Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Thank you for the Banner

Zheng Qi and Pan Jinyue chatted as they arrived at the Hand Surgery Department's rehabilitation ward to start their daily training.

His hand was basically healed, and he had been successfully discharged from the hospital a long time ago. He could carry out his rehabilitation in his own house, but as per Pan Hua's insistence, he would come once every few days to Yun Hua Hospital and receive a check-up in the Hand Surgery Department's rehabilitation ward before correcting some mistakes in his movements as seen during the rehabilitation.

A few minutes later, Pan Hua, who received the message, hurried into the rehabilitation ward.

"Gee, I told you not to come over. You can go on with whatever you were doing," Pan Jinyue said happily, while also taking pity on him. "You are so busy every day. You don't have to bother about us."

"I just wanted to come take a look," Pan Hua smiled and greeted his brother-in-law, Zheng Qi. He then asked, "How is your hand? How are you feeling?"

"It itches at times, but it's alright once I move it. But the inner side of my index finger is a little numb." Zheng Qi started to explain in earnest. He could feel even the slightest feeling of discomfort.

"The itching is a new symptom, right? This may be a psychological factor, but it also may be a purely neurological symptom. We can just observe it for the time being and not do anything about it. If the numbness on the inner side of your index finger is not too serious, it's not a big deal as well. This just means that you have nerve damage. After a while, your body will adjust to it…" Pan Hua once again explained. Even though many of those words have been previously mentioned, Pan Jinyue and Zheng Qi still listened very carefully.

"What about the nerve damage? Is it really okay when his nerve has been injured?"

"It's just a lesser nerve. The major nerves were all treated. The damage on the lesser nerves can be compensated for."

"Compensation means that the other nerves will aid the healing process, right? Then, will the other nerves be exhausted?"

"No, all of us have excess nerves, it will be there for the rest of our lives, whether we use it or not."

"That's good, that's good…"

While he explained, he looked at his sister and brother-in-law. Pan Hua suddenly felt a little emotional. The medical profession had a very famous quote, and it was written on the American physician, Edward Livingston Trudeau's grave: to cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always.

Pan Hua often heard senior doctors mention this, but he rarely thought deeply into it. He was previously the only doctor who could perform the M-Tang technique at Yun Hua Hospital, and now one of the only two who could. He was more than willing to use all his time to cure other patients. Relieving and comforting patients was something he rarely did.

However, for now, what his brother-in-law, Zheng Qi, and his sister, Pan Jinhua, needed the most was to be comforted, then relieved, and finally, be cured.

Focusing on curing patients was now something of the past. Comforting them was the norm in the present age.

Pan Hua thought about it. His sister and brother-in-law were willing to spend so many hours coming to the hospital from their house to perform rehabilitation what they wanted the most was comfort.

Pan Hua thought of it, smiled, and said, "Sister, brother-in-law, you don't have to worry about it too much. His flexor tendon suturing had been done very well. Didn't we take another MRI scan after the surgery? The flexor tendon is growing back fine. The flexor tendon has grown thicker, but it's less than 0.003 inches. It's far away from the standards of adhesion. You don't have to worry about it."

Pan Jinyue and Zheng Qi looked at each other before they asked, "It was a good suture?"

"The suture is done well, your rehabilitation is also going on well. Now, you just have to recover slowly," Pan Hua said with absolute certainty.

Pan Jinyue listened. Then, she seemed to have made a decision. She looked at her husband, Zheng Qi, then at her younger brother, Pan Hua, and said, "Then we want to give the chief surgeon a banner."

Pan Hua's thoughts immediately became disorderly. 'Give a banner? Give who a banner? Do they mean to give Ling Ran a banner?'

Pan Jinyue added, "Hua'zi, didn't you say that doctors love receiving banners the most? We'll send a banner to the doctor."

When she said the last sentence, Pan Jinyue demonstrated her dignity as Pan Hua's older sister.

"That…" Pan Hua did not know what to say. Then, he turned around and saw his brother-in-law's palm. The numerous and complicated thoughts in his mind calmed down. No matter what, Ling Ran really did cure Zheng Qi's hand.

Pan Hua himself knew just how difficult it was for flexor tendon sutures to have practically no adhesion during the recovery period.

Forget about gifting just one banner, if there was anyone who can suture flexor tendons to such a degree, it would be worth the patient's money, no matter how many banners he or she wanted to give the doctor.

Pan Hua sighed and said, "If you want to send a banner, I will not be making an appearance. After all, we are not in the same department."

"You don't have to," Zheng Qi was a man who had been on construction sites all year round. He understood the workings of the world, and he was not going to make Pan Hua embarrassed.


In Yun Hua's meeting room.

Zou Yawen, a reporter from [Yun Hua Daily], rinsed her mouth with tea, chatted with Ling Ran softly, and giggled from time to time.

Zou Yawen did not pretend to be a well-mannered lady who was waiting for a man to court her. She was not cliché, not like that. This did not belong in this day and age, much less in the face of a handsome guy like Ling Ran, who might very likely be very knowledgeable about the world.

Above the table, Zou Yawen looked like an intelligent woman, with the appearance of a newspaper reporter. But under the table, she had been trying to use to rub her foot against Ling Ran's pants.

"That's very interesting, Doctor Ling…"

"Doctor Ling, please talk about your most memorable moments since you started your career as a doctor."

"Doctor Ling, your medical skills are so awesome."

Zou Yawen did the interview while complimenting Ling Ran. As for Fei Zhou, the associate chief physician who was interviewed together with Ling Ran ended up being ignored by Zou Yawen after a few questions.

'Readers are no longer interested in middle-aged, normal looking men. Who would care if he's here?'

News like the 'stories of ordinary people' might seem to be spreading all over the country, but in terms of sales, they did nothing for the company. Ordinary people did not want to see the lives of other ordinary people, because they knew what life was like for ordinary people.

If necessary, these people could also go to their Circle of Friends to see the lives of those around them. After all, most of their friends were also ordinary people.

As a big media corporation, [Yun Hua Daily] needed a handsome doctor like Ling Ran more than anything else. Ling Ran was skilled, attractive and had a unique personality. He was a picture not commonly seen in the Circle of Friends of normal people.

Zou Yawen kept smiling and pushed the recording pen forward. She asked with a smile right before the group of doctors, "Doctor Ling, what is your ideal type? By the way, do you have a girlfriend?"

Fei Zhou, who had not been asked any questions for a long time, fell speechless. He stood up, "If there is nothing else, I will be leaving first."

He opened the door of the meeting room but soon took a few steps back.

A banner that was wider than a person was pushed into the room with Fei Zhou.

"Doctor Ling should here, right?" Zheng Qi held the banner up high and turned to the medical staff on his left and right. Because of it, a few curious medical staff followed behind him.

Ling Ran stood up, and Zou Yawen sensed a scoop. She gestured to the cameraman, and she was ready to conduct an interview.

"Doctor Ling, thank you for suturing my hand." Zheng Qi found Ling Ran. He grabbed one of Ling Ran's hands with both of his hands and shook it hard. When he saw the cameraman, Zheng Qi posed for the camera unabashedly.

Zheng Qi was a businessman who made a living drawing blueprints. If his fingers were maimed, it would mean a martial artist losing three-tenths of his ability to fight. Now that he could use his fingers without problems, Zheng Qi's gratitude towards Ling Ran rose from his heart, which made it easy for him to work together with the cameraman to take photos.

Zou Yawen saw the opportunity and quickly asked, "Sir, can you tell us your story?"

Zheng Qi nodded and said, "My right thumb, index finger, and middle finger were all lacerated. They were all flexor tendon injuries. When I was in the ambulance, the people told me that this place cannot be sutured well. In the future, I can only stretch my fingers, but not bend them. I won't be able to use them. Later, as I was doing rehabilitation, I saw that some patients who could not quite put any force into their fingers…"

"So, that's why you wanted to give a banner to Doctor Ling today?"

"I'm mainly here to send him red swamp crayfish, and then show him the recovery of my fingers for a while." Zheng Qi turned around to take out a box of red swamp crayfish and said, "Doctor Ling, I have no idea you would have so many people with you, so I might not have brought enough crayfish…"

Having said that, Zheng Qi handed the banner to his wife, Pan Jinyue and opened the takeaway box. He skillfully put on gloves, and then peeled a red swamp crayfish in front of the crowd before gently placing it in front of Ling Ran.

Zou Yawen was so excited that her mouth hung open. Countless news topics appeared in her mind.