the decision when to buy and use them."

"Oh, I see"

"Yun Hua Hospital is still okay in this regard. Some orthopedists don't even use the consumables in the hospital. They directly contact external pharmaceutical companies, get their own consumables, and perform their surgeries with them. That's what we call earning money."

"Really?" Tang Lian was so surprised that she covered her mouth.

That was exactly the effect Huang Maoshi wanted. He laughed and said, "Why not? If the doctor tells the patient that a certain consumable is useful but is not allowed to be used in the hospital for certain reasons and asks the patient to buy it, do you think the patient will buy it or not? If the doctor keeps insisting that the product's good for the patient's recovery and can help him or her to walk in the future, how can the patient as well as the patient's family members resist it?"

"That's going overboard."

"The consumables themselves don't have any problems. Their main purpose is to help us earn more money." Once he thought of his status, Huang Maoshi provided an explanation, which was something rarely seen from him. "When it comes to Ling Ran, although he's not on the list, he has performed five operations today. Last month, he used up the consumables, which cost millions."

"That much?"

"The more surgeries you do, the more consumables you use." Huang Maoshi sounded envious when he talked about it.

Nowadays, the best place to sell medical consumables was the Orthopedics Department. Hence, stories of how a medical representative slept with everyone in the Orthopedics Department could only appear in the Orthopedics Department itself since the department was a pharmaceutical company's biggest customer.

When he thought about this, Huang Maoshi immediately gave Tang Lian a reminder, "Tang Lian, the competition between salespeople selling consumables is very great now. Don't be so dumb that you get betrayed."

"How will others betray me?" Tang Lian's eyes sparkled.

Huang Maoshi's heart softened. He looked around before he whispered, "Let's just say, both the Orthopedics Department and the subdivision of the department, the Hand Surgery Department, use a lot of consumables. The Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital has also become one of our big customers because they're also performing hand-related surgeries now. But despite their large use of consumables, there are also a lot of people who interfere with our business. For instance, the department director of the Hand Surgery Department, Jin Xi. He's set his reputation in the country, so he doesn't dare have only one pharmaceutical company supply consumables to his department. He decided to take in four suppliers in the tender held two years ago.

Tang Lian did not seem to understand what he said.

"What I mean is that everyone's eyeing the sales of consumables. We can't stop after having one or two doctors sign our contract. The reason we visited Department Director Huo before Ling Ran was to persuade them to use our consumables. You don't have to be too serious on that."

"What do you mean by 'serious'?"

Huang Maoshi could not continue with the conversation. He licked his lips and said, "Anyway, let's do our most basic task first. The first step is to provide good service."


Tang Lian looked so confused that Huang Maoshi's heart ached for her.

*Thud, thud.*

Huang Maoshi knocked on the door of Lower Groove Clinic and went in.

It was past noon and Lower Groove Clinic was nearly full. Around twenty patients were receiving fluid transfusions while lying down or sitting in chairs. There were also people from the neighborhood who were there to buy medication or consult Doctor Xiong.

"Sister Juan Zi," Huang Maoshi greeted Juan Zi, who stood closest to him.

"Hey, Young Huang, you're here." Juan Zi nodded and immediately went off to change a patient's dressing.

Huang Maoshi scratched his head awkwardly before he greeted the other two doctors in the room.

Doctor Miao had nothing to do at present. He looked up at Huang Maoshi and bowed his head again.

A patient from the neighborhood sat in front of Doctor Xiong so the doctor could only respond with a faint smile.

"Pardon me, but is Doctor Ling around?" Huang Maoshi asked Doctor Xiong directly.

"Which Doctor Ling?" Doctor Xiong joked with a grin.

"Ling Ran, Doctor Ling."

"He's upstairs. You can go up on your own."

Huang Maoshi felt happy when he heard the answer. He quickly replied, "It's fine, I was just asking."

After that, Huang Maoshi went to the tool shed and took out a broom as well as a dustpan. He whispered to Tang Lian, "Let's clean up the courtyard. Doctor Ling will see us when he comes out."

"The floor's just been swept." Juan Zi came stomping out with her plump feet and gestured with her chin before she said, "The courtyard's also just been washed with water, so please don't get the dust flying all around again."

Huang Maoshi was caught off guard for a moment. However, he put the broom and dustpan back in the tool shed with a smile. He then took out a wiping cloth and a plastic basin. He filled the basin with water as he said, "A wooden house will look better if we wipe it with water, especially the pillars. Just a simple wipe and those pillars will look brighter. The detergent isn't necessary"

"Senior Brother Huang, the pillars look quite clean." Tang Lian took off her gloves. She used her small finger to swipe the wooden pillar.

Huang Maoshi followed her and swiped the pillar as well. He could obviously feel the moisture from the pillar. Based on his great experience in the service industry, he immediately knew that the pillar had been wiped. Huang Maoshi's face turned dark, and he whispered, "Somebody's taking over our job."

Tang Lian was shocked. "Who?"

"If it's not Heavenly Melody, then it's Regina, or maybe it's Guangdong Pharmaceuticals." Huang Maoshi felt his fighting spirit burn. He was not afraid of powerful opponents.

Tang Lian smiled adoringly at Huang Maoshi as a show of great cooperation.

Huang Maoshi replied resentfully, "From my knowledge, we can still water the plants"

"Patron, kindly move aside," said the young novice monk, Dong Sheng as he held a showerhead in one hand and performed a salute with the other. His action were extremely kewt <>

How could Huang Maoshi be deceived by this boy with his bald head? Pharmaceutical companies had too many tricks up their sleeves. They gave different gifts such as women, men, dogs, cats, hamsters, minks, and tiger bones. It would not surprise him if they decided to gift Ling Ran with a young monk!

"Which company are you from?" Huang Maoshi asked coldly.

Dong Sheng put down the showerhead gently. He put his hands together and bowed before he said, "Patron, I am Dong Sheng, and I come from Twelve Fountains Temple, located on Twelve Fountains Mountain."