Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 169

169 Three Requests

"Ling Ran, go back and do whatever you want to first." Huo Congjun placed his hands behind his back. He looked like a sage, and his aura as a department director was practically spilling out of him.

"Alright." Ling Ran was not bothered by this. If it were not because he was too tired from performing finger replantations, he would have performed multiple surgeries one after another. But as of right now, he needed to rest.

Huo Congjun watched Ling Ran leave his office before he turned around with a sigh. Then, he glared at Su Jiafu. Su Jiafu cowered. He did not even know where to put his hands.

Huo Congjun did not make him wait for long before he languidly said, "We can support anesthesiologists with the funding the Emergency Department earns, but I have three requests"

Su Jiafu sighed in his heart before he bobbed his head continuously.

He had to nod. The funding the Department of Anesthesiology received was little, and he could not get any as well. He could not use his pitiful salary to buy the materials he wanted as well. Besides, Huo Congjun was a very stern department director. No one could refute or disobey any of his orders; Su Jiafu had no room to resist him.

Huo Congjun nodded slightly before he said, "One, Ling Ran's name must be in your research paper, and he has to be placed side-by-side with the author."

"I already agreed to that," Su Jiafu quickly said.

"Two, since you want to write a research paper, then make sure you write a few of them. You can't just write one after you obtain the funding. Write two as your starting point. If you can publish three, then I will give you the funds you request for the next time you ask as well." Huo Congjun was in high spirits.

Su Jiafu was already laughing happily in his heart, but he still appeared hesitant.

If a person had money, they could then write all the research papers they wanted. This was especially true for doctors of the modern age. Putting a little more time into writing those papers was nothing to them. A doctor's time was nothing valuable. Even if they worked overtime for a night, they might not even be able to get a few dozen RMB.

But if Su Jiafu wrote three research papers, he could get more funding, and that made Su Jiafu even happier. However, he still put on a troubled look. He asked, "I have to write his name for all of them?"

"Obviously. Do I look like I'm giving out charity?" When Huo Congjun glared at someone, even those who scored more than four hundred marks on their college entrance examination would not dare to meet his gaze.

Su Jiafu scored six hundred marks in his college entrance examination, but he would much rather stuff his head into his abdomen right then. He said timidly, "Um writing his name on two is fine, but"

"Then it's settled." Huo Congjun was a great department director, and would not waste his time going in circles with a small attending physician.

Su Jiafu felt smug in his heart, but he was afraid that he would be seen through. He asked softly, "Department Director Huo, am I to write Ling Ran's name for both research papers?"

"Yes." Huo Congjun's tone softened. He said, "Ling Ran is an undergraduate. If he wants to obtain his license and stay in Yun Hua Hospital, then just by being good at performing surgeries won't be enough. He needs to publish a few more research papers. What he writes on his own is his, but he also needs to have a few co-written research papers as well; he needs to be able to produce both, and he's not allowed to fall behind in either."

For some strange reason, Su Jiafu felt distressed. He worked cautiously and attentively in the Department of Anesthesiology, working overtime day and night, and did not have a girlfriend. In the end, when he wanted to write a few research papers, his department director refused to spare even a single cent, but Ling Ran

When he compared the treatment Ling Ran received in the Emergency Department to what he received in the Department of Anesthesiology, Su Jiafu really wanted to just jump ship.

Su Jiafu quelled his emotions and asked solemnly, "Department Director Huo, what is your third request?"

Huo Congjun furrowed his eyebrows. "What do you mean by 'third request'?"

"You said you had three requests just now."

"Oh" Huo Congjun said with a drawl. He thought about it before he said, "Write the accounts properly, don't write the wrong figures."

"Oh." Su Jiafu did not dare say much about this. He fled from the office of the Emergency Department.

He came with a muddled head, and went to the operating theater with the same muddled head. But even so, Su Jiafu did not have anyone ask him whether he was okay as he walked into the operating theater. To people, this was how anesthesiologists were supposed to act.

"Is it settled?" Ling Ran raised his head and asked Su Jiafu, even though he was currently operating on someone.

Su Jiafu looked at Ling Ran, and he almost felt like crying. He lowered his head, quietly snatched his stool from his colleague who was currently working as Ling Ran's anesthesiologist, and said, "We reached an agreement. Department Director Huo gave me four thousand RMB. He even said he would give me more if I don't have enough."

"Which means he's not going to give you any money when you run out later." The anesthesiologist who had taken his chair chuckled. He then said, "But that's not bad, Old Su. You actually managed to get four thousand RMB from the Emergency Department."

"You got it as well?" Su Jiafu understood what he meant straightaway.

"Yup. The Orthopedics Department gave me around ten thousand." The anesthesiologist felt a little proud of himself.

"As expected, the Orthopedics Department is forever rich." Su Jiafu felt even more bitter.

While Ling Ran continued to reconnect the bone, he said, "But if the funds requested is enough to write the research paper, then it's enough, right?"

Su Jiafu was stunned for a moment before he realized that Ling Ran was actually defending him. Because of this, his answer was not smooth. He stuttered for a while before he managed to say, "You're right, but if I had a little more"

"By the way, based on your train of thought earlier, I already found four medical cases for you. They're in your mailbox, go check it out." Ling Ran continued reconnecting the bone. He did not bother with Su Jiafu's spiel about how having more of something was better.

Hence, Su Jiafu did not say anything else. He opened his mailbox and began reading in silence.

He originally read beside the monitors, but as he read, he quietly moved away from them. There were some things that were best not seen by those working in the same field.

Su Jiafu lowered his head to read Ling Ran's mail, and the more he read, the clearer his head became. At that moment, the muddle-headedness he had just now completely disappeared.

Based on Su Jiafu's previous framework, he wanted to write a research paper with something along the lines of [Experience of Administering Anesthesia for Multiple Amputated Finger Replantation Surgeries] or [Effects of XXX Drug on Patient During Finger Replantation Surgeries]. With a bit of editing, this kind of paper might perhaps be published in a small, eighteenth-class periodic journal. If it was written well and he manages to find someone in a better journal through connections, he might be able to publish his research paper in a Chinese provincial core journal.

Academia-wise, the research papers in the Chinese provincial core journals were nothing. They were just articles with thousands of words.

But it was impossible for the medical system to have all of its doctors publish in Chinese national core journals, or even publish articles in the SCI. That was why being able to publish articles in the Chinese provincial core journals was the lowest requirement for a doctor to gain a professional title. They could not gain points from it, but they could be promoted according to their seniority.

As for publishing in the SCI, or in Chinese national core journals? That was the basic requirement in the system in making an exception to promote a doctor. An attending physician must wait five or seven years to be promoted to associate chief physician. If a doctor did not want to wait, then he or she would have to publish valuable research papers. If a department had no more vacancies to promote an associate chief physician to a chief physician, but a doctor wanted the hospital to promote him or her either way, then the doctor must publish research papers.

Every doctor would want to publish good articles, but good articles were not freely given to anyone. Ling Ran, however, gave Su Jiafu quite the good new directionhe could talk in-depth about the relationship between anesthetics and vaso-occlusive crisis[1].

As a person with Perfect Level Finger Replantation in his possession, Ling Ran also had top-notch information when it came to fields related to finger replantations. If he only had Master Level Finger Replantation, he had no need to understand anesthetics. Even if he knew, it was just knowledge that he could not use. But Perfect Level allowed him to pay attention to everything concerning finger replantations.

The direction Ling Ran gave Su Jiafu was a topic that took everything into consideration, but did not go in-depth into anything related to finger replantation itself. To a doctor from the Department of Anesthesiology, this sort of topic naturally had its own relevant meaning. As long as he could write it, he would definitely be able to publish a good research paper.

In fact, in a show of good teamwork, Ling Ran had even found the medical cases Su Jiafu needed the most. There was no reason for Su Jiafu to not be excited.

To a doctor from the Department of Anesthesiology, it was more troublesome for them to search for medical cases compared to surgeons. Even normal surgeons did not have many medical cases they could search through to find the ones they want either.

Only people like Ling Ran could have the right to pick his own medical cases and his own patients, which was why he could get his medical cases much easier than the other doctors.

Of course, the most important thing was that he could operate on these patients. The doctors who could perform finger replantation surgeries in Yun Hua Hospital's Hand Surgery Department were at least senior attending physicians or associate chief physicians. In other hospitals, these doctors would be even higher-ranked. If Su Jiafu wanted to go to them and have them work with him, he would not be able to, because even if he had a good relationship with them, it would not be enough.

At this moment, Su Jiafu suddenly felt that his decision to go to Ling Ran and work with him on a research paper was an incredibly wise decision.

"Doctor Ling, then I shall work with these four medical cases." Su Jiafu had already finished reading them. He quickly went to Ling Ran to make a confirmation.

"Are four medical cases enough?" Ling Ran had already drawn the microscope to him and started to handle the blood vessel. He did not raise his head.

"It's enough. It's definitely enough. It must have been hard to find these four medical cases."

"It was quite easy. The four medical cases I found are the ones that happened in the province today. If you're certain you want to use them in your paper, go to Department Director Huo and ask him to make arrangements. Have him ask the hospital to transfer the patients to our department, and it'll be done," Ling Ran said easily.

"We have to ask Department Director Huo to make arrangements?" When Su Jiafu thought of having to deal with Huo Congjun's temper, he felt his knees tremble.

When Lu Wenbin heard this, he knew Su Jiafu was experiencing an emotion that was quite familiar to him. He chuckled. "Doctor Su, don't be afraid. Department Director Huo is actually very easy to talk to."

"Then, Young Lu, you go and look for Department Director Huo. Get the patients transferred to us, they should be on their way here." Ling Ran exercised his neck. When he thought of having four patients sent to him, he felt his body brim with energy.

Lu Wenbin was rendered speechless.