Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 210

210 Becoming The Chief Surgeon

The following day.

Ling Ran woke up early in the morning to jog around the stadium's synthetic racetrack.

Even though he did not have the habit of jogging in the morning, being in Fuyuan Stadium stirred some of his interest.

Fuyuan Stadium was a standard track and field stadium. Its oval synthetic race track had a flat and even surface. The space in the middle was disorderly but picturesque, with clear and tidy lines. Those were basically in line with Ling Ran's aesthetics.

The morning jog itself made Ling Ran feel good. He employed the simplest strategy of exhaling after taking three steps and inhaling after taking another three steps. This allowed him to run continuously for quite a long time at a uniform speed. The act of jogging at a uniform speed was what made Ling Ran feel the most amazing.

Unlike sprints where people ran at an explosive speed or endurance running which made people so tired that they could die, when jogging at a uniform speed, one stepped forward quietly, drew back his leg quietly, and ran quietly until they no longer had the strength to do so.

Of course, 'quiet' was not really an accurate description.

There were a lot of guys and girls jogging alongside Ling Ran, and many of them had the ability to chat as they ran or talk dirty as they ran.

After Ling Ran jogged for four rounds, he stopped. His entire body was drenched in sweat. A few girls who ran beside him also stopped. However, more girls who waved at Ling Ran with a smile and continued jogging. For people who trained throughout the year, jogging for four rounds was only considered a warm-up.

Ling Ran panted quietly and drank half a bottle of water in one go. When he was about to go and take another bottle of water, someone passed him a bottle of mineral water.

"Oh, thank you very much." Ling Ran recognized Hui Manshan, and he nodded at her with a smile while she remained in front of her. He then took the bottle of water and placed it beside him, very much showing his indifference towards the gift.

Of course, if Ling Ran were to calculate the times he had received water from girls, his Water-O-Meter would probably go into overdrive.

Hui Manshan was extremely happy to see that Ling Ran recognized her.

Hui Manshan had never seen a man as handsome as Ling Ran in real life, and he happened to be around her age. After she went home after their initial meeting, Hui Manshan even dreamed about Ling Ran at night. This was why she specially came to train in Fuyuan Stadium today. Otherwise, according to her schedule, she was supposed to train at the swimming pool today.

When she thought about this, Hui Manshan had an idea and said, "Ling Ran, do you know how to swim? Swimming is actually a more effective training method compared to jogging."

As Hui Manshan spoke, she stood up straight and raised her chin confidently.

Swimming was the best exercise for body toning, and swimmers were chosen on the basis of being relatively tall and having long limbs. Hui Manshan had been a swimmer for a few years, and was tall, slim, and had a good posture. When she trained with the swimming team, she always talked about how she only wanted to focus on her career and did not want to go into a relationship so early in her life.

Right now, Hui Manshan had complete access to her deepest thoughts. 'The members of the swimming team look too ordinary.'

Ling Ran opened another bottle of water and took small sips to replenish his body's water content. "I know the breaststroke But I rarely swim."

Hui Manshan hurriedly asked, "Why? You don't like to swim?"

"I don't like swimming pools," Ling Ran answered very solemnly.

Rationally, he knew that if a swimming pool were disinfected properly, there would be a certain guarantee to its cleanliness. However, the human mind was not always rational.

Hui Manshan felt extremely regretful. "Why don't you like swimming pools?"

"Swimming pools nowadays are so dirty. I heard that someone even got pregnant after swimming in a swimming pool." Another girl found a chance to chip in, and her tone was aggressive.

Hui Manshan glanced at the other girl in disdain. "Do you seriously believe in those kinds of rumors?"

"Whatever it is, swimming pools are dirty" The girl who was speaking had a very delicate look, and she also had a sharp chin and large eyes. She had probably spent a long time carefully putting on makeup. The thought of being in a swimming pool filled with water made her unhappy.

Hui Manshan thought earnestly and said, "We can go there next Monday. The swimming pool is drained and refilled every Monday."

The moment she said that, before Ling Ran got to react, the few girls beside them started becoming anxious.

Ling Ran shook his head regretfully. "I'll probably need to carry out surgeries next Monday."

"Huh, are you a doctor? You're a surgeon?" This was the first time one of the girls saw Ling Ran. When she heard that he was a doctor, she became much livelier.

Ling Ran nodded and said, "I'm having an in-service training here."

"In-service training? Does that mean that you have to leave after that?"

"Of course."

"Then, which hospital are you from?"

"Yun Hua Hospital."

The girl who was asking Ling Ran those questions immediately breathed a sigh of relief. "Yun Hua City is also large and beautiful. I like Yun Hua quite a lot."

"Shanghai is too crowded."

"There are so many people and cars here. I'm bored of it."

"Actually, it's the same wherever you live"

A lively conversation went on once everyone joined in. Even though it was a little noisy, Ling Ran was rather used to it.

He was a person who liked silence and tranquility, and this personality of his might have been developed due to the fact that there were always people talking beside him. Every time this happened, Ling Ran could only let them do whatever they wanted and lose himself in his thoughts.

Ling Ran sat on the bench beside the synthetic racetrack and carefully recalled the surgery yesterday.

The Achilles tendon repair technique was similar yet different compared to the flexor tendon repair technique.

The similarity was that both involved the repairing of tendons, and even though the steps were different, the essence of the surgery was the same.

The difference was that flexor tendons were a lot thinner compared to the Achilles tendon.

The suturing of flexor tendons was very difficult due to its thinness. Long-term practice was required to suture flexor tendons, because when you perform real flexor tendons under the microscope, you would find that the flexor tendon's width was so small that the stitches might even overlap if you were not careful.

The Achilles tendon repair technique was not so particular, and there were many methods to suture it. You can even suture it just by looking at it with your naked eye without a microscope.

The core challenge of Achilles tendon repair was that the Achilles tendon had to bear a lot of weight, and might split.

The Achilles tendon was the tendon which was put under the most force in the human body, especially when one stretched his Achilles tendon tight when running.

The woman from yesterday ruptured her Achilles tendon because she carried out strenuous exercises after not exercising for a long time. At first, she thought she had only sprained her leg. In reality, it was far more serious than that.

Of course, it was not especially serious, either.

The success rate of Achilles tendon repair surgeries was quite high, especially for ordinary people. As long as they obeyed the doctors' orders, they could lead a normal life under most situations. The Achilles tendon repair surgery was a lot more effective compared to flexor tendon repair surgery.

However, the situation was more serious when it came to athletes.

Athletes did not aim to lead a normal life.

The more extraordinary an athlete was, the more he pushed his body to the limit. Even ordinary people might rupture their Achilles tendon when carrying out strenuous exercises, and when athletes carried out strenuous exercises, the pressure on the Achilles tendon was even higher.

Fortunately, after spending a large amount of money on research, the advancement of modern medicine had developed the basics to repair the Achilles tendons of athletes.

Ling Ran was quite interested in this challenge.

Even though his Perfect Level Achilles Tendon Repair Technique was more than enough to suture an ordinary person's Achilles tendon, when it came to an athlete's Achilles tendon his skill would still be enough to handle the person's Achilles tendon provided the person was not the type to push himself to the limit. But was that even possible?

Ling Ran thought about that as he drank water. Soon, he finished the whole bottle of water.

He turned down several more bottles of mineral water from the other young women. He then rose, jumped a few times before he started to run slowly along the synthetic racetrack again.

Ling Ran gauged the force exerted on his own Achilles tendon as he pondered over a surgery plan for Achilles tendon repairs. He also ran through the process of the surgery in his mind.

"The king asked me to patrol the mountains"

Ling Ran's mobile phone rang loudly.

"Doctor Ling, Academician Zhu is back. When can you come over? We'll pick a surgery plan together," Xue Haochu said. He then asked, "Can you be the chief surgeon?"

"Thirty minutes Hm, I'll be there in forty minutes." Ling Ran did not stop immediately. After hanging up the call, he ran for another round before he walked slowly back to the research institute.