Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Blue Serum

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“Get a thirty-minute rest and complete the remaining surgeries, then you can leave.” Ling Ran stepped on the door of the operating theater and took off his scrubs while he spoke.

Lu Wenbin could not help but moan, “We still have one M-Tang technique surgery and one finger replantation surgery left.”

“Once we’re done with those surgeries, we can go home since it’ll be around the time when we can clock off work,” Ling Ran said in a relaxed manner.

Meanwhile, the surgery next door was completed. Doctor Zhou came out from the operating theater with his hands in his pockets. He greeted them with a smile when he saw them. “We meet again.”

“You only enter the operating theater once every two days, I even remember when you’ll be here.” Lu Wenbin felt envious when he saw that Doctor Zhou was being followed by a resident doctor, whose name Lu Wenbin could not quite remember. The resident doctor looked ordinary and lackadaisical, just like his superior, Doctor Zhou. The fighting spirit and hardworking attitude could not be seen in the resident doctor.

Doctor Zhou chuckled and said, “I am Bian Que’s second elder brother, who specializes in treating minor diseases.”

“What meme are you referencing by referring to yourself as Bian Que’s second elder brother?” Lu Wenbin was stunned.

Yu Yuan listened by the side and remarked offhandedly, “It comes from a conversation between Bian Que and King Huiwen of Qin [1]. Bian Que’s eldest brother was good in fighting but had no achievements. His second elder brother was good in discovering minor diseases, preventing them from turning into major illnesses[2]…”

“Oh,” Lu Wenbin said. He gave a thumbs-up and said, “Doctor Zhou, you’re a man of culture.”

“I usually have some spare time, so I read some books.” Doctor Zhou was so pleased that he wanted to stroke his beard, but he did not have one. He turned his head around and smiled at Ling Ran. He said, “Ling Ran, you’re too busy. You have to take some time to rest. Not many people can handle your style of working for a few hours straight and only sleeping for a few minutes.”

“I can’t carry on anymore either. I’m going home today to sleep.” Ling Ran had already completed his mission of carrying out fifty amputated finger replantation surgeries. He had also stuffed the wards in the Emergency Department with patients again. Right then, the corridors were full of patients lying on their extra beds. Even if Ling Ran wanted to continue performing surgeries, his body would not last. He had to stop for a while.

“If I were you, I would use this chance to utilize my annual leave and rest. Go to Department Director Huo and ask for leave in lieu. I don’t know if he’ll actually grant you leave, but you should at least get some compensation.” Once Doctor Zhou began to talk about the things he was experienced in, he started to chat non-stop.

It took them some time before they managed to send off Doctor Zhou, who had too much free time in his hands. Lu Wenbin could not help but yawn, and he quickly ran off to the first-string doctors’ on-call room to sleep.

Ling Ran did not enter the pitiful quad room. He walked forward and entered the on-call room belonging to the second-string doctors.

Department Director Huo always said that he would give Ling Ran the same treatment as an associate chief physician, and he kept his word. Placing Ling Ran among the second-string doctors was considered an incredibly big move. After all, second-string doctors were the second line of defense when it came to giving medical treatment.

First-string doctors had to work on night shift once every few days. While second-string doctors also had to take shifts, they could sleep for an entire night. First-string doctors would only wake the second-string doctors up if they could not handle the cases on hand. As for third-string doctors, they enjoyed an even more comfortable life. Only when second-string doctors could not handle the cases given to them would they notify the third-string doctors.

There was only one third-string doctor in the Emergency Department, and that was Huo Congjun. The second-string doctors received the benefits given to chief physicians and associate chief physicians. The remaining few senior resident doctors, who were much older than Ling Ran, needed to share the second-string on-call room with him because everybody respected Huo Congjun.

The on-call room was empty at that time. Ling Ran shut the door and opened up an Intermediate Treasure Chest.

Bright golden light instantly shone around the room.

A few seconds later, an item that looked like a blue test tube floated in the air.

Ling Ran immediately had a bad feeling.

‘There’s no way an Intermediate Treasure Chest would drop an Energy Serum, right?’

Not that Energy Serums were bad, but the one he just received was from the Intermediate Treasure Chest. It had to be much greater than those from Basic Treasure Chests. If this one blue test tube was equivalent to ten Energy Serums or even worse, one hundred, then would it not mean that Ling Ran did not have to sleep for half a year?

Ling Ran may not have been obsessed with sleeping, but he took the matter of wasting items to heart, a lot.

As that thought rose in his mind, Ling Ran stretched his arm out and grabbed the blue test tube.

[Skill Serum: All skills +1. Effect lasts for two hours.]

Ling Ran could not help but widen his eyes. It was not an Energy Serum, and judging by the looks of it… it seemed like quite a powerful item.

Ling Ran immediately asked the system, “By all skills, do you mean all of the skills I have presently, or all the skills in the medical world?”

“All skills in the medical world,” the system answered.

“Then what about the skills I don’t know?”

“They will temporarily be promoted to Novice Level.”

“And Perfect Level skills?”

“Legendary Level,” the system answered with certainty.

Ling Ran instantaneously had the urge to use the serum. He truly wanted to experience just how it felt to have a Legendary Level skill.

However, when he considered the fact that he had only received three Intermediate Treasure Chests so far, Ling Ran suppressed the urge.

“What if I already have a Legendary Level skill?” Ling Ran’s curiosity had yet to be extinguished.

Without hesitation, the system answered, “Legendary Level +1.”

Ling Ran cackled.

Ling Ran put the blue serum away and set his alarm. He took a nap for fifteen minutes.

Even though he had the help of an Energy Serum, it had been ten hours since he last drank one. He had to perform another finger replantation surgery later, and after that, he needed to perform one more M-Tang technique surgery. By the end of it, his energy would almost be entirely spent.

If he took a nap before the surgery, his focus before the operation would be greater.

He took three hours to finish the finger replantation surgery and M-Tang technique surgery. Then, Ling Ran took a day off.

However, Lu Wenbin, Ma Yanlin, and Yu Yuan did not even have the energy to cheer anymore.

Moreover, for first-string resident doctors, even if they had the next day off, as long as there were patients still lying on the beds they managed, they still had to perform ward rounds and give medical advice. They were also required to receive permission to discharge patients who had been judged fit to leave the hospital.

Ling Ran’s surgeries had been packed really tightly together for the past few days. Not only were the beds managed by the two resident doctors and houseman full, but the number of extra beds they requested had also increased by nearly one fold of the original. Even if they took the day off tomorrow, they still had to work for an entire morning before they could leave the hospital.

Naturally, the resident doctors could also ask their colleagues for help in private, but they needed to return the favor. They also needed to replace their colleagues’ shifts if they asked their colleagues to take over their shifts for them. But people like Lu Wenbin who had packed working schedules did not have any choice. They had to work on their own.

Despite that, it was better to have leave than nothing at all. Compared to normal shifts, he did not need to follow his daily routine strictly when he was on leave. Lu Wenbin just slept till seven the next morning. When he could not sleep anymore, he still refused to go to the hospital. He cooked two large pots of braised pork and pork trotters. Then he skimmed off the soup stock before he walked slowly to the ward.

Ward rounds lasted until noon. Lu Wenbin wrote down a bunch of medical advice during that time, made reports in the electronic system, and was shouted at by nurses for three to four times. He passed almost his entire morning just like that.

The accumulated number of medical records was so great that they could not be finished in a day. Lu Wenbin did not want to fill up the medical records so he went to the operating area to reposition the remaining pork trotters. He cut a few pieces of braised porks into slices, then transferred his income from his WeChat Wallet into TaoBao. Finally, he felt like he could breathe again.

Ma Yanlin and Yu Yuan had a similar schedule like Lu Wenbin. They were busy until noon. They met each other and found a scary truth.

“Doctor Ling didn’t come in today?”

“He really didn’t come?”

“We’re screwed. Do we have to continuously perform the surgeries tomorrow?”

When they thought of the possibilities, the three of them not only felt their hearts grow weak, but they also felt physically weak.

“Let’s go home.”

“I’m going home to sleep.”

“I’m definitely not going out for shopping.”