Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Yun Hua Daily

Lu Wenbin applied for leave for the upcoming weekend, and he got a rare two days off.

To a resident doctor, a two-day holiday was considered a big holiday. Naturally, non-tertiary grade A hospitals were not as strict when it came to leave applications. After all, they may not receive any patients even during their normal working days.

Nonetheless, Huo Congjun found it difficult to reject Lu Wenbin's leave application.

Everyone knew about Ling Ran's daily routine, and a normal person would not be able to keep up with him. Huo Congjun actually felt pleased to see Lu Wenbin last so long.

As a result, Lu Wenbin was now worth a little more in Huo Congjun's heart.

No matter what, Lu Wenbin was the resident doctor who had performed one hundred to two hundred cases of M-Tang technique surgeries and nearly ten cases of amputated finger replantation surgeries. Even if he just worked as the first assistant, still… He had performed that number of surgeries. In Yun Hua Hospital, there were no more than four doctors who had Lu Wenbin's experience. Within Changxi province, there were less than ten doctors who had the same experience. A resident doctor like Lu Wenbin may have still been a sheep, but he was considered the leader among all sheep.

Huo Congjun hoped to keep the skilled resident doctors in the hospital, unlike the ordinary resident doctors who did not use any of the hospital's resources. He would just leave those resident doctors to do whatever they wanted.

During Lu Wenbin's holiday, Ling Ran reduced his finger replantation surgeries as well. He only performed a few M-Tang technique surgeries each day just to keep himself familiar with the technique.

Ma Yanlin was his sole assistant. He came at three in the morning, and he performed two surgeries simultaneously. After resting for half an hour, he would continue to perform another two surgeries before he went back to the office to write medical records, which was considered quite relaxing.

Meanwhile, Ling Ran stayed in his office and constantly amended his research paper.

His progress in writing his research paper was very fast. The framework of the research paper was basically done. So, he only needed to fill in some basic content and information, particularly his references.

The research papers belonging to department directors like Huo Congjun or "masters" of research papers like Department Associate Director Du would have the help of some young doctors in drafting and adding extra information into the articles. All the chief physicians needed to do were just amend the charts and data, as well as check through the details like the direction of the research paper.

Ling Ran had not obtained the qualification to let others write his research paper for him, but he was not slow in his speed of writing.

Compared to traditional academic institutions, it was not easy for doctors to write their research papers, but it was not necessarily hard either. Their papers needed to have the general format of academic research papers but also have their own characteristics. The main focus of their research papers lay in the gathering of medical cases and the conclusion of their findings.

The formation of the conclusion for these research papers was uniform. You had to form a conclusion for your own article and provide an upgrade in the medical world. It could not just be a simple compilation of different cases.

However, in terms of cases, a research paper written by doctors was more special.

Since the majority of the doctors' cases treated people as fundamental units, they had to gather together a sufficient number of patients with unique illnesses or normal illnesses. They could only draw a conclusion from their records after that.

Ling Ran was only able to accumulate a sufficient number of suitable medical cases because he had performed a large number of surgeries recently. For all hospitals, the ability to perform one hundred cases of surgeries showed their status. But it was rare for them to be able to perform more than three hundred similar high-ranking surgeries. It was also rare for attending physicians to be able to perform the same number of surgeries.

Some of the attending physicians who worked in Yun Hua Hospital had worked for three to four years in the hospital, but even they did not have that number of surgeries under their belt; one of them was Doctor Zhou.

"Ling Ran, you're on the paper." Doctor Zhou was always the first to bring different kinds of good news to Ling Ran. He was still an expert in this aspect.

Ling Ran looked away from the computer and asked, "Is it Yun Hua Daily?"

"Yes. Can't you just pretend like you didn't know and ask me the name of the newspaper?" Doctor Zhou pursed his lips and said, "Let me show you. Your picture took up a wide margin of the paper, but our photo's only in a tiny corner of the news."

Ling Ran took the newspaper from Doctor Zhou and saw that there was a huge photo of him standing in front of the hospital at the top right corner of the page. Although the other doctors were also visible in the picture, the area that showed their faces was too small.

Ling Ran was quite familiar with such photos. He scanned through the page indifferently before he read the content: [War to Preserve Eight Fingers for a Five-Year-Old Girl]

Ling Ran smiled and said, "So, she really wrote it as a big news report."

"The Hand Surgery Department isn't the only one who paid for this, the Emergency Department paid too." Doctor Zhou pointed at the bottom right of the newspaper and at a sentence using his fingernails. [Ling Ran from the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital…]

"Just a few words, but our Department Director Huo spent a lot of money for it," Doctor Zhou said in a gossiping manner.

Ling Ran lifted his eyebrows. "They paid for it?"

"Exactly. Look at the content. They even mentioned the banner and crayfish!" Doctor Zhou continued, "When it comes to news reporting, a hospital is considered a unit, so we can't just let the Hand Surgery Department take all the credit!"

"You sound like Department Director Huo."

"It's exactly what Department Director Huo said. You think that I did a great impression of him as well, right?"

Ling Ran was speechless. He quietly captured a picture of the newspaper and sent it to his mother, Tao Ping.

Madam Tao Ping had been collecting news articles on him the entire time, and she compiled them into a thick book. This effectively reduced the frequency of their neighbors dropping by their house.

The doctors from the Emergency Department also congratulated and teased Ling Ran.

Being in the news was not strange to the doctors. At the right time, it even worked very well for them.

In lower-tier hospitals, some doctors even photocopied their own news reports, mounted them in photo frames, and hung it on the wall. The doctors in Yun Hua Hospital did not have to act like them. In Yun Hua Hospital, any random department director would have been featured so many times in news reports that they could fill up the walls of their office. Were they supposed to continue with the floors if the walls were covered with their news reports?

Even though they could not take out the articles and show off, the news reports could always increase their reputation. If the reports mentioned the name of the doctor and Yun Hua Hospital, the hospital would even reward the doctor several hundred RMB.

They had been adopting this policy until the present, and naturally, the rewards became funds to buy meals for colleagues.

Doctor Zhou nudged Ling Ran as he smiled and said, "According to tradition, you need to buy us a meal. How about this? Since you have a reward, and we should do things naturally, Boss Shao will be discharged today. Shall we just go to the Shao family's restaurant?"

"The Shao family's restaurant sounds good."

"I agree."


The young doctors started to cause a ruckus. The older doctors pretended like they did not hear it because they wanted to go back home.

Since there were no more surgeries to perform today, Ling Ran agreed to the suggestion.

After work...

A group of eight people headed to the Shao family's restaurant.

Ling Ran drove his own Volkswagen Jetta and invited Doctor Zhou to sit next to him. During that time, he consulted Doctor Zhou about the main points of abdominal surgery.

Ling Ran just obtained two techniques, and both were inverted suture patterns. Both the Lembert suturing technique and the interrupted inverted horizontal mattress suture targeted the gastrointestinal tract, which was also the main focus of abdominal surgeries.

Ling Ran was not really familiar with abdominal surgeries. He had not even performed an appendectomy before.

What he did so far was basically the work of the Orthopedics Department. If Ling Ran worked in the Hand Surgery Department, his career path would now be clearly displayed before him. However, if he remained in the Emergency Department, he had to know more about abdominal surgeries.

Although Doctor Zhou was a bit lazy, he was very patient. Hence, he shared detailed information with Ling Ran. 

Books such as [Surgery] and [Guide to Abdominal Surgery] may have been thick, but when it came to real practice, their contents showed that they did not provide any detailed information and were too general.

Naturally, senior doctors would not just provide general information to junior doctors. Doctor Zhou was also very familiar with Ling Ran's working style. He provided explanations while he gestured with his hand, and his explanations were much clearer than the descriptions Ling Ran read in books or saw in videos.

"Boss Shao."

"Please serve the beef tripes first."


The doctors entered the Shao family's restaurant with excitement. They looked at Boss Shao with bright eyes and friendly expressions.

Ling Ran ordered beef tripes and roasted meat as well. He continued the conversation with Doctor Zhou about abdominal surgeries. He looked at Boss Shao while his hands performed a simulation of the Lembert suturing technique.

Darkness came early in Yun Hua City.

There were a few bright stars in Yun Hua City's sky...

But the Shao family's restaurant was bustling with activity.