Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Perfunctory

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A push, a crack, a pull, and a lift.

Ling Ran casually applied the osteopathic massage method on Meng Xue. With just one hand, he massaged Meng Xue to the point where she wanted to faint. When he used his other hand as well at times, nasal grunts could even be heard.

In less than a minute, Meng Xue had begun to snore softly on the chair.

Li Lei felt inexplicably embarrassed. She smiled bashfully and said, “It’s been tiring for Brother Shanyu. She has only slept for four to five hours in the past few days.”

Ling Ran did not respond.

Compared with the elderly in the nursing home, the problems in Meng Xue’s cervical spine were much lighter. It was a small problem of being overworked and stressed out. With his Master Level Osteopathic Massage, Ling Ran could easily solve the problem. After all, the muscles and bones of the elderly would inevitably weaken. Even with osteopathic massages, Ling Ran could not help them regain the strength they had in their youth.

Meng Xue was only twenty years old and had gone through long-term training. It was much easier to restore her body to a healthy state. It was within the abilities of an osteopathic massage to restore her health.

He also used the rubbing technique to relax the base of Meng Xue’s neck. With a casual pull, two cracks were heard.

“The cervical spine should be all right now,” Ling Ran said. He patted Meng Xue’s shoulder under Li Lei’s piercing gaze. “The massage is done. You can get up now.”

“Can’t you let Brother Shanyu rest a little longer?” Li Lei was fuming. “How can you act this way? She rarely gets sleep, and you just had to wake her up…”

Meng Xue woke up in a daze. She mumbled, “Miss Li, it’s all right.”

“Sleeping in a sitting posture isn’t good for the cervical spine.” Ling Ran paused and said, “It’s also very easy for you to feel drowsy.”

As Ling Ran spoke, he grabbed Meng Xue’s shoulders with both hands and lightly kneaded it, causing Meng Xue, who had just begun clearing her mind, to feel drowsy again.

Ling Ran pushed forward, the natural step to take after what he did earlier. He made Meng Xue rest on her head and arms on the coffee table. He then looked at his watch and said, “I’ll give you twenty minutes. You can be rejuvenated with a twenty-minute nap.”

After that, Ling Ran took out his mobile phone, unconcerned about everything else around him.

“Um…” Li Lei felt resigned but also angry. She said, “Can’t you just find a place or let her sleep on a bed?”

“Did you bring any bed sheets to cover the bed?” Ling Ran asked.

“No…” Li Lei shook her head.

Ling Ran pursed his lips. He was too lazy to continue talking to her.


The sound came from the stairs. It was Huang Maoshi. He had stepped on a loose piece of wood.

Ling Ran continued swiping at his phone. Meanwhile, Li Lei was feeling extremely nervous. She was like a cat who had stepped on its tail. She immediately jumped up and rushed to the stairs.

“Who are you?” Li Lei hissed as she looked at Huang Maoshi.

Once he was discovered, Huang Maoshi stopped hiding. He thudded up the stairs and smiled at Ling Ran before he stared at Meng Xue’s back. He even wanted to go around to the front to take a look.

“Hey, hold up, who are you?” Li Lei’s voice was still soft, but she sounded extremely serious.

For entertainment management companies, the current situation was definitely something they had to avoid.

Of course, being discovered in small clinics was better than being discovered in big hospitals. But being discovered in big hospitals was better than being discovered in a man’s house… Li Lei began to conceive some ideas for the inevitable press release.

“I’m the sales manager of Changxi Medical Company.” Huang Maoshi gave himself a promotion in his heart before he proceeded to go forward, because he wanted to see Meng Xue’s face.

Li Lei could not stop him. After a few seconds, Huang Maoshi saw Meng Xue’s mask-covered face and smiled foolishly.

“I thought she looked familiar. Is she Meng Xue? Is it really Meng Xue?” Huang Maoshi’s words were full of emotion. He had been a model before and he had quite the achievement when he was in the modeling industry. Therefore, he would naturally acknowledge and even worship a big star like Meng Xue.

Huang Maoshi gently pulled a chair next to the coffee table and sat opposite Meng Xue. He wanted to take a closer look.

“Hey, you better get up.” Li Lei became rude in her manner of speech. With one arm blocking Huang Maoshi, she continued, “You’d best believe that with just one call, I can make your life a living hell.”

Huang Maoshi chuckled, but he still reluctantly got up. He knew that superstars were all accompanied by bodyguards. Even if he wanted to linger around, he could not.

“Meng Xue’s here to get a check-up? What sickness does she have?” Huang Maoshi’s thirst for some gossip had not been extinguished.

Li Lei hesitated for a moment before she said, “Just problems with her cervical spine. We invited Doctor Ling to perform some osteopathic manipulation on her.”

Li Lei felt compelled to answer the question, or else all sorts of rumors would be passed around.

Huang Maoshi chuckled and said, “Doctor Ling’s massage technique is very good. Are the problems with Meng Xue’s cervical spine serious? In all honesty, I know a few old Chinese medicine practitioners. They’ve performed massages for decades.”

Li Lei could not help but laugh.

If there were any old Chinese medicine practitioners who had the same level of massaging skills as Ling Ran, why would they rush back to Yun Hua and come to such a small clinic?

Li Lei was not convinced that Huang Maoshi would know anyone who was skilled enough either. She had already pressed the call button just now. As of right then, all she had to do was stall Huang Maoshi while she waited for the bodyguards to come up.



Two men in black suits walked up the stairs. Both of them occupied a favorable position to Huang Maoshi’s left and right.

“Sir, please leave.” Li Lei felt at ease.

Huang Maoshi was also in good shape, but he had a much softer personality. When he saw the two big men coming over, he immediately shrank. Nonetheless, he was reluctant to leave.

“Wait…” Meng Xue was awakened by the crowd. She looked up and rubbed her arms, which were aching because of how she had been sleeping on them. “Miss Li, what time is it?” she asked.

“You slept for less than ten minutes,” Li Lei whispered, “Do you want to sleep in the car for a while?”

“There’s no need for that.” Meng Xue exercised her neck as a smile appeared on her face. “My cervical spine doesn’t hurt anymore. Thank you, Doctor Ling.”

Meng Xue may have broken cups and plates when she was angry on her personal plane, but in public spaces, she still knew how to maintain her public image.

Lin Ran only nodded slightly.

Meng Xue was upset, so she only turned her head to Huang Maoshi and smiled at him before she gave him a nod.

“I… My name is Huang Maoshi, I’m your fan.” Huang Maoshi was a little excited. He recalled the days when he was a model. Even back then, he had never encountered a superstar like Meng Xue.

Those girls were all shallow and superficial. They did not have Tang Lian’s purity or Meng Xue’s genuity.

“Hello.” Meng Xue nodded in a well-practiced manner.

Huang Maoshi was bubbling with happiness. He took the chance and asked, “Can we take a photo together?”

“Not today,” Li Lei cut in and answered, “Meng Xue’s busy. I’ll give you this autographed picture.”

At the same time, Huang Maoshi was lifted off the ground by the bodyguards who were flanking him, and brought downstairs.

“Senior Brother Huang, what happened?” Tang Lian came up to Huang Maoshi slowly. She looked very surprised.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.” Huang Mao’s face was full of smiles as he recalled what had just happened.

Tang Lian was even more confused. Her curiosity surged and she whispered, “Senior Brother Huang, what’s going on upstairs? Which company do the people who arrived last belong to?”

“Company? Oh, they aren’t from a pharmaceutical company.”

“They’re not?”


“That’s weird. What are they doing upstairs?”

“Let’s chat.” Huang Maoshi’s tone was somewhat perfunctory. He looked back at Tang Lian and compared her with Meng Xue. Talking to her suddenly seemed to be dull and boring.