Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 206

Chapter 206: I Want to Perform Surgery

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Ling Ran followed Lu Wenbin and took a stroll in Fuyuan Stadium. They would occasionally run into athletes who greeted them.

Lu Wenbin proudly introduced the people to Ling Ran. He said, “These are the people I got to know in the gym room. Those who work out in the stadium are permanent tenants. Some of them train three times a day, and they keep eating and training. They’re very great!”

“You could be considered a permanent tenant already.” Ling Ran laughed when he heard what Lu Wenbin said.

He had never been to gym when he was in university. Even after he entered the School of Medicine, his weekly physical activities were just from his physical education class and jogging. He only managed to maintain his good body figure because of his young age and good genes.

When Ling Ran saw the athletes bouncing on their feet even when they walked, he felt the urge to exercise as well. He then said to Lu Wenbin, “Let’s go and jog on the track.”

“Huh?” Lu Wenbin made a confused sound. “Aren’t we going to the gym? There are also treadmills in the gym.”

“Let’s try out their synthetic racetracks first.” Ling Ran immediately walked down the stairs and ran slowly along the tracks.

Ling Ran never did like sprints. He preferred to run long distances at a fixed pace, compared to sprints. During the process, he always got inspired, and his mind would become clear.

Lu Wenbin could only jog along.

Lu Wenbin worked out throughout the year. Even though he often refused to carry out any form of aerobic exercises as he trained his muscles, he did not care about that at the moment. His tall height and fast running speed allowed him to surpass Ling Ran easily, and this made him feel very happy.

“Doctor Ling, can we run faster?” Lu Wenbin could not help but tease Ling Ran. He felt so amazing that it was as if he had just shoved winter into an incinerator and watched it burn.

“You can continue on your own.” Ling Ran was not one bit bothered.

With his Air Jordan on, Lu Wenbin felt as if he wanted to fly…

When he was about to answer Ling Ran and increase his speed, a voice traveled into his ears from behind him. “You should make sure that the center of your feet lands on the ground first.”

Lu Wenbin immediately thought of the muscular guy with the gold-rimmed belt. He quickly turned around, only to see a curvaceous young lady in her sports jersey watch Ling Ran with flushed cheeks.

“F*ck.” Lu Wenbin already knew what this meant. This kind of scenario happened almost every day.

What made Lu Wenbin the saddest was that the muscular man with the gold-rimmed belt was no longer around. Could it be that he did not fancy Ling Ran’s type?

After Ling Ran ran over 3,280 feet—which was three rounds on the synthetic racetrack—he slowed down and gasped for breath. A towel and a bottle of mineral water were immediately passed to him.

“You can have mine.” The first young female athlete who ran together with Ling Ran took out her own cup from the water box. She said, “I haven’t used it before. The water contains amino acids which are meant for recovery.”

“I don’t need it, thanks. I don’t exercise much, so I don’t need it for recovery.” Ling Ran smiled and shook his head.

“Okay then. I’m Hui Manshan from the swimming team. You’re not an athlete, right?” The young female athlete who wore the sports jersey put away her cup, not offended.

Ling Ran gasped and said, “I came for in-service training in the research institute next door. I’m Ling Ran.”

“I’m here to practice long-distance run.”

“I’m from the bicycle team…”

“I do the high jumps…”

A few young ladies who ran together just now came and greeted Ling Ran.

Hui Manshan continued to ask, “Ling Ran, so you’re a doctor? Can you help me check…”

Lu Wenbin was familiar with this flow. He slowly took out the alcohol-based hand sanitizer from his pocket and put it by the side. Then, he found some white towels in the stadium. He had requested these towels yesterday. They were only provided to the really famous athletes, but some of the muscular hunks in the gym had great prestige. With just one phone call, they could make the stadium staff send the things they requested with a smile.

When Lu Wenbin pushed a four-wheeled cart full of white towels over, where he heard a girl’s moans, just as expected.

As he moved closer, he saw Ling Ran sitting on the long bench next to the synthetic racetrack. Ling Ran was already in battle—he had already begun massaging the athletes using the white towels they brought to the place themselves.

He did look like he was massaging them, because the muscle densities of the athletes were generally high. Hence, Ling Ran’s range of movement had to become much wider in order to massage the correct body part. He was not tired, but the body part he used to massage the athletes was different. For example, when Ling Ran massaged the elderly in the sanatorium, he mostly used his fingers. For the athletes, he had to use his elbows, fists, and other body parts.

The group of female athletes kept howling like cats as Ling Ran massaged them. Lu Wenbin could only smile wrly while he handed the towels to Ling Ran by the side.

He had originally planned to invite Ling Ran to the gym to massage the people there. He did not expect the massaging to begin in the stadium.

Besides, Ling Ran not only massaged the athletes, but he also performed a check-up for every athlete on their feet and Achilles tendons.

Even though they were a group of sweaty female athletes, once he thought about it, it was still better than touching sweaty men built like tanks.

“Lu Wenbin.” Ling Ran did a check-up for a female athlete from her head to her Achilles tendons. He said, “Get a notebook and make a record.”

“Can I record this on my phone?”

“Sure. Just make a record. She has ligament injury, strain injury…” Ling Ran moved closer to Lu Wenbin and his voice gradually grew softer until it reached a point where the female athlete by the side could not hear him.

Among the skills that Ling Ran mastered, his anatomical experience on the hand was three thousand times more than the foot.

In truth, right then, Ling Ran could be considered to have performed three thousand and five hundred cases of dissections on the hand. However, compared to his experience with the hand, his experience on foot anatomy was low.

A physical examination could not replace information gained based on anatomical experience. However, under such circumstances, he should just gather experience. Besides, it would not harm him.

More specifically, the muscle tissue and ligament structure of an athlete was different when compared with a normal person. Ling Ran was extremely willing to understand more since he had the chance now.

The female athletes were also very happy to help Ling Ran gain more knowledge.

The athletes who trained in Fuyuan Stadium were generally young. Those who were above thirty years old only appeared in a few sports events. Therefore, the athletes in the stadium were all at the age where they still loved fooling around. Soon after, all of them surrounded Ling Ran.

Ling Ran still worked at his own pace even when he was the center of attention.

He preferred to have fun in the stadium than doing nothing in the research institute.


“Mild regional swelling.”

“Tendon injury…”

Ling Ran had Lu Wenbin record the answers he obtained through palpation. Then, he had Lu Wenbin rephrase his words to tell the patients.

Most of the athletes understood their physical conditions. However, there were still people who did not take care of their bodies. Those who really cared about themselves would come to the research institute for a consultation with the doctor.

Ling Ran was getting familiar with the conditions of the feet and Achilles tendons, especially while he felt the athletes’ bodies with his hands.

Athletes had been training for long periods of time, and because of it, many of their physical indices were different from normal people. Even their muscle tissue conditions were also different.

Ling Ran held the heel of a female athlete while thinking about the procedures of the Achilles tendon repair technique in his mind. He slowly started gesturing on her Achilles tendon with his finger.

“Doctor Lu,” Ling Ran shouted suddenly, and before Lu Wenbin could respond, Ling Ran continued. “Go and ask the people in the research institute if they have any surgeries arranged for us tomorrow. If there’s still no surgery for us, I’ll be leaving.”

“Huh? Leaving for Yun Hua?” asked Lu Wenbin in shock.

“Of course.”

“Please don’t do that, Doctor Ling.” Lu Wenbin was stunned. “We came here for in-service training. We can get the certs to prove that we trained here even if we did nothing here. If we go back now…”

“What can I do with a cert to prove that I trained here?” Ling Ran glanced at Lu Wenbin and said, “I haven’t been performing any surgery for a few days. I can’t stand it anymore.”

Ling Ran spoke so honestly that Lu Wenbin did not know how to answer him.

Lu Wenbin changed his train of thought. Huo Congjun was worried that Ling Ran would be taken by Zhu Tongyi. If Ling Ran went back to Yun Hua, Huo Congjun would probably welcome him with open arms. As from Zhu Tongyi, they should have let Ling Ran participate in the surgery no matter what went wrong with their internal management. Lu Wenbin was shocked when he thought of this, ‘What’s wrong with me? When has my mindset changed so much? I should be feeling blessed for not having to perform any surgeries, right? How can I even consider this a problem…?’

“Okay. I’ll try to ask them.” Lu Wenbin nodded quietly.

“Just make a call now.” Ling Ran had been performing physical examinations for some time. He could barely suppress his urge to perform surgeries now.

Lu Wenbin could completely understand how Ling Ran felt. This feeling was like his desire to buy sneakers when he went window shopping online. The more he looked at them, the more he wanted to buy them. That was a desire where he would truly buy the shoes if he had enough money at hand.

Although Ling Ran held a leg in his hands, he thought of a scalpel in his heart. ‘Something feels off.’

Lu Wenbin frowned, took out his phone, and made a phone call to Xue Haochu.