Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 24

Chapter 24: New Achievement

The flickering street lights illuminated Yun Hua Hospital's outline in the night. It stood out like a huge, religious monument.

People started to crowd around this monument. Light shone from within the monument. The people laughed, cried, and shouted as they surrounded the monument, speaking of their fear, helplessness, anger, grief, and happiness.

The busiest department in the hospital at night was the Gynecology Department. Not far behind would be the operating theaters. As for the Emergency Department, only luck would tell.

Whenever a factory blew up, the Emergency Department would have a busy day.

First-string resident doctors and attending physicians would always have their hands full. Second-string attending physicians and associate chief physicians were perpetually sleep-deprived. Third-string chief physicians also found themselves staying in the resuscitation room more often than not.

It was only after dawn that doctors started coming in and out of the Emergency Department to grab some food.

Huo Congjun came out of the resuscitation room early. He did not go to the stifling Emergency Department, but the slightly more relaxed treatment room.

When he stepped in, he saw a few doctors gathered in a tight circle, whispering among themselves.

"How many has he done now?"

"He has at least stitched up fifty patients. The electronic medical record keeps renewing the data."

"Without sleeping? Young people sure are filled with energy. Wait... how does he still have the time to write reports?"

"Didn't you see the intern next to this room? That guy is the acting secretary."

"He's an intern, but he has his own interns acting as assistants"

The resident doctors were talking. As their mouths moved, their eyes were locked upon Ling Ran. Their faces reflected shock and scorn, but their hearts brewed envy.

His excellent skills in suturing were one thing, but his energy levels were inhuman.

Ling Ran steamrolled through the surgeries one after another. After tens of hours, he still looked as fresh as ever. This was amazing. It was like something that could only happen on the TV screen.

Huo Congjun surveyed the few faces. He asked, "Why don't you all go help him?"

"Ah Department Director Huo."

"The department director is here."

"Department Director."

The doctors on duty were all junior doctors. When they saw Huo Congjun, they jumped up, and one of them immediately said, "It's not that we don't want to help him. The patients demanded that Ling Ran tend to their wounds."

"This is a hospital, not a footbath" As Huo Cong Jun said that, he walked past a few treatment rooms and into Ling Ran's room. He peered over the young man's shoulder and began observing carefully.

Doctor Zhou was exhausted. He was barely even awake. The nurses prodded him, and he hurriedly stood up. He attempted to greet Huo Congjun but was waved off.

Ling Ran had drunk the first Energy Serum two hours ago. His energy levels were at its peak.

He had sutured the wounds of 52 patients at this very moment. He had received five Basic Treasure Chests, and all he got from those were Energy Serums. In addition to the previous reward, he had a total of six Energy Serums.

With the number of vials he had and the frequency of receiving them, Ling Ran grew emboldened to try one out.

It tasted sour and sweet, almost like rice wine.

The effects were very apparent.

At that moment, Ling Ran felt as if he had just gotten up from a good night's sleep.

His actions were precise. Every movement he made was stable and firm.

Huo Congjun's gaze was scrutinizing and critical.

He was a former military doctor who had seen the battlefield. He knew the consequences of greed. Even if Ling Ran's sutures were of a certain quality and that patients had acknowledged him, he still intended to find faults in his technique so that he could teach this young man a good lesson.

After all, if a sword was not sharpened, it would be no good for cutting.

With the same logic, doctors would also need to be sharpened.

With those thoughts in his mind, Huo Congjun eyed the treatment of the wounds like an eagle.

The positioning of the local anesthesia was correct and performed skillfully.

The cleaning of the wound was done well, but that was necessary.

The edges of the wound were aligned parallel to each other, and it was a job well done.

His simple interrupted sutures were up to standard... Not much could be said about it.

Once Huo Congjun was done observing the details, he moved on to the entire procedure. Then, he felt as if he was staring at the diagrams in textbooks.

It was so precise that he could not believe it.

These diagrams depicted the prime, perfect examples of a surgery. It was a fantasy of what surgeries would be like if carried out without a hitch. But as the Emergency Department's department director, Huo Congjun knew all too well how difficult it would be for a doctor to be able to stitch up a wound in the exact same manner as the diagrams in the books.

First, the patient suffering from the wound would not act like what the textbook showed.

Minor wounds which required three to four stitches would have differing positions, severity, and depth of the wound. How could you expect a doctor to repeat the feats shown in the textbook down to a tee?

Secondly, the treatment performed in the Emergency Department was emergency treatment. When patients arrived, their wounds were fresh and bleeding, and many would be screaming their lungs out in pain. There was not much room for a doctor to examine their wounds in detail.

Most of the time, doctors in the Emergency Department prioritized on speed and efficiency over precision. They would close up the wound, but they would not pay much attention to the aesthetics. Many took the rough, robust threads and just stitched up their patients' wounds, causing them to look like centipedes.

Ling Ran had been suturing continuously for more than ten hours. He had sutured the wounds of fifty patients, and was still performing as perfectly as he did the first...

Huo Congjun's intention to nitpick seemed to have been snuffed.

His love for the gifted was brimming like an erupting volcano.

When Doctor Zhou first introduced him to Ling Ran, he was only shocked by Ling Ran's age and his skills. Today, Ling Ran had earned his full and unadulterated approval.

The suture was so impeccably done that one would wonder about the time spent to hone such skills. If he could perform up to standard after suturing fifty something patients, then it could only mean that Ling Ran possessed an extraordinary sense of responsibility and a great attitude to treat patients.

'Wait... there were actually fifty something patients who required stitches today?'

Huo Congjun frowned and turned to Doctor Zhou. "Where did the accident take place?"

Doctor Zhou held his breath and eyed him beadily. When he realized that Department Director Huo was not about to scold anyone, he let out a breath and blurted out. "It's not about where or if there was any accident to begin with. Someone just sent the patients here."

Huo Congjun looked at him silently, unamused. 'Really, if the patients were not sent here, did the sky spit them out now?'

"It's this" Doctor Zhou looked around before spotting Lu Jinling.

After a day of hard work, Lu Jinling was slightly exhausted. She glanced pointedly at Department Director Huo's thinning hair and spoke with a lazy drawl, "We are Golden Deer Health Services Pte Ltd."

"Golden Deer?" Huo Congjun's mind was searching for this name.

"We transport patients."

This was the main project of their company, which Lu Jinling and Stinky Two came up with after some discussion.

Lu Jinling had resolutely decided to take up this business full-time. The money earned on this day was easily more than acting as an assistant for her brother Lu Haishan.

Hence, when Lu Jinling shifted her gaze towards Ling Ran once she mentioned Golden Deer Health Services Pte Ltd, her gaze became exceptionally gentle... Who would have thought that this serious man would bring her such a good source of income?

When Huo Congjun heard the phrase "patient transportation", he was not even bothered to continue asking. Black cabs remained an unspoken topic in the hospital, especially when it came to the Emergency Department.

"Doctor Zhou."

Huo Congjun's tone was serious.

"Check Ling Ran's surgical records and take note of the patient's condition when they come back to remove the stitches. If all is well"

"Ling Ran, take a day off." Huo Congjun raised his voice for everyone to hear, "Wake up early tomorrow, I'll let you come with me to observe a day of surgery."

The few resident doctors in the area exchanged looks. They were stunned to silence.

An intern at the operating table?

What was the difference between this and hitting the jackpot?

Ling Ran tied a knot and lifted his head to look at Doctor Zhou and then at Huo Congjun, saying, "What I did today is just debridement and sutures. They will be fine."

"If they are well, then all is good." Huo Congjun detected Ling Ran's pride and involuntarily allowed his pride to soar in kind. He stopped looking at Ling Ran's operation and headed home.

At the same time, the system slowly delivered its notification before Ling Ran.

[New Accomplishment: Continuous completion of 50 sutures]

[Reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest]