Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 172

172 Round

Huo Congjun quietly read through the resident doctors' biodata and thought about which one to allocate to Ling Ran.

First of all, the doctor had to be a sturdy person. Lu Wenbin could be considered a person who had resigned himself to adversity, but he was only able to persist for two months. It was not quite possible to find a resident doctor with even lower qualifications and an even more obedient personality.

It was also not possible to allocate more resident doctors to Ling Ran. There was a limited number of staff in the Emergency Department. Resident doctors who were slightly over twenty years old were allocated to the other chief physicians, there was not even enough resident doctors left for the associate chief physicians. The attending physicians could only fight for the resident doctors who happened to be free, as though they were fighting for the government's livestock. If Huo Congjun allocated two resident doctors to Ling Ran, it would mean that he allocated two large livestocks in a shared farm to one family. This was very unacceptable, but it was possible because Huo Congjun was highly influential, and because Ling Ran's performance was exceptional.

Apart from that, Huo Congjun also wanted to allocate a more intelligent resident doctor to Ling Ran.

For doctors, their time as resident doctors was the time they got to sharpen their skills the most. It was also the time where they developed their habits as doctors the most. If a resident doctor were to work under a doctor like Huo Congjun, they might become someone who was rash with their words, but would be a hard worker who did not take care of their health. If a resident doctor were to work under a doctor like Doctor Zhou, they might become someone who spoke and acted cautiously, and was able to live every day happily. Working under a doctor like Ling Ran was the most orthodox way of learning skills. Even if they did not master a skill, if they managed to gain 30% or 40% of Ling Ran's skills, their qualifications and merits in the end would allow them to become a chief physician. If they were people of ambition, their development would be very much worth looking forward to.

The most important component of the large Emergency Department Huo Congjun dreamed of were orthopedists. How could he continue with his plans for a large Emergency Department if he could not get a chunk of the Orthopedics Department's high income?

Huo Congjun chose a person, and then decided that he was not the right fit. He then chose another person, and decided that he was not right, too.

He was also a little worried that the residents doctor he chose in the end would get poached. He did not care if an ordinary resident doctor left his position. If he left, so be it. However, if a resident doctor only left his position after the hospital cultivated him for a period of time, it would be a huge loss.

When Huo Congjun thought of this, he decided that the person at hand was not suitable, either.

In the end, there was only one resum left on his table: Yu Yuan.

She graduated from Tongji Medical College, and had a Master's degree. She had been a resident doctor for almost three years, and had worked with three treatment groups. Even though chance was a factor, it could not be denied that she was not favored by the group leaders of those treatment groups.

Huo Congjun remembered this woman, too. She was of short build and wore large, round glasses. She liked to stare at people with her round eyes...

As a high and mighty department director, Huo Congjun had few chances of meeting resident doctors, but he did spot something good in Yu Yuan's resum. To obtain a chance for eight months of overseas in-service training, Yu Yuan signed a soul-selling contract with the hospital.

When Huo Congjun saw this, his worries were immediately gone. At most, he would just allocate another person to Ling Ran if she was not the right fit.

When Huo Congjun thought of this, he immediately asked someone to call Yu Yuan over. After he gave her some orders, he then personally escorted her to the operating theater...

Ling Ran had been staying in the operating theater lately to try out this new game of sleeping ten minutes for every four hours he worked. When Huo Congjun considered the fact that the young nurses often took the initiative to measure Ling Ran's blood pressure, heart rate, and other vitals, Huo Congjun just let Ling Ran do his thing.

Meanwhile, Yu Yuan followed Huo Congjun, feeling rather curious. She kept evaluating Ling Ran and his treatment group from behind her black-rimmed, plastic spectacles.

Yes, with one chief surgeon and two assistants, they could be considered a basic treatment group. They only stood out less because Ma Yanlin was a houseman. As for now, if Yu Yuan were to be included, the group could be said to have been allocated a lot of doctors. This was the level of treatment groups that some of the associate professors from minor departments would get.

"Ling Ran, I brought you an outstanding doctor from our department. Doctor Yu Yuan... Hmm, Doctor Yu, do introduce yourself." Huo Congjun slapped his head and sighed internally. 'Now that I'm old, I can't even remember someone's resum even though I've looked at it twice.

"Doctor Ling, nice to meet you. I'm Yu Yuan, I specialize in the field of colorectal surgeries, and am from Tongji Medical College."




Other than Ling Ran, all the other people in the operating theater looked at Yu Yuan in unison. Even Su Jiafu, who was sleeping, felt his buttocks clench. He opened his eyes abruptly and saw Huo Congjun...

Su Jiafu rubbed his eyes repeatedly, quietly lowered his head, and tightened the strings to his pants. He then checked the stool's buckle.

"How could your specialization be colorectal surgeries?" Huo Congjun made a crude U-turn. He did not remember the word 'colorectal' in her resum at all.

Yu Yuan smiled calmly and said, "When I was a Master's student, I specialized in emergency medicine. But I am more interested in the field of colorectal surgeries. That was why when I was doing my Master's degree, I mainly studied problems related to the colorectal field. My Master's thesis was [The Investigation and Analysis of the Behavior of a Certain University's Female Students in Relation to Their Colorectal Diseases].



This time, even Ling Ran who was in the middle of his surgery raised his head for a moment to look at Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan, who was four feet and nine inches in height, could not even reach Ling Ran's height when he was sitting. However, a strong thirst for knowledge, and a strong desire to carry out surgeries emanated from her round face and round eyes.

"Your lecturer let you graduate?" Huo Congjun found it unbelievable. If the postgraduate students under him were to simply conduct experiments like this...

Yu Yuan smiled slightly and said, "My lecturer wanted me to publish that thesis, and I did so in a Tier 1 journal."

"Regarding nosocomial infections[1]?" Huo Congjun suddenly recalled.

Yu Yuan nodded and said, "Yes."

Huo Congjun gasped for some reason, while Lu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin were shocked.

The so-called Tier 1 and Tier 2 journals were part of a type of ranking system for journals. They were both journals of the Science Citation Index (SCI) grade. The journals that ranked in the top five percentile in terms of impact factor would usually be categorized into Tier 1 journals in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). Meanwhile, those that ranged from the sixth percentile to the twentieth percentile would be classified as Tier 2 journals.

A researcher or a clinician could claim to be an expert if their thesis was published in a Tier 2 journal. If one's thesis was published in a Tier 1 journal, others would call him an expert.

For example, Su Jiafu's greatest wish was to have his thesis published in a Chinese core journal. Most of these journals were not worthy of SCI, which meant that they could not even compare to Tier 4 journals, which were made up of journals in the last fiftieth percentile.

Most researchers did not even dare to dream to have their research papers published in a Tier 1 or even Tier 2 journal.

Huo Congjun remembered how Yu Yuan entered Yun Hua Hospital six or seven years ago. She had come armed with a Master's degree certificate and a thesis published in a Tier 1 journal. However, through the course of her three years of housemanship, Yu Yuan neither published another research paper nor showed her talent as a clinician. She was like a carp that sank to the bottom of a pond, at most making some splashes on the surface of the water. It was like she had become a nobody.

"It's also a very good beginning for you if you start participating in limb replantation surgeries. You can learn something new." Huo Congjun did not know what to say anymore. But one thing was clear: no matter how good a resident doctor was, they would have to perform their tasks in accordance to the department's arrangement unless they were as good as Ling Ran.

When Huo Congjun saw Yu Yuan nod, he showed concern and said, "Ling Ran, don't tire yourself out. Rest for a bit after each surgery. If there're any menial tasks, just let your assistants do them."

Even though Lu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin's eyelids twitched, they maintained the smiles on their faces. Ling Ran agreed to the suggestion and continued carrying out his surgery.

"Yu Yuan, do learn well from Ling Ran. Observe more, ask less, and listen to orders." Huo Congjun's tone was slightly stern, mainly because Ling Ran had no title, and had to rely on Huo Congjun's authority to be able to control his assistants.

Yu Yuan hummed in acknowledgement and adjusted the position of her spectacles. If it were not for the fact that the pair of black plastic spectacles looked too cheap, that movement would have made her appear more attractive.

Even so, Lu Wenbin who had experienced a long draught of loneliness in the operating theater, could not help but strike up a conversation, "Doctor Yu, what did you get from your analysis in your Master's thesis?"

"What do you mean?"

"That thesis about the university's female students' colorectal diseases."

"Oh." Yu Yuan nodded her head rhythmically and said, as if she was reciting from memory, "44% of the female students had colorectal diseases. Among them, 70% of them were inflicted by hemorrhoids, while basically half of them had anal fissure[2], anal cryptitis[3], and constipation. Further investigation showed that there were two cases of anal fistula[4] and one case of colon polyp[5]."

"You're talking about female university students?" Lu Wenbin suddenly felt that he had asked the wrong question.

Meanwhile, out of curiosity, Ma Yanlin continued to stir the conversation towards the wrong direction. "Why?"

With both her hands placed flat by her sides, Yu Yuan spoke very logically while evaluating Ling Ran's movements, "In conclusion, one's habits of exercising, taking breakfast, drinking water, eating junk food, and defecating, has a greater effect on colorectal diseases. This is also something that is even more interesting to note: The restrooms in the university usually had squat toilets, and the university's female students did not have the habit of washing their anuses after defecating"

"Who would do this in the toilet?" Lu Wenbin was extremely speechless.

"However, after people defecate, since a part of the skin around their anuses is composed of striated muscles[6], it is very hard to clean them thoroughly just by wiping with tissue paper. Because of this, the residual fecal matter will pollute the skin. Aside from that, long-term irritation weakens the local immune system, hence increasing the probability of colorectal diseases"

"Why are we talking about this?" Lu Wenbin heaved a loud sigh and said, "Forget about it. I won't attend my school reunion this year."

"You use sitting toilets and bathe often. It should be fine." The circulating nurses who were bored throughout half the surgery had taken the opportunity to chip in.