Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 227

227 Ling Rans Comfor

In a technical industry, anyone who could be called an specialist moved up the career ladder while looking down on others. An specialist was someone who climbed up the food chain and became the apex predator.

Han Wenlin, a rehabilitation specialist at the Sports Bureau, was in contact with a variety of injured athletes every day. He reviewed the surgical plans delivered by various hospitals, assessed the athlete's injuries, decided the pay for the hospital, controlled the amount of money paid, and decided whether the Sports Bureau should continue paying the hospital... With such power and his own medical reputation, he had a greater psychological advantage over others.

When he saw an academician like Zhu Tongyi, he was naturally well-mannered like a domesticated chicken, and he would not be stupid enough to find any trouble. However, Han Wenlin did not need to be polite towards a young surgeon like Ling Ran.

"Were you the one who operated on Liu Weichen?" Han Wenlin snatched the opportunity to speak before the others could, wanting to establish higher ground.

Ling Ran looked at the other person strangely, and then looked at Zhu Tongyi and Ji Tianlu.

He was never a person who liked to talk, and was even less likely to talk to unfamiliar people. He was even less interested in answering such a sudden and strange question.

If Ling Ran had to answer all the questions posed at him by all individuals, he would not be able to answer all of the questions others threw at him since third grade. If you add the questions that was written to him, he would not need to do anything else in his life.

Zhu Tongyi chuckled and made the introductions. "These are the leaders of our Sports Bureau: Director-General Wang, Director Su, Director Ma, and Han Wenlin, as well as reporter Wei and reporter Li..."

"Nice to meet you, Doctor Ling." Reporter Wei took the initiative to say hello, he looked at Ling Ran as if he was seeing a photograph on the front-page headlines.

Han Wenlin coughed and said, "Let me introduce myself, I am an specialist who specializes in reviewing and evaluating the results of all medical treatment in our Sports Bureau. Doctor Ling, you seem very young."

Ling Ran smiled and nodded. He gave the officials and specialist a disinterested look.

"Doctor Ling, can you tell us about the circumstances of the surgery?" Han Wenlin looked polite on the surface, but in his heart, he had already begun to reduce Ling Ran's points.

As a rehabilitation specialist of the Sports Bureau, Han Wenlin was very good at using the power in his hands; he often "educated" doctors and athletes who did not respect him. He especially disliked those who had good physique and natural good looks.

Ling Ran was not like the doctors that Han Wenlin was familiar with. He did not give a swift, steady, and thorough explanation like the ones provided to the patient's family.

Ling Ran gave Han Wenlin an unexpected reply. "Is it necessary?"

Han Wenlin's kingly contempt was greatly threatened, and he raised his eyebrows. He said severely, "Of course it is necessary, we have to fully evaluate the circumstances of your surgery. You must know that Liu Weichen is one of the most important athletes in our Sports Bureau. He is a star athlete that the country cares about. Information regarding his physical condition must be in our hands at all times..."

"You may ask Academician Zhu Tongyi about his postoperative condition." Ling Ran was too lazy to talk.

Zhu Tongyi smiled and nodded, implying that he had accepted the task. He was different from ordinary doctors, and was not someone whom Han Wenlin could attack with his kingly contempt.

Han Wenlin's force of character was blocked in an instant, but the Sports Bureau's management was behind him. Han Wenlin panted a little and once again squeezed out a smile. He said, "Doctor Ling, if we wanted to ask Academician Zhu Tongyi, we would naturally ask him. Now, we have some questions about the surgery that we need to ask you..."

"Is it appropriate?" Ling Ran did not answer Han Wenlin, but looked at Zhu Tongyi.

Zhu Tongyi cooperated with the Sports Bureau a lot. He might find this to be a little annoying, but he did not want the situation to be too tense. He laughed and said, "Specialist Han wants to know the circumstances, can you brief him?"

Han Wenlin finally felt a little comfortable. 'Look, the academician is also here to support me.'

After taking a deep breath, Han Wenlin, knowing what the leaders wanted to know, asked first, "Why did Liu Weichen suddenly decide to have the surgery?"

Puzzled, Ling Ran asked back, "Why are you asking me this question?"

"You are the chief surgeon. Wouldn't you know why Liu Weichen decided to receive the surgery?" Han Wenlin was a little annoyed now.

Ling Ran was even more annoyed. If he was asked to say which kind of people he hated, an unreasonable person would undoubtedly be listed among them.

When he considered that there were many people present, and there were people such as Zhu Tongyi and the others among them, Ling Ran said in a serious tone, "I think Liu Weichen decided to undergo this surgery because his Achilles tendon is ruptured. If you want to know why Liu Weichen suddenly decided to have this surgery, you have to ask the person himself. This is not a clinical problem."

Both reporters heard the underlying meaning and could not help but chuckle.

Han Wenlin said somewhat unhappily, "Ling Ran, it is meaningless to cover for Liu Weichen. If you cover for him like this, you will only lose the trust of the Sports Bureau, and we would not be able to continue this cooperation between us." Han Wenlin's tone had hints of disappointment, yet even more malice.

Han Wenlin had come across many doctors, especially young doctors who hoped to improve their prestige and fame by performing surgery on athletes, thus gaining more opportunities for surgery and even increasing their exposure.

Medical groups of this current day and age were very profitable, and reputation, among other things, were important for a doctor to enter a medical group or to be a freelance surgeon.

Ling Ran was however somewhat unclear of the situation, so he just watched Han Wenlin quietly. He was not stationed in Shanghai, and even when he was in his local area, he was not interested in working with the Sports Bureau.

The high-end target group of the Achilles tendon repair technique was athletes, but its main target group was still ordinary people. After all, the number of ordinary people was large enough that every year, there were enough unfortunate people who had their Achilles tendons ruptured. Meanwhile, the total number people who would get their Achilles tendons ruptured from the athletic group was insufficient, even though the demand for Achilles tendon repair from them was very heavy. It was impossible to perform surgery on athletes at full capacity without first having a global reputation.

For an organization that did not provide a full patients load, it was hard for Ling Ran to imagine the meaning behind cooperating with them.

In fact, if Academician Zhu Tongyi's surgery plan was improved, it would eventually be implemented on ordinary people. At that time, Ling Ran did not need to cooperate with athletes; he could still perform the same surgery on ordinary people.

If the Achilles tendon was stronger, could recover faster, and could adapt to high-intensity exercises after using the new Achilles tendon repair technique, there would be nothing bad about it if the surgery was performed on ordinary people. All surgical techniques was slowly developed this way. In the beginning, there were many complications in the surgery, so it was often only suitable for some people. With slow and continuous improvement on the surgical technique, the surgery could then be performed on a wider range of people.

Ling Ran preferred interesting surgeries, not boring people. He would only politely refuse to entertain Han Wenlin's threat.

Ji Tianlu smiled and mediated the dispute. "Our cooperation with the Sports Bureau has always been very good all this while. This time, Liu Weichen's surgery was quite smooth."

Han Wenlin became even more sensitive. He changed his tone and said, "So, let's talk about the surgery's circumstances. Doctor Ling, how did you perform it?"

"I implemented Academician Zhu Tongyi's Surgical Plan A." Ling Ran provided the answer much more readily this time.

Han Wenlin was stunned for a bit and asked, "What is the specific contents of Surgical Plan A?"

"An Achilles tendon repair technique. By using a lateral paramedian incision, we first establish a key: the subcutaneous flap..."

Han Wenlin shook his head. "I know that it is an Achilles tendon repair technique. I meant that I want to know the difference between this Surgical Plan A and a normal Achilles tendon repair."

Ling Ran was slightly interested in this kind of problem. After thinking about it, he decisively said, "Blood supply!"

Once he mentioned this, Ling Ran simply requested for Liu Weichen's MRI scan and pasted it directly onto the wall. He said, "We have reconstructed the blood vessel network of Liu Weichen's Achilles tendon here, here, and here. We did a bypass surgery for him..."

Han Wenlin already felt dizzy just by looking at it. He felt his head pound as he listened to the explanation. To be honest, he had reviewed Academician Zhu Tongyi's plan, but did not expect this radical plan to be finally implemented.

"It's too risky!" Han Wenlin could not stand it anymore, "How can you adopt such a risky plan?"

When they heard the specialist get angry, the leaders of the Sports Bureau also grew nervous.

"What is the situation now?"

"Is it very dangerous?"

"Are there any emergency measures in place?"

"These athletes are not sensible, and they don't even know how to cherish their bodies..."

Ji Tianlu quickly consoled them, "The plan is indeed a little risky, but the effect will still be very good. Up till now, the surgery has been proven quite successful..."

Han Wenlin did not listen at all and only gave a look with his Kingly Contempt. "Even if the operation is successful, all of you can't guarantee that Liu Weichen will be better. First of all, from my perspective, you should not use such a risky surgery"

"It is indeed a very risky surgery for you, but from our perspective, the risk is acceptable." Ling Ran interrupted Han Wenlin's speech and gave him a look. During the operation, he did worry many times due to the system prompts. However, as a necessary experimental surgery, it was normal to constantly worry about it.

Most importantly, during the entire operation, Ling Ran actually did not encounter any substantial challenges. The operation itself was very smooth all the way. Liu Weichen's vital signs were stable, the sutures on the Achilles tendon were smooth, the vascular network was successfully constructed, and he even built two of themeach set provided a sufficient allowance for mistakes. It could be said that the whole surgery was done in a safe parameter. If it were not an experimental operation, but the tenth or twentieth time he performed such a surgery, it could be described as a surgery without any surprises.

In fact, for Ji Tianlu, Zhu Tongyi, and the others, besides having doubts over a few of his judgments in the operation, the whole surgery was not shocking to them as well.

They could not see the system prompts and the mission completion rate.

Han Wenlin absolutely did not believe what Ling Ran had said. "What do you mean by the operation risk was acceptable? Your entire surgery plan itself is full of risks."

"You aren't a specialist on the Achilles tendon repair technique, are you?" Ling Ran suddenly asked.

Han Wenlin immediately looked at Ling Ran warily. "What do you mean?"

Ling Ran twitched his mouth. "If you are a specialist in the Achilles tendon repair technique, you should find it interesting."

At this moment, Han Wenlin seemed to feel that the chain of contempt was being yanked against his favor. He felt quite unstable. "What do you mean by interesting? You're performing a surgery"

"A surgery that is difficult and risky but can be completed successfully is an interesting operation." Ling Ran paused and looked at Han Wenlin. "The surgical plan is risky for you mainly because you don't know how to perform it, so you would feel that success is unattainable. This is a very normal state of mind."

When Ling Ran said the last part, his tone was very relaxed. After all, he was comforting the other person.