Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Rotation

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For the next few days, Ling Ran did not carry out anymore surgeries.

Microsurgeries were really surgeries that took a lot of effort to perform. Although Energy Serums could only replenish Ling Ran’s physical strength and mental energy, there was no way to replenish the expenditure in areas such as his concentration span.

The moment he started to rest, Ling Ran could not help but feel tired. Lu Wenbin and the others were naturally extremely happy. They quickly tried their best to finish up the medical records and other things that they did not manage to complete during the past few days. They then had time to write their research papers and do some other things by working overtime.

Ling Ran also sent his [The Key Points of the M-Tang Technique: Exploration of 368 Cases Using the M-Tang Technique] to the Chinese Journal of Hand Surgery. Since Professor Wang Haiyang paid so much attention to the research paper, and since he had connections with the journal itself, the publishers would get back to him soon.

As for [The Key Points of Chiropractic Manipulation for the Cervical Spine: Exploration of 450 Cases Using Spinal Back Manipulation], Ling Ran sent it to the core Chinese Manipulation and Rehabilitation Medical Journal. When it came to influence, the journal was much more inferior to the Chinese Journal of Hand Surgery. It was very hard to determine whether the paper would be cited in the future. It was a little disappointing.

Moreover, Su Jiafu’s research paper was published with Yu Yuan’s help. Su Jiafu and Ling Ran were the first authors, while Yu Yuan was the second author.

Since Ling Ran’s focus had shifted slightly, he simply alternated between the Emergency Department’s treatment room and the resuscitation room for a period of time to resuscitate a few patients with Doctor Zhou. Even though most of their efforts were successful, they still failed to save some people.

For Ling Ran, he did not need the system to give him resuscitation skills. Basic resuscitation skills like the insertion of the tracheostomy tube were not hard. One would become relatively skilled after doing them a few times.

Most importantly, unlike the operating theater, the Emergency Department did not demand perfection when it came to one’s skills. During the process of resuscitation, many doctors could not guarantee that the application of their skills was accurate and precise, but when it came to normal, minor injuries, it became much easier for them to treat the patients.

Now that Ling Ran had ample experience in the operating theater, even though he was not completely at ease when faced with emergency surgeries, he still made very few mistakes. Ling Ran could also make the correct judgments when he confronted the occasional internal medicine disease. He would either prescribe them some medicine, give them some injections and send them home, or… call another doctor over.

While Ling Ran was basking in this relaxing atmosphere, a new clinical rotation began.

That morning, a row of twelve interns arrived at the main hall of the Emergency Department. They started work under the orders of young nurses who did not treat them with gentleness.

When Ling Ran—who did not need to rotate to a new department—arrived at work, the new interns were already cleaning up the place. Among them, the most proactive one was none other than Wang Zhuangyong.

Unlike the medical students who just began their internships, Wang Zhuangyong had already served in two different departments, and possessed some understanding when it came to the rules of survival in the hospital.

As a grunt of the supply line, Wang Zhuangyong slowly understood how important it was to work hard.

Of course, knowledge was one thing, and execution was another; Wang Zhuangyong did not have any exceptional skills. Like most of the interns, he was only a medical student who had studied for four years. All the young doctors in the department knew what he knew, and the senior doctors had even more detailed knowledge. The aces might have even participated in the composition of the teaching materials.

Under these circumstances, Wang Zhuangyong could only employ the lowliest strategy to show that he was an extremely hardworking person—cleaning up the place.

When he was in the Medical Laboratory Department, Wang Zhuangyong did not really understand this principle. He only saw that two of the other interns were exceptionally hard-working. They came to work early, went back late, were extremely favored by the doctors and managed to gain a lot of additional knowledge.

When he arrived at his second department, the Neurology Department, Wang Zhuangyong noticed that there were four medical interns who started coming to work early and went home late. The cleaning of the wards was done by patient care assistants, and there were also people hired to mop the floors of the offices and other places. The areas that medical interns could clean were mainly the doctors’ on-call rooms, the surface of tables, the resource center, the meeting rooms, and a few other places.

There were very few places available to clean, but plenty of people wanted to do it. Therefore, competition arose naturally.

When he was in the Neurology Department, Wang Zhuangyong had to wake up as early as possible every day to get more opportunities to clean the place up.

However, with so few tasks, and so many people doing them, no one was as lucky as the two medical interns Wang Zhuangyong saw during the first rotation. After entering the Emergency Department, Wang Zhuangyong became even more proactive.

Even though six medical interns in total were now participating in this ‘battle to clean’, the Emergency Department was huge and had a vast surface area. This was why Wang Zhuangyong felt he still had a chance.

“Are you an intern?” A doctor spotted Wang Zhuangyong while he was hard at work.

Wang Zhuangyong was used to this kind of tone. He felt that medical interns were like seasonal laborers in the labor market, while doctors and nurses were like contractors. Seasonal laborers had to show their strength and flash their muscles, and strive hard to get spotted by the contractors.

The difference was that the contractors in the hospital did not pay their seasonal laborers after exploiting them. At most, they would treat the seasonal laborers to a meal.

“I am an intern,” Wang Zhuangyong replied energetically.

“Come and lend me a hand.” After the doctor got his hands on an able-bodied man, he turned and left. Wang Zhuangyong quickly followed him.

“Put on your white coat and perform ward rounds with me. After that, we’ll do something else.” The doctor paused for a moment and said, “I’m Lu Wenbin. Just call me Doctor Lu.”

“Alright, Doctor Lu.” When he spoke one-to-one with the doctor, Wang Zhuangyong sounded sweet and agreeable. Lu Wenbin arched an eyebrow before he frowned. He said nothing.

There were almost thirty patients in the ward, and the ward round took almost half an hour. When he met most of the patients whom he already knew well, Lu Wenbin only asked a question or two. Only the patients he placed emphasis on were given physical examinations and other tests.

The patients who filled up the ward had mostly been there for more than one or two weeks, and their conditions were basically stable. If it was another department, the administration might have already begun to discharge the patients. However, when it came to finger replantations, the patients can only be said to have passed the critical stage after two weeks. The road to recovery for them was still long.

Wang Zhuangyong was pretty happy, though. It was already considered great for a medical intern to get to follow a doctor on his ward round. After all, meeting patients in real life was much more interesting than reading up on theories in textbooks.

When Lu Wenbin saw that the new intern was still so cheerful after falling into his trap, he smiled happily as well, and said, “Let’s go, we are done with the ward round. Come with me, we need to wash some things.”

As he spoke, he brought Wang Zhuangyong to a room and pointed at a basin of pig hooves on the table. “Wash all of them and pluck all their fur. There’s also half a basin of chicken feet. Wash them and trim the claws.”

When Wang Zhuangyong looked at the cooking ingredients, he asked, baffled, “What are the pig hooves for?”

“What can pig hooves be used for?” Lu Wenbin chuckled, not knowing what to say.

“For experiments?” Wang Zhuangyong tried to guess.

Lu Wenbin’s eyes brightened and he hummed vaguely.

“But what are the chicken feet for, then?” Wang Zhuangyong scratched his head again.

“You’ll know after staying in the department for a little longer. By the way, you can use a microscope when plucking the fur from the pig hooves.” Lu Wenbin did not have the heart to lie to this silly child. After spinning some tales and giving him a very difficult task, Lu Wenbin found an excuse and left.

When Lu Wenbin returned more than three hours later and saw that Wang Zhuangyong had washed the most important pig hooves, he could not help but be in an extremely good mood, and he lavished Wang Zhuangyong with praise.

At this moment, even though Wang Zhuangyong was already dizzy, he persisted and trimmed the claws of each of the chicken feet into a curve. He then said inquiringly, “Doctor Lu, do you know Ling Ran? He’s also a medical intern from our university.”

Lu Wenbin’s eyelids twitched violently. “You know him?”

“More than that. We were dorm mates back in university.” Wang Zhuangyong held the nail clipper with the orchid gesture. He felt extremely tired.

Lu Wenbin’s entire body stiffened.

“Hey… you can… you can stop with cutting the claws now…” Lu Wenbin quickly solved the problem at hand. He felt that he had already broken out in cold sweat.