Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 170

170 Filled With Energy

Su Jiafu performed surgeries with Ling Ran until evening arrived. They slept in the hospital for a few hours and woke up at three o'clock in the morning to anesthetize the man who was built like a mountain. When he did, a feeling of happiness rose in his heart

Anesthetizing one person meant he accumulated one medical case, and if he anesthetized another, he got himself another medical case It was never as easy to gather medical cases when he performed surgeries with the other surgeons.

Usually, surgeons would not continuously perform microsurgeries one after another.

Take, for example, chief physicians from departments such as the Neurosurgery Department. A chief physician from the Neurosurgery Department would normally be a person who was nearly sixty. If he started his surgery at nine at night, he would only finish with the craniotomy at around ten. Then, he would finish the entire surgery languidly, and he wouldwaste away his entire midnight just like that. Once he went home to rest, the operating theater would be given to an associate chief physician in his early fifties. That associate chief physician would begin his own surgery at one o'clock in the morning and would only be done with the patient's craniotomy at two or three o'clock in the morning. By the time he finished his surgery, he could forget about going home.

After staying up late this way for an entire night, when the two doctors went to work the next day, they would at most be able to perform one surgery before they reached their limit. Anesthetists were not that tired, but even if they wanted to anesthetize someone else, they would not have the chance to do so.

The level of complexity for a finger replantation surgery was lower, but it was equally tiring and hard.

There were few surgeons who were willing to perform finger replantation surgeries every day, and there were even fewer doctors who could perform finger replantations every day.

However, Ling Ran was unlike most people.

When he performed surgeries using the M-Tang technique in the past, he could perform eight to ten cases per day, and he did so with ease as well as delight. Right then, even as he performed finger replantations, he could still wake up at three every day, plus his scalpel never stopped making incisions.

Anesthetists naturally loved such efficiency the most.

Ling Ran once again completed two finger replantation surgeries from three o'clock in the morning till noon, making Su Jiafu so happy that he shivered from head to toe.

"Doctor Ling, I finished the outline of the research paper during my free time. Come have a look." Su Jiafu originally did not intend to let Ling Ran look at the outline. A doctor giving out medical cases so that his or her name could be written in the research paper was basically an equivalent exchange. It was not much of a working relationship.

However, it was different now. Ling Ran gave him a very good research direction. Ling Ran even got Su Jiafu his funds and managed to get the medical cases he wanted to be arranged for him. He also personally operated on all of them. Hence, there was no way Su Jiafu could be stingy in sharing his outline.

Besides, Ling Ran may even have better ideas.

The duo sat in the waiting room and talked about the outline while they munched on pork trotters.

Ling Ran did not have an ounce of understanding when it came to anesthesiology, but his understanding of finger replantations surpassed that of what was written in the outline. He read through the outline quietly for a few minutes before he stripped off every shred of meat from the pork trotter with a surgical knife. Ling Ran exhaled and said, "There's no problem in the other areas, but is the number of samples too few? You're planning on using only twelve medical cases?"

"We have to wait a long time to even gather up twelve cases. We're already very lucky to get four medical cases today. I don't even know how long we'll take to gather up the other eight" Even though Su Jiafu said those things, he still cast his eyes on Ling Ran.

If he were the one gathering the medical cases, he would definitely end up spending a lot of time doing so.

Even if the Department of Anesthesiology worked with him and had him stay in the Emergency Department or sent him to the Hand Surgery Department, he might not necessarily find many cases that met his requirement. He needed patients who suffered from vaso-occlusive crisis, and even if he encountered some, it was unknown if they fit into his requirements

Ling Ran, on the other hand, was different. He chose his patients based on the many medical cases he had at his disposal.

Under Su Jiafu's expectant gaze, Ling Ran moved to open his mouth to speak, but he heard Lu Wenbin cough by the side and say, "Doctor Su, we're going to end up dead tired if we perform so many cases. Where do you intend to publish your paper?"

Su Jiafu was momentarily stunned by the question before he softly said, "Of course I'm aiming for the core journals."

"Chinese core journals?" Lu Wenbin followed up with another question.

"The Key Magazine of China Technology is considered one of them, right?" Su Jiafu replied weakly.

Periodic journals were in fact, a databank. The Chinese core journal's full name was A Guide to the Core Journals of China, and since Peking University Library was the pioneer in this project, it was also known as the Catalogue of Journals of the National Peking University Library. Through a series of data and judgments, Peking University Library could determine which Chinese periodic journals were to be entered into their databank. The research papers published in these journals were said to be published in core journals.

In comparison, the Key Magazine of China Technology pointed to the China Science and Technology Journal Database. Most people believed that the Key Magazine of China Technology was less illustrious than the National Peking University Library's Catalogue of Journals, which was also why it was easier for people to have their articles published in it.

Su Jiafu looked at Ling Ran before he added. "The Key Magazine of China Technology is considered an A-list journal in our hospital, it'll be good enough."

The A-list, B-list, and C-list journals were decided by the departments. When the inner circle of Yun Hua Hospital wanted to employ a doctor who had no connections to the hospital, the associate chief physicians they wanted to employ would have to have published an article in an A-list journal, while the chief physicians they wanted to employ would have to have published two articles in A-list journals. The attending physicians they wanted to employ would also have to have published an article in a B-list journal. Furthermore, whenever they graded the medical staff every year, the marks given to the staff would also differ based on the ranks of the journals their articles were published.

Naturally, this was the most basic guideline. Each department had its own policies. For example, the Emergency Department did not ask too much of their medical staff, but the elite Hand Surgery Department required their associate chief physicians to publish articles in the SCI.

The Department of Anesthesiology used the standards of the hospital to grade their staff. Because of it, to Su Jiafu and Ling Ran, if they only wanted to gain academic titles via publishing research papers, they could do so with the power of an A-list journal.

However, Lu Wenbin pursed his lips and said, "Doctor Ling published an article in one of the journals under China before. You're only thinking about publishing in the Key Magazine of China Technology, but you're using him as your own personal worker, you know?"

Journals under China meant that the journals were created by China itself. These journals were sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association. Their influence was quite high. Many of the journals under them had an even higher standard than SCI itself, which meant that it was even more difficult to publish articles in those journals. In the medical world, these journals were ranked even higher than core journals.

Su Jiafu could not help but blush. He said, "I know that Doctor Ling once published an article in Chinese Critical Care Medicine, but are you going to ignore braised pork after eating squid and sea cucumbers?"

"That analogy of yours is" Lu Wenbin turned his head around and looked at his pork trotters, and he felt that constantly belittling braised pork was not good.

"I'd want to publish articles in journals under China as well if I can." Su Jiafu was slightly older. He began using his mind, which had scored him over six hundred marks during the college entrance examinations, to think. He quietly brought out his phone, scanned the QR code beside the pork trotter, and bought four pork trotters in one go. He then split it up between Ling Ran, Lu Wenbin, Ma Yanlin, and himself before he said with a smile, "I was thinking about it this way. Let's gather up materials first. With medical cases as a foundation, I can write the article. At that time, if I have hopes of publishing the article in journals under China, then I'll send it to those journals. If I don't have hopes of getting them published in those journals, then I'll publish it in Chinese core journals. If both are impossible, I'll definitely publish it in the Key Magazine of China Technology. At least we won't be wasting our time that way."

He already made a promise earlier that he would place Lu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin as second authors. To Ma Yanlin the houseman, this was naturally a joyous piece of news, but it was clearly not enough to bring Lu Wenbin over to his side.

After all, being placed as second authors in an article did nothing to help a person gain an academic title. In a utilitarian standpoint, being placed as the second author was only a show. At most, it simply added to the number of times a person was relegated as the second author in articles.

However, when he looked at the pork trotter in his hand, Lu Wenbin became a little docile. He looked towards Ling Ran and asked, "Doctor Ling, what do you think?"

"How many medical cases do you think you need to publish your article in a journal under China?" Ling Ran asked casually, but that question stunned the trio so much that their eyelids twitched.

"Around thirty to forty, and we also need to conduct follow-ups. We should be able to get the article in a journal under China by then." Su Jiafu gritted his teeth before he continued. "Let me handle the follow-up. You just need to gather up enough medical cases."

Before Ling Ran could even nod, a flash of golden light shone ahead of him.

[Mission: Fifty amputated finger replantation surgeries]

[Mission reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest]

Ling Ran's expression did not change. He said, "Let's do fifty cases. Then I'll leave the rest to you."

Once he was done talking, Ling Ran finished up his pork trotter, brought out his phone, and under the trio's terrified gazes, he called Huo Congjun.

"Department Director Huo, we just finished our discussion. We'll be doing fifty finger replantation surgeries. Yes. The requirements will be the same as before We can also gather together these medical cases and materials to write a research paper in the point of view of the Hand Surgery Department Alright, fifty finger replantation surgeries and two articles!"

Ling Ran put down his phone and said to Lu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin in a composed manner, "Go and take a nap. The new patients will be arriving by noon."

"Aren't you tired?" When Lu Wenbin asked this question, the corners of his lips quivered.

"Me? I feel like I'm filled with energy right now." By that, Ling Ran meant that he currently had one hundred and ten Energy Serums in his storage.