Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 168

168 Research Paper From The Department Of Anesthesiology

Ling Ran only finished replanting the severed index finger, which had suffered an avulsion, after spending more than three hours on it.

Once Ling Ran had cut the thread and cast the scissors aside...Forget the two assistants, even the nurses let out a tender and sweet gasp, looking like they were about to collapse.

"Microsurgeries are really tiring," Young Nurse Wang Jia moaned. She was a nurse from the Emergency Department and was used to large wounds, as well as gushing blood. She was a little unaccustomed to finger replantations, which involved highly meticulous work.

The circulating nurse nodded in agreement. "A patient with myocardial infarction would have died if he had to go through surgery for more than three hours, and we only managed to finish one finger."

"The most pitiful thing out of it all is that the surgery fees of a finger replantation is about the same as the ones using the M-Tang technique." Wang Jia looked at Lu Wenbin with a pitiful expression. She said, "Once you buy a pork trotter, you won't be left with much."

"Then save some money and cut down weight."

"No, I want a pork trotter that is twice as big as an ordinary one." Wang Jia placed her hands on her waist, looking very imposing.

Lu Wenbin chuckled. He said, "My foot might be swollen to twice its original size."

Once surgeons performed surgery for a long time, they would find that they no longer fit into some of their slippers. Swollen feet could be said to be a surgeon's occupational disease.

Ling Ran was also as tired as a dog. He used the grabbing method to massage his neck for a little while. When he heard them moan, sounding incredibly pitiful, he grabbed a gauze and massaged Lu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin's necks for two minutes.

The young resident doctor and houseman who were young but had no one to love them, never received this kind of treatment before. Their eyes widened, and they suddenly found that focusing on a task for a few hours was no longer as tiring as they had initially thought.

Once he finished massaging the two, Ling Ran raised his head and found Wang Jia staring at him with sparkling eyes. In her hands was a piece of gauze.

"You'll have to count the gauze properly later," Ling Ran reminded her, and grabbed the gauze before he placed his hand on Wang Jia's neck. Wang Jia gasped, but that was the only sound from her.

Once he also massaged the circulating nurse, Ling Ran looked at Su Jiafu the anesthesiologist.

Su Jiafu chuckled and said, "I'm not that tired, so I won't be asking you to waste your time but"

Su Jiafu rubbed one of his hands against the stool, looking very embarrassed and shy. Ling Ran hummed in a show of good cooperation.

"Let's talk alone?" Su Jiafu suggested.

"Alright." Ling Ran had always been a straightforward person. He turned his head around and asked Lu Wenbin, "Can you help me get those items? By the way, can eggs and potatoes be used to make stew?"

Lu Wenbin had been a little tired moments ago, but he immediately snapped to attention. "Of course they can. Braised eggs are very tasty. When you're exhausted after a surgery, you can eat one. It's filling and tasty. Potatoes are even easier. Once you cook the potato, it gives off a grainy texture, and it feels different from sweet potatoes, which taste a little sticky. Besides, potatoes are tasteless by themselves. If you cook it with plain water, just sprinkle some salt on it, then cook it with stew. All you need to do is to season it a little..."

"Then, once you're done cooking the eggs and potatoes, bring it to the waiting room. Give Ma Yanlin the salted eggs." Ling Ran knew that housemen did not receive any benefits from their departments. After all, they were not considered part of the department.

For some reason, Ma Yanlin suddenly felt blood rush to his head. He quickly said, "No, no, no, that's what Department Director Huo gave you"

"Then it's settled." Ling Ran was too lazy to argue with anyone.

Ma Yanlin became even more self-conscious. He said, "Then, why don't I just take some and leave the rest for breakfast? We can even use them for lunch."

Ling Ran cast a profound glance at Ma Yanlin before he said, "But for the time being, I don't plan on bringing my own food to the hospital."

Once he finished saying these words, Ling Ran called for Su Jiafu, and they went out.

In the operating theater, Lu Wenbin glanced at Ma Yanlin with a grin. "Are you dumb? When has Doctor Ling ever run out of food?"

Wang Jia hummed in agreement. "It's not good to eat so many salted eggs, either. We already formed a menu that provides all the nutrients for Doctor Ling Mm" She covered her mouth so that she would not spill more information.

Ma Yanlin and Lu Wenbin let it slide with a chuckle. There were some people who believed that the secrets they kept still remained a secret, but Ling Ran had been given food for around a month now, and all those with eyes could tell it was an organized effort.


Ling Ran threw his scrubs, gloves, and everything else into the disposal bin before he asked Su Jiafu. "What do you want to discuss?"

"Um I heard that you already wrote a few research papers." Su Jiafu felt a little bashful. He immediately looked down on himself. 'I'm a man who scored over six hundred in my college entrance examination. Why should I be afraid?' Once he had comforted himself like this, when Su Jiafu looked at Ling Ran again he just felt even more bashful.

Ling Ran said, "I have indeed written them before."

Su Jiafu touched his head and said, "Um Lately, I've been writing research papers as well."


"The anesthetic requirements during finger replantation surgeries are very high. I've looked through some information recently, and I have some experience with finger replantation surgeries, so I wanted to gather all the information I have on hand and publish a research paper," Su Jiafu spoke humbly.

Compared to surgeries using the M-Tang technique, or most Level 3 surgeries, the anesthetic requirements for finger replantations were higher.

First of all, the surgery time for finger replantations were very long. They could easily go up to three or four hours, and it was also common for them to go up to seven or eight hours. The anesthetists had to continuously ease the patient's pain, and even make sure the blood supply of the injured part was constant so that vaso-occlusive crisis would not occur.

All these demands required the anesthetists to have good skills. It was uncertain whether the ready-made anesthetic plans could last for such long hours, and many anesthetists also had their own habits and preferences when it came to administering anesthetic drugs.

Su Jiafu had also carried out many finger replantation surgeries before, which was why he had the qualifications to perform finger replantation surgeries with Ling Ran. During the anesthesia he administered recently, while Su Jiafu got rid of the risks, he also made sure to keep up with the quality of the anesthetic process. Meanwhile, he also accumulated experience.

If anesthetists wanted to be promoted, they also needed to publish research papers, just like the surgeons.

Su Jiafu lacked support in the Department of Anesthesiology, so, naturally, he thought of Ling Ran and also Huo Congjun, who supported him.

Su Jiafu quickly made his suggestion, "We can work together to publish a research paper together, and become the first authors together. But my name has to be in front of yours By the way, I want to use the medical cases from the finger replantation surgeries the both of us have worked on together before"

"Why don't you want to redesign a medical case?" Ling Ran interrupted Su Jiafu. Based on what he knew, if they did not use typical medical cases but instead used a few atypical medical cases as a foundation to write their medical research paper, it would be harder for the research paper to pass the review process.

That was why Ling Ran chose to write a research paper centered around exploring the M-Tang technique using XXX cases [1].

Su Jiafu was taken aback by Ling Ran's statement. "But we only have this many medical cases"

"Why don't you form a few hypotheses first, and we will prove whether they are right through the medical cases." Ling Ran gave his suggestion.

Su Jiafu, who scored over six hundred marks in his college entrance examination, felt like he was taking an exam right then and there.

"If we want to perform an analysis on multiple medical cases, it'll be best if we can get some financial aid." The more Su Jiafu spoke, the more guilty he felt. "I didn't manage to get any funding from the Department of Anesthesiology. I wonder if the Emergency Department can help provide some aid."

His initial aim of asking Ling Ran to write the paper with him had always been because he wanted to get some funding. Not much funding was usually required to write research papers, but it was still frustrating to consistently lack funds.

Ling Ran's answer was incredibly straightforward. He said, "Let's go get some from Department Director Huo."

By the time Su Jiafu finally understood what Ling Ran meant, he was already standing in front of Huo Congjun.