Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 219

219 See You Later

[Weichen decided to receive surgery. I'm rooting for you. (_)(*)" ]

[Please make sure that Weichen recovers. @orthopedicandsportsmedicinecenter]

[Even though the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center is indeed one of the top institutions in our country when it comes to the orthopedics field, it is still lackluster compared to the hospitals overseas. I don't understand why Liu Weichen chose to be operated here. I hope that he was not threatened or something. In my humble opinion, your health is important, and you shouldn't sacrifice it for the sake of someone else's reputation.]

After Liu Weichen made his decision, this long-awaited topic immediately started trending on various social media platforms.

As per his manager's greatest fears, the research center was flooded with people. Even though the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center had relatively strict regulations and did not allow their medical staff to reveal information regarding their patients, they could not stop some of them from boasting in front of their friends and family members. Those friends and family members would then boast in front of their respective friends and family members.

Apart from that, it was also possible that the paparazzi had either lied in wait or had found informants beforehand.

The media also had Liu Weichen's sponsors adding fuel to the fire.

Ever since Liu Weichen got injured, his media exposure plummeted. All his sponsors had spent alarge sum of money on him and wanted to take the opportunity to get some exposure as they might suffer huge losses if Liu Weichen's surgery were to fail.

Because of this, his manager was like an ant in a hot pan.

He said, grumbling, "Why were you in such a hurry to release the news? You should have told us, and we could have discussed a strategy before releasing it. Wouldn't a press conference be better than you releasing the news anonymously like this?"

After a while, the manager consoled Liu Weichen and himself, "It's okay, worst comes to worst, we'll just give a few interviews, and we'll still be able to use the situation to our advantage."

Liu Weichen did not pay any attention to his manager. Why would he care whether they could use the situation to their advantage right now? Giving interviews was totally out of the question for him, as well.

He only confirmed with Doctor Qu again and again, "Is Doctor Ling ready? When can we start with the surgery?"

"There's no problem on the research center's side," Doctor Qu said hesitantly, "It's just that we might still need to coordinate a few things with the Sports Bureau."

"Sigh that's why I said that this was all decided too hastily," the manager heaved a long sigh and said, "We should have informed the leaders of the Sports Bureau first."

Liu Weichen asked, "Don't they know that I'm being treated in Academician Zhu Tongyi's center?"

"They do know that, but you still need to report whatever is going on," the manager said in a grave tone, "Things have changed. Now that your leg is injured, you have to speak and act even more cautiously when doing things. You need to think in the shoes of the Sports Bureau. You're the pillar of the track and field team, which means that you are the transverse beam of a big house. If the transverse beam wants to undergo surgery, it's only natural that he needs to inform the people under the roof before undergoing the surgery."

Liu Weichen snorted a few times and thought, 'Indeed, I was the one who supported the roof and shielded them from wind and rain, to the point that I got injured.'

He would not say this out loud. In truth, ever since he got injured, Liu Weichen had gotten a lot mellower. He did not intend to argue at all. He turned and said to Doctor Qu, "Receiving a surgery is my personal choice, and I don't need other people's permission for that. Doctor Qu, when can Doctor Ling come over?"

Doctor Qu pursed his lips and said, "Ling Ran is still in the operating theater right now. I informed him twice already."

"Huh?" Liu Weichen's stomach was immediately in knots. "Are there any unforeseen changes?"

"What unforeseen changes could possibly happen? He's just" Even though Doctor Qu wanted to say that Ling Ran was just being pretentious, after thinking about it, he did not continue, because that would sound too much like office politics. He changed the topic and said, "Academician Zhu is arriving soon. No matter how late Ling Ran is, it's impossible for him to arrive later than Academician Zhu."

Liu Weichen nodded repeatedly.

After more than an hour, Academician Zhu Tongyi showed up in the ward.

However, Liu Weichen realized in disappointment that Ling Ran was not there yet. He could not help but look at Doctor Qu, who was beside him.

"Doctor Ling is still in the middle of a surgery," Academician Zhu Tongyi said, as if he could guess what Liu Weichen was thinking, "There are quite a lot of patients arranged for surgery today. Doctor Ling knows about your situation, and he's also quite confident in treating you. This is why he planned to finish off all the arranged surgeries in one go before earnestly operating on you."

This explanation was considered reasonable. Liu Weichen nodded slightly. "After waiting for so many days, I don't mind waiting for a bit more."

Zhu Tongyi said with a smile, "Since you have decided to receive surgery, we'll have to carry out the preoperative preparation step by step. For example, you have to fast a day before surgery. This is to prevent the food from your esophagus from flowing out and obstructing your airways, leading to danger"

The fact that the academician personally explained the preoperative preparation to him made Liu Weichen a little calmer. He then asked, "With Doctor Ling as my surgeon, what's the success rate of the operation?"

This was a commonplace question among patients. Academician Zhu Tongyi first flashed a kindly smile before sitting on the hospital bed and patting Liu Weichen's thigh. He said with a smile, "Weichen, at this point in time, I only have one question for you. Do you want to compete again? Or are you willing to retire?"

Before Liu Weichen could reply, Zhu Tongyi continued, "If you're willing to retire, we'll use a conservative plan. We can guarantee that the risk of your Achilles tendon rupturing again will be below 30%, regardless of whether Ling Ran or someone else operates on you. After the critical stage, you'll basically be able to function like a normal person. But if you want to continue competing in the track and field team, the conservative plan won't be useful. Due to the great force exerted on the Achilles tendon during training and competitions, the risk of it rupturing again is very high"

"I understand." Liu Weichen shook his head and flashed a self-deprecating smile. "I was just trying to put my heart at ease."

Academician Zhu Tong patted Liu Weichen's thigh and said, "Ling Ran will come over after he's done with this surgery. His condition is perfect right now, just like how you athletes are after you finish warming up. He must finish a surgery before he can settle down and look at a new case."

"Doctor Ling is a person with quite the single-minded focus," Liu Weichen commented. He was suddenly rather fond of Ling Ran's personality. If he could give his all when operating on ordinary patients, he would definitely not take it easy when it came to Liu Weichen's treatment.

Doctor Qu felt rather uneasy when he heard that and said, "Doctor Ling"

"Liu Weichen!"

"Weichen, get well soon!"

"Liu Weichen, we're rooting for you!"

Fanchants could suddenly be heard from outside the window.

Liu Weichen's manager was the most sensitive towards this. He quickly rose, lifted one corner of the curtain, and gingerly looked down.

Almost one hundred people had gathered opposite the sign of the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. All of them held up placards and banners, and some even had bouquets of flowers and flower baskets with them. They stood on the lawn and shouted in unison.

Liu Weichen also went to the window by hopping on one foot. He lifted another corner of the curtain and looked down sneakily.

"Weichen, we're rooting for you!"

"Please recuperate well and then take the field again!"

"We love you forever!"

Liu Weichen suddenly felt his eyes water as he looked at the banners hung by his fans. His grip on the curtain tightened as if he was about to pull the whole curtain off its hooks.

"Weichen, don't get too emotional. Come and sit down." The manager was also a little touched. He quickly supported Liu Weichen and asked for a wheelchair.

Liu Weichen sat on the wheelchair and let out a soft sigh. He then flashed an awkward smile at Zhu Tongyi and the others. "I made a fool of myself, sorry."

Zhu Tongyi smiled and said nothing. No words would be appropriate for these kinds of moments.

*Knock, knock.*

There were a few knocks on the door. The door was then pushed open.

Ling Ran strode inside with his long legs. He was in scrubs, and he still wore the cap with the two small bunnies attached to it. He went into the room just like that.

When Liu Weichen saw the bunnies on top of Ling Ran's head, he snickered for some reason.

"You are in quite a good mood." Ling Ran made a preoperative assessment before he nodded at Zhu Tongyi and Doctor Qu. He then sat in front of Liu Weichen, "Before this, you said that you wanted me to be the chief surgeon of your operation, right?"

"Yes." Liu Weichen took a deep breath. His expression became a little more solemn.

"Using Academician Zhu Tongyi's plan?"


"You know the risks involved in this plan, right?" As Ling Ran spoke, he looked towards Doctor Qu.

Doctor Qu said with an unnatural expression, "I already told him all about it."

"Alright, then. Let me give you a physical examination." Ling Ran asked Liu Weichen to lie back down on the hospital bed before closing the light blue curtains around the bed. He then started kneading Liu Weichen's body.

Academician Zhu Tongyi and the others took the initiative to get out of the way and moved their seats further. They listened as Ling Ran asked Liu Weichen some common questions.

Soon, Ling Ran's questions became more specific.

"Have you taken your lunch?"

"Not yet."

"Did you drink water? And when was that?"

"Before noon."

"How about breakfast? What time did you take your breakfast, and what did you eat?"

"I only took some oatmeal."

"That's alright Get prepared, we're heading to the operating theater." Ling Ran raised his head to look at the time. He then turned around and drew the light blue curtains back.

Academician Zhu Tongyi, Doctor Qu, and Liu Weichen's manager rose in unison. The manager asked, astonished, "Is the surgery happening now?"

Ling Ran looked at him in confusion, "What else were you expecting?"

"About this The bureau's leaders are not here yet And there're so many fans outside, he should meet them first, right? Weichen's family members just left to fetch some clean clothes and toiletries for him" The manager came out with plenty of excuses in one breath.

Ling Ran rarely dealt with his patients' family. He had even less contact with people like managers. When he heard the manager's words, he furrowed his eyebrows.

Academician Zhu Tongyi coughed a few times and said, "Ling Ran, if you have something on your mind, just say it."

As the others looked at him, Ling Ran contemplated for a while before saying, "I'm in a good condition right now."

He was indeed in good condition. He just carried out multiple Achilles tendon repair surgeries in a go, and his hands were hot right then [1]. When operating on the previous patient, Ling Ran even consumed a bottle of Energy Serum because he knew that it was impossible for him to last until the tenth patient.

Right now, Ling Ran was basically at his personal peak. He felt that it was just the right time to carry out the complicated and difficult surgical plan that Academician Zhu Tongyi designed.

"I'll get operated now." Liu Weichen did not want any further delays, either. What was the point in waiting for the bureau's leaders, meeting his fans, or having his family members around to worry about him? His heart was flooded with emotions right now, and he wanted this whole ordeal to end right now no matter what.

Ling Ran waved his hand. "Push the patient into the operating theater."

Two patient care assistants were already waiting beside the door. After Academician Zhu nodded in approval, they pushed Liu Weichen away together with his hospital bed.

Liu Weichen's manager immediately panicked. "How can we do this, how can we do this? What do I tell the people from the bureau when they arrive?"

"I'll send him back in two hours. It'll be fine, see you later." Ling Ran emulated the other doctors in consoling the 'patient's family.'

The manager became even more panicked.

At the same time, a prompt from the system appeared.

[Mission: Rise into Prominence]

[Mission Details: Recover the patient, Liu Weichen's Achilles tendon's function to the utmost]

[Reward: One Basic Treasure Chest for every 5% of Achilles tendon functionality recovered]