Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 187

187 Panic

"Is it because I was cutting them too slowly?" Wang Zhuangyong looked at Lu Wenbin, earnest and anxious.

When Lu Wenbin was faced with such an anxious response, he said even more nervously, "Of course not, of course not. Actually, I didn't mean to make you cut them all, I was simply held up by a patient just now. It's okay, I'll do the rest."

"No need for that, Teacher Lu. Let me do it, I'll do it." Even though Wang Zhuangyong found it rather strange, he still tried his best to do the work.

After being a medical intern in the hospital for a few months, Wang Zhuangyong already had a rough understanding of an intern's way of life in the hospital.

While it was not possible for interns to do absolutely no work in the hospital, they could still perform tasks that were easy and relaxing for them.

Students who truly had no ambition would have a workload that was about the same as when they were attending classes in university if they entered a hospital with a stricter management system. As for medical students who did not plan to practice, or had their hearts set on getting a Master's degree or a PhD, they would research the laziness index of all the hospitals when choosing a hospital to perform their internship. For example, in some of the secondary general hospitals, on normal days, the attending physicians would not even get to treat many patients, and the interns would not get to do anything even if they wanted to. These would be hospitals with a high laziness index.

However, the medical interns who wish to gain some knowledge would have to work very hard in the hospital.

Doctors were pressed for time and had great responsibilities. The more skilled a doctor was, the more precious his time would be. Not many doctors were willing to teach medical interns like how teachers taught their students. On the contrary, a medical intern must hang around a doctor long enough and perform enough tasks before the latter would allocate a measly amount of their time to give some guidance to the intern.

Unless there was an institutional reformation, medical interns would have to perform hard labor and lick the doctors' boots the smart way in exchange for the meager knowledge.

Ever since Wang Zhuangyong understood this principle, he joined the bandwagon of medical interns who performed hard labor and licked the doctors' boots.

He intended to stay in Yun Hua City. Even though it might be impossible to enter Yun Hua Hospital, at least it would be easier to enter other hospitals if he gained some knowledge.

According to Wang Zhuangyong's observations, playing second fiddle to attending physicians did not contribute to an intern's future. The attending physicians did not like medical interns playing second fiddle to them either, because they have resident doctors and housemen at their disposal.

This was even more true for associate chief physicians and chief physicians. Medical interns might not even get to speak to them.

That was why the only way medical interns could gain knowledge was from resident doctorsby performing hard labor and practicing intelligent *ss-kissing. Not every resident doctor had the time to teach them, either; there were also resident doctors who ordered medical interns around and offered them nothing in return.

As for those who ordered medical interns around but regretted their actions halfway Wang Zhuangyong could only say, based on his meager experience, that this was a very rare occurrence. Still, Lu Wenbin snatched the nail clipper from Wang Zhuangyong and started trimming the chicken claws.

Wang Zhuangyong was not a person who gave up easily. He stomped his feet, exhaled, found another nail clipper somewhere else, and continued to trim the chicken feet.

Lu Wenbin was in great despair as well. He made an internal resolve that, in the future, he would at least ask for the medical interns' names and the batches they were from before he ordered them around. But who would have guessed that his superior would still be a medical intern?

Lu Wenbin grabbed Wang Zhuangyong's wrist and said, "We don't need to trim any more chicken feet."

"What do we do if we don't cut their claws?"

"We'll just use them straight away." Lu Wenbin thought for a moment and said, "This part will be for the doctor who prefers curved claws. And the rest will be for those who don't really care."

Trimming the chicken claws into arcs was only a tactic Lu Wenbin thought of to kiss Ling Ran's *ss. Since Doctor Ling seemed to like it very much, he continued doing that. He did not need to pay too much attention to the chicken feet for the other doctors.

"Let's just cut them." Wang Zhuangyong thought that Lu Wenbin was just being modest.

For Wang Zhuangyong, Lu Wenbin's modesty was a good thing. He liked modest resident doctors the most, because those resident doctors would get embarrassed when they see that the medical interns had performed many tasks. They would then earnestly teach those interns more things.

Wang Zhuangyong eagerly picked up a chicken foot and trimmed its claws even more meticulously and earnestly. Lu Wenbin was unable to do anything about it. He could only fight over the chicken feet and trim their claws. While he was at it, he also separated them from the original ones with curved claws.

"Alright, we're done." Lu Wenbin wiped the sweat off his forehead. Wang Zhuangyong immediately handed him a dry towel. The corners of Lu Wenbin's lips twitched a little. 'Why have I not encountered such a sensible and considerate intern before this?'

He picked up the basin of chicken feet without saying anything while beside him, Wang Zhuangyong obediently picked up the basin of pig hooves.

"Come with me." Lu Wenbin sighed and let Wang Zhuangyong help him carry those things into the dorm building.

Lu Wenbin then turned his head around and asked, "What's the thing that you want to learn the most in the Emergency Department?"

Wang Zhuangyong felt so happy that he almost flashed a smile. He could not help but feel proud of himself. 'I finally caught the essence of being a medical intern.'

"I've never done surgery before. I want to perform surgeries." Wang Zhuangyong's answer was firm.

His first rotation was in the Medical Laboratory Department, while his second one was in the Neurology Department. Both of these departments did not offer opportunities to perform surgery... And surgeries were definitely what young medical students want to do the most.

Lu Wenbin thought about it and said, "Then, let's start from debridement. I'll bring you to the treatment room later, and you can give it a try if there are patients with minor injuries."

"Alright, alright," Wang Zhuangyong answered at lightning speed. He found it unbelievable. 'Is it so simple to get such an opportunity? And here I was planning to wait outside the Emergency Department for opportunities.'

Wang Zhuangyong was still dazed as he followed Lu Wenbin back to the Emergency Department.

Lu Wenbin went alone to talk to the attending physician on duty and requested for an isolated cubicle. He then asked a nurse to help bring in patients.

Lu Wenbin asked Wang Zhuangyong to sit down and said, "In the Emergency Department, the patients are distributed according to the severity of their symptoms. Level 1 patients are near death patients, and level 2 patients are critically-ill patients. They are treated in the resuscitation room. Level 3 and level 4 patients are easily treatable patients, and they will be sent to the treatment room, which is where we are right now. Do you know what level 3 and level 4 means?"

"Level 3 patients are general emergency patients, and level 4 are" Wang Zhuangyong suddenly understood. "Level 4 patients are non-emergency patients, and are recommended to head to the Outpatient Department. So, if we encounter a level 4 patient, we should suggest that they head to the Outpatient Department."

"If somebody else were to ask me this, I would say so." Lu Wenbin paused for a moment, looked into Wang Zhuangyong's eyes, and said, "Since it's you asking, we'll only talk about this in private. Based on the patterns of doctor-patient relationships of the current age, we can, at most, ask them to go to the Outpatient Department once. If they ignore our advice, we'll just let them wait for a while. When their turn comes, we'll still have to treat them. Don't bring trouble to yourself."

Wang Zhuangyong became rather uneasy from Lu Wenbin's gaze. After acknowledging Lu Wenbin's words by saying that he understood them, he felt that Lu Wenbin was being way too nice to him.

There was a saying that went like this: "One who is solicitous for no reason is either a rapist or a robber."

Wang Zhuangyong placed his hand inside his pockets and realized that they were even cleaner than his face. This showed that Lu Wenbin was not a robber as there was nothing he could steal. But when it came to rape

Wang Zhuangyong went pale.

He raised his head to look around again. The cubicle they were in was about the size of the private booths in regular small restaurants. It was just that the table in the middle was smaller, and there was more space to

Wang Zhuangyong grew even paler.

"Zhuangyong, can I call you this?" Lu Wenbin tried to get close to Wang Zhuangyong again.

Wang Zhuangyong was so pale that his face could not get any paler. He made his decision: he was going to say that he was actually straight...

Right then, a patient was sent in. The patient's left forearm was so bloody that the location of the wound could not be determined.

When Wang Zhuangyong saw such a shocking sight, he suddenly did not feel like saying what he had in mind anymore.

'Perhaps, I'll say it after this patient's wound is sutured.' As Wang Zhuangyong thought this, a smile appeared on his face.

"I'll suture this patient first. Watch me do it." Lu Wenbin did not plan to let Wang Zhuangyong treat the very first patient who came in. No matter what, Lu Wenbin had to make Wang Zhuangyong watch him treat a few patients and get an idea on what was going on before he could try performing a stitch or two himself.

With this thought in mind, Lu Wenbin draped, disinfected, and debrided the patient's wound himself. He then brought two pieces of the slightly separated muscle tissues together using a needle and a surgical thread.

As Wang Zhuangyong watched, his smile slowly faded.

"This is different from what we saw in university" Wang Zhuangyong's pupils became dilated.

Lu Wenbin laughed. "The cadavers in the anatomy room have been soaked in formalin for a long time. This one is fresh out of the oven."

The patient furrowed his eyebrows slightly, not knowing whether to say anything to retort.

Wang Zhuangyong's Adam's apple started to bob up and down quickly. Lu Wenbin was much too familiar with Wang Zhuangyong's reaction. In a flash, he slapped Wang Zhuangyong's shoulder and pushed him three inches to the back, then 3.3 inches to the left.


Wang Zhuangyong began to vomit, unable to stop himself. His breakfast, his lunch, yesterday's lunch...

Lu Wenbin and the injured patient froze in unison.

Wang Zhuangyong stopped halfway. When he raised his head and saw the patient's exposed muscle tissue again, he could not help but vomit again.

There was once a poet who wrote this:

"A stream of water poured straight down from the hollow sky.

Like thunder, it entered the river without rest.

Since ancient times, a silky cascade.

A line that divided the emerald mountain in two."