Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 182

182 Leisure

*Vroom vroom...*

Ling Ran stepped on the accelerator while he drove to Yun Hua Hospital as swiftly as the wind.

After a full day of rest, Ling Ran was even more certain that the hospital was where true fun was.

The atmosphere in his house just did not feel right.

"Doctor Ling..."

"Ling Ran, Ling Ran"

"Doctor Ling is here."

Eight o'clock in the morning was the time when there were more doctors than patients in the Emergency Department. The young nurses greeted Ling Ran one after another.

Ling Ran also replied them one by one. When he felt the harmonious atmosphere, he thought, 'Now this is a normal world.'

"Doctor Ling Ran, you didn't come in yesterday?" Nurse Wang Jia appeared from behind and handed Ling Ran a small apple before she said, "It's a gift from a patient. It's sweet; try tasting it."

Ling Ran smiled and said, "I was on leave yesterday."

"No wonder I didn't see your name in the surgery record sheet. How about today? Your name isn't on today's surgery record sheet as well." Wang Jia was talking about the list that was hung in the operating area. It contained the schedule of all operating theaters. Basic information about the name of the surgery and the name of the participating doctors was also on the list.

Ling Ran's name had been on the surgery record sheet for a long time, but he did not ask Department Director Huo to help him arrange any surgeries for that particular day. He said, "The recovery period of replanted fingers is longer, and there aren't many beds."

"Yes, the corridors are fully occupied already,"Wang Jia said as she looked around. She then whispered, "Doctor Ling, I saw the guys from the Pharmacy Department yesterday."


"There has been an increase in the usage of medication in the Emergency Department for the past two months. You can take a look at it if you have time..." Wang Jia paused when she saw that Ling Ran did not seem to understand what she just said, so she explained again, "The director of the Pharmacy Department has quite the authority. If you want to be a licensed doctor here, you can go to him and ask him to pull some strings through his connections."

"Oh," said Ling Ran, but he did not reply further.

If ordinary medical staff wanted to enter a hospital and get a job authorized by the government, they often had to form some connections or beg people to help them. But such a general approach was not suitable for Ling Ran. He did not intend to go down that path.

"I'll conduct my ward rounds first." Ling Ran habitually took two steps into one of the operating theaters before he turned around decisively.

Wang Jia could not help but chuckle as she covered her mouth. She even took a picture of Ling Ran's back and sent it to her Circle of Friends with the caption: The cute Doctor Ling.

Lu Wenbin, Ma Yanlin, and Yu Yuan had already arrived in the ward a long time ago.

Each of them had more than twenty beds under their name. It took them at least an hour or two to complete patrolling their ward.

Fortunately, all three had a certain amount of experience or theoretical knowledge to deal with the prognosis of simple finger replantations. As long as they had encountered many similar cases before, they would naturally have the corresponding treatment plan.

As the saying went, "Prolonged exposure to a problem makes a person an expert." Doctors encountered hundreds of patients with the same symptoms in the span of a few months, and it was inevitable for their skills in making judgments to improve.

When Ling Ran went over, he read the reports of the resident doctors and houseman. He found nothing special so he just greeted the patients.

As a handsome man in Yun Hua Hospital who had been on the newspaper and whose picture had been spread around in various Circles of Friends, Ling Ran's arrival was welcomed by the patients as well as their families.

Patients and their families were quite sensitive to a doctor's medical skills.

It was just like how students' parents and the students themselves cared about how good a teacher was in teaching.

The issues that outsiders did not care about were the main focus of patients. They naturally needed to know their doctors in various ways.

Many patients who had finger replantations did not have time to understand their chief surgeons' skills before they lay on the operating tables.

But once they got down from the operating tables, they had ample time.

There was a considerable amount of information about Ling Ran on the internet, and most of them were praises. After all, the level of Ling Ran's M-Tang technique and finger replantation was extremely high. Even if ordinary people could not clearly distinguish the difference between his surgeries and another doctor's surgeries, it would be enough to lead a patient with a smattering of surgery knowledge in the right direction.

If a doctor with such good skills came to perform a ward round, the patients' mood would also become much better.

If Ling Ran smiled and said something along the lines of, "You're recovering well," the families and the patients would smile a lot more.

Lu Wenbin saw how the patients beamed when they faced Ling Ran, but he knew how crude and rude they were to him. He did not know if he should laugh or feel angry because he had been the one doing the ward rounds and he had been the one giving them medical advice. Earlier on, he was also the one who sutured their skin. In the end, the patients treated him so badly? Yet when they held hands with a celebrity doctor, they became so elated?

Ling Ran's expression was the same as always.

When he raised his head and smiled, everything he wanted would be handed to him on a silver platter; that was the world he knew.

That was the world he was familiar with, and Ling Ran could fully sense it. While he received the treasure chests given to him courtesy of the Sincere Gratitude achievement, he spoke with a smile.

The accompanying nurses could not help but discuss softly among themselves.

"Doctor Ling usually looks extraordinarily cool, but he's very gentle with patients."

"His smile is so attractive."

"The main point is, Doctor Ling has good medical skills."

After performing his ward rounds, Ling Ran received a total of eight treasure chests from the Sincere Gratitude achievement. If he added these with the twelve he received a few days ago, he would then have twenty treasure chests.

It was not surprising that all of them were Energy Serums.

Ling Ran had nothing to complain about.

Energy Serums were considered quite useful. The time he saved once he drank them could compensate for each Energy Serum he used, but he still needed to coordinate in the other aspects to make up for the serumhe drank.

"Doctor Ling, when will the surgeries begin?" Ma Yanlin asked Ling Ran a little uneasily.

Ling Ran glanced at the extra beds in the corridor and asked, "When will the new rooms be ready?"

"It takes about a week, but they'll just add around ten beds." Lu Wenbin pursed his mouth. He wanted to throw in a sarcastic comment about the problems of efficiency but felt that it was not appropriate. It was problematic to renovate three rooms, especially when there was nothing major that drove the need to renovate them. However, to conduct ten finger replantation surgeries Other doctors may have found it a burden, but ten surgeries was not a burden to Ling Ran.

"Then, we'll talk about this after the new rooms are ready." The hospitalization time for finger replantation patients usually lasted for more than a month, especially for patients with three severed fingers.

If there were any other hospital, and there was only one doctor in it who could perform finger replantations, then ten beds would be enough to meet his needs. He would need fifteen beds at most, nothing more than that.

In Ling Ran's hands though, even seventy beds were not enough to meet his needs. Plus, they also had to take into account that Ling Ran tried to regulate his pace by performing a dozen M-Tang technique surgeries. As a result, he really had to wait for the beds to be vacated before he could perform more surgeries.

Otherwise, continuously adding beds in the corridors would also affect the patients while they were being nursed back to health. Work-related pressure on the nurses would also eventually cause them to erupt.

Lu Wenbin and the rest breathed a sigh of relief.

If Ling Ran had insisted on performing surgeries, they would have no choice but to live a plain life and work hard. There were a lot of surgery maniacs in the hospital, and each of them took up countless beds. Some doctors in the Cardiology Department could complete three to four hundred surgeries a year, and each of their surgeries could take more time than finger replantation surgeries.

"So we can rest for the next few days?" Ma Yanlin immediately felt better.

"Yes, just perform your daily tasks." Ling Ran ended his ward rounds, washed his hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer, and went straight to the emergency treatment room.

He did not fulfill his wish of suturing skin the day before, and he suddenly felt an urge to do so.

Ling Ran walked away from the resentful gazes of some junior doctors after he snatched three debridement and suturing cases from them.

Right on cue, Doctor Zhou waved at Ling Ran. "Ling Ran, are you here to hang out?"

"What patient do you have?" Ling Ran was familiar with Doctor Zhou's style. He asked right after he walked up to him.

"What kind of patients do you want?"

Ling Ran thought about it carefully and remembered that he had not used his three mattress suturing techniques yet. So, he asked, "How good are you at abdominal surgeries?"

"I can perform all five emergency general surgeries," Doctor Zhou answered cautiously.

It was not surprising if the doctors in the Emergency Department could not treat certain illnesses. It would be all right for them as long as they transferred the patient to another department in time.

"Let's wait and see if we can perform any abdominal surgeries, shall we?" Ling Ran asked obediently. He only knew how to suture, but he did not know any of the surgical methods.

"Do you know how to use a laparoscope?" Doctor Zhou asked him one more question.


"You don't know?"


"Hahahaha." Doctor Zhou could not stop himself from laughing. "So there's still something you don't know"

After he was done talking, Doctor Zhou felt a little embarrassed. He coughed a couple of times, and his expression turned serious for a few seconds. He said, "Never mind. If you can perform microsurgeries, you'll become familiar with laparoscopes very quickly. We can't do it today, but I'll tell you about laparoscopes another day. To be honest, the probability of surgeons using laparoscopes in general surgeries are very high nowadays so you have to learn how to use it."


"We basically won't perform surgeries for cases like appendicitis fornow."


"We'll wait for a major case to arrive. Let's do something that requires incisions first."


The two then sat side by side on the chairs and looked at the door of the emergency room. They looked like curious rabbits who were sticking their heads out of their burrows to take a peek.

After a few minutes...

Ling Ran asked, "Doctor Zhou, I don't have any surgeries I want to perform today. How about you?"

"Me? I'm also quite free." Doctor Zhou revealed a plain smile to hide the lazy air around him.