Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 248

Chapter 248: I Want Him

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“Which insurance company sent the helicopter this time?” Chief Physician Zhao Leyi stood behind Department Associate Director Du. He was very curious about it.

Department Director Huo glared at him and said, “Must the patient be sent by an insurance company?”

“Who would take a helicopter without any insurance? It costs at least thirty to forty thousand for a trip, right? Furthermore, the rich always buy insurance with complete coverage…” Zhao Leyi noticed the mocking look on Department Director Huo’s face. He was surprised. “It can’t be, right? The patient herself called for the helicopter to send her? What’s the situation?”

“Abdominal pain. There are also some external injuries,” Department Director Huo answered.

Zhao Leyi’s expression turned serious. Abdominal pain may sound like something that could be easily treated, but it was not an easy case in the hospital.

Normal abdominal pain could be caused by food poisoning, menstrual pain, or even intestinal obstruction or appendicitis. The more complicated the case was, the more dangerous it would be. For a doctor in the Emergency Department, the most troublesome cases were parasitic diseases, especially those that were not of local origins. The course of disease and symptoms could vary greatly…

Zhao Leyi was an attending physician. Normally, when the patient reached the hospital, he would be the first to receive the patient. Other associate chief physicians as well as chief physicians would only stand behind him and provide backup if the need arose. Not until the symptoms were finalized would they come forward and confirm the disease.

Naturally, the attending physician was to complete the trial-and-error portion before the diagnosis.

For patients like that who could afford to come by helicopter, the psychological pressure on the attending physician was much greater, especially on the diagnosis for diseases like abdominal pain. If he provided the wrong diagnosis, he could come out of the entire incident with just embarrassment. But if things were blown out of proportion, he would become the doctor who provided the wrong diagnosis in the eyes of the hospital leaders and the senior management departments.

“One minute!” Department Director Lei from the Medical Affairs Department was there too. He looked at his phone and shouted.

As the head in the Administration Department, Department Director Lei would usually just receive the patient and send him or her away to another department. He did not normally wait at the top of the building to get blown by cold wind.

In a hospital like Yun Hua Hospital, a division head of a normal county who came for treatment would not even get people like Department Director Lei to wait around for them. When Zhao Leyi thought about that, his expression grew even more serious.

A helicopter landed slowly, and dust was blown up by the wind that the propellers generated.

Once the wind became mellower, a male nurse as well as a female resident doctor pushed a stretcher and ran towards the helicopter.

Huo Congjun nodded when he saw that.

In the hospital, male nurses were a treasure, especially in a place like the Emergency Department. Male nurses were very useful in terms of hard labor, and they were better than their female counterparts when it came to carrying patients or things.

Even doctors were not as good as male nurses in the caretaking of patients. A normal nurse could already execute injections much better than a doctor, and male nurses could do even better in things like handling decubitus ulcers. They may not be skillful in the beginning, but they were able to master the craft quickly.

“A Chanel shirt, huh?” Zhao Leyi saw the person coming down from the helicopter in the distance. She held her stomach and sat on the stretcher. Then, she lay down slowly and could not help but hiss in pain.

“You even know what brand it is?” Since Doctor Zhou was forced to work overtime, he was not in the mood to talk. He only became a little more interested when he could gossip.

Zhao Leyi tried to show off and said, “My wife just bought a Chanel handbag a few days ago. It’s so expensive. Though you have to admit, the bag looks quite good. But it’s just too expensive.”

Doctor Zhou looked at Zhao Leyi’s Putian before he said in pity, “It cost you two months worth of your salary, right?”

“It wouldn’t have been enough even if I don’t eat and drink. Fortunately, they gave us bonuses recently… Ugh, without the bonus, she wouldn’t have asked for a Chanel anyway.” Zhao Leyi further elaborated on his psychological changes as he watched the approaching patient and said, “From what I know, Chanel shirts are very costly. People who can afford the brand would wear the latest shirts released for the season. A shirt alone can already cost you at least fifty to sixty thousand, and the shoes will cost another ten to twenty thousand. Even normal accessories are priced anywhere between a few thousand to tens of thousands. A random combination would cost about a hundred thousand. If you add in the laundry fee, how much would you have to spend a year?”

“So the one coming over now is a walking bank.” Doctor Zhou smiled. He stopped for a while and raised an eyebrow. “She’s quite pretty.”

“That’s true! She looks quite delicate from her facial features. I guess her makeup was done by a famous makeup artist. Have you heard that it could cost a few thousand USD for celebrities to style their hair? That’s even more costly than the craniotomies in our hospital. I think celebrities of our age should wash their brains…” Zhao Leyi could not help but speak again, “She doesn’t look like a celebrity. Say, how would it feel to have a shirt that costs at least a 100,000 RMB on your person?”

“Doctor Zhao…” Huo Congjun’s deep voice could be heard from behind them.

Zhao Leyi was very familiar with Huo Congjun’s voice.

He could even tell how Huo Congjun currently felt from the way he spoke.

For example, at that moment, Huo Congjun’s voice made Zhao Leyi immediately think of several scenarios. In times like that, he seemed to remember Huo Congjun saying something like, “Watch your own skin!

“I can tear off your skin. Do you believe me?

“Do you want to donate your skin?”

A broken smile was visible on Zhao Leyi’s lips. He replied in a faint, faltering voice, “Department director?”

He said those two words with a rising intonation to indicate a question, and it was a sign to show that he respected the past Huo Congjun, who used to be very fierce.

Of course, that was Department Director Huo Congjun seven to eight years ago. Ever since Zhao Leyi became an attending physician, he rarely saw Huo Congjun scold people in a fierce tone. Perhaps it was because it was no longer needed…

Huo Congjun saw the patient who was being pushed over, and said, “Be more careful…”

“Yes.” Zhao Leyi tensed and strode to the front to receive the patient.

The wind produced by the helicopter’s propellers could still be felt from the distance.

“Hello, I’m your attending physician, Zhao Leyi. You’re Tian Qi, right?” Zhao Leyi went forward to receive the patient without waiting for the leaders behind him. That was standard operating procedure in the Emergency Department. It was impossible for them to have the patient listen to the leaders as they introduced themselves one by one.

“Yes.” Tian Qi appeared to be in her early twenties. Just as Zhao Leyi mentioned before, her makeup made her look delicate. She had long eyelashes and long hair, though the doctors did not know whether they were real or fake. But her long legs should be real…

“So, Tian Qi, which part of your body doesn’t feel well?” Zhao Leyi was curious about her name, but he did not ask.

Tian Qi frowned and said, “I just have abdominal pain. Also, my hand’s injured.”

Zhao Leyi saw a small bandage on the patient’s finger. He unwrapped it and took a look at the wound before he asked, “Was this cut caused by a fruit knife?”

“A screwdriver.”

“A screwdriver, I see. I’ll perform debridement for you later.” Zhao Leyi ignored the small wound while he talked. He asked, “How does your stomach hurt? Is it stomach cramps? Random waves of pain? Pain that makes you feel as if you were cut? Or random waves of pain that occur at random spots?”

Both of them talked while they moved to the back. The leaders of the hospital shook hands and greeted the people who accompanied Tian Qi. They appeared after she got off the helicopter.

Tian Qi used her unwounded left hand to press her stomach, and she said, “I feel bloated.”


“Yes, I feel puffed up…”

“Oh… A sense of bloating? Is it strong?” Zhao Leyi performed a basic consultation as he continued to assess the situation in his brain. The way to the treatment room was his biggest chance to show off his talents. Once the patient reached the treatment room or resuscitation room, he would need to do an analysis based on the patient’s condition and make a corresponding decision for her treatment.

Among the decisions, one of them would be the prescription of medication to the patient. He also needed to decide which surgery to perform, which corresponding department the patient should seek consultation in, and he even needed to decide whether to send the patient directly to the related department or the operating theater.

A lot of things could cause abdominal pain, but if it were intestinal obstruction or appendicitis, he would have to decide whether to provide palliative care, send the patient to the operating theater immediately, or ask for consultation from the General Surgery Department. Conversely, if the abdominal pain were due to other types of infection, doctors from the Department of Internal Medicine would be another alternative.

However, compared to triaging work, which was the reasonable course of action, it would be best if he could directly treat the patient.

Zhao Leyi could not stop analyzing the case in his mind, and he made a prediction, ‘It’s impossible for patients with such a status to simply get food poisoning. The most complicated parasitic infection can be excluded for the time being. Abdominal tumors are easily ignored by many youngsters nowadays. If that really is the case, it might also cause bloating. It would be even worse if there are ascites…’

Zhao Leyi pondered while he asked, “What did you eat yesterday and today?”

“I ate oysters in France. Then, I had some meat dumplings, red wine, desserts, as well as some of Italy’s cheese and fish. In Turkey, I ate some meatballs and vegetable soup. In the afternoon, I ate around five to six pieces of German sausages during my flight, and they were very delicious. When I was back in Yun Hua, I ate a bowl of thin noodles with an egg. It tasted quite nice though…” Tian Qi calculated her meals with her fingers.

Zhao Leyi coughed and said, “Just tell us the food you ate yesterday and today.”

“I took my meals in France and Italy yesterday. We departed to Turkey today. My assistant has the details of my schedule…”

“Hmm, so you went to three countries in two days. In addition to China, that would be four in total?”

Tian Qi nodded.

“Let’s check your digestive tract first.” Zhao Leyi found his life to be boring. The hospital leaders and directors ended up rushing over just to pick up a rich kid who was too stuffed from eating.

However, Tian Qi nodded and asked nervously, “What about my finger?”

“You said your finger was injured by a screwdriver, right?”

“Yes. My friend delivered some oysters from Japan to me so that I could compare them with those from France. Who knew I would injure myself when I was trying to open the oysters?”

“Oh… I’ll handle that for you…”

“Is he a doctor? I want him to do it for me.” Tian Qi pointed at Ling Ran with her finger.

Zhao Leyi did not even have to look to know who the rich lady was pointing at.