Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 153

153 Diligent And Conscientious

Meng Xue got up and stretched her muscles, signaled her two bodyguards to leave, and nodded to Li Lei.

In accordance with the strategy they had agreed upon earlier, Li Lei spoke, "Doctor Ling, Meng Xue has been very tired recently because of her concert tours. Can you please follow us for a few days? You just need to massage Meng Xue. The payment is negotiable."

"Doctor Ling, we really need your medical skills right now." Meng Xue also sat up straight and extended her invitation to Ling Ran.

It was impossible for her to run to Yun Hua once every few days. It was clearly more cost-effective to ask Ling Ran to accompany her.

Ling Ran earnestly thought about it for a few seconds before he slowly shook his head and said, "No."

Li Lei's smile instantly stiffened up. She quickly said, "Doctor Ling, you have not listened to our terms yet. You see, as long as you are willing to come with us, we will pay a six-digit traveling fee, and we will pay you based on the days you worked"

"I can't leave for the time being." Ling Ran interrupted Li Lei. He was familiar with this scene in front of him. Long ago, entertainment companies had tried to tempt him to be a child star at a high price. The Ling family had always refused to do so. Madam Tao Ping had proven that Ling Ran would never be short on money. In that case, what was the significance of working for money?

Li Lei did not expect Ling Ran to shoot down the idea at its bud. She let out a hollow laugh and said, "If you are worried about our ability to pay, you don't have to. We can first give you a deposit on the traveling fee or even the subsequent service fee"

"I have already scheduled my surgeries for tomorrow morning. It starts at three o'clock, it will most probably last until afternoon. My surgeries on the day after tomorrow are also scheduled." Ling Ran explained once he took into account that the other person would be traveling a thousand miles to his house. "In addition, there are also people who have made appointments with me to massage them. I have to massage about ten people in the next three days, and I have already confirmed their appointments. Moreover, I have two research papers to write."

His tone was sincere, and the contents in his words were remarkably heavy.

Li Lei and Meng Xue were at a loss of words and actions.

Let him give up his surgeries to follow Meng Xue? That did not sound good as well.

Add more money? He did not even want a six-digit figure traveling fee. How high was she supposed to jack up the price before he agreed?

Meng Xue thought about it, took off her mask, and said seriously, "Doctor Ling, in truth, there are many people in the entertainment industry who have problems in their cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebrae. Your technique can be brought into play. I can support you and build a specialized medical clinic for you."

Meng Xue did not know much about the medical profession. She could only do her best in giving suggestions.

In her mind, the prospect of being able to open a clinic of your own should be very fascinating.

Ling Ran just looked at Meng Xue and refused without hesitation, "There's no need for that."

Ever since Lower Groove Clinic started receiving massage fees, there were no more long queues. But there were still quite a number of people who waited for Ling Ran every day. It could be said that the Ling family's Lower Groove Clinic itself would make Ling Ran's life too busy. For Ling Ran, it meant that his skills were already brought into play, and he was uninterested in opening a clinic that specialized in osteopathic massage.

After this was said, Li Lei and Meng Xue had no choice but to stand up in regret.

Meng Xue was extremely tall. She was taller than Li Lei by about nine inches. From the back, her upright back looked sexy, and the curves on her body were even more eye-catching

"Do you need a back massage?" Ling Ran asked Meng Xue.

Meng Xue's eyes lit up. Yes! She took a two-hour flight to this place, why should she go back with just a massage on her neck?

"My back is indeed very uncomfortable." Meng Xue turned around.

"I can see that." Ling Ran paused. "There's a treatment bed downstairs"

"Can't it be upstairs?" Li Lei thought of their previous conversation and quickly said, "I can buy the bed sheet."

"Okay." Since she made the offer, Ling Ran no longer opposed it. He only said, "You can use the room upstairs."

After a while.

Meng Xue lied on her stomach on the bed of the guest room. Li Lei, who was next to her, stared nervously at Ling Ran, and said, "When you massage her, you must upholdprofessional ethics"


Meng Xue moaned with absolutely no professional ethics when Ling Ran pushed down on Meng Xue's spine.

Li Lei sat at the corner, speechless. She tried to ensure that the scene remained suited for the general audience by sheer virtue of her presence there.

As of then, Ling Ran did not have any timed missions, he could not see how much time he had. He could only massage her for about two minutes. When he finished, Meng Xue was already snoring.

"Done." Ling Ran wiped his hands with the alcohol-based hand sanitizerhe carried with him, and he said, "There is water on the table."

After he said that, he went out.

Li Lei was caught off guard. She stood up. "Just like that?"

It was only a few minutes in total.

"Yea, it's done," Ling Ran had always been a person who raced against time. As he walked, he took out his mobile phone and started playing games.

Ten minutes later.

Ling Ran put his phone down on the tea table. He picked up his laptop again, opened the document with his research paper, and looked at it.

Obviously, the research paper was more interesting.

While Ling Ran read his research paper, he put his finger on the keyboard and typed slowly.

If the speed he used to type on the keyboard right then was used for him to chat on QQ and the likes, he would naturally be considered extremely slow, but when he wrote a research paper, his speed was anything but slow.

The research paper he first wrote was [The Key Points of the M-Tang Technique: Exploration of XXX Cases Using the M-Tang Technique.] He considered lettingLu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin read his paper. Ling Ran wrote it in great detail and did not put an emphasis on the number of words.

After writing for more than an hour, he had already written more than a thousand words before he even reached the part where he began on the tendon-suture.

Ling Ran stretched his back and massaged his neck before he continued writing without hesitation.

If he did not write, he would have to teach Lu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin orally. So, Ling Ran would rather write the paper.

In addition, for Ling Ran, writing a paper was also a good process of re-learning the technique. It allowed him to sort out his ideas and straighten his thoughts.

Ling Ran was considered to be among the group of people who did the most cases of M-Tang technique in the country, which was hundreds of cases. As far as microsurgery projects were concerned, China performed the most M-Tang technique surgeries in the world. So, it basically meant that he was considered to be among the group of people in the world who did the most M-Tang technique surgeries.

Although it was said that the length of a paper might affect publication, Ling Ran did not think too much into it. When his words started flowing out when he wrote his paper, he actually did not care much about the number of words, but just wrote down his experiences and ideas with all his heart and soul.

Ling Ran had plenty of things to write about since he had the Master Level M-Tang Technique and the experience of performing hundreds of cases with it.

Meng Xue walked out of the guest room in a daze and saw Ling Ran writing under the light diligently.

The light on the tea table was gentle, and Ling Ran's silhouette was even gentler.

A thought struck Meng Xue's mind. Unexpectedly, she took out her phone and snapped a picture.