Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Rotation?

[Achievement: Praise]

[Achievement Description: A colleague's praise is the greatest form of reward a doctor could receive.]

[Reward: Basic Treasure Chest]

The moment Ling Ran stepped out of the operating theater, he received a lot of notifications.

In the end, he opened all the treasure chests and received a total of nine Energy Serums.

Although all he got were Energy Serums, he still looked around in surprise when he recalled the conditions needed to receive the Praise achievement.

"I'm so hungry."

"There should be some food in the canteen, right?"

"Did you order take out?"

The doctors were like the pigeons in a square. They gathered together in a disorderly fashion, then dispersed. The tense atmosphere in the operating theater vanished completely.

With a smile, Wang Haiyang invited a few department associate chief physicians over for a meal. He tugged on Ling Ran's arm and said, "Doctor Ling Ran, don't be in such a hurry to leave. Come try out our Hand Surgery Department's signature dish—our sautéed chicken."

Before Ling Ran said anything, a few doctors by the side shouted, "Is sautéed chicken available today?"

"Of course. Since we performed such a major surgery, it is a must for us to have a signature dish today," Wang Haiyang replied as he dragged Ling Ran off to the canteen to eat.

The Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital had its own canteen in the Operating Area, but the canteen in the surgical floor of Yun Hua Hospital dwarfed even that.

The surgical floor had nearly forty operating theaters, and more than two hundred surgeries were performed there every day, which meant that there were hundreds of doctors and nurses busying themselves with the cutting of flesh and bones while flipping about internal organs all the time in operating theaters. Naturally, they could not afford to waste their time finding food.

The so-called signature dish in the Hand Surgery Department was not actually made by the Hand Surgery Department, but was simply a dish made by the canteen, and claimed by the department. Each department claimed their own dishes, and the dishes would really become the department's signature dish after being claimed for a long time.

The Hand Surgery Department's sautéed chicken was a dish the surgeons most definitely ordered when they gathered together to eat. Some doctors would also secretly order a plate of sautéed chicken after their first finger replantation surgery to extend the bliss.

Ling Ran was made to sit down on a chair by Wang Haiyang. He listened to Wang Haiyang. "Doctor Ling, since you have such good skills and such a handsome face, do you mind joining me for an interview later when the reporters come?"

"Reporters from where?"

"Yun Hua Daily. The reporters would like to report on the news of the five-year-old child's eight-finger replantation." Wang Haiyang stopped for a while before he said, "This is considered to be one of the biggest surgeries ever performed in Changxi Province."

Of course, what he meant was the surgeries performed solely by hand surgeons.

Ling Ran nodded. He neither agreed nor rebuked him.

He was familiar with reporters. During his childhood, reporters often followed him every day to take some photos. When he entered university, he also appeared frequently on the cover pages of different websites.

Ling Ran did not pay this much heed. He was not out for vain popularity. Such an easy goal would never lead to the betterment of a person. 

However, if the reporters made his work life easier in the hospital, Ling Ran would not say no.

"Oh, Ling Ran, your clinical rotation hasn't been ended yet, right? How about it? Do you want to rotate to our Hand Surgery Department next?" Wang Haiyang smiled and offered this suggestion while he could.

Yun Hua Hospital's Hand Surgery Department was one of the leading departments in the hospital. Not only did they have many doctors under them; they also had several skilled personnel. It had been years since they hired an undergraduate.

In fact, the one or two job positions they offered every year were usually seized by Ph.D medical institute candidates from overseas or from the country itself. 

In this situation, being in possession of only the M-Tang technique was not enough to grab the attention of the Hand Surgery Department.

No matter what, suturing flexor tendons only covered a small field in hand surgeries. Department Associate Director Pan was the only one in Yun Hua Hospital's Hand Surgery Department who had mastered this skill. This was only because the department did not treat this skill as a primary weapon. 

But it was different for finger replantation.

Finger replantation was as rare as pearls in all the Hand Surgery Departments in all hospitals. Even when Yun Hua Hospital gathered together all the doctors who could perform finger replantation today, they still only managed to gather together ten people, and even then, their skills were not as great ass Ling Ran's. Even then, they were the top Hand Surgery Department in Changxi Province. They would be considered the top of the crop if they were placed in any city that was not Beijing...

Ling Ran's performance during the finger replantation surgery made Ling Ran's value in the eyes of Wang Haiyang and the others shoot up like a rocket.

Ling Ran looked at Wang Haiyang and said, "Department Director Huo told me that I don't have to do any sort of clinical rotation for the time being."

Wang Haiyang said, "But if you are willing to rotate, our Department Director Jin Xi can bring this up in the hospital administration meeting." He seized the chance to introduce his department and said, "Ling Ran, if you don't rotate, you probably can't understand that we, the Hand Surgery Department of Yun Hua Hospital, are the most outstanding department in this hospital. It wouldn't be wrong to say that we are the core department. The scale of our department, the benefits, and our future prospects are much better than the Emergency Department. What does the Emergency Department have? It only has four operating theaters. When the doctors in the Hand Surgery Department are busy and occupying ten operating theaters at the same time, they still have to give priority to us first when transferring patients…"

Wang Haiyang continued to introduce the history of Yun Hua Hospital's Hand Surgery Department and its status in the nation.

Yun Hua Hospital's Hand Surgery Department was indeed of a higher standard than the Emergency Department. The Emergency Department had to compete with the provincial hospital and the People's Liberation Army General Hospital in Yun Hua City for patients, but the Hand Surgery Department of Yun Hua Hospital's influence extended to many of the provinces nearby.

Furthermore, a specialist department easily helped a doctor receive advanced studies compared to a department like the Emergency Department.

What Ling Ran currently did in the Emergency Department was precisely what a specialist department took pride in. The reason he could snatch a large amount of work from the Hand Surgery Department was simply because the number of surgeries needed to be handled by the Hand Surgery Department was too high, and the department did not even care if they looked for patients from the other cities or provinces.

If Ling Ran entered the Hand Surgery Department, he would easily gain more opportunities to perform more surgeries.

"The sautéed chicken tastes really good." When Ling Ran looked at the signature dish, he immediately picked one piece and tasted it.

Wang Haiyang was stunned for a while before he laughed, "We told our chef that the sautéed chicken for the Hand Surgery Department must be real sautéed chickens. The sautéed chicken we use is the middle piece of the chicken talons. The sautéed chicken in restaurants are mostly from chicken gristles, and those parts come mainly from the chickens' knees. It may sound similar, but it is not the same. The Hand Surgery Department is always meticulous in everything we do."

"I always eat pork trotters in the Emergency Department," Ling Ran took out his phone and said, "I will ask Lu Wenbin to bring us a pot of pork trotters."

Before Wang Haiyang could stop Ling Ran, the message was sent.

After a while, Lu Wenbin truly did turn up with a pot of pork trotters. 

"I also brought two pork legs. Department Director Huo heard that the Hand Surgery Department was having a gathering, so he gave out his portion as well." Lu Wenbin put the aluminum pot on the table with a bang. 

The pot was full of pork trotters. They were shiny, plump, and released a most enticing smell. That smell alone could stuff all the surgeons from the Hand Surgery Department full.

"Let's try one." Some doctors came up without the slightest hint of reservation and took away a pork trotter.

Some doctors were more well-mannered and wanted to pay for the pork trotters, but when they learned that the treat was on Ling Ran, they took the pork trotters straightaway.

Very soon, the sound of people munching on pork trotters was heard in the small canteen.

This situation also caught some attention from the other doctors who were not from the Hand Surgery Department.

"Um… How much are the pork trotters?" A doctor acted fast. When he arrived in front of Lu Wenbin, his wallet was already out.

Lu Wenbin looked at Ling Ran in a tactful manner, then said in a low voice, "Doctor Ling Ran paid for it already."

Ling Ran nodded his head, took out his phone, and pressed a few icons. Then, he showed it to the doctor and said, "You can pay using QR code. One for… 25 RMB then. It's easier to calculate that way."

Lu Wenbin got up immediately and picked a pork trotter to the doctor who just paid. As he did, he soon noted a problem. 'The pork trotters that I sell are all at 10 RMB, and they're charged at cost price.'