Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 199

199 Pinch It Harder

Being an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering was the highest honor that a Chinese doctor could ever obtain.

Other honorable titles such as specialist, professor, or other lifetime awards were incompatible.

However, just like any other honorary positions, it would end up having political connotations. It was very stressful for a hospital like Yun Hua Hospital to face an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

"At the bottom of it, Yun Hua Hospital does not have any academicians in the Chinese Academy of Engineering. If we can have Academician Zhu Tongyi remain in our hospital, it would be for the best. Of course, this goal is quite difficult to achieve, but for the time being, we hope that Academician Zhu Tongyi can help to raise our hospital reputation" The hospital director solemnly briefed everyone regarding the mobilization of staff during the meeting.

All department directors, including Huo Congjun listened attentively.

For a unit like Yun Hua Hospital, it would be a little too excessive if they received visitations every day. However, being visited once a month was the minimum amount. But mere visitations were completely different from visitations that came with a purpose. For example, if the government officials of the Cangping region came to visit, they might not be received with such open arms.

The academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering were different. From the perspective of the hospital and departments, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering could increase the hospital's grade by one or two levels, or upgrade the level of a department to be among the top in the nation. For Yun Hua Hospital, if it really came true, an intraoperative MRI scan operating theater, which cost around one hundred million, could be easily established. There were many skilled doctors in the hospital, but the hospital beds were always full of people. However, when the patients were in need of treatment, the inpatient facilities the hospital quickly lost relevance.

However, for each doctor, the arrival of an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering for the purpose of visiting was most exciting.

Forget about the teaching materials and the Chinese journals compiled by Zhu Tongyi, many doctors would benefit with just a few pieces of advice from him. The master of bone breaking in martial art novels could never be compared to the master of bone repairing, which was Academician Zhu Tongyi of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

To put it in simpler terms, anyone who could appear in front of Zhu Tongyi would become a popular doctor in the hospital, and he would rapidly rise up the ranks.

It was the same for Department Director Huo as well. If he could get a little support from the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, he could achieve his dream of setting up a big Emergency Department.

All department directors of both sides of the long meeting table harbored their own thoughts. They smiled, yet they pondered with uncertainty. The department directors who were related to the Orthopedic Department had many thoughts on their mind.


The Emergency Department.

When Attending Physician Zhao Leyi wiped his own table repeatedly, he kept glancing at the surgery timetable to his right.

When the academician reached the hospital tomorrow morning, he would host a forum in the meeting room and have a friendly discussion with all the leaders of the departments. After that, the academician would be quite free to move around.

He was mainly here to visit the Hand Surgery Department and Department of Bone Oncology. After that, departments like the Orthopedic Department, Spine Surgery Department, and the Emergency Department could end up being visited.

Of course, his visitation might be brief, and he would just take a quick look through every department, but it was undeniably a great opportunity.

Zhao Leyi's eyes kept wandering back to the surgery timetable. He had to start his surgery at nine o'clock in the morning, and he had to perform two consecutive surgeries. It sounded all good and well, but if there were any problems in either of the surgery, his lunch would be delayed.

That meant that he would have to give up on a great opportunity to meet the academician who came from afar.

A normal person even needed 2 RMB to buy a lottery ticket. How could Zhao Leyi miss this great opportunity in his career?

Zhao Leyi pretended to exercise his body by walking around in the office before he stood in front of Doctor Zhou. He smiled and said, "Doctor Zhou, can we switch our surgeries for today and tomorrow? Argh, you know, it's the old problem with my back. I can't perform two surgeries continuously. I can't last. If I could, I will definitely do it"

"Take over four of my shifts." Doctor Zhou was not someone who could be easily deceived. His eyes were sharp, and he could see through Zhao Leyi's act of pretending to be pitiful.

Zhao Leyi could not help but hesitate.

Holidays came to scarcely for doctors. And it was impossible for him to completely miss out on the replacement shifts. Four continuous replacement shifts was even more unimaginable, he would need a few weeks before he could completely replace Doctor's Zhou's shifts.

"One replacement shift is more than enough." Zhao Leyi bargained.

Doctor Zhou smiled faintly, leaned against his seat, and stretched his back. He did not even bother replying.

Zhao Leyi put on a flattering smile to please Doctor Zhou and said, "Since you do not want to serve the academician, just give me a chance"

"There are already some people who are offering a price," Doctor Zhou suddenly held up his phone and said, "Some people will take it. Unless you offer more than four replacement shifts, I won't give you my spot."

"How many shifts do you want?" Zhao Leyi spoke, knowing that he had no solution to this.

"Five shifts, and you'll have made an offer." Doctor Zhou was happy when he said this.

With so many shifts replaced, he would have accumulated so many holidays that he could travel around the world.

"I I will think about it." Zhao Leyi could imagine the dark days filled with continuous work for about five weeks. He felt the despair all of a sudden and despised the people who crossed the line when they made the deal.

Five days in lieu was absolute madness.

Doctor Zhou sat in his chair cheerfully and handled this situation calmly.

The resident doctors also regarded this situation calmly.

Only the physicians and associate chief physicians were tasked with the role of welcoming the academician. Attending physicians usually only needed to stay around as ornaments. The academician would not even bother wasting his time with the resident doctors.

Hence, the only task remaining for Ling Ran was for him to perform his ward rounds on time. The hospital had requested the Emergency Department to quickly discharge the patients using the extra beds, and it caused him to actually run out of surgeries.

As Ling Ran thought about this, he headed to the rehabilitation ward.

His osteopathic massages would surely have a certain amount of effect on the recovery of injuries. He did not have time to prove this theory before, but now, he had time.

When he arrived at the rehabilitation ward, the first thing he saw was a few patients undergoing rehabilitation under the guidance of their doctors.

One of the doctor's backs looked familiar to him.

"Your hand is too high. Come, raise it higher."

"Grab it harder, grab my hand."

"Touch my hand. Come, touch it harder."

Once Ling Ran heard the voice, he found the doctor even more familiar. He walked forward to look, and he could not help but be surprised. "Wang Zhuangyong? Since when were you sent to the rehabilitation ward?"

"Doctor Yu Yuan let me help in the rehabilitation ward. I think that's a good idea, too," Wang Zhuangyong answered Ling Ran with a smile and continued to urge the patient to move. "Don't be distracted. Just grab my hand harder and try to raise it higher."

As Ling Ran watched Wang Zhuangyong, he found that his friend looked rather professional.

But his tone did not quite match what he did.

"Pinch on the fingers. Watch me... and follow me. Push your thumb and your middle finger" Wang Zhuangyong guided the patient according to the Rehabilitation Guide.

The patient became anxious the more Wang Zhuangyong urged him to move. He then looked at Wang Zhuangyong's appearance and said in a huff, "If I push my thumb and middle finger together, I'll be making the orchid gesture."

Wang Zhuangyong did not give any impression of weakness, "If you can do the orchid gesture, that means you replanted fingers have basically recovered. Well, are you going to practice?"

The patient had no choice but to obey the doctor's instruction.

Wang Zhuangyong felt as if he had returned to school. His raised his head high, puffed out his chest, made the orchid gesture, stood in the rehabilitation room, and shouted continuously, "Grab my hand, listen to my instruction. Now, pinch the region between my thumb and index finger. Pinch it harder"