Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 234

234 Exploded


The door of the elevator opened again right after it closed.

"Wait a minute." Two tall girls with slender waists and huge busts entered the elevator and flashed faint smiles at Ling Ran.

"You are both athletes, right?" Lu Wenbin looked at them. He subconsciously became braver when he remembered that he had started to save up to buy a house and that he was still single.

"I'm from the badminton team," The girl who wore a yellow shirt stood straight, and it showed off her figure even more.

"I'm from the tennis team," said the girl who wore a red shirt with the picture of Garfield on it. The cat's face was really standing out, supported by massive bulges.

The two of them answered Lu Wenbin, but their eyes were on Ling Ran.

Lu Wenbin still wanted to try harder. So, he showed a faint smile on his face while he asked, "Are you Liu Weichen's friends? I think I saw you in the room just now."

"Both of you are the doctors for Liu Weichen, right?" asked the red-shirt girl.

Lu Wenbin immediately nodded and said, "Yes, we are."

"I've read the news report before. It said that Liu Weichen was treated by a very handsome doctor. Are you the one?" The red-shirt girl managed to shift the topic to Ling Ran.

Lu Wenbin was slightly stunned before he looked at the elevator door in resignation. He thought angrily in his heart, 'If I ever flirt with any girl whenever I am with Ling Ran again, I will be a pig's hoof.'

Girls always tried to strike up a conversation with Ling Ran all the time, and they always said he was "very handsome." So, he only answered calmly, "We participated in Liu Weichen's treatment."

"Is it? I knew it. You're really handsome even when you're wearing a mask." Red-shirt girl's cheeks became red. Then she tried to reduce her tension by talking to the girl next to her, "Aren't I right?"

The yellow-shirt girl nodded seriously.

"Doctor Ling, do you always go to the gym? You have a good figure. Do you like sports?" Red-shirt girl summoned her courage and raised her head to look at Ling Ran. Then, she was dazzled by his gaze.

Ling Ran looked at the number shown on the elevator screen and said, "I exercise sometimes."

"You can come to the gym in Fuyuan Stadium. It's very convenient to exercise here. Our badminton court and tennis court are the best," the red-shirt girl said while she hugged the yellow-shirt girl. "Am I right?"

"Yes, we we can be your training partner." The yellow-shirt girl also grew braver.

Lu Wenbin recalled the movies that he had watched before, and he silently thought of "double dates." He could not help gulping before he raised his arms and flexed. He said, "I always go to the gym, and my bench press is 88 pounds."

The red-shirt girl looked at Lu Wenbin and glanced at his figure, which belonged to that of a bodybuilder. She could not help but show her disgust. However, out of politeness, so she did not voice it out.

Lu Wenbin blinked before he stared at the elevator door again. He then looked at the shadow reflected on the metal and thought in his heart. 'I am a pig's hoof.'

When the door of the elevator opened, Ling Ran politely motioned the ladies to move out first.

The two girls covered their mouths and smiled before they walked out of the elevator. Then, they waited by the side for Ling Ran to step out and said, "Doctor Ling, you're a gentleman. You're better in reality than what the interviews described."

The red-shirt girl took out her phone and found her Moments before she showed whatever was on the screen to Ling Ran, who just stepped out of the elevator. "Doctor Ling, look, it's you, right?"

Ling Ran naturally looked at her phone, and, just as he expected, he saw a photo of himself wearing a white coat.

"Is this a news reprint?" asked Ling Ran.

"Yes. There're quite a lot of newspapers that have you on them. The news by WeChat's official account has been forwarded many times on Moments." Red-shirt girl found the news title, and it was a sentence written with a bolded, black font: The Handsome White Angel Gets Famous. The Celebrity Doctor Who Operated on a Star Athlete.

When the girl saw that Ling Ran seemed to be slightly curious, she seized the chance and said, "I'll forward it to you."

Right after she finished speaking, she opened up the scanner function and said, "I'll scan your QR code."

So, Ling Ran took out his phone, and they both added each other on WeChat.

The red-shirt girl was so happy that Garfield's face seemed to swell in size.

Ling Ran then looked for Chief Physician Ji while Lu Wenbin sullenly left for the Operating Area. They both did not have their own office in the research institute. Lu Wenbin checked his braised stew and food in it before he found the news [The Most Handsome White Angel Gets Famous. The Doctor Star Who Performed Surgery For Star] on his phone; he had silently memorized the title just now. Then, he took his time and read the news in a leisurely manner.

Liu Weichen was one of the main characters in the article, but the author obviously put the focus on Ling Ran.

Naturally, most of the article by WeChat's official account was made up of photos. The front part was mostly pictures of Liu Weichen, while Ling Ran was the main focus at the second half of the article.

There were all sorts of photos. There were Ling Ran's close-up photos, photos taken from random shots, candid photos Lu Wenbin swiped down, and he very soon, he realized that he had finished reading the article. But the contents Lu Wenbin had to admit that the contents of the article were very attractive. Undeniably, Ling Ran was young and handsome. He also obtained the recognition from Academician Zhu Tongyi and became the chief surgeon for Liu Weichen's surgery. This added even more to his appeal.

"Hey, you're also looking at Doctor Ling's news." A female doctor looked over Lu Wenbin's phone casually. Female doctors in the Orthopedics Department were like the stronger version of female students in engineering courses. Those who were below thirty-years-old behaved freely and in a lackadaisical fashion, and they loved to command plain-looking male doctors who had a lot of thoughts of the world around them but did not dare voice them out. The beautiful female doctors could fool around until they were thirty-five years old. After that, they would be treated like men.

Lu Wenbin was slightly embarrassed as he said, "A girl introduced this article to me today."

"What type of girl? Is she pretty?" The female doctor was instantly interested in gossiping.

Lu Wenbin said in a bored tone, "I went out with Doctor Ling, they"

"I got it. You don't have to tell me the whole story." The female doctor lost her interest in the whole story.

Lu Wenbin was unhappy. He said, "What do you mean by 'you got it'?"

"The girl was interested in Ling Ran, right? She ignored you, right? Your efforts to court her fell short, right? Anything else?" The female doctor glanced at Lu Wenbin.

"No..." Lu Wenbin had nothing to say.

"That's what I meant. If I were the girl, I would have done the same thing." The female doctor glanced at Lu Wenbin's tight sports attire and biceps in distaste. Suddenly, her eyes became bright, and her voice became gentle as well. "Doctor Ling."

"Good afternoon."Ling Ran's voice was stable. He gave off a sense of self-confidence that was almost illegal.

"Good afternoon, Doctor Ling." The female doctor was slightly bashful when she asked, "Doctor Ling, are you here to perform surgeries again? Do you want to rest for a while? I Um, the on-call room for doctors on shift duty should be empty now."

Ling Ran smiled faintly and said, "No need, I've just asked for a few patients. I will go directly to the operating theater."

As he spoke, Ling Ran greeted Lu Wenbin before he walked to the operating theater.

The female doctor sighed faintly before she spoke in a tough female to Lu Wenbin, "Later, when you need to exchange positions, come to me first. I'll be the assistant for Doctor Ling."

"As you wish." Lu Wenbin stirred the pork trotters in the pot. When he looked at the pigskin that had become so tender that it fell apart, it made him feel as if he was looking at his views on life, the world, and his moral values, which had also fallen apart, but still remained firmly in his heart