Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 249

249 Handsome And Dignified

"Ling Ran, you do the debridement later." Zhao Leyi acquiesced to the patient's request and assigned the work to Ling Ran.

He did not want to offend the Chanel-shirt-wearing rich girl who flew there in a helicopter. Moreover, he was no longer at the age where he fought to do debridement.

Ling Ran agreed without saying much.

Debridement was a normal operation for him, and it was normal for someone to assign him to it.

"I'm Tian Qi because I'm the seventh child in the family. My family attended a fortune-telling session, and the fortune teller said a simple name would make my life easier. By the way, my Qi is spelled as Q-I, not C-H-I." Tian Qi pursed her mouth while she said that. Her lips, which were painted an alluring shade of red, moved slightly before she asked, "Are you Ling Ran? How do you spell your name?"

"L-I-N-G R-A-N," Ling Ran answered.

It was uncomfortable for Tian Qi to look at Ling Ran while she lay on the stretcher. So, she sat up and said, "'At a wall corner some plum trees grow, alone against cold white blossoms blow [1].''This land has many heroes, yet it is very hard to know about them.' That does sound quite true."

Ling Ran could not help but look at Tian Qi. He was not unfamiliar with those two lines. One of them was from Wang Anshi, while the other was written by Li Bai. The Chinese version of the poems contained his name, so it was no surprise that Ling Ran knew them. But it was not easy for others to tell from the poem. Besides, there were very few people who read ancient Chinese poetry nowadays. It was even rarer for a girl who was as fashionable as the one before him to recite the poems so easily.

However, Ling Ran had naturally met many girls who loved to recite poetry. He smiled and said, "People usually quote 'Reaching a mountain's summit' [2] when they want to mention my name."

Tian Qi covered her mouth while she chuckled. "'Reaching a mountain's summit' can only be recited to describe your own self so that you can seem more heroic. If you use it to describe others, it will be very strange. The line 'alone against cold white blossoms blow' sounds better. Doctor Ling, you do seem rather unapproachable."

Ling Ran was stunned by what Tian Qi just said. He was used to compliments all the time, and people had often used multiple ways to utilize Chinese poetry to praise him as well. But the new mindset suggested by Tian Qi was really unique.

"You see, these two lines that I chose are only suitable for others. It won't be suitable for you to use those lines to describe yourself, right?" Tian Qi had the urge to continue their conversation in Chinese poetry.

Zhao Leyi could not help but feel worried when he overheard the conversation between Tian Qi and Ling Ran.

He could not listen to them anymore.

It made Zhao Leyi recall the time he pursued his wife; he did not use as many techniques as Tian Qi.

Zhao Leyi thought carefully again. Both Ling Ran and he were doctors, He may have thought Tian Qi's name was weird, but she did not explain why she got the name. But right after Ling Ran reported his name, he got many explanations in return. Then, there were many interactions between them, and they were based on Chinese poetry. What was happening?

Zhao Leyi recalled his younger years. Back then, he wanted to use his talents to attract girls too. What exactly happened later, which made him start eating cup noodles to earn more money, all so that he could buy his ex-girlfriend or fiance a handbag?

Buying a Gucci bag in those days was an extreme expenditure according to the wages he earned at that time. Zhao Leyi then looked at Ling Ran indignantly and thought, 'Youngsters like Ling Ran don't have anything. He doesn't even have a proper job. How can he make a girl in a Chanel shirt talk to him with Chinese poetry? How did he manage to do it?'

"Move two beds away, put her inside." Zhao Leyi was not willing to think about that anymore. Once the bed was in position, he asked the staff members to place Tian Qi in the treatment room. Her bed even took up two bed spaces, which meant that she could have an operating area all to herself.

Compared with the hospital wards, the treatment room was noisier, but it had an even more complete set of equipment.

Zhao Leyi no longer had any hope of becoming famous through the current case. It was just a rich girl who ate too much. She did not even have a proper disease. There was nothing that could attract Zhao Leyi anymore.

So what if she had a good figure and pretty face? After all she did not even look at him.

With disinterest, Zhao Leyi opened the checklist and said, "Let the General Surgery Department do the consultation. They must be quite anxious now."

Minor diseases were the most meaningless diseases. They would not receive any rewards even if they treated it, but they would be remembered if they did not heal the patient.

Zhao Leyi prepared a consultation form right then because he wanted to have the doctors from the General Surgery Department bear the consequences together with him.

There was nothing prideful about treating a rich girl who ate too much.

If they missed out any strange disease, then he would drag them all into the swamp of despair, and they could all rot in there together. Zhao Leyi was full of resentment in his heart.

The leaders who came later were also satisfied with Zhao Leyi's arrangement.

Since the Emergency Department made the decision to give a consultation, they should go ahead with it.

Although there were no exciting moments where they could perform emergency treatments like those in the movies, to the leaders, it was not a bad thing to not be able to see such heart-pumping scenes.

Since the leaders occupied a high position in the hierarchy, they could not see or think about how the doctors the General Surgery Department would have to share the blame as well.Even if they saw or thought about it, they would pretend as if nothing had happened.

A senior attending physician who was in his forties came in excitedly.

Doctors who were chief physicians and associate chief physicians would feel embarrassed to go to the Emergency Department. In fact, the consultant invited by the Emergency Department would usually be a resident doctor. Sometimes, they would get an attending physician who did not have any surgeries to perform at that time. The senior attending physicians who were about to be evaluated for the post of associate chief physicians would usually not spend their time to conduct consultations without reason.

It was just like how an army would mobilize its forces. It could be very dangerous for them to venture deep into enemy territory if they did not have vanguards, cavalry, and scouts ahead of them.

The current situation was the same. The senior attending physician came with the hopes of showing off his skills so that the whole hospital would know about it, and also perform an amazing feat that the whole city would know about him. But after he repeatedly asked Zhao Leyi about the patient, his face turned yellow, and it was the kind of fermented yellow that showed despair.

"Let's do an ultrasonography first." The doctor from the General Surgery Department appeared sluggish.

He was a doctor from the General Surgery Department who always removed feces. If a person was stuffed from eating, the cause would be food that had not turned into feces just yet, so that was not within his field of expertise. If the food had started to take the shape of feces, they would then venture into the blind spot of the General Surgery Department's knowledge, but it would still not be his area of expertise

Yet, what else could he say?

The attending physician looked at Zhao Leyi with a gloomy face and asked, "Have you taken a scan?"

He actually wanted to ask, "Why did you apply for consultation?"

Zhao Leyi wore a smile on his face, "The ultrasonography scanner is on, but we haven't had the time to take a scan yet."

"Then just do it." The senior attending physician from the General Surgery Department sighed before he asked someone to bring the mobile ultrasonography scanner to their side.

At that moment, Tian Qi's main assistant stood out and said in a polite manner, "May we have a female doctor perform the ultrasonography?"

"You only need to reveal the stomach for ultrasonography." The doctor from the General Surgery Department raised an eyebrow before he instantly lowered it. "I need to check the ultrasonography myself before I can make any decisions" he said.

"Just get a female doctor to do the ultrasonography. You only need to analyze the end results, right? If you're not used to reading ultrasonography scans, we can contact our personal doctor and let him take a look first before we inform you of the results." Tian Qi's assistant was a capable woman in her thirties. From her appearance, she looked like an alpha female. Her attitude was so aggressive that she could dominate the doctor from the General Surgery Department with just a few words.

"I'll get you a female doctor then." The male doctor from the General Surgery Department did not wish to participate in the consultation anymore.

"Thank you," Tian Qi replied politely. It lifted the male doctor from the General Surgery Department a little from his gloominess.

"I'll do the debridement for you first." Ling Ran did not want to continue wasting his time. He wanted to finish his own work and go back home.

Tian Qi immediately showed Ling Ran her fingers happily.

She had long and fine fingers with balanced joints. Her knuckles were well distributed. But there was a small gash on her left index finger, and the skin was cut open.

Ling Ran held the tip of her finger and turned over it gently.

"You better suture it properly. Don't leave any scars," the female assistant said worriedly,

Tian Qi raised her head and said, "Sister Bai, have more confidence in Doctor Ling, okay?"

The female assistant hemmed in acknowledgment before she took a few steps back. Then, she left immediately to look for the leaders of Yun Hua Hospital.

A while later, a group of Yun Hua staff including Huo Congjun and Department Director Lei as well as some leaders of the region also came over to visit.

Ling Ran was not affected at all.

He was always being observed, so he was mentally well-prepared.

For him, there were far too many ways to suture a finger.

Tian Qi looked at Ling Ran's serious side profile. When she saw how calm he was, she could not help but feel happy. In her mind, she remembered all the compliments used by the ancient Chinese towards good-looking gentlemen: Manly, cheerful, handsome and dignified, naturally talented

"It's done." Ling Ran checked the suture a little before he habitually gave up his space for others to put on the dressing. He then turned around and left.