Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 188

188 I Want To Operate

Wang Zhuangyong's dream to do some cleaning finally came true...

...and he got to monopolize the entire thing.

No matter how much a medical intern wished to prove himself, he would not want to achieve that through cleaning up another intern's vomit.

Fortunately, because there were often people vomiting in the hospital, all the tools he needed to clean up his own vomit were available. There was even high-end equipment like disinfecting wipes for Wang Zhuangyong to clean the small cubicle until it was spotless.

Lu Wenbin seized the opportunity to ask Wang Zhuangyong, "Are you hemophobic? You can't operate surgery if you're hemophobic."

"I'm not hemophobic. We see a lot of blood back in university." Wang Zhuangyong shook his head non-stop. 'How can I not operate? Among all the doctors out there, surgeons are the coolest.'

Lu Wenbin mulled over it. "Then, what were you feeling?"

"I just felt that it was disgusting. I've seen a lot of blood; I was assigned to the Medical Laboratory Department when I first entered the hospital, and I helped draw the patients' blood. I didn't feel anything at all." Wang Zhuangyong could not quite explain it. He enjoyed anatomy classes very much when he was in medical school, and he was also one of the students who stole bones from the laboratory. Never had he thought that fresh human tissue would look so discomforting.

Lu Wenbin consoled him, "It might just be an isolated incident." Lu Wenbin continued to comfort Wang Zhuangyong. "Maybe it was because you didn't rest well yesterday or something. Take a break, you can come back and try again tomorrow."

"Alright" Wang Zhuangyong hesitated for a few seconds before he looked around and asked, "Is Ling Ran at work today? He's already performing surgeries in the Emergency Department, right?"

"Yes, he's already doing that." Because Lu Wenbin felt as though he was putting it too lightly, he continued, "He has done quite a lot of them."

"I saw it. He appeared on the newspapers." Wang Zhuangyong got rather excited and asked, "Is Ling Ran carrying out surgeries under a chief physician now?"

Lu Wenbin gave a vague reply and did not elaborate much.

Other than the medical staff, there were also patients and patients' family members of unknown origins in the reception hall. If he were to talk about Ling Ran here with Wang Zhuangyong, terms like 'internship' would inevitably come up. Thus, it was not a good choice to discuss the matter here.

Wang Zhuangyong was silent as well. At least he got to witness the debridement and suturing of a patient's wound today. Even though it could not be said that he was very satisfied, he was still rather happy. Besides, his heart was still fluttering in fear.

Wang Zhuangyong thought about it as he carried out odd tasks in the treatment room. Then, he saw Ling Ran walk out of the Operating Area.

"You brat" Wang Zhuangyong charged forward aggressively and bumped into Ling Ran's shoulder lightly under everyone's surprised gazes. "I couldn't find you anywhere or reach your mobile phone."

"I was in surgery." Ling Ran had just carried out two M-Tang surgeries with Ma Yanlin playing second fiddle. For Ling Ran, they were considered warm-up exercises for his hands.

Wang Zhuangyong was immediately filled with an extreme amount of envy. "You get to operate for real now, yet here I am. I already served two clinical rotations under two different departments, but forget performing surgery, I even had to leech off others to get the chance to take a look inside the operating theater.

Even though he wanted to talk about his experience in the treatment room just now, he held his tongue after looking at the people around them.

Ling Ran had a smile on his face. "I was actually wondering when you guys would be rotated to the Emergency Department. Oh, by the way, Chen Wanhao recently moved back home to stay, right?"

"His mother bought him a house in front of the hospital, so it's only natural that he moved there." As he spoke, Wang Zhuangyong felt extremely envious again. "If I can afford a house in Yun Hua, I wouldn't even care anymore if I got to operate or not."

Ling Ran laughed. "Then, do you want to operate now?"

"I want to." Wang Zhuangyong pursed his lips.

Ling Ran turned and said, "Doctor Ma, there are more M-Tang patients today, right? Ask the Hand Surgery Department to send one here."

He had only arranged to perform two M-Tang surgeries today and sent the other patients who were referred here to the Hand Surgery Department. They only needed to make a call to the Hand Surgery Department to get one of them back. Yun Hua Hospital's Hand Surgery Department was always filled with patients, and there were rarely cases where they fought for patients with other departments.

After he was stunned for a moment, Ma Yanlin only realized that the 'Doctor Ma' Ling Ran referred to was himself. He quickly responded, "I'll go and ask them now."

Ling Ran then turned around again and asked Wang Zhuangyong, "Do you want to eat something first? Or do you want to enter the operating theater now?"

Wang Zhuangyong answered without hesitation, "I can go in now. Of course I'll go in now."

After he spoke, Wang Zhuangyong took out a piece of wet tissue and carefully wiped the corners of his lips.

Ling Ran waited for a few minutes for Ma Yanlin to return. He then went back to the operating theater with Wang Zhuangyong.

Ling Ran was always walking in and out of the operating theater. The senior nurse who watched over the operating theater did not pay much attention to him. She gave Ling Ran a pair of fitting scrubs and let him in to get changed by himself. She then asked for Wang Zhuangyong's identification number before she gave him a smaller pair of scrubs.

Wang Zhuangyong was really excited. His wish when he first entered the Emergency Department was just to perform a debridement and suturing procedure by himself, and perhaps witness one or two internal medicine cases. That would have already made him quite satisfied.

As for things such as healing the wounded and rescuing the dying, medical students would learn, after being in the hospital for two months, that they would have no chance to do those at all.

Ordinary young doctors could only work under orders, even for the most typical cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It was very hard for medical interns or housemen to get a chance to partake in it.

It was a breakthrough for a medical intern to get a chance to enter the operating theater.

At the end of their internships, only a few of among the thirty or forty medical students in an ordinary university class would have had the chance to enter the operating theater.

Wang Zhuangyong greedily took in everything around him. He had actually entered the operating theater more than once. But on those occasions, he mostly watched other people perform surgery, or helped out with other tasks. This was the first time he went into the operating theater as a doctor.

"You do the retraction." Ling Ran quickly distributed the tasks.

Retraction involved pulling apart a patient's skin, muscle, and other tissues to make the surgical field as wide as possible.

The only thing a person needed to possess to perform retraction was great strength. Not much intelligence or skill was needed as long as the person was not silly. In an M-Tang surgery, a person did not even need much strength to use the skin retractor on the hand.

Wang Zhuangyong could not care less. If he got to operate the retractor, it meant that he had performed a surgery in the operating theater. He nodded enthusiastically, and was about to walk to where the assistant was supposed to stand.

Ma Yanlin watched him quietly and said, "When the chief surgeon speaks, you must answer verbally. You can't just nod, because the chief surgeon will be looking at the operating field instead of you."

"Oh, alright." Wang Zhuangyong regained a little bit of his intelligence. He then went to the second assistant's position and flashed a silly smile at Ling Ran.

"Don't disturb the chief surgeon," Ma Yanlin said again.

Wang Zhuangyong immediately answered in acknowledgement.

"I'll start when the patient is completely anesthetized." Ling Ran glanced at the monitor to ensure that the patient's physiological indices were normal. He then asked for confirmation from Su Jiafu who was the anesthetist on duty.

Su Jiafu had one leg propped on top of an extra stool and was shaking it. He said, "The patient is completely anesthetized. There's no problem now."

Ling Ran made an incision.

Wang Zhuangyong quickly asked for the skin retractor. He held it with the orchid gesture for a few seconds before quickly holding it the right way.

After Ma Yanlin guided Wang Zhuangyong on how to insert the skin retractor into the correct position, Wang Zhuangyong separated the skin tissue, muscle tissue, and the other parts to expose the flexor tendon below them.

When the fresh white flexor tendon appeared in front of Wang Zhuangyong, his throat began to vibrate involuntarily. In a flash, Ma Yanlin pushed Wang Zhuangyong away.


Wang Zhuangyong vomited so violently that he looked like he was about to die.

"Let's continue. Ask someone to come clean the vomit up." Ling Ran only cast a glance at Wang Zhuangyong before carrying on with the task at hand.

The circulating nurse froze for a moment. She then immediately became extremely furious. "Are you crazy?! Don't you know that you're hemophobic? Are you here to get scolded?"

The faces of everyone in the operating theater did not change. There was only one type of doctor who had the possibility of not getting scoldedhandsome ones. Even those with powerful connections like the children of doctors and ministers would get scolded by nurses when they made mistakes in the operating theater. At most, the nurses would tone it down a little and make the scolding sessions a little shorter.

Wang Zhuangyong raised his head with all his might. His tears and snot flowed out at the same time. He arduously said, "I'm not hemophobic."

"I don't care about what phobia you have. Take this trash can and leave this place. Get out of here, ASAP. Are you done vomiting yet?" The circulating nurse chased Wang Zhuangyong out before she ordered someone to come and clean the mess up.

Ling Ran and Ma Yanlin carried on with the surgery. Wang Jia, the scrub nurse who worked together with them, inquired curiously, "This is so strange. Is he really not hemophobic?"

"If he were hemophobic, he would have fainted. He was probably just disgusted by the sight." Ma Yanlin's conclusion was pretty logical.

Wang Jia nodded. "Usually, doctors will stop finding all this disgusting after they get exposed to it more, right?"

"Maybe." Ma Yanlin's reply was very nonchalant, just like how chief physicians did not care about whether resident doctors and housemen stayed in the hospital or not. The young doctors in the hospital system had long since gotten used to the coming and going of medical interns.

Wang Zhuangyong held the trash can and vomited so badly beside the door that his skin crawled. He heard the words. He was determined to conquer the operating theater, just like how he conquered the cadavers.

Three days later.

Wang Zhuangyong held a trash can and was chased out forever from the Emergency Department's treatment room.