Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 233

233 Doing Ward Rounds

Ling Ran worked again from day till night.

Lu Wenbin only arrived at five o'clock in the morning, but he was still considered to have saved the resident doctors on duty. In other words, he was snatching work off the hands of resident doctors.

The resident doctors had seen Ling Ran's surgery skills in the Demonstration Room before. They were still willing to follow him and learn a trick or two from him, even though they did not voice it out and kept the thought in their hearts. The resident doctors highly praised Ling Ran for his calm and gentle attitude; he never scolded anyone, and did not even talk in the operating theater.

Chatting in the operating theater was often like eating with leaders. It was not only time-consuming and laborious, but they also had to find ways to entertain the senior doctors, and it was uncommon to find joy in the conversations. Senior doctors who helped the junior doctors feel good besides entertaining themselves were actually very rare. Most of them would just dismissively ask the junior doctors whether they were happy.

After sleeping for half a day, Lu Wenbin, who had cooked two pots of pig hooves, was full of spirits. He followed Ling Ran to perform an Achilles tendon repair surgery and another finger replantation. He felt refreshed and looked at Ling Ran, who was also energetic and in high spirits. Lu Wenbin felt a chill down his spine. 'Am I possessed by some evil spirit?'

"Let's go and do ward rounds. We don't have any patients left." Ling Ran pursed his lips, as if he was just 40% full from eating mutton hotpot.

Lu Wenbin was only about 30% full. He frowned and said, "It's only the morning, why are there no patients left? Specialist hospitals are really not as great as I thought they were."

Compared to general hospitals, specialist hospitals were much weaker in their ability in receiving patients.

Even a unit such as the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was not comparable with Yun Hua Hospital when it came to gathering patients. If it were to be compared with other hospitals such as Huashan Hospital, the difference in ability would be even greater.

The circulating nurse was initially somewhat sleepy. She relied on looking at Ling Ran to remain alert. At that moment, after hearing what Lu Wenbin commented about their hospital, she refuted in discomfort, "Patients are not breakfast. Do you think the number of patients can be respawned every morning like the monsters in a game?"

Lu Wenbin chuckled, "If they can really respawn, I'll start throwing cash into this game called reality."

The circulating nurse said in disdain, "Do you have any money?"

"Do you know how many pork trotters priced at 39.90 RMB I have sold?" Lu Wenbin straightened his back and held his head high.

The circulating nurse was hesitant. "How much can one make by selling pork trotters?"

Lu Wenbin wanted to say something, but he shook his head and just let it slide.

The circulating nurse said again, "There is nothing unusual about you working on another wage job. You still cannot throw in enough cash to create a powerful character."

"Wage? Wages are nothing..." Lu Wenbin arrogantly looked at her.

"Stop boasting, if you could earn more than a doctor by selling pork trotters, what's the point in you studying in a medical school?" The nurse threw a trick question at Lu Wenbin so that she could wait for Lu Wenbin to reveal a weakness.

Lu Wenbin could not help but appear a little stunned.

"Let's do some ward rounds." Ling Ran took off his gloves and scrubs. He massaged his cervical spine with one hand and massaged Lu Wenbin's cervical spine with his other hand.

Lu Wenbin shrieked when he was grabbed. Then, as if his brain short-circuited,he asked foolishly, "Doctor Ling, how do you form a balance between making money and your career?"

Ling Ran looked at Lu Wenbin as if he was an idiot and said, "Isn't it good to be able to make money and manage your career?"

"You can only earn so much by being a doctor. How much money can a local doctor make, anyway? Even if he worked as a freelance surgeon..." Lu Wenbin thought of the few pots of pork trotters he sold in the afternoon and felt proud of himself.

"I can't even finish spending my monthly salary. I don't need to make more money." Ling Ran looked at Lu Wenbin with a puzzled expression. "Why do you want to earn more money?"

"You can never earn enough money. You will always be having to spend your money, after all." Lu Wenbin shook his head, and he said, "Let's not talk about anything else but houses alone. You can't afford the houses these days with just your salary alone. Without a house, you can't even find a partner. And you know that there are three forms of unfilial conduct, and the worst one of them all is to have no descendants, without having a wife"

Lu Wenbin spoke very passionately and excitedly. Suddenly, he found that no one was looking at him.

Ling Ran was thinking about something while he massaged Lu Wenbin's neck. The two young nurses watched Ling Ran. The anesthetist watched the patient...

Lu Wenbin suddenly felt a sense of sorrow. 'Why am I even talking to Ling Ran about this?'


Ling Ran exited the operating theater. He wanted to invite Chief Physician Ji Tianlu to do a ward round with him, but he had not managed to invite him.

Chief Physician Ji Tianlu shirked away from performing the ward round with Ling Ran and sent a resident doctor to accompany them so that they would not get lost.

The resident doctor was the one who weighed 226 pounds. He held a notebook in his hand, and he had a row of six pens in his pocket. He did not say hello to Ling Ran and Lu Wenbin. He led them away, and the room he chose was one where he remembered had housed a bad-tempered patient and his equally bad-tempered family.

"Let's take a look." The resident doctor who weighed 226 pounds greeted the patient and his family in a friendly manner, but did not have the intention of introducing Ling Ran to them.

He was willing to fight against Ling Ran fair and square. Of course, that would be a few years later, but this did not mean that he was willing to help and defend Ling Ran, his enemy for life. He would also not willing to make things easier for his enemy for life.

The resident doctor who weighed 226 pounds stood at the corner of the room, took out the mineral water that he carried with him, opened it, and took small sips from it. He looked at Ling Ran while he thought wickedly, and that was a slightly bad habit of his. 'Don't think that you can have it easy in our hospital just because you're a genius. The hospital is far more complicated than you think, and it is more complicated than the operating theater environment, youngster!

"Hello, does your wound hurt?" Ling Ran surprised the resident doctor who weighed 226 pounds with that question. Although he did not smile, he had a very awe-inspiring presence.

"It hurts." The first day right after surgery was always the most uncomfortable. The effects from the pain pump would be gone by then, and the patient could not leave the bed to use the toilet even if he or she wanted. It was extremely uncomfortable.

"Let me take a look. Is there any discomfort?" Ling Ran took out the alcohol-based hand sanitizer that he carried with him. He applied it on his hand, spread it all across his palms, and then moved the patient's foot slightly with the tip of his finger to observe it.

The patient gritted his teeth and said, "Only pain."

"Apart from pain?"


"That is the pain from bloating."

The patient had nothing to say about that.

"Anything else?" Ling Ran asked again.

"No," the patient answered in slight displeasure, but the anxiety in his heart had receded ever so slightly.

Ling Ran nodded and said, "Your edema is controlled quite well. The dorsal artery of your foot is strong, the color is normal. Your skin did not die and is not infected. Does your ankle joint feel stiff?"

The patient was shocked by the series of nouns and quickly said, "It's not stiff, but I can't move it as easily as usual."

"Don't move." Ling Ran paused for a while and asked, "Where are your family members?"

The family members stood up.

Ling Ran gestured to Lu Wenbin with his chin.

Lu Wenbin was all too familiar with this process. He took a step forward as well, and, with clear articulation, he said, "Please have a light diet with food that has high protein, high vitamins, or high fiber, do you understand?"

"Yes, we understand." The family members also hoped that the patient can get better.

Ling Ran nodded and asked, "Is there any other problem?"

"Um... how long will it take until my husband gets well?" A middle-aged woman who stood among the patient's family asked eagerly.

Ling Ran furrowed his brow, "Isn't he well now?"

"He still can't get up and walk."

"He will be able to walk after a while." Ling Ran had no patience for such questions.

The family members were speechless, but they did feel that Ling Ran's words were rather odd.

At the same time, a treasure chest given to him from [Sincere Gratitude] fell in front of Ling Ran.

Ling Ran nodded. Once he knew that there was no problem with this patient, he turned around and went out.

The 226-pound resident doctor looked confused. He still had not wrapped his head around this ward round, which was carried out at the speed of lightning.

Ling Ran received Treasure Chests as he moved about. Along with Lu Wenbin's increasing proficiency in with the Achilles tendon repair technique, Ling Ran gradually became responsible with only performing physical examinations. He left all the talking to Lu Wenbin.

The ward rounds for patients who just received Achilles tendon repair surgeries was mainly to check whether they suffered from any complications. Wound infections or skin necrosis were the more serious complications in surgeries such as Achilles tendon ruptures. Edema, blood supply, temperature, and other things were determined by the quality of the surgery itself.

With Ling Ran's Perfect Level Achilles Tendon Repair Technique, the probability of him making any mistakes was low when he operated on normal patients. The effects he obtained from the checkups were basically satisfactory.He had received eight Sincere Gratitude Treasure Chests, which were more than the number he got from Yun Hua Hospital.

"The mannerisms of the people in Shanghai are quite pleasant." Ling Ran held back the urge to open the treasure chests, but he was still very satisfied with patients who were grateful.

Lu Wenbin did not know why Ling Ran gave such an appraisal, and he was not interested in asking. Instead, he kept clenching his fists and whispered, "Is it time for us to go to Liu Weichen to check on him?"

"Yes." Ling Ran said and looked at Lu Wenbin. He said, "If you're tired, you can go and rest first. Chief Physician Ji has seen Liu Weichen..."

"I'm not tired." Lu Wenbin's voice grew a little louder before he quickly lowered it. He said, "I am the second assistant, after all. I want to see how the results of plan A."

The justification was quite reasonable. Ling Ran nodded. He did not say anything else. He stepped into the elevator and pressed the button to the top floor.

Liu Weichen still lived in his penthouse suite, just like before.

Right when they stepped inside, they heard a clamor.

When they looked into the living room, they found that it was filled with various beer, drinks, and junk food. People sat on the couches, on the floor, and by the window. There were people sitting and drinking on both sides of the TV cabinet, and some people stood around and chatted loudly.

Liu Weichen still stayed in the big room in the suite with his feet lifted high. There was no wine in his hand, but there were a bunch of fruits, drinks and junk food around him. There were also many male and female athletes in the room who were laughing and talking loudly.

When Ling Ran and Lu Wenbin entered with their white robes, they seemed somewhat out of place.

Lu Wenbin was at a loss while he stood at the door. After graduating and entering Yun Hua Hospital, he only did his rotation in the special ward for around a month. He did not really have any contact with special patients. He sank into complete silence as he looked at the excited people in front of him who could not wait to party in a suite.

"I'm here to do ward rounds." Ling Ran moved through the living room without even batting an eye and came to Liu Weichen.

When he saw his chief surgeon, Liu Weichen was a little embarrassed. He smiled and said bashfully, "My friends came to see me. They fooled around until it was a little late, but it's because it has been a long time since everyone gathered together."

"Okay." Ling Ran was not bothered. Just like before, he took out the alcohol-based hand sanitizer, turned over Liu Weichen's foot, and looked at it.

Compared to doing ward rounds of the other patients, it was actually simpler for Ling Ran to check on Liu Weichen because his mission tab clearly recorded Liu Weichen's status of recovery status: 92%.

A few days had passed. His degree of recovery had only increased by 1%. Judging by the looks of it, this was not affected by the surgery nor the healthcare provided to him.

Ling Ran wrote some words silently in his record book, thought about it, and said, "Let's do some MRI scans on your foot to see your condition."

"I heard Chief Physician Ji say that my recovery is okay." Liu Weichen was a little nervous at this time. Compared to Chief Physician Ji Tianlu, he was more intimidated when he faced Ling Ran.

Ling Ran's expression did not change much. He gave Liu Weichen a smile that met the expectations of society. "Your recovery is far better than patients who went through ordinary Achilles tendon repairs. If there are no accidents, you should be able to carry out high-intensity training and participate in competitions."

One could take the risk and go through high-intensity training when their Achilles tendons had recovered by about 85%. Liu Weichen's Achilles tendon had recovered by 92%. Even if it regressed, the results would not be too bad. It was reasonable speculation to say that he could undergo high-intensity training.

Liu Weichen instantly smiled, and he said happily, "Thank you, Doctor Ling. Young Wang."

His manager got the hint. He came over to grab Ling Ran's arm.

Ling Ran naturally avoided him.

The manager laughed and said, "Doctor Ling, let's talk about this outside. By the way, you mentioned that we should still perform MRI scans on Liu Weichen? Why did you suggest that?"

Ling Ran nodded. "I expected the recovery to be better, so I wanted to do another MRI scan to see what's going on. When the results are out..."

"Wait a minute!" Liu Weichen shouted and asked, "Doctor Ling, didn't you just say that my recovery was going well?"

"The recovery is very good, but it's not as great as I expected. So when the MRI scan is out..."

"It may be because I have not had a good rest over the past few days." Liu Weichen interrupted Ling Ran again.

Ling Ran thought about it and said, "It is possible."

The manager was not happy. He said, "Doctor Ling, just be straightforward. If you don't like us celebrating with a party, just say it. Don't beat around the bush."

Ling Ran looked at him strangely, "I will not interfere with the patient's private life."

"Aren't you using different ways to interfere with the patient's private life now?"

Ling Ran shook his head. "I just want to help with his recovery. The postoperative guidelines should already be sent to you. The patient and his family members should know the best way to provide nursing care now, including having a light diet that includes high protein, high dietary fiber, and high vitamins. However, if you, because of certain reasons, are not willing to obey the guidelines because you are a vegetarian or because of your religion or some other things, we as doctors will try our best to provide medical help. Anyway, let's take the MRI scan first and see."

After Ling Ran finished speaking, he showed a smile that met the expectations of society before he turned around and left.

While he watched Ling Ran's figure, which was even more handsome than the group of athletes, Liu Weichen was stunned for a few seconds before he said, "Turn off the music."