Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 197

197 I Have An Idea

"For today's surgery, our goal is to help the patient regain as much finger functionality as possible." Ling Ran stood beside the operating table and made an announcement before he started.

Su Jiafu had worked with many doctors before. He looked at Ling Ran's movements and got Lu Wenbin's attention by making faces at him, and said, "Do you know what Doctor Ling meant when he said that?"

Lu Wenbin asked, "What do you mean?"

"It means that you won't even be permitted to do the debridement." Su Jiafu chuckled, "And you actually argued with me just now? Look at you!"

"Nonsense." Lu Wenbin listened and felt his confidence fade a little. He spoke to Ling Ran, "Doctor Ling, look at Su Jiafu, he's trying to decrease morale."

Ling Ran nodded and said, "Yes."

"He is decreasing morale."


Lu Wenbin became happy. "That's what I was saying, you can't do the debridement yourself."

"I am preparing to complete the debridement on my own." Ling Ran paused for a while before he said, "But Su Jiafu is still decreasing morale."

Lu Wenbin was confused. "What... what do you mean?"

"What Su Jiafu said is correct, but there is no need to voice it out." While Ling Ran performed the debridement, he structured his words in a logical manner.

Lu Wenbin giggled again, "But I didn't make any mistakes."

"Even if you didn't make any mistakes, I can still complete the debridement myself." Ling Ran first released an objective statement, then decided to change his manner of speaking and said, "No matter what Su Jiafu said, whether it's true or false, it actually does decrease morale. Please operate the retractor."

"Yes..." Lu Wenbin, who was demoted again to a retractor warrior, huffed and glanced at Su Jiafu.

Su Jiafu prepared the anesthetics, rubbed the stool in boredom, and made the gesture of surrendering, but with only one hand. He joked, "My fault. I should not have pointed out the truth."

"Make sure it is properly hooked." Ling Ran reminded him. He needed Lu Wenbin to give him a clear view on the operation.

Lu Wenbin was like a bullied dog. He sulked but still obediently operated the retractor.

Debridement would affect the final result. Not by much, but there was an effect, nevertheless.

Therefore, in order to obtain the perfect results, Ling Ran was even more willing to perform the debridement himself.

Of course, Lu Wenbin's debridements were perfectly fine. He was even better than most surgeons. In terms of results, his debridements were no worse than Ling Ran's. There were even some times where his debridement produced the same results as Ling Ran's, showing that he had some degree of chance of matching to Ling Ran when it came to debridement.

It was nothing more than a debridement. Even if it was a debridement performed under the microscope, the standards for it remained the same.

If that was the case, and if Ling Ran decided to perform the debridement himself, it simply meant that he did not trust Lu Wenbin.

Surgeons always trusted themselves the most.

This was a common problem.

It could not be helped.

No matter how much Lu Wenbin moaned about it, he could still only operate the retractor obediently.

He was not usually fazed about not being the one performing the debridement. The chief surgeon was still the one who called the shots during the surgery. If the chief surgeon asked the first assistant to extract feces, he still had to do it, and if the first assistant was asked to install the ureter on the patient, he still had to do it...

At that moment, Lu Wenbin was somewhat angry with Su Jiafu for arguing with him just now.

Yu Yuan, who was the second assistant, somewhat knew what was going on. She stepped on the step stool and looked up at Lu Wenbin, who was five feet and nine inches tall and whose biceps had a circumference of fourteen inches, and said, "Doctor Lu, don't mind the anesthetist. Doctor Ling simply wants to perform well now. Let's learn from him. We should be able to get better training than usual from this..."

"You used to be a study commissar, right?" Lu Wenbin suddenly said.

"How did you know?" Yu Yuan smiled. "I have been a study commissar since I was a child."

"Your school is definitely one of the top schools, the kind with terrific conditions." Lu Wenbin smiled again.

"How did you know?" Yu Yuan was surprised. She noticed the problem in a flash. She had not notice that the veins on her head had bulged out, like Conan when he was about to lose his mind, "You researched my personal information? How did you get your hands on my personal information?"

Lu Wenbin decided to share his thoughts. "Why would I want your information? I just guessed it."

"Guess? How did you guess?"

"If the school wasn't good, a study commissar like you would be beaten until your mother wouldn't recognize you. They wouldn't have been able to shape you like a political commissar" Lu Wenbin argued without holding back, and he felt much better soon after.

Yu Yuan was instantly so shocked by Lu Wenbin's statement she looked like she shrank. She decided that the next time she wrote a paper, she would not be featuring Lu Wenbin as a second author!

Ling Ran completely ignored the chatter of his assistants beside the operating table. After the debridement, he threw the surgical instruments aside and said, "Clean the blood vessels."

Recently severed fingers often did not need any form of cleaning of the blood vessels, but cases like Yuan Wei's would feature numerous blood clots in the blood vessels due to the prolonged period of separation. The surgeons had to clean them up bit by bit. By then, they had to be especially careful to not damage the blood vessels.

In theory, unclogging blood vessels was also part of debridement, but it was always harder to clean up the internal parts of the blood vessels than cleaning up the external parts. As the saying went, "External itches were easy to cure, but internal itches were difficult to suppress." If one did not want to damage the skin by scratching, it would make the difficulty of suppressing the itch beneath the skin all the more harder.

Ling Ran corrected his posture, sat upright, and was prepared to clean the blood vessels.

Microsurgeries were too detail-oriented, and most of the failures were not because the doctor was not up to standard in terms of his or her skills. Doctors who did not reach the standards required for microsurgeries would not perform microsurgeries. They would much rather go to the traditional Orthopedics Department because there was more work there, and it was much more relaxing.

As one of the most tiring categories of surgeries, microsurgeries often failed because the surgeons were exhausted and did not have enough stamina to continue.

Surgeries that lasted for long periods of time were similar to assembling a model over a long period of time. It was tiring, and mistakes were easily made if they were careless.

It was necessary for them to make sure that they were comfortable.

Ling Ran judged his own condition while he thought of what he would do next.

Yuan Wei's injury was very simple. It was a textbook example of a basic laceration. The procedure for the surgery remained the same. There was basically no room for any form of modification, and that was the most difficult part... If he had to make any modifications, then he could use better medical consumables and equipment. There was a possibility that he could increase the chances of performing a perfect surgery.

"Wang Jia, could you help me make a call, give..." Ling Ran had originally wanted to call Department Director Huo, but he immediately changed his mind and said, "Use my phone and call a pharmaceutical sales representative called Huang Maoshi."

"Oh... ok." Wang Jia was the circulating nurse today. She quickly came over to take Ling Ran's phone, and turned it on while feeling a little excited. She dialed the phone according to Ling Ran's request before she brought it to Ling Ran's ear.

After a few rings, the phone was connected, and Huang Maoshi's extremely excited voice traveled into his ear. "Doctor Ling? Hello, Doctor Ling, what's the matter?"

For a surgery maniac who performed fifty Level 4 surgeries in a month, Ling Ran's position in the minds of pharmaceutical sales representatives was second only to the leaders of treatment groups.

Huang Maoshi was originally deeply concerned on maintaining his relationship with Ling Ran. However, the moment he saw the phone number, Huang Maoshi cast away all his thoughts and only wanted to use his loudest voice to tell the gossiping men and women in the office that Doctor Ling was on the line, calling him.

"I want the best consumables and instruments for microsurgeries now, specifically for finger replantations, can you provide them?"

"Of course, Changxi Medical Company provides the absolute best consumables for microsurgery. The ones that you are currently using are..."

"If we don't consider the health services directory and the price, what are the best consumables and equipment that you can give me? Can you deliver them to the hospital within an hour?" Ling Ran interrupted Huang Mao's self-promotion.

Like most pharmaceutical companies, Changxi possessed its own products and were also agents for other products. Their best-selling products were always in the health services directory, but the best might not necessarily be the most profitable.

Huang Maoshi was more than happy to listen to Ling Ran's request. To send over the goods to the hospital within an hour was no big deal. He had served stranger doctors before.

In just two seconds, Huang Maoshi responded with a louder voice, "Do you want to try it now? Then I recommend Medtronic, they are imports from a big factory, and they have a large variety as well as clear standards. The price is not too expensive as well..."

Ling Ran said, "I am currently performing a surgery, can you deliver them in an hour?"

He needed twenty to thirty minutes to clean the blood vessels. If he slowed down a little, he would need around thirty to forty minutes to do so, and that speed was still considered normal.

Huang Maocheng used two seconds to calm down and said, "One hour... I'll try..."

"It must be sent in order for it to count."

"I understand, I will definitely send it over. I will get the goods now." Huang Maoshi was already on his way.

"I've got one more question."

"Please, say it." Huang Maoshi was a little breathless. He sounded as if he was climbing some stairs to Ling Ran.

Ling Ran continued to clean the blood vessels, and he tilted his head slightly to speak into the microphone. "I have no money."

"You... Ah..." Huang Maoshi panted even faster. He sounded as if he had fallen off the stairs.

"If there are no problems, I will wait for you for an hour. If you have any problems, please inform me in advance." Ling Ran's head left the phone. He nodded at Wang Jia.

Wang Jia immediately hung up and gave him a thumbs up in admiration.

Ling Ran smiled.

He regretted not thinking about changing the equipment and consumables in advance, but it was normal to not think about it, because the main problem of imported consumables and equipment was their price.

Yuan Wei's financial situation was not exactly the best. Just like what He Jinxiu said, they were already heavily burdened by debts.

At that moment, if the surgeons suddenly pushed for the use of imported consumables, it would be very difficult for the family to shoulder the costs, even if it would produce better results.

Besides, some imported goods did not necessarily bear significant results.

However, medical equipment and consumables from major foreign manufacturers were always superior to domestic ones when it came to finger replantations.

Ling Ran had thought of a solution for this problem just now. He would directly use the pharmaceutical company's products.

Pharmaceutical companies were at an absolute disadvantage when it came to promoting drugs or medical equipment, but the vast capital pushed them to keep promoting the products.

In the current age, whenever a pharmaceutical company wanted to promote a new product, they would give many compromises to the doctors.

It was quite common for the doctors to request for trials.

However, it was rather unusual for someone to make a phone call and request for a trial, like what Ling Ran did.

Once Huang Maoshi understood the logic behind it, he would naturally deliver the goods.

For the next half hour or so, Ling Ran's phone did not ring again.

Then, a nurse delivered the sterilized Medtronics' equipment and consumables.

"Are these things free?" Ling Ran asked intentionally.

"Yes." The nurse responded with one sentence before she left. This nurse was in charge of the bookkeeping for all the materials and expenses in the operating theater. She was so busy that she did not have the time to linger around.

Ling Ran stretched out his neck to take a look, and he saw a line of microscopic forceps, microscopy scissors, microvascular clamps, microneedle holders, microvascular spreaders, and more. They were dazzling to the eyes, and each came in sets of three...

Ling Ran nodded in satisfaction. Pharmaceutical representatives could still be a little useful at times like this.