Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Extraordinary

Su Jiafu sat on the stool and looked at Yu Yuan with his chin slightly raised. 

Anesthetists had their pride, too. When a surgery went well, it was also thanks to the anesthetist keeping the patient's blood pressure at a stable level at all times while continuously replenishing fluid and adding medication; even though to outsiders, anesthetists sat in the operating theaters without doing anything most of the time. Anesthetists like Su Jiafu even found time to write his own medical research paper.

Compared to surgeons who were always busy in the operating theater, Su Jiafu believed himself to be more experienced when it came to writing research papers. Even though Su Jiafu was astonished by the fact that Yu Yuan had written a thesis that was published in a Tier 1 journal, she had, after all, not published anything for two or three years. Besides, Su Jiafu also found his research paper to be of excellent quality.

This was a research paper that was about to be published in a Chinese journal.

If you only looked at the difficulty level, it was not one bit easier to be published in a Chinese journal compared to a Tier 3 or Tier 4 SCI journal. You just needed to put in a little more effort for the paper to be qualified for a Tier 2 journal. If you were a little luckier, it would even get published in a Tier 1 journal.

Right now, like a student who had performed exceptionally in an exam, Su Jiafu dreamt of obtaining the best possible results.

Meanwhile, Yu Yuan steadily read through Su Jiafu's thesis.

Even though she liked the colorectal field the most, she also had quite a lot of understanding when it came to the field of anesthesia. In recent years, doctors everywhere encouraged surgeons to gain some anesthetic knowledge, and Yu Yuan had always been the kind of person who answered to this kind of calling.

She had read more than a thousand papers on anesthesia, published by both local and foreign authors. She had also published a few summaries on some of them. It was just that their standards were too far away to that of papers published in Tier 1 journals and did not garner her much attention. In the hospital, it was part of the job description to publish research papers. It would be difficult to even confer an academic title to a doctor who had not even published a research paper. And naturally, no one would pay attention to an ordinary paper. It was even harder for minor, multi-disciplinary research papers to be taken seriously. Instead, it would cause doubt among people; they might think that the doctor had commissioned someone to write their research papers for them.

It was not uncommon for doctors to commission someone else to write their thesis or research papers. The people who introduced those doctors to the thesis writers were usually pharmaceutical sales representatives.

Of course, if a doctor really wanted to go far, the papers they commissioned other people to write could not compare to those they wrote themselves.

"Do you plan to publish this in Mandarin?" Very soon, Yu Yuan finished reading the research paper.

"Yes, I'm not really good at writing in English." Su Jiafu laughed self-deprecatingly.

Yu Yuan nodded and said, "Then, there is a chance of getting this into a Chinese core journal."

Su Jiafu furrowed his eyebrows. "Only Chinese core journals?"

Yu Yuan said, "From what I could gather, you wanted to come out with statistics on patients who exhibit signs of vaso-occlusive crisis after receiving finger replantation. Then, you want to figure out a better way to administer anesthetics and medicine through discussion. If this is all, I have actually read related papers before…"

"You have?" Su Jiafu was extremely shocked.

"It wasn't exactly the same. The advantage of your thesis is that you made statistical divisions based on the patients' age, gender, whether they smoke or not, and the mode of injury. It's still pretty refreshing," Yu Yuan commented with an air of superiority. Her tone was a lot steadier compared to when she was working in front of the operating table.

Su Jiafu said uneasily, "I feel that… think about it, fifty cases of finger replantations…"

"If you want to publish this paper in a journal of a higher tier, I believe you should pay attention to the post-treatment," Yu Yuan cut Su Jiafu off and directly gave him the answer.

Su Jiafu blinked and said eagerly, "What do you mean by post-treatment?"

"How do you solve the crisis? Do you administer medicine to the flexor tendon's sheath? Or do you administer medicine at the severed part? Do you use Papaverine or lidocaine? And when do you administer the medicine…?" Yu Yuan answered simply.

Su Jiafu's expression was solemn. "This would make it even harder."

"It was never easy to begin with."

"You're right, you're right… About this, Doctor Yu, take a seat and take a look at this…" Su Jiafu pushed a stool in Yu Yuan's direction so that she could sit down to make it easier for him to talk to her. He then quickly took out his notebook.


The parking lot.

More than ten young female and male nurses, young female and male doctors, and patients' family members escorted Ling Ran to his Volkswagen Jetta.

Zheng Yuhan the nursing intern composed herself and tugged on Ling Ran's sleeve. She said, "Doctor Ling, you worked for more than forty hours. Why don't you stay here and rest in the hospital?"

The beautiful young nurse, Su Mengxue, who often liked to go near Ling Ran and wipe his sweat, was unwilling to fall behind. "Doctor Ling, it's very easy to get into accidents if you drive when you're tired. Why don't you stay?"

"I'm not tired." Even though Ling Ran was telling the truth, no one believed in him.

The Energy Serum could fully recover the stamina in one's spirit and body. Apart from being a little hungry, Ling Ran's judgment and his body's dexterity was not affected at all.

Ling Ran had just consumed his second bottle of Energy Serum a little more than ten hours ago. He could even carry out another finger replantation surgery right now, and driving home was nothing to him.

However, even though there were surgeons who performed surgeries for over thirty consecutive hours every week in the hospital, everyone was more terrified of people driving when they were tired. This was especially true in the Emergency Department, where the young nurses often saw patients who were sent there because they drove when they were tired. No matter what, they did not allow Ling Ran to drive back.

Ling Ran was not able to persuade them through reason, and was too lazy to argue with them either. He spread out his arms and said, "Then, what do I do?"

From what he knew, when girls voiced their objections, they usually had their own opinions.

As expected, after Ling Ran said that, the young nurses started playing rock-paper-scissors.

Some of the patient's family members also quickly came round and immediately joined in.

Five minutes later.

One driver and four passengers squeezed their way into Ling Ran's tiny car.

In high spirits, everyone discussed about the delicious food in Lower Groove. At the same time, they safely sent Ling Ran home.

"Doctor Ling, you must rest well."

"Don't stay up late anymore."

"Drink some porridge at night, don't sleep on an empty stomach."

None of the four girls who won dared to go inside to see their future mother-in-law after sending Ling Ran to Lower Groove Clinic's front door. They could only tearfully wave goodbye to Ling Ran. They then cheerily looked for food in the alley.

Ling Ran parked his cars and placed his hands inside his pockets. He walked in a swagger back to his room and prepared to sleep.

He was not tired. However, he felt that he should rest after not sleeping for more than forty hours.


The light of the tearoom on the first floor was switched on. Meng Xue sat on the main seat in a domineering manner. Her long, slender legs were slanted, and they were almost stretching out from under the table.

"Are you here for a massage?" Ling Ran's tone was lackadaisical. He did not look surprised at all.

When he looked at the time, it was almost time for Meng Xue to drop by.

Meng Xue wanted to say something. But as she listened to Ling Ran's words, she did not feel like saying it anymore. She flashed a smile and said seriously, "Doctor Ling, I'm here to trouble you again."

"It's no trouble, it's no trouble…" This time, it was Ling Ran's father, Ling Jiezhou who spoke instead. He walked upstairs with heavy steps with a plate of fruits in one hand and a large watermelon in the other hand. He first placed the plate of fruits containing slices of apple and mandarin orange on the table. He then whipped out a fruit knife from behind his waist and cut open the watermelon which was the size of a human head on the spot, letting the red juice from the watermelon flow into the water-collecting area beneath the tea table.

Tao Ping followed closely behind him. She then handed Ling Ran a wet towel before grumbling, "Why did you stay for so long in the hospital?"

Ling Ran wiped his face and said, "I did a few more surgeries while I had the chance to."

"But you can't neglect your health…"

"It's a good thing to have surgeries to do," Ling Jiezhou cut her off, "Hospitals are like this. If he doesn't take the opportunities presented to him, he might not get another similar opportunity all his life. In the end, he would only be able to open a small clinic, marry a pretty wife, and live his life just like that…"

"Bullsh*t." Tao Ping slapped her husband lightly in embarrassment and said, "Brother Shanyu is here. She has been waiting for a while."

Meng Xue held up a teacup as a disguise and said with a smile, "If Doctor Ling were to specialize in massaging patients, he might have an even brighter future."

Ling Ran only flashed a slight smile.

"Oh, by the way, I bought a gift." Meng Xue was way too good in ice breaking. She waved her hand and ordered someone to bring a large wooden box over.

Meng Xue then rose, took the wooden box, and placed it on the table. She pretended to be nonchalant and said, "This is Iberian ham I bought while filming in Spain. It tastes good even when you consume it raw.

"Ham from Spain? This is way too precious." Tao Ping was a little embarrassed.

Ling Jie Zhou said, following the wishes of his wife, "It's a little embarrassing instead."

He opened the wooden box as he spoke.

The wooden box was as wide as a chair and as long as the height of half a human being. There was a stout-looking pig's hind leg inside. Even though it appeared rather dried up, as a whole, it appeared like a fireman's axe and was an extremely impressive sight. Beside, it emanated a slight fragrance.

"This is pretty extraordinary." As Ling Jiezhou spoke, he shook the ham hard.

A photograph slid out from below the ham.

Ling Ran lowered his body to pick it up and saw that it was a photograph a size of a palm. It was a photograph of Meng Xue acting rather cute and making a funny expression.

Meng Xue's signature was at the bottom right corner of the photograph.

Meng Xue became anxious for some reason. "When I give gifts to my fans, I always include a signed photograph. Just take it as an additional gift."

Before the others got to react, she quickly said, "The ham has to be kept under low temperature. It'll be best if you keep it in the cellar. When you want to eat it, cut it into thin slices…"

Her expression and bearing were very relaxed, and that set the members of the Ling family at ease, too.

Everyone crowded around the pig's hind leg again and praised it greatly.

"It's pretty fragrant when you smell it carefully."

"It looks quite good."

"It's large and heavy!"