Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Achilles Tendon Repair Technique

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“Academician Zhu, are you going to guide the surgery?” Huo Congjun asked before Ling Ran could respond so that Ling Ran would not be cheated.

Zhu Tongyi nodded and said, “The surgery plan is ready. All we need is a suitable surgeon.”

Zhu Tongyi was old now. He had stopped performing microsurgeries himself for ten years. Still, he could design the plans for the surgeries and participate in them with a position that was higher than the chief surgeon’s to guide the chief surgeon in completing the surgery.

This mode of operation contradicted the typical mode of a chief surgeon, who usually controlled everything in the surgery. It reduced the authority of the chief surgeon, and only extremely skilled doctors could do this. In other words, only surgeons with high statuses were qualified to guide the surgery once they were too old to carry out any surgeries. Such a phenomenon was normally seen in Asian hospitals.

Huo Congjun was slightly relieved. As long as Zhu Tongyi did not intend to take Ling Ran away, there would still be room for negotiations.

However, he did not know about Zhu Tongyi’s character and temper. He was worried that Zhu Tongyi would try to take Ling Ran away from him in the future, but he was also afraid that Ling Ran may offend Zhu Tongyi. He was so distraught that he said, “Ling Ran hasn’t participated in a surgery like this before. He may not adapt well… His skills are good, so much so that he doesn’t have many chances to become an assistant. I’m not sure if he’s suitable for guided surgeries…”

“It’s easy to adapt to the environment; the difficult part is the skill.” Zhu Tongyi turned around and asked Ling Ran, “I heard that you can perform the M-Tang technique well too. Our Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center is preparing to carry out tendon repair surgery for training this time. Do you want to try?”

Ling Ran looked at Zhu Tongyi and said, “I’ve only performed tendon repair surgeries for hands before this.”

“Your foundation is very good. If you increase the intensity of your training, a few months should be sufficient for you to get used to operating on feet.” Zhu Tongyi smiled faintly. “It will be very convenient for you to practice while you perform surgeries in my research institute. We have a lot of patients and good facilities…”

Huo Congjun’s expression changed slightly. He thought, ‘Why should he go for training in the research institute? We have a lot of patients in Yun Hua Hospital too. Our facilities are also quite good…’

He looked at Ling Ran nervously and heard Ling Ran say, “I would like to practice in Yun Hua Hospital.”

A smile immediately bloomed on Huo Congjun’s face.

Zhu Tongyi did not seem discouraged. He smiled in a friendly manner and asked, “Why?”

“The facilities in Yun Hua Hospital are very good. I’m familiar with the surroundings here, so I don’t feel like going to other places.” Ling Ran had certain demands when it came to familiarity, especially in terms of his living environment. He was not the type to adapt to any situation.

Besides, Ling Ran was also familiar with the hospital’s environment. He knew how difficult it was for an intern to work like a chief surgeon. Hence, Ling Ran could forget about getting three assistants in rotation while performing surgeries if he went to Zhu Tongyi’s research institute. He would be considered highly valued even if he had one assistant. Zhu Tongyi may even possibly reduce him to the role of an assistant.

Just as attending physicians or associate chief physicians of the quasi-tertiary Grade A Yiyuan County Hospital had to work like part-timers in the operating theaters of Yun Hua Hospital, if Zhu Tongyi brought Ling Ran to Shanghai, it would be impossible for him to give Ling Ran the same treatment he had in Yun Hua.

Therefore, while Ling Ran could take up the surgery if he was asked to go there as a freelance surgeon, Ling Ran would not accept the offer if he had to go there for a few months.

He even doubted that there would be as many severed finger cases in Shanghai as Changxi province. He also questioned the fact that they had comparable wards and conditions for rehabilitation.

Zhu Tongyi still showed a smile on his face. He advised Ling Ran, “Doctors always need training. Our Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center has one of the most advanced technologies for orthopedic surgery in the country. Our tendon repair surgery is even world-renowned. Otherwise, famous athletes would not deliberately come to us. Ling Ran, if you come to our research institute for a few months, you’ ll know that even if Yun Hua Hospital encounters patients of the same syndrome, our diagnosis and way of handling the course of injury are completely different…”

Zhu Tongyi was rather long-winded, yet highly confident.

The students and doctors who followed him to Yun Hua Hospital also nodded proudly.

They had finally understood how the Orthopedics Department of Yun Hua Hospital operated. They could only say that while the hospital was good, it was still a distance away from being the top.

The doctors from Yun Hua Hospital were confused. They were curious about Zhu Tongyi’s research institute, but at the same time, they did not believe in his boasts.

In the meantime, Ling Ran opened the Intermediate Treasure Chest.

In the world that no one could see but him, a big brown book jumped out and landed in front of Ling Ran.

[Achilles Tendon Repair Technique (Perfect Level)]

The title of the book shone, and it opened automatically.

Tons of information flooded Ling Ran’s mind.

He then looked down at his hands. He suddenly felt like he knew endless terms related to Achilles tendon repairs now…

“Did you say that the star athlete’s Achilles tendon is injured?” Ling Ran asked tentatively. He now had a pretty good understanding of the system’s tricks—it basically always provided him with instant skills.

Academician Zhu nodded slowly without saying anything.

Although the country did not emphasize patient confidentiality, Academician Zhu’s status made him cautiously avoid such questions.

“I think I’m capable of repairing Achilles tendon ruptures. You don’t need me to go to your institute for a few months if you want me to be the chief surgeon. But I’ll have to practice more in Yun Hua Hospital, and I need your help to get some patients with different types of ruptures in the Achilles tendon…” Ling Ran offered several conditions straight away, and it shocked the students, including Xue Haochu, when they heard what he said.

‘This is a surgery guided by Zhu Tongyi himself. Do you actually think you have room to make any sort of bargains?

‘Furthermore, you just said that you’ve only performed on the hand’s flexor tendon before. How did you become so confident in such a short span of time?’

Academician Zhu agreed directly without thinking. “It takes some time for patients with Achilles tendon ruptures to recover. Even if you didn’t mention it, I would have still gotten some for you,” he said.

At that moment, Zhu Tongyi knew that Ling Ran was determined to stay in Yun Hua. He thought for a while and said, “Why don’t you follow me to my research institute to have a look at our surgical and operating conditions first? Then, you can decide whether to practice in Yun Hua or in our research institute. What do you think?”

The current suggestion was more acceptable.

Ling Ran looked at Huo Congjun; he did not take up the offer directly.

It was very difficult to accept shifting to a new workplace for him. He would not simply make a decision even if it was just temporary.

Huo Congjun felt very touched. The doctors in his department had even brought up mathematical questions to Zhu Tongyi just to show their faces before the academician. But despite showing his face, Ling Ran still thought about Huo Congjun. That was why people said, “Those who looked handsome also handled things beautifully…”

“In that case, Ling Ran you better don’t go alone. It will be better if you bring someone along with you.” Huo Congjun glanced across the crowd and said, “Lu Wenbin, follow Ling Ran to Shanghai. Coordinate with him and handle everything.”

Zhu Tongyi frowned before he laughed and said, “Our original plan was just to find a skilled doctor.”

“We will cover the expenses for Lu Wenbin.” Huo Congjun had recently become so rich that he did not care about the measly amount of travel expenses.

Zhu Tongyi thought for a few seconds before he agreed.

He always worked outstation. He understood that all hospitals had complicated situations, and he did not think that he could change Huo Congjun’s style. He just looked at Ling Ran, smiled, and said, “That’s settled then. Doctor Ling, please make some preparations. How about we leave the day after tomorrow? Once I finish the inspection, we can take a flight back together.”

“Yes, Ling Ran. Just go. You don’t have to worry about your family here,” Huo Congjun advised him earnestly.