Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 161

161 Significant Meaning

Yun Hua's meeting room was a room with white walls, a red floor, and floor to ceiling windows. The atmosphere in the room was serious, yet lively.

More than a dozen doctors in white coats sat on the side of the conference table as they watched the journalists, patients, and Ling Ran, who were all at the middle of the room. They might seem as if they were performing a consultation, but in truth, they all had their mobile phones out and were preparing the post for their Circle of Friends on that night.

If it was a different person, or if they saw a patient give Ling Ran a banner a day ago for a surgery that was usually performed by the Hand Surgery Department, the doctors would only mock them unceasingly. They would definitely not take pictures for him.

It would be very easy for the topic of conversation in their Circle of Friends to begin swaying out of topic if they took Ling Ran's picture to mock him.

But at that moment, more than a dozen chief physicians, associate chief physicians, attending physicians, resident doctors, and Ma Yanlin felt that Ling Ran ought to agree to the interview and accept the banners.

Operating tables were like touchstones.

Chief Physician Wang Haiyang, Associate Chief Physician Fei Zhou, and Associate Chief Physician Guo Jianming could be said to be the most authoritative trio when it came to performing finger replantations in the Hand Surgery Department of Yun Hua Hospital. Yet in the end, the number of fingers they replanted as a whole was practically just the same as Ling Ran.

In the eyes of the doctors, this slap to the face was both surprising, but also gained their respect, but no one will say it out loud.

However, Wang Haiyang, Fei Zhou, and Guo Jianming would just feel dejected.

Being skilled was what surgeons were used to seeing and would acknowledge in another surgeon the most.

If that was the case, Zou Yawen the reporter would acknowledge Ling Ran even more.

She first directed Zheng Qi to position the banner with Ling Ran before she grabbed the cameraman's elbow and said nervously, "Doctor Ling Ran, eat a red swamp crayfish."

Chief Physician Wang Haiyang also realized what was going on before he quickly said, "Ling Ran, this is a good news subject, please cooperate."

Although he was unsuccessful in poaching Ling Ran to his department, Ling Ran was still publicizing the projects in the Hand Surgery Department, or at least, he was publicizing the projects conducted in Yun Hua Hospital. Chief Physician Wang Haiyang was still very supportive of what Zou Yawen wanted to do.

The value of a celebrity doctor to a hospital could not be dismissed so easily.

It was especially so for hospitals at the level of Yun Hua Hospital. All the hospitals at that caliber pursued fame more than profit.

Gaining profit once you earn fame was as easy as breathing, but if you tried to gain fame for profit, it would get very difficult.

The Hand Surgery Department had gathered ten doctors to perform a finger replantation surgery for a child and invited Zou Yawen because they wanted to be reported in the news.

A patient then came gifting one of the hospital's doctors abanner and peeled a red swamp crayfish. If this could give the department wider publicity, Wang Haiyang would be supportive.

Fei Zhou, a middle-aged male doctor with a plain face, was just about to step out, but he, too, turned around to take a look.

Under the people's eyes, Ling Ran picked up a pair of transparent gloves without getting embarrassed and grabbed the red swamp crayfish that Zheng Qi peeled. He then dipped it in the sauce in the takeaway box and stuffed it into his mouth.

"So photogenic." Zou Yawen praised and asked the cameraman, "Did you record it?"

"It's not as if it's difficult or anything." The cameraman rolled his eyes and said, "Can you loosen your grip?"

"It's just red. Let's only get embarrassed when I bruise your elbow." Zou Yawen joked and brushed over the subject. She then asked Zheng Qi again, "Mister Zheng, why would you think of buying red swamp crayfish for Doctor Ling?"

"Oh, during my rehabilitation,I heard that Doctor Ling liked certain stuff. I thought that after my hand has recovered, I would peel off a crayfish for Doctor Ling to thank him," Zheng Qi said.

"Who are they?"Zou Yawen asked out of curiosity.

"The nurses from the rehabilitation ward."

"The nurses also know what Doctor Ling likes to eat?"

"They seem to have a group or a forum to discuss that subject"

"Um" Fei Zhou, the middle-aged, plain-looking male doctor, could not stand it anymore. "Miss... reporter, aren't we talking about surgeries? How did it turn to red swamp crayfish?"

Zou Yawen said with a straight face, "This crayfish has great significance."

"Huh?" Fei Zhou.

Zou Yawen raised her chin slightly and looked up. She then said in a lyrical tone, "A patient who has suffered for a long time went to search for a doctor who could treat"

"I was an emergency case," Zheng Qi kindly corrected her.

"Oh, I'll start over" Zou Yawen lowered her head and reorganized her sentence. She said, "A patient who needed urgent treatment was at the verge of giving up on life"

"I'm still alive," Zheng Qi stated, displeased.

Zou Yawen nodded. "Then, a patient who wants to stay alive came to Yun Hua Hospital"

Fei Zhou could not stand it anymore, "What does the red swamp crayfish have to do with this?"

Zou Yawen became enthusiastic and said, "Red swamp crayfish represents the patient's recovery and his gratitude, right? I don't know how you determine whether a hand has recovered, but I think that if the patient can peel a crayfish, he or she can be considered to have recovered."

Fei Zhou thought about it and did not refute her words.

Naturally, peeling a crayfish did not contain all hand functions. Whether or not one could tremble and whether the patient could push his fingers together were also representatives of hand functionality. However, in the face of a reporter, Fei Zhou believed that she only needed to think that the patient had recovered once he or she could peel crayfish.

Zou Yawen concluded happily, "Think about it, red swamp crayfish also represents the Chinese citizen culture of the present age. The banner is related to doctor-patient relationships, which is the relationship city dwellers are most anxious about and care about the most in their lives. So sir, please peel a few more crayfish. We'll record you a little more."

Zheng Qi obeyed and moved forward to continue peeling crayfish.

Most of his hand had recovered. Although it was hard to peel the crayfish, it was a very good way to exercise his hand.

Zheng Qi slowly peeled the crayfish. Although his hand movements were slow, his hand functionality had indeed recovered very well.

The doctors in the room discussed among themselves quietly and felt that this was a very good method to test hand functionality.

Zou Yawen said again, "Doctor Ling, sorry for the trouble, but you'll have to eat a few more crayfish."

Ling Ran nodded, put on the gloves again, and quietly ate a few crayfish.

"Wait, let's take a picture like this, " Zou Yawen could not hold it in anymore. She grabbed a crayfish with her hand and handed it gently to Ling Ran. She looked as if her eyes were burning.

A few young doctors' eyes lit up, 'We get this sort of treatment if our medical skills are good?'

"You didn't wash your hands, right?" Ling Ran looked at the red swamp crayfish drawing closer to him, and he frowned.

Zou Yawen was stunned. "What?"

"This crayfish needs to be thrown away." Ling Ran's expression was a bit serious.

Zou Yawen threw the crayfish at a corner of the table with her face flushed in embarrassment.

"Miss Zou, Doctor Ling, shall we go and take a look at the wards?" Chief Physician Wang Haiyang smiled and smoothed things over.

"Alright. Let's go to the wards and have a look." Zou Yawen hurriedly agreed. She sashayed out of the meeting room with her chest puffed out, with her bum sticking out, and with her 4-inch stiletto heels. She looked for a washroom.

The doctors were courteous to each other before they quickly filed out of the room as well.

In the end, there were only three young junior doctors left in the meeting room.

"Let's go."

"Let's go."

"You guys go ahead."

The three people were even more courteous to each other, and their tone was extremely polite.

"Sorry, let me clean up the room," Pan Jinyue returned to the room. She held a paper towel in her hand, wiped the soup stains left on the table, and finally rolled up the crayfish that Zou Yawen had left behind. She then threw everything into the trash can.

The three junior doctors stared at her movements closely, and after a few seconds, they sighed in relief.

"I'm heading back."

"I still have some things to do."

"I'm leaving."