Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 212

212 Consultation

Ling Ran was surprised to see Liu Weichen in the consultation room.

Although he heard that some big shot patients would join the consultation between doctors, he had not met them in Yun Hua Hospital.

Naturally, this was a special case. When he was in Yun Hua, these big shots' hands would never be severed. While in Zhu Tongyi's research institute, Liu Weichen was the most important patient recently who had his tendon ruptured.

There were other star athletes who were even more influential than him. Unfortunately, they did not have a chance to sigh in regret as they did not have their tendons ruptured in time.

Liu Weichen observed Ling Ran carefully and was secretly amazed.

The thirty-year-old Liu Weichen was no longer just an athlete. He had one of his legsthe one with the ruptured tendonin the world of sports, and the other was in the entertainment industry.

Sports was the root that started his career, while the entertainment industry was what let him earn money.

In recent years, Liu Weichen met many celebrities from the entertainment industry, including young and handsome male artists, good-looking actors, or even foreign celebrities who had a large number of fans. From Liu Weichen's perspective, Ling Ran looked even more handsome than them.

"Doctor Ling, you look really handsome," Liu Weichen praised sincerely.

Liu Weichen's biggest regret was his average-looking appearance. If he could become more handsome, he could have received more attention, which would increase his income several fold. If he could be as handsome as Ling Ran, he might be buried under an endless number of offers from companies to represent them in advertisements.

As Liu Weichen thought about it, he, at the same time, also had to flatter this wilful donkey. So, he just said it easily with an expression full of praise.

Ling Ran smiled calmly. He had heard these compliments often. Even though it was said by a star athlete, it was nothing special to him. Still, Ling Ran purposely observed Liu Weichen. He was very relieved when he saw that he was in good condition.

"Ling Ran, you know Weichen, right? The guided surgery I spoke about is mainly for him." Academician Zhu Tongyi laughed and greeted them. He behaved in a very friendly manner.

Ling Ran smiled at Liu Weichen again and asked, "Why didn't you get a doctor from overseas for your surgery?"

"We couldn't come to an agreement in many aspects," Liu Weichen said seriously.

Academician Zhu Tongyi continued to explain, "The surgery plan I designed can recover Weichen's foot functionality to its greatest extent, but the surgical risk is greater, and the level of difficulty is very high. The overseas doctors are more willing to perform conventional surgery, so they refused to perform according to our surgery plan."

If the plan was not designed by Academician Zhu Tongyi, but by the surgeon himself, that surgeon might consider taking up the challenge of such a high-risk surgery. However, that surgeon might not want to be the chief surgeon of that surgery, but would rather have someone else take his place. That was the same for both famous overseas doctors and the doctors in China. Besides, Academician Zhu Tongyi had yet to get any surgeon who was talented and willing to spend time on this plan.

Ling Ran nodded, even though he did not seem to understand the situation.

Liu Weichen said, "I would rather the surgery fail than play with the risk of having my Achilles tendon rupture again."

"If the surgery fails, you won't be able to run again," Ling Ran reminded him.

"I know, but I can still walk like a normal person, right? A failed surgery and a surgery with a high success rate are the same to me." It was quite obvious that Liu Weichen had thought carefully about it. Ling Ran did not have to explain the complications and the sequela; he believed that Liu Weichen already understood them very well.

Ling Ran looked at Academician Zhu Tongyi and asked, "I received a call saying that they wanted me to be a chief surgeon for a surgery"

"It's another patient." Zhu Tongyi took his time to explain so that Ling Ran would not misunderstand. Ling Ran looked at Zhu Tongyi without having his facial expression change.

Zhu Tongyi was relieved. He then instructed the resident doctor who stood by the side to play the slideshow. The introduction and all the small talk that Zhu Tongyi had planned to do did not come to fruition.

"Patient Cao Fei, thirty-two years old, single male, occupation is traffic police. He was injured four hours ago. His right heel is in pain, is swollen, and it cannot move. He does not seem to be unconscious or suffer from any loss of normal brain function. He is not nauseous, has no urge of vomiting, no shortness of breath, no heart palpitations, and no urinary or fecal incontinence. He's now conscious, and is being sent to our Emergency Department," the resident doctor said while reading from the slideshow, though the slideshow was mainly for Ling Ran's benefit.

Ling Ran nodded discreetly. If the injury happened four hours ago due to an accident, it showed that Zhu Tongyi had simply chosen a patient for Ling Ran to test waters. It was quite fitting for Ling Ran's tastes.

If they actually chose a difficult medical case to test Ling Ran' ability, it would not be fair for the patient.

An incredibly normal operation in the business world or estate world could tell the higher-ups nothing about a person's abilities or ethics, but an operation of the same level of difficulty in the world of medicine would immediately place the doctor under the scrutiny of medical ethics in terms of his ethics and skills.

With Ling Ran's qualification and skill, it would be no problem for him to be the chief surgeon in this surgery. But to be on the safe side, the first assistant must be a senior surgeon with more experience to cover for any of Ling Ran's weaknesses during the operation and, more importantly, to tell Ling Ran when to stop

Ling Ran naturally looked at the middle-aged man sitting in the corner. He had thin and long fingers, sharp eyes, a thin body, a lazy look, and a confident smile. If he were ten years younger, he would probably look like a Japanese-style surgeon.

Before Zhu Tongyi was able to introduce this doctor, Ling Ran already matched him with the information provided in the brochure of the research institute. Ji Tianlu, a famous orthopedist who graduated from Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University. His skill in joint replacement surgery was the best in the country. It could be seen that he had moved forward to specialize in sports medicine.

Ling Ran surmised while he listened to the resident doctor describe the past history, personal history, and family history of the patient. Subsequently, the resident doctor started to explain the results from the physical examination and the scans that served as auxiliary examinations.

Ling Ran lost a little interest in listening to the explanations once he finished listening to the results from the physical examination. He looked away from the slides and said, "Wait a minute, is this the surgery that I'll be the chief surgeon for?" He looked at Zhu Tongyi.

"That's right." Zhu Tongyi nodded.

"I want to do the check-up on my own." At the moment, Ling Ran did not ask for permission, but was giving instructions.

A smile appeared on Zhu Tongyi's face. He then said, "Don't you want to listen to the explanation of the MRI scans from the Medical Imaging Department?"

"I can read it on my own." Ling Ran thought his answer was very polite.

In truth, the explanation on the MRI scans did not mean anything to him. When normal specialists dealt with MRI scans, they needed a lot of help from the Medical Imaging Department. Sometimes, they were completely dependent on the explanation from the Medical Imaging Department.

Some specialists could understand more about the MRI scans of their specialties, but they also needed the description from the Medical Imaging Department before they read it on their own so that they would not misinterpret it if they encountered undiscovered problems. Specialists who managed to reach this extent could score eighty-five marks on reading MRI scans.

In order to score the remaining fifteen marks, they had to spend a year or two to study medical imaging, or the doctors from the Medical Imaging Department would need to study another specialization.

The Master Level MRI Analysis Ling Ran obtained was limited to the four limbs. This kind of limitation was because different parts of the body would have different MRI images.

The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was still one of the top specialized departments for sports medicine in the country. However, if Academician Zhu Tongyi's support for the center was taken out of the picture, there were only three to four top specialists in the country located in the center. The remaining would be the young doctors who were still in on their way to the top of their field. How were they able to learn about analyzing MRI scans in such a short time?

The resident doctor looked at Ling Ran skeptically before he slowly lowered his head. If he took out his phone, he would be able to post at least thirty sarcastic remarks about this to his Circle of Friends.

However, the resident doctor was still in the room, so he could only take out the MRI scan and wait for Ling Ran to speak. Ji Tianlu who sat in the corner was somewhat excited. He raised his head and looked at Ling Ran.

Ji Tianlu was one of the doctors who scored eighty-five marks in analyzing MRI scans, but since he could perform joint replacement surgeries on many parts of the body, it meant that he learned how to read the MRI scans of multiple parts of the body.

However, he still needed some specialists from the Medical Imaging Department to analyze the MRI scan beforehand. Thus, he understood the uniqueness of Ling Ran's request.

A series of MRI scans was displayed on the large screen of the entire wall.

The Orthopedics Department was always known to be rich. The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was even considered the golden soil [1] that would produce even more money for the rich. The screen that was used to display slideshows cost something comparable to an operating theater in Yiyuan County Hospital.

Ling Ran seldom had a chance to glance through so many MRI scans at once, and it made him feel wonderful. Shortly after that, he analyzed them greedily. After a while, he even requested for the remote control and operated it by himself.

Everyone stared at Ling Ran.

Ling Ran stared at the screen.

After a long time

Reading MRI scans always took a lot of time. It took an even longer time because Ling Ran read the scans so carefully.

Of course, doctors were usually not given so much time in reading MRI scans during normal consultations In normal circumstances, they would either analyze the film beforehand, or they would pretend to analyze the film on the spot.

It was very rare to see someone like Ling Ran who was able to patiently analyze the MRI scans from start to end in front of an academician, an expert, a star athlete, and a resident doctor.

"Trauma level is between Level I and Level II, we can apply basic end-to-end suturing. We'll do it from here." Ling Ran made a few gestures and started to explain his own plan.

Zhu Tongyi did not want to interfere. This was meant to be a normal Achilles tendon repair surgery, and the crux of the surgery lied in how Ling Ran handled the situation.

When Ling Ran finished, Zhu Tongyi did not make any conclusion but said, "Doctor Ji is the one who will be your first assistant today. He is a chief physician in our Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. He is young and capable" Zhu Tongyi explained a bit before he purposely said, "Doctor Ji reserves the right to stop the surgery."

Ling Ran nodded and agreed. He called for Lu Wenbin and together they left for the operating theater to change their attire.

However, everyone, including Zhu Tongyi, was surprised by Ling Ran's straightforwardness.

"He looks very confident." Ji Tianlu smiled and left as well.

Zhu Tongyi and Liu Weichen left the consultation room with expectations and worries. Then, they went towards the demonstration room where there were more screens connected to the high-resolution mounted video camera and the panoramic camera, which allowed the audience to observe most of the things going on in the operating theater.

Only the resident doctor stayed in the consultation room to tidy up. But first, he took out his phone and started to type a stream of sarcastic comments to his small group