Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 215

215 Sprightly Nervous Serious

The operating theater in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was spacious and bright.

From the angle in the demonstration room, the operating theater under the panoramic camera was more like a mysterious world. Light blue floors, dark blue drapings, white equipment, silver devices, and black or red striped medical consumables each occupied an area to show a grim yet neat order.

There were two junior nurses in the theater. One of the nurses wore a gray rabbit-ear surgical cap and another nurse wore a yellow surgical cap with the shape of a tomato. They walked around the operating table like two cute little butterflies flitting left and right, showing some warmth belonging uniquely to humans.

"Your surgical caps are kind of interesting," Liu Weichen felt that the atmosphere in the atmosphere was too cold and decided to ease it a little with the entertainer's sense he had since gained after going on television that one time.

"There are studies showing that colored surgical caps could relieve the tension of patients and facilitate surgeries. In addition to that, the operating theaters are made for standard clothing, so the hospital allowed everyone to purchase their own surgical caps," Zhu Tongyi spoke slowly and reasonably.

"So, Doctor Ling Ran still didn't have time to buy a surgical cap. Department Director Ji's surgical cap is a red-blue floral patterned cap, did you buy it yourself? It's quite interesting," Liu Weichen subconsciously ignored Lu Wenbin, who was operating the retractor.

Zhu Tongyi smiled. "Doctor Ling is a very strict doctor. He should be the kind of doctor patients long to have."

"The kind of doctor patients long to have are doctors who can cure illnesses," Liu Weichen answered after he sensed what he meant.

"Ling Ran also provides good treatment." Zhu Tongyi did not directly agree with Liu Weichen's words. After being a doctor for a long time, he knew that Liu Weichen's request was not the voice of all patients, what he said was just the sentiments of old patients. Many patients only had a few minor illnesses, and those who had never had a serious illness would request treatment as if they were ordering food from a chef in a five-star restaurant.

In fact, a few years ago, Liu Weichen's request for doctors had not been the same as what he said now. At that time, Liu Weichen was rising up the ranks. He had some injuries, but they were not injuries that affected his tendons or bones. Therefore, every time he came to the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, he would be picky about the environment, and asked for better medical treatment, to receive treatment that would save up on time, and a good-tempered doctor

Doctor Qu was his first doctor at the time.

However, in the last two years, especially after his recent Achilles tendon rupture, Liu Weichen's requests started changing.

No one made a comparison with how he acted in the past, but Liu Weichen turned his wheelchair around, and changed the topic with a smile. "But you have to admit, when the nurses wear cartoon caps, they make others feel much more relaxed. The one who wore the gray rabbit-ear cap is a scrub nurse, is it? Or do you call them surgical nurses?"

The two-hundred-pound resident doctor stared at the nurse who was shaking her head and suddenly muttered to himself, 'That is a mini lop.'

"Pardon?" Liu Weichen did not hear it properly.

"That is the French Lop, Xiao Yun's favorite pet," the 220-pound resident doctor said a little louder. He then grabbed the mineral water before him, drank half of the water in the bottle, and became 221 pounds.


"10-0 thread," Ling Ran asked for another thread, and he performed the Kessler suture method from the coronal plane and sagittal plane.

There was a concept of three planes in the medical field. The coronal plane was an imaginary plane dividing the body into dorsal and ventral parts.; the sagittal plane was an anatomical boundary that exists between the left and right sides of the body; the transverse plane divided the body from head to tail.

Of course, this was just to illustrate the relationship between the parts, and the surgeons would not really cut up the patient this way It was not necessary to do this Generally, it would not be done

Ji Tianlu followed Ling Ran and hurriedly bent the patient's knees and flexed the patient's ankles to relax the tendon, and Lu Wenbin helped Ling Ran tighten the suture knot. Logically speaking, Ji Tianlu and Lu Wenbin's positions should be changed, but the problem was: Lu Wenbin rarely participated in Achilles tendon surgeries. It was very difficult for him to get the feeling that he was doing things right when he bent the patient's knee and flexed the ankle. However, he had no problem when it came to being a suture assistant, so Lu Wenbin was quietly promoted. He was so happy that his eyebrows were raised so high until they were vertical.

"Rinse it." Ling Ran fixed the tendon sheath as much as possible to make the area that was sutured be smooth.

With his Master Level Appositional Suturing Technique, if he wanted the suture he performed to be smooth, then he would be able to produce it.

Ji Tianlu was dazed as he watched.

Ling Ran's skills in suturing did not make themselves quite apparent during the debridement and suturing part of the surgery. At least, when compared with experts, he did not seem to be any better. After all, the highest difficulty during debridement and suturing was just as difficult as Union Hospital's internists treating the common cold. They might not be able to produce a better plan to treat that disease compared to the sub-par emergency doctors in lousy hospitals, either.

However, when it came to Achilles tendon repairs, the Master Level Appositional Suturing Technique showed obvious superiority.

The Achilles tendon was actually very difficult to suture because it was very tough, it had poor attachment abilities, and had a certain elasticity. It was already difficult enough to suture the two ruptured ends completely, and it was even more difficult to make an extremely smooth suture.

Even though Ji Tianlu's suturing skills were much higher than his peers', his skills were not at Master Level. Not only had he not reached it, but he also was not even at Specialist Level yet.

There was a limit to a person's energy. Ji Tianlu, who was in his forties, could be considered a legend in Yun Hua Hospital, since he was already a chief physician at his age. It was even more difficult for him to reach that position in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. His skill points had been allocated to changing bones, how many could be used for suturing?

Of course, Ji Tianlu's level in suturing absolutely reached the passing mark, but it was basically impossible for him to suture tendons as smoothly as Ling Ran.

"There is no more bleeding," Ji Tianlu continued his duties as an assistant. He rinsed the patient's wound with saline several times and carefully observed the surgical field. Once he found that it no longer bled, he stopped and asked, "Do you usually suture this way? Or it is just by chance?"

"I usually do this." Ling Ran was neither modest nor hid the fact that he usually did this.

Ji Tianlu coughed a couple of times and suddenly laughed out loud, "So, the patient's luck is good."

Ling Ran glanced at Ji Tianlu strangely.

Ji Tianlu already knew that Ling Ran was a very straightforward person. He laughed a couple of times and said, "I mean, this patient is very lucky for having you as his surgeon. Just look at the final suture. This patient's daily life should be unaffected. He should be able to work with this."

Ling Ran just made a sound and nodded in agreement. He had the Master Level in Suturing, Master Level MRI Analysis, and Perfect Level Achilles Tendon Repair Technique. If his patient did not manage to live a normal life after this, it would be ludicrous.

"How did you practice to get this level of skill?" Ji Tianlu watched Ling Ran perform a layered closure, and he could not help but feel the urge to ask.

Ling Ran thought for a while before he said, "I sutured bananas."

"Oh" Ji Tianlu thought it sounded very normal. He then looked up and saw that Lu Wenbin had the ghost of a smile on his face. Then, he could not help but feel his heart grow tense, even though he did not know the reason for it.

"You cast the plaster," Ling Ran completed the final suture, and after he checked everything once, he habitually let his assistant do the menial tasks.

Ji Tianlu and Lu Wenbin both answered, "Okay."

For a moment, Ji Tianlu's expression was unpleasant, and it was especially so when he remembered that Ling Ran considered plastering a reward. His expression became even more vivid after that.

Compared with the enthusiasm in the operating theater, the demonstration room was in a somewhat still silence

Ling Ran's performance was in full compliance with Zhu Tongyi's expectations, which meant that Ling Ran's performance was completely beyond the expectations of the others.

The expression of the group of resident doctors became weird when they saw Ling Ran, who was about the same age as them, perform a surgery that even a forty-something chief physician could not do. The anxiety of being surpassed by their peers shrouded their hearts.

For Doctor Qu, who was almost twice Ling Ran's age, had doubled the strange feeling in his heart.

"What do you think?" Zhu Tongyi came to Doctor Qu and asked for his opinion. No matter what, Doctor Qu was the doctor-in-charge of Liu Weichen.

Doctor Qu knew that this was a crucial moment, and once he nodded, Liu Weichen's medical treatment may be given to another surgeon.

However, Doctor Qu could not lie in front of so many people.

"I think I need to observe several more surgeries," Doctor Qu took the opportunity to think of a trick to gain time.

Zhu Tongyi chuckled, "Liu Weichen's surgery should be carried out as soon as possible, and we can't observe surgeries endlessly."

"Liu Weichen, you want to see the true strength of your chief surgeon, right?" Doctor Qu asked Liu Weichen for help.

Liu Weichen's heart melted with pity, but he chose to wisely keep quiet.

His surgery had indeed been delayed for a while.

Zhu Tongyi smiled again and said, "As Barton said,'there are many ways to win a war, just as there are many ways to skin a cat We are so keen to seek unique medicine that will provide miraculous effects, but we forget that the method of skinning a cat is to just remove its skin"

Doctor Qu, "What? What?!"