Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 176

176 Thumb Reconstruction

It took five minutes for Ling Ran to perform chiropractic manipulation for Meng Xue's cervical spine and back.

Tao Ping kindheartedly allowed Meng Xue to stay in the guest room, and she gladly accepted.

Ling Ran did not rush to the hospital. Instead, he woke up at his pace. Once he made sure that everything in his body was normal, he measured his blood pressure and blood glucose level before he sat in front of the mirror to do a physical examination of himself.

There was no sign of staying up late on him, and no symptoms of overworking either.

Ling Ran nodded to himself. Because of this, the value of Energy Serums increased tremendously in his heart, and he did not have to worry about their side effects.

At dawn, Ling Ran watered the plants in his house and even loosened up the soil of the small flowerbed in the courtyard.

Lower Groove Clinic was large, but it was not fully utilized as the building was old. However, if the clinic did not receive a large number of patients, it would be quite comfortable if there were just a few people sitting in the courtyard.

Ling Ran laid down on the reclining chair under the roof. He looked at the dimly lit sky and breathed in the fresh city air of the early morning. He then took out his phone and opened Kings of Glory.

"Are you playing a mobile game?" Meng Xue twirled her hair and walked down from the guest room upstairs.

"Yes." Ling Ran started a new game without looking at her.

Meng Xue sat beside him, feeling resigned. She stretched out her body and leaned against the reclining chair. Her neck felt much better, and she brought up an old topic. "Why don't you just open a clinic specializing in osteopathic massage? With your abilities, you could have a better career path rather than staying up late in the operating theater."

"I'm much better in doing surgeries," Ling Ran said casually, and he did not seem to be boasting. In fact, he truly was not boasting. His Perfect Level Finger Replantation was far more developed than his Master Level Osteopathic Massage.

His Perfect Level skill gave him a comprehensive coverage in that field.

Meng Xue could not refute that and did not want to do so. She squinted and looked at the clouds in the sky.

The clouds in the morning were plain and scattered all over the sky, but Meng Xue could hardly recall the last time she saw clouds in the morning.

After breakfast, Ling Ran and his family warmly sent Meng Xue away before they opened the clinic.

Ling Jiezhou hung the board with the words [Ling family's Osteopathic Massage]. It immediately attracted tens of the neighbors from the neighborhood.

As usual, it took Ling Ran approximately two to three minutes to massage a neck. Although the duration for each massage was short, the effects were great. This made Ling Jiezhou feel happy for a while.

The massage session lasted till noon, and Ling Ran finally grew restless. He called Huo Congjun before he drove his small car to the hospital, and he headed to the operating theater.

The moment he stepped into the operating theater, he subconsciously slowed down his steps and took a deep breath.


He felt comfortable from the inside out.

Huo Congjun and Wang Haiyang both witnessed the moment when they reached the operating theater on time. They could not help but smile at each other.

All of them had experienced a time when they were surgery maniacs before, so they understood how Ling Ran felt. When a surgeon performed surgeries until they reached a certain degree of skill, they tended to perform more surgeries because they had the urge to do so. It was just like how pianists thought practicing was hard, but when they mastered the pieces and could show off, playing piano became fun for them and eventually turned to be a lifelong occupation.

"Unfortunately, the current policy doesn't allow this anymore, but during our time, doctors like Ling Ran would be promoted within one to two years." Wang Haiyang also treasured talent, just like Huo Congjun. Although he failed to bring Ling Ran into his department, it did not stop him from expressing his admiration for Ling Ran.

Huo Congjun smiled faintly and said, "We don't need the policy from our times."


"I'm now giving him the benefits of an associate chief physician. I will give him bonuses starting next month. The surgery fees are transferred to him from my account directly. It doesn't matter whether he gets his evaluation earlier or later and gets his professional title," said Huo Congjun in a domineering manner.

Wang Haiyang was amused, but was also filled with admiration.

In his memory, countless senior doctors scammed the junior doctors of their money, and the number of senior doctors who gave away their reward to junior doctors was very low. Even a senior doctor like Huo Congjun who gave away the full rewards to a junior doctor without taking a single cent was really rare. A doctor would also need an incredibly high authority to increase the reward of another doctor as he wanted, for the department had limited resources. The distribution scheme would always cause arguments among doctors...

Only a ruthless man like Huo Congjun could hold a big department like the Emergency Department in line.

Wang Haiyang cast a glance at Huo Congjun. Instead of arrogance, he saw the dedicated look in Huo Congjun. He looked as if he was performing a surgery.

Something suddenly clicked in Wang Haiyang's head.

"Don't tell me that you've placed all your hopes on Ling Ran?"

"Why not? The large Emergency Department is the general trend of development right now, or at least, is in the Yun Hua Hospital. If Ling Ran can perform major surgeries here, I will support him from the back." The light shining from Huo Congjun's eyes was the light of hope. In all honesty, Huo Congjun was no longer at the age where he pursued dreams and goals, but he was still an ambitious and aspiring old man

"Department Director Huo, Chief Physician Wang." Ling Ran finally noticed the situation over here and walked towards them.

"Why didn't you get more rest at home? I heard that you performed surgeries for more than forty hours in a go?" Huo Congjun smiled happily while beckoning Ling Ran to come to him. He appeared so affable that he looked as happy as an unreasonable person who had just applied lipstick.

Ling Ran said, "I didn't perform surgeries for more than forty hours, but I did work for more than forty hours. The surgeries only lasted for around thirty hours. I actually had pauses in between when there were no patients."

"I will follow up on this matter." Huo Congjun immediately took over the responsibility to check on the request, even when Ling Ran did not mention it.

Contrary to what people usually thought, tertiary grade A hospital that ranked the highest in their province like Yun Hua Hospital was always occupied with patients. The main reason hospital administration limited the number of surgeries was mainly because of the availability of doctors for surgeries, the efficiency rate of the surgeries, and the turnover rates of the hospital beds.

It was easy for Yun Hua Hospital to get cases for surgeries like finger replantation surgeries. Huo Congjun still had to ask around for suitable patients if Ling Ran wanted to perform the M-Tang technique, which meant that he required patients with only flexor tendon injuries, but he did not have to do that for finger replantations. He did not even dare open the door of the department for the patients to come as they pleased because he was scared that the department would be instantly occupied.

In an industrialized city with a population of more than ten million, it was quite common for someone to get their fingers severed every day, and there would even be a large number of people who will get their fingers severed for various reasons: industrial injuries, road accidents, or issues with family life. Even animal husbandry would see livestock biting fingers off. The treatment for the severed fingers that were bitten off and chewed on even needed to be specifically listed

Because of the heavy and strenuous workload of microsurgeries, tasks departments like the Hand Surgery Department in Yun Hua Hospital often turned down admission requests from patients, or do a dual referral to the smaller hospitals under Yun Hua Hospital.

Therefore, it was pretty easy to approve Ling Ran's request for more surgeries.

"How's your rest?" Wang Haiyang smiled and asked.

"Any major surgeries?" Ling Ran's response was faster than he thought.

Wang Haiyang and Huo Congjun smiled at each other. Wang Haiyang said, "I just received a patient whose right thumb was minced into pieces. It's impossible to replant it, but he's right-handed, so it'll be inconvenient for his daily life if his right thumb is missing. So I was thinking"

"Thumb reconstruction?" Ling Ran guessed what was on Wang Haiyang's mind again.

Wang Haiyang was rendered speechless for a few seconds before he laughed and said, "That's right, I planned to perform thumb reconstruction for the patient with his right big toe."

Thumb reconstruction meant taking the big toe and replanting it at the spot on the hand where the thumb was in order to restore the grabbing and holding functions of the thumb in the hand.

The thumb was so crucial for hand functionality that it was responsible for about forty percent of the work done by the hand. Without the thumb, a person cannot perform many daily activities such as taking a cup, writing, and fishing. Even simple actions like using tissue paper would become nigh impossible.

Within the surgery system, thumb reconstruction could be considered a genius operation. Losing a toe would only take the patient two days to get used to the injury, but the toe transfer was very crucial for hand recovery.

If anything, the level of difficulty for thumb reconstructions was much higher, and it was much more difficult to perform perfectly.

Wang Haiyang said solemnly, "The difficulty level for thumb reconstruction is very high. I performed it twice before, but they could not be considered a success. So, this time round, I want you to join me."

"Sure, are we doing it now?" Ling Ran rubbed his hands together, and was even rejoicing in his heart that he had not wasted time and lingered about in his house until night fell.