Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 218

Chapter 218: The Leader Would Not Mind

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“10-0 thread.”



“7-0 thread.”

“Rinse it.”

Ling Ran stood in the operating theater with his kidney secreting epinephrine madly. He did not hold back in his movements, and he performed the surgeries to his heart’s content.

At the time, if a rather skilled linguist who wanted to find a suitable word to describe Ling Ran, most likely, that word would be “unhinged.”

Naturally, in the eyes of others, Ling Ran still performed at a stable speed, his movements were orderly, and his operation was performed in great detail…

Only similar surgery maniacs could understand how Ling Ran felt at the moment. ‘Happy! Extremely happy! It’s like feeling the cool breeze in autumn!’

Ling Ran felt good, too.

What was the difference between performing surgeries in other hospitals and his own hospital?

From Ling Ran’s perspective, performing the surgery in his own hospital was like making a meal at his home. You needed to buy vegetables and make your own meal. Then, you needed to do your chores like dishwashing, throwing away the trash, and room cleaning after the meal.

Performing surgeries in other hospitals made him feel like he was invited to have his meal in a restaurant. He just needed to order his meal and talk while he waited for the dish to be served. After the meal, he could just wipe his mouth and leave happily. Perhaps his host would even give him a red packet.

Most importantly, he could eat freely in the restaurant without holding himself back!

If he had his meal at home, he would probably just eat until his stomach was 70% or 80% full. Sometimes, he would even leave behind some leftovers. Naturally, when he prepared a meal, he would definitely cook at a relaxed pace. Even when he felt very hungry, he would just finish all the dishes available, no matter how delicious they were. He would not add any extra food to his plate.

However, it was different when he ate in a restaurant. It was normal to add extra dishes, and he could add them without holding back. He did not have to worry about insufficient hospital beds, too much pressure on the Nursing Department, insufficient rehabilitation rooms, insufficient reserved observation rooms, or any major accidents happening in the area…

When Ling Ran stood in the operating theater in other hospitals, used the surgical instruments in other hospitals, performed surgeries for patients from other hospitals, sent them to the hospital beds in other hospitals, and finally let the nurses in other hospitals take over the nursing, the happiness without caring about anything was even more exciting than the excursions carried out by Emperor Zhengde.

One surgery meant he operated on one more patient.

Five surgeries was his baseline.

Six surgeries was considered as profiting slightly more than the baseline.

Ten surgeries was a total profit for him!

When he just arrived in Shanghai, Ling Ran felt that he would not lose anything if he managed to perform five surgeries.

Therefore, when he finished five surgeries last night, Ling Ran just went back to sleep.

Once he woke up, he stood at the operating theater of Shanghai at five in the morning, feeling energized. Every second he spent to recover could now be earned back with surgeries.

Before he came, Ling Ran could only perform one to two surgeries in Yun Hua Hospital every day. Five surgeries was considered the total number of surgeries for at least three days. But during his stay in Shanghai, Yun Hua Hospital could even free six to seven beds.

According to Ling Ran’s hypothesis, if he stayed at Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center for a week and performed five surgeries, he could still perform another six to seven surgeries when he went back to Yun Hua Hospital. This was equivalent to twelve surgeries in a week. He did not have to calculate the time needed for the surgery and even the limited resources which could not even be considered as resources.

It was just like how workers were not paid during their free time. A surgery maniac was always happy if he could perform surgeries for longer stretches of time.

What kept Ling Ran constantly happy was the number of hospital beds.

Hospital beds could not be added without end. Huo Congjun had used up all his authority in the Emergency Department to add hospital beds. Even if they wanted to add more, they could only have one hundred hospital beds in the department at the very most. Hundreds of wards were not allowed by both the hospital and even the Health Department.

The number of hospital beds was highly associated with the grade of the hospital. It was also a big challenge for the hospital management and the other departments in the hospital.

It was already very difficult for a regional top tertiary grade A hospital like Yun Hua Hospital to increase their number of beds once their beds reached three thousand. There were only a few hospitals which were equipped with five thousand hospital beds in the country. First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, which was the biggest hospital in the world, contained a total of ten thousand hospital beds. There was a total of ninety-five departments in the hospital to correspond to the number of hospital beds. On average, there were around one hundred hospital beds in each department.

The number of hospital beds in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was only up to one hundred and eighty. Even though Zhu Tongyi held the position of an academician, he could not increase the number as he pleased.

This was because, in the assessment index given to the hospitals by the country, the number of medical staff including the average number of doctors and the average number of nurses was used to balance the number of hospital beds by way of dividing the number of beds by the number of medical staff. For instance, in the assessment of tertiary grade A hospitals, the average number of medical staff per hospital bed was 1.03. Hospitals whose average number of medical staff per hospital bed was lower than 1.03 but higher than 0.88 were considered secondary, and they even had to reduce the number to 0.4 nurses per hospital bed on average…

Therefore, under the circumstances of not including the additional beds in the calculation, increasing the hospital beds meant that they had to increase the number of medical staff. The increase in staff was very difficult on each public sector.

The Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital already tried their best to accelerate the hospital beds’ turnover rate. At one point in time, the department even added fifty additional beds. However, adding beds was akin to utilizing a credit card. You could repeatedly use it, but when the bills came, you would still need to pay back.

When Ling Ran was in the operating theater of the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, he was not worried about this at all.

He did not even bother speaking. He just rolled up his sleeves and worked as hard as he could.

Before this group of people realized what was going on, he must work as much as possible.

Most of the doctors, including Doctor Qu, could not understand Ling Ran’s mindset. They only saw Ling Ran working very hard. When they saw him sweating profusely, the doctors felt as if they were in his shoes, and they felt terrified for him. Liu Weichen, who came back to the demonstration room, even sighed with a myriad of emotions in him. “He’s forcing himself to the limits.”

Yet, Zhu Tongyi and Ji Tianlu looked at each other. They saw slight envy, slight admiration, and slight amusement from each other’s eyes.

When they were still young, they used to be surgery maniacs as well.

The experts of the medical field in China always went through a state of being maniacs for surgeries before they became experts.

The expenses spent by the hospitals and medical research were much higher compared to the industrial sectors, and the requirement for the accumulation of experience in doctors using their skills was even greater. If a poor nation that suddenly became rich could not afford to conduct researches in the medical field, then it was even more so for China during the time Zhu Tongyi and Ji Tianlu were young. At that time, China was very poor.

During that time, the only way for doctors to improve their medical skills was to practice more. That was the state of the medical world in China.

‘We did not have so many surgical techniques. We only relied on being exposed to new knowledge. We used three to twenty years to learn all the diseases foreign doctors could only see once every ten, twenty, thirty, or forty years, and we kept practicing, whether it was once, twice, five times, or ten times…’

The surgeries that resident doctors fought for were nothing to attending physicians and associate chief physicians at all. However, they still needed to fight for the surgeries which were targeted by the chief physicians and associate chief physicians.

“It feels so comfortable even just by watching him…” Ji Tianlu looked at the way Ling Ran performed the surgery, and he gave a spontaneous compliment.

Zhu Tongyi also nodded slightly.

He also watched how Ling Ran operated.

Although Ling Ran felt great, so much so that he felt as if he was running in the meadows to chase after the wind while the grass swayed around him, and he felt like an unrestrained horse charging down hundreds of miles, he was still careful, because the surgery he performed was still a microsurgery.

Microsurgeries always needed their surgeons to be extra careful in every detail.

Even the slightest increase in calcification at a certain part of the body must be reduced bit by bit.

It was even more so for sutures. Smooth, flat, yet strong sutures was a must.

What Zhu Tongyi cared the most was Ling Ran’s control over the operation. The surgeon needed in his surgical plan was basically an expert in microsurgery. Otherwise, there was just no way they could produce results that would far exceed the results of normal surgeries.

“Is this the sixth surgery done by Ling Ran?” asked Zhu Tongyi.

“Yes, the sixth surgery,” answered a resident doctor.

Zhu Tongyi touched his forehead and said, “It’s the sixth surgery, and he can still maintain his performance. He’s really good.”

He was the one who invited Ling Ran over, and it was a need for him to boast for a while.

Meanwhile, Doctor Qu was too reluctant to let go of Liu Weichen. He stared at the screen and remembered what he once heard. He then said, “It looks like Ling Ran performed five cases yesterday, and he started the sixth case after he woke up.”

“Hmm, let’s see how it goes,” Zhu Tongyi answered while he smiled at Liu Weichen. With it, he considered that he had shown his stance in the matter clearly.

To be honest, what Ling Ran said yesterday had also reminded Zhu Tongyi of something.

He was just a doctor. Although he was an academician, he was still just a doctor. He could design a surgical plan for Liu Weichen and find the best doctor in the country, or even from all around the world. But eventually, it was Liu Weichen who needed to make the decision on whether he wanted to receive the surgery and what sort of surgical plan he wanted to use.

Zhu Tongyi could not do it for Liu Weichen, and he would never care about Liu Weichen’s injury more than himself.

At that moment, Ling Ran was the surgeon who performed the best. However, if Liu Weichen was not willing to choose Ling Ran but insisted on choosing other surgeons, Zhu Tongyi would not stop him.

He had provided enough information to Liu Weichen. Next, it should be up to this star athlete who was no longer a child to make the decision himself.

In the operating theater.

Ling Ran smiled.

Every time he performed a surgery, it would make him happier. When he finished the sixth surgery and took off the mask, a satisfied expression could be seen on his face.

“Doctor Ling, you performed the surgery well.” Nurse Xiao Yun, who wore the surgery cap with pictures of the gray mini lop, clapped her hands to praise Ling Ran on time.

The resident doctors and anesthetist also clapped their hands simultaneously. The resident doctors clapped so that they could continue getting chances to perform surgeries, while the anesthetist clapped because he was so exhausted that he just followed what other people did.

“Thank you.” Ling Ran bowed slightly to express his gratitude to the surgery group. He then said, “Let’s hurry up with the clean-up. Um… someone, please go out and give them a reminder that the next patient should already be here. We have to perform the MRI scan and checkup, and also do the anesthetic plan. If it’s possible, please perform general anesthesia.”

The surgical nurses and anesthetist answered him together.

“Do you know how to give medical advice?” Ling Ran asked a resident doctor.

“Urk… yes, I know, a bit.” The resident doctor was so nervous that the shape of his mouth changed slightly. Ling Ran did not care whether there were any cameras around, but that mattered a lot to the resident doctor, especially when he thought that his colleagues and superiors might be behind the camera, as well as the pretty nurses and female doctors. This made him so nervous that he did not know what to say.

When Ling Ran saw this, he habitually said, “We have to provide secondary nursing care for the first three days. Lift up the patient’s leg before you check the medication the patient used before the surgery. Do a cold compress and perform detumescence, and do a full set of biochemical tests tomorrow. Be careful of blood clotting and his immune response. Get his electrocardiogram, chest scans… hmm, do one MRI scan as well and see how the results are.”

“Alright, I got it.” The resident doctor regretted the fact that he did not admit that he knew how to do the medical advice just now, and now, he had lost an opportunity to show his capability.

“Next surgery. How long do we have to wait?” Ling Ran rubbed his hands, and he became excited again.

He just performed a surgery after he woke up. He was currently in his best condition.

Ji Tianlu and Zhu Tongyi discussed Ling Ran’s surgery in whispers in the demonstration room.

The development of microsurgeries was incredibly quick in the country. There were many kinds of microsurgeries, and all of them placed a great emphasis on techniques and skills. Ji Tianlu was considered a part of the main force at the prime of his life in this field, while Zhu Tongyi was a highly experienced, old doctor. They both had different advantages, and they had unlimited topics to discuss when it came to Ling Ran’s surgery.

After all, Ji Tianlu’s mind was already filled with all sorts of thoughts when he watched Ling Ran’s skills as he sutured.

All of a sudden, Liu Weichen made his decision. He pushed his wheelchair over and pressed the call button. He then asked seriously, “Doctor Ling, I am Liu Weichen. Could you please be the chief surgeon of my surgery?”

Ling Ran stopped for a while on the display screen. His face was full of hesitation and pity, and it made Liu Weichen feel uneasy.

Liu Weichen’s manager did not manage to stop him in time. He became anxious. “Weichen, why are you in such a hurry? If you do it this way, the news will leak. At that time, how are the leaders in the team and the bureau supposed to explain this—”

Liu Weichen turned around and cast him a glance. He answered calmly, “The leaders won’t mind.”