Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 191

191 Blood Vessel Laceration

"Doctor Ling is a specialist when it comes to finger replantations. He served as the chief surgeon for more than a hundred cases of finger replantation surgeries, and his surgeon performance index is almost three hundred. " Wang Haiyang was a doctor who knew how to interact with other doctors very well. The moment they arrived, he immediately introduced Ling Ran first to prevent other people from unknowingly offending Ling Ran.

Doctors were all technicians with strong characters. They were usually also very experienced when it came to offending people.

Kong Xiangming froze for a moment when he heard this. Wang Haiyang had mentioned Ling Ran to him before this, but he had not paid much attention to it at the time.When he saw how dazzlingly handsome Ling Ran was, Kong Xiangming could not help but be surprised.

He did not care about terms such as "handsome men", "doctors" or "handsome doctors". However, from what he remembered, there were rarely any good doctors who were handsome at the same time.

Good doctors, especially good surgeons, needed to stay in the operating theater all year round. If you were to quantify it, the Ten Thousand Hour Rule[1] would be applicable to surgeons...

And after spending ten thousand hours in the operating theater, the doctors who did not work overtime would have become old, and those who worked overtime would have become uglier.

From another perspective, if you were to also quantify the standard of surgeons who performed finger replantations, one who was the chief surgeon for one hundred finger replantation surgeries was definitely a specialist.

In the Orthopedics Department and the Hand Surgery Department, doctors who performed thirty or forty cases of finger replantation surgery were considered very experienced. Of course, prior to that, they might have participated in even more finger replantation surgeries as first assistants or seconds assistants.

To put it in the perspective of other fields, doctors who performed thirty or forty cases of finger replantation surgeries were akin to soldiers who had fought in thirty or forty battles with varying degrees of violence. Before that, those soldiers must have undergone a long period of training and participated in plenty of battle simulations. They might have even participated in some non-combat operations outside of China's immediate periphery. But ultimately, it was very impressive for a soldier to be qualified to participate in dozens of battles, and have the ability to participate in more.

As the director of Yiyuan County Hospital's Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Kong Xiangming knew very well how hard it was to perform finger replantations. There had been many orthopedists who, filled with confidence, started wielding the scalpel independently to perform a finger replantation surgery. However, they totally gave up after one or two surgeries.

All the doctors qualified to perform finger replantation surgery were those who had a bit of talent and also put in a lot of hard work. But among the qualified ones, only a select few could actually perform finger replantation surgeries.

"Doctor Ling, you're really young and talented." Kong Xiangming praised him, but only half-genuinely. He was indeed envious when it came to Ling Ran's age and appearance.

This was not Wang Haiyang's first time in Yiyuan county. He then praised Ling Ran with a grin on his face, "Lately, Ling Ran has been performing surgeries involving the simultaneous replantation of three or four fingers, and the postoperative results are excellent. I spent a lot of effort to invite Doctor Ling here."

Ling Ran watched Wang Haiyang. He really admired Wang Haiyang's ability to start boasting like that. He then said, "Are we going to have a consultation session first?"

He had always received plenty of praise ever since he was younger, and had very little interest in flattery that did not matter much.

Kong Xiangming glanced at Wang Haiyang and immediately laughed out loud. "Alright, then, let's have a consultation session first?"

"Alright," Wang Haiyang immediately agreed.

Consultation sessions were also teaching sessions. Yiyuan County Hospital took the risk of providing the manpower, preparing the surgical instruments, and all the other things because they wanted to gain knowledge. Wang Haiyang did not mind satisfying that desire of theirs.

There was no such thing as being afraid of passing down knowledge for fear of losing one's job among surgeons. In the medical world, there were always too many patients and too few highly-skilled doctors. This was because medical technology was always evolving, and the patients' needs were also ever-increasing.

If there was really a doctor who was able to eradicate a certain kind of disease without causing any side-effects in the patients, other doctors would also give him their blessings with the simple wish that there would be no more illnesses in the world. This was a wish shared by all of humanity. It was not just a point of interest that was only relevant to a community of shared interests.

Wang Haiyang sat in the meeting room and waited for Kong Xiangming to take out the medical record. After various films were projected onto the wall, Wang Haiyang began to speak slowly while sipping from a glass of water.

He was extremely familiar with surgeries that involved the replantation of two fingers. But for the doctors in Yiyuan County Hospital's Department of Orthopedic Surgery, it was a refreshing and highly difficult surgery. Even Kong Xiangming himself listened very earnestly.

Yiyuan County Hospital was a quasi-tertiary grade A hospital, which meant that they already possessed the equipment of a tertiary grade A hospital, and the chance of becoming one.

The Orthopedics Department was one of the top income generators in the hospital. The reason they created another Department of Orthopedic Surgery was so that they could give a directorial position to Kong Xiangming. The reason for this was that the existing director of the Orthopedics Department was still far from retirement age, and it was impossible for Kong Xiangming to wait for him indefinitely. If he were to leave, the hospital would have suffered a great loss.

After the Department of Orthopedic Surgery was established, Kong Xiangming chose finger replantation surgery as their newest growth point. For this, he purchased specialized microsurgical instruments, and launched training sessions related to finger replantations.

Of course, the most important thing was that Kong Xiangming had conducted self-learning when it came to finger replantation surgery.

Just like other similar hospitals and departments, directors of the departments were the pillars among all backbones of the hospital. Most of their main surgical methods had to be established and maintained by the directors themselves.

Kong Xiangming had familiarized himself with finger replantation surgeries before this, and this was his third time he invited Wang Haiyang to Yiyuan county. Because they had established a certain level of cooperation, Kong Xiangming could ask Wang Haiyang very detailed questions.

The consultation took half an hour. When Wang Haiyang was tired of speaking, he took a sip of tea and asked Ling Ran, "Doctor Ling, do you have anything to add?"

Kong Xiangming and the other six doctors looked at Ling Ran in unison.

Yiyuan County Hospital's Department of Orthopedic Surgery was not as large as the one in Yun Hua Hospital, which had a few medical groups. The Department of Orthopedic Surgery had a total of seven doctors, and they were divided into two medical echelons. This was all of their medical power. Aside from Kong Xiangming, there were an associate chief physician, two attending physicians, and three resident doctors. They were usually divided based on their roles instead of into groups. This was actually a pretty healthy overall structure.

The group could not be considered to respect Ling Ran, but that did not mean that they did not respect Ling Ran as well; they just did not pay much attention to him.

Ling Ran took a gulp of water, cleared his throat, and said, "I have a few things to add."

Some of the young resident doctors almost burst out laughing on the spot. When these kinds of words which were usually used in meetings came out of the young and handsome Ling Ran's mouth, it sounded very odd no matter how they looked at it. Not only that, it actually sounded wrong.

Ling Ran continued, "I believe that the patient's blood vessel is displaced. There are signs of laceration on the arcus venosus dorsalis manus[2]. During the surgery, we should make a small incision and resuture it."

After he said that, Ling Ran lowered his head and drank a few gulps of tea.

However, Kong Xiangming and the others froze on the spot in astonishment. If they looked a little cuter, they would probably be meowing out loud like fascinated cats right now.

The arcus venosus dorsalis manus was not a specially important blood vessel in the context of finger replantation surgeries. You could choose whether to suture it or not, but how was he able to discern that that blood vessel was torn...?

"Doctor Ling, how did you discern the signs of laceration of the blood vessel through the films?" Kong Xiangming asked earnestly and seriously. The fact that Ling Ran was able to say those words, and had the guts to say them meant that his experience when it came to performing almost one hundred finger replantation surgeries was no joke.

Ling Ran rose and moved the MRI scan from the side to the middle. He then pointed at the middle of the arcus venosus dorsalis manus with his finger, and said, "This part shows signs of laceration of the blood vessel. I reckon that it's damaged. I don't think that we need to make guesses when it comes to the exact degree of damage. As for the surgery plan, if we were to suture the arcus venosus dorsalis manus during the surgery, we can just make an incision and suture it. We can also choose not to suture it. We'll see whether time allows us to do that."

Kong Xiangming and the others looked at one another. They were all speechless.

Even though Kong Xiangming was hungry for knowledge, he did not have the ability to learn right now. Neither he nor his subordinates knew how to read MRI scans. And this was not something that they could master with just a months of dedication.

At this moment, Kong Xiangming could only look at Wang Haiyang.

"Doctor Ling is also top-notch in our hospital when it comes to reading MRI scans. It so happens that his discovery doesn't affect our original plan. Let's bypass it if we come to use our backup plan as well." Accidents of this magnitude were something very normal for him, and he was used to Ling Ran showing his extraordinary skills as well, since he had displayed them for a long time when they were in Yun Hua Hospital.

However, Kong Xiangming and the others were extremely impressed with Ling Ran. When they divided the roles for the surgery, Kong Xiangming took the initiative to give way and became the second assistant.

Wang Haiyang was extremely satisfied with this. Even though freelance surgeons were highly paid, they also had to bear high risks. No matter how fun preoperative consultations were, freelance surgeons always placed the most emphasis on the surgeries themselves. As long as they carried out the surgeries well, it would be to the satisfaction of all. If the surgeries went badly, serious problems would arise.

Wang Haiyang brought Ling Ran here so that he could draw on his abilities. He naturally did not want Ling Ran to become the second assistant.

As for whether Kong Xiangming and the others got to learn anything during the process of the surgery, it would depend on themselves.

Wang Haiyang glanced at his watch and reckoned that the teaching session had gone on long enough. "It's almost time. Let's go and take a look at the patient, shall we?"

Kong Xiangming was also satisfied. He quickly rose and opened the door. "I'll lead the way."

The group went out one after another, and they immediately discovered that there were young nurses dressed in blue and red nurse uniforms lined up at the sides of the corridor. Some of them held trays, some held books, some pretended to be on the phone, but most of them did not even bother to hide their curious gazes.

Kong Xiangming wanted to say something, but when he saw that most of the nurses were not from his department, he wisely chose not to say anything.

The group from the Department of Orthopedic Surgery walked forward without saying a word.

The young nurses in the corridor also moved forward quietly.

Only the camera shutters could be heard in the quiet environment. The sound was clear and fascinating to all those who heard it.