Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 22

Chapter 22: I Have People

"Doctor Ling, there are no more patients that require sutures for now." When Wang Jia returned to the treatment room again, there was no one behind her.

"No one else?" Before Ling Ran could speak, Chen Wanhao stood up, feeling rather despondent.

Wang Jia said, "All the ones remaining are either internal medicine cases, or those with more complicated conditions."

"How complicated?" Chen Wanhao asked, still unwilling to give up on the chance to continue practicing his skills.

"There's a child who swallowed his toy. Doctor Huang has already been at it for half an hour. Do you want to go and help?" Wang Jia exerted her authority as a young nurse and glared so fiercely at Chen Wanhao that Chen Wanhao drew his neck back.

"Is the swallowing of a toy considered a serious condition?" Wang Zhuangyong felt that he could take on a few more cases.

Wang Jia let out a few scornful snorts and said, "Wait until you meet the child's parents, maternal grandparents, paternal grandparents, aunt, and uncle, and you'll know how complicated the situation is."

Yun Hua Hospital's Emergency Department had its own Emergency Medicine Building. Thus, they could allocate a standalone waiting room. However, apart from the resuscitation room where the family members of patients could be isolated from the patients, albeit with much difficulty from the doctors' part, it was very easy for there to be a large crowd in places like the treatment room.

After being in the Emergency Department for half a day, Chen Wanhao and Wang Zhuangyong had already felt the wrath of the patients' family members. They both lowered their heads, not daring to say anything.

"Then, I'll rest for a while." Rather regretfully, Ling Ran let out a sigh, stood up, and exercised his limbs.

"Aren't you going to get off work?" Wang Jia was a little surprised as she looked at the darkening sky.

"I'll stitch up two more patients before I go back." Ling Ran had treated a total of thirty-eight patients today, and only had two more patients left to reach forty. He would be able to open another box.

Chen Wanhao and Wang Zhuangyong quickly nodded as well and voiced their agreement, "There's nothing to do if we go back anyway, so why don't we just stay in the hospital?"

They participated in the treatment of ten or more patients today, letting almost none of the patients with minor injuries in Yun Hua go today.

Ling Ran was not the only one who found this kind of opportunity hard to come by. Even Chen Wanhao and Wang Zhuangyong were overjoyed. Especially for the last few cases where Ling Ran let them make one or two stitches. That thrilling sensation of piercing human skin was totally addictive.

Doctor Zhou came out to remind them. "Go eat something."

"Doctor Zhou, let's go together. Are you working overtime today?" Chen Wanhao took the opportunity to invite Doctor Zhou. He was not from a wealthy family, and was always trying to have others pay his bills.

Doctor Zhou waved his hand in a dismissive gesture and said, "I'll just take a bite at the canteen. If the chief physicians are still working, how can I get off work? You guys go ahead."

Actually, he had expected this. The Emergency Department of various large hospitals in Yun Hua were already operating at an overcapacity. The major explosion of a factory wounded almost a hundred people in the blink of an eye to different extents, and all the wounded had to be sent to fully-equipped, tertiary grade A hospitals. Otherwise, how could it be shown that their leader took this seriously?

The emergency specialists of various large hospitals also saw this as an opportunity that was hard to come by. They did not transfer patients to other departments for no reason and invited the doctors of other departments to perform treatment in the Emergency Department's operating theater.

During major public incidents, all sorts of talented people would always appear to help, and it would be a gathering of elites. No one was willing to give up such an opportunity. The patients of these incidents were equivalent to the rare items dropped only by elite monsters that were inferior to the BOSS, and were at a difficulty level that was slightly higher than normal monsters.

Of course, the ones with the heaviest burdens would always be the resident doctors on the front lines and the attending physicians who shifted between first-string and second-string. Fortunately, Ling Ran was there to help today, otherwise Doctor Zhou would have been extremely tired.

It was evident just by looking at the plain and ugly resident doctor. Throughout the day, he had not even sutured ten patients. He was a typical loser with a STR of only 5, and was not attractive either. When he returned to the small office that was used for breaks, it was already deserted.

At this time, the ones who were seeking opportunities to perform surgery were busy, and the ones who did not get their chances had already gone home.

Wang Zhuangyong and Chen Wanhao each went to the vending machine and bought bread and milk. When they returned, they saw that Ling Ran open an exquisite lacquerware lunchbox.

Lacquerware inlaid with pearls were the premium products of all lacquerware. They were not only glossy and smooth like ordinary lacquerware, their outer layers were mounted with seashells, and the entire lacquerware would be processed, making them even more beautiful, and also very artistic.

Madam Tao cooked this sincerely to reward Ling Ran for bringing pride to the family.

Madam Tao Ping would not do anything without reason, and always did everything luxuriously. So, she cooked earnestly this time.

Hot and spicy beef, streaky bacon, and cutlets of steamed chicken. She even made braised pork tripe and tofu. There were also red slices of salmon, four types of seasonal vegetables, four types of seasonal fruits, a serving of glutinous rice, and four types of dipping sauces.

Wang Zhuangyong and Chen Wanhao looked at it all with eyes wide and mouth agape.

Ling Ran slowly took out the dishes in the lunchbox. They took up half of the table.

There was soy sauce, vinegar, spiced salt, chili oil, and mustard in seashell-shaped saucers. When placed among the dishes, they beautified everything.

"Big Brother Ling" Wang Zhuangyong held his bread and sat on Ling Ran's left.

"So shameless," Chen Wanhao said as he sat on Ling Ran's right. He put the bread and milk in his hands on the table and said, "Mister Ling, let's put our things together for the whole table to share."


The three of them enjoyed the luxurious lunchbox Tao Ping made together. After simply pairing it with some bread and milk, they did not feel hungry anymore.

Ling Ran went back to the treatment room with the two of them. He could not help but feel a little disappointed when he saw that there were no new patients.

"The king asked me to patrol the mountains[1]"

Ling Ran's cellphone rang, delaying him from looking for patients.


"Ling Ran, it's me, Lu Jinling." Lu Jinling's frank and straightforward laughter could be heard through the phone, and there was quite a bit of background noise.

Upon hearing Lu Jinling's voice, the first thing that came to Ling Ran's mind was the gang member with the unicorn tattoo, and the gash on said gang member's skin. Immediately afterwards, he thought of how he only needed to treat two more patients to complete his mission.

He asked in a rather enthusiastic tone, "Your elder brother is injured again?"

"My-my elder brother isn't injured."

"Your elder brother hurt someone?"

"No." Lu Jinling sounded rather resigned.

"Then, are you injured?" Ling Ran raised his voice again.

Lu Jinling was a tough girl who was not good at lying. Still, she really did not know what to say after calling Ling Ran on impulse. Lu Jinling felt a surge of regret as she heard the pleasant voice on the other end of the phone.

In an instant, all sorts of inspirations along with the back of Ling Ran's handsome figure appeared in Lu Jinling's mind. She could not help but say loudly, "Wait, there are people among us who are injured."


After putting down the phone, Lu Jinling put down the beer bottle in her left hand, put her cellphone away, tidied her boots, and said in a steady voice, "Stinky Two, I remember you saying that someone is crashing Naughty Bitch's nightclub tonight?"


Translator's notes:

[2] The ending theme of the movie 'Surprise', where a self-proclaimed demon lord of a small town encounters a new group of people.