Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 151

151 Ah

"Senior Brother Huang, what should we do now?" Tang Lian stood behind Huang Maoshi. She looked like a pitiful dandelion in the wind.

Huang Maoshi took pity on her and looked at her before he said, "Just sit down and rest first. I'll think of another way."

"All right." Tang Lian bit her bottom lip and nodded heavily. After that, she sat on the reclining chair under the eaves and started to play with her phone.

Huang Maoshi stood in the middle of the courtyard with his back facing Tang Lian as he rubbed his face. He once again braced himself and smiled at Juan Zi. "Sister Juan Zi, let me help you."

Huang Maoshi was handsome and in good shape as well. When he smiled widely at girls, he was rarely be disappointed by their reaction.

Naturally, Juan Zi was not going to let Huang Maoshi, who was eager to work, be disappointed. So, she said, "You can change the bed sheets on the empty beds then."

Huang Maoshi slapped his forehead, appearing exasperated. "How could I have forgotten about that?"

He quickly went to the storeroom to look for new bedsheets. When he came out from the room, he heard the little, young Dong Sheng say, "Patron, I've already changed all the bedsheets on the empty beds."

"Already? When did you change them?"

"Half an hour ago. Sister Juan Zi didn't notice, but the bedsheets I changed have been put into a big plastic bag."

"Wow, nicely done." Sister Juan Zi raised her plump thumb as she praised the novice monk.

Right at that moment, Ling Ran walked down the stairs. He also took a look around before he gave the young Dong Sheng a thumbs up.

"Doctor Ling" Huang Maoshi forcibly suppressed his vexation and put on a greater smile on his face.

"Hello." Ling Ran nodded.

"Doctor Ling, we're here to see if there's anything we can help with." Huang Maoshi sighed internally. He had lost the best time to do manual labor because that window had been snatched by a young monk from a temple.

Huang Maoshi turned to glare at the monk but saw that Ling Ran was busy patting the young novice monk's head. He then quickly lowered his head.

"Doctor Ling, I'm Tang Lian from Changxi Medical Company. Even though I'm still new, you can count on me if you have anything you need help with. I'll do my best." Tang Lian moved towards them at some point in time. She bowed a little and handed her name card to Ling Ran.

"All right." Ling Ran received the name car, as per his practice.

"Doctor Ling, you haven't taken your dinner, right? Why don't we go out and grab something to eat?" Tang Lian was not very skilled in matters like this, but at least she was so pretty that people would feel pity for her.

"I already ate." Ling Ran shook his head and walked towards Tang Lian. Just as she started to breathe quicker, Ling Ran sat down in his armchair. He lifted his legs off the ground, got comfortable, and took out his phone.

He liked the position where his armchair was. When he played his games over there, his chances of winning rose by 50%.

Tang Lian merely thought that Ling Ran was trying to tease her, so she spoke in a very pitiful manner, "Doctor Ling, you don't have to be so polite about this. How could you have had your dinner so early? If you don't like the shops nearby, we can also order some takeout. Chief Huang could go and get food for us, isn't that right?"

Huang Maoshi was stunned for a few seconds before he realized that the "Chief Huang" Tang Lian spoke of was him. After he quickly responded in agreement, he instantly realized that Tang Lian was basically asking him to run an errand. He immediately felt conflicted.

Speaking of which, Ling Ran was supposedly his client as well But it would be beneficial for Tang Lian's growth if he cooperated with her and allowed her accomplish this one task

While Huang Maoshi was still feeling conflicted over the matter, he heard Ling Ran say, "No need, I'm already full."

He was a man who slept around eight at night. How could he eat his dinner late?

"Have you truly eaten?" Tang Lian asked sweetly.


"Are you playing games on your phone?"


"Why don't we play together? I occasionally play mobile games too"

Ling Ran became a little interested when he heard that. While he was used to being pwned all the time, he would still be happy if he won.

Ling Ran's eyes left his phone, and he looked at Tang Lian.

Tang Lian had her hands before her. Her small thumbs were intertwined with each other, and she looked very pure.

*Knock, knock.*

The sound of someone knocking on the door was heard once again.

The next instant, a middle-aged woman called out to Ling Ran in a resentful voice, "Doctor Ling."

The person who came was Li Lei. She had once again changed into her Chanel business attire. In her hands was a Chanel handbag. Her fingers were thin and long. She wore a huge diamond ring and a Cartier diamond watch; they were twinkling.

"You're here." Ling Ran was not surprised to see Li Lei.

He had applied his massage manipulation method on Meng Xue before, and he knew the status of her body. Furthermore, she was currently experiencing great pressure physically and mentally because of her ongoing concert. Ling Ran's massage manipulation skill should have had a great effect on her. If time permitted, Meng Xue would definitely seek him out.

"We're here, Doctor Ling. Can you make some arrangements?" When Li Lei saw that the yard was filled with people, she naturally felt insecure.

"So, you're here. Hmm... all right." Ling Ran put away his phone regretfully.

He told Li Lei the day before to invite Meng Xue over for an osteopathic massage. Now that they were there, he obviously could not turn them away.

Besides, Meng Xue was also considered a special case. She was young, but she was under intense pressure, which caused her muscles to be so tense that they pressed down on her nerves... If a normal person had suffered to that extent, he or she would have been admitted to the hospital much earlier.

"Let's go to the tea room. It's on the first floor." Ling Ran looked at his surroundings. The only place that was slightly quieter was the first floor.

"Doctor Ling, I know how to make tea." Tang Lian tried to get a word in wherever she could.

"No need for that." Ling Ran did not have to explain himself. He just went upstairs.

Tang Lian watched him from behind. She was a little angry at Li Lei. After all, it was not easy for her to get a good chance. Now, her piece of fortune had been interrupted by other people.

Li Lei looked Tang Lian up and down, but her eyes did not linger on her.

She had seen too many girls of the same type. The feeling that Tang Lian gave her was that of someone who would only end up being an ordinary girl in the entertainment circle. She was pretty, of course, but there was nothing about her that stood out. There was no need for Li Lei to bother herself with the girl.

Li Lei walked through the door and left.

One moment later...

A girl wearing a sun hat and a mask over her mouth walked in.

Tang Lian's eyes suddenly froze. She looked at the girl with a scrutinizing gaze...

"She looks a little familiar." For some strange reason, that thought popped up in Tang Lian's mind, and she asked Huang Maoshi, "Do you know her?"

"Her eyes are quite pretty. I shouldn't have seen her before." Huang Maoshi added, "She doesn't look like a medical representative as well."

Tang Lian giggled in her heart and demurely said, "I have no idea which company they've come from and why they would look for Ling Ran."

Huang Maoshi nodded seriously and said, "I'll go over and ask."

As he was talking, Huang Maoshi began observing his surroundings.


On the second floor.

Meng Xue untied her scarf and revealed her neck, but she did not remove her mask. She looked a little displeased when she gazed at Ling Ran.

Her daily schedule was extremely tight. When any superstar held a concert tour, the first thing they felt would be the waves of exhaustion. In such a busy situation, she even had to take a trip to Yun Hua. Even if Meng Xue managed to arrange her schedule so that her journey was smooth, she did not feel happy about it.

However, it was indeed true that she did not want to wait any longer.

Compared to the comfort she felt a few days back, her cervical vertebrae and her back had been in excruciating pain for the past two days. She believed that the company would find a way to convince Ling Ran, but Meng Xue was unwilling to suffer through the duration of the time needed to convince Ling Ran to massage her.

However, Meng Xue still felt that she should explain herself a little.

She gently coughed one time and said, "Even though Ah"

Ling Ran put on his gloves and grabbed Meng Xue's neck.

Almost instantly, Meng Xue's eyes became unfocused.