Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Intermediate Treasure Chest

Ling Ran did not immediately open the treasure chest. Instead, he went home and opened it in his own room.

A skill book which shone with a silver light was what emerged from the silvery white treasure chest.

[Level One Skill Book: Elevate a basic skill to Perfect Level]

Ling Ran could not help but rub his chin and begin contemplating.

According to the rank given by the system, Perfect Level was the highest mastery of a skill. It had even surpassed Master Level.

The simple interrupted sutures performed at Master Level were already extraordinary, if it was elevated to Perfect Level, which was one level higher, how would it be like?

Based on Ling Ran's recent observations, even though Yun Hua Hospital was one of the best large-scale, tertiary grade A hospitals in Yun Hua City, only a few doctors there could be said to possess Master Level suture skills.

If he looked at it from a broader sense, there were probably not many doctors that could be said to possess Master Level surgical suture skills in all of Yun Hua City.

'Then, how many would have Perfect Level suture skills?'

When he thought of it, Ling Ran decided against it. The skill book stated very clearly that it could elevate a basic skill to Perfect Level. It was obvious that instead of elevating his suture skillswhich were already at Master Levelto Perfect Level, it was more worthwhile to elevate another skill to perfection.

Ling Ran pondered while he tried to open the skill book. In an instant, a skill tree appeared in his mind.

Two options were listed at the top of the skill tree: Basics of Internal Medicine and Basics of Surgery.

The Basics of Internal Medicine was in gray, while the Basics of Surgery was shimmering.

When he tapped on the shimmering Basics of Surgery, there were six more options that twinkled.

[Exposure +]

[Incision +]

[Seperation +]

[Bleeding Control +]

[Suturing +]

[Drainage +]

"All basic surgical techniques, huh?" Ling Ran muttered to himself.

Not long after entering medical school, Ling Ran had heard about these basic surgical techniques from his lecturer.

Even though the basic surgical techniques were divided differently according to various books, the classifications were roughly the same. Theoretically, if a surgeon mastered these six basic surgical techniques, he would be considered a famous surgeon. It was normal for ordinary doctors to be unskilled and lack understanding in one or two of these techniques.

As for medical students, if they were able to perform sutures as they approached graduation, they would already be considered very good.

Because it was Ling Ran's first time using the skill book, and he did not know its value as well, Ling Ran did not rashly tap on the options one by one. Instead, he first chose the option that he needed the most at the momentBleeding Control.

Indeed, after choosing the Bleeding Control option, he really did not know how to return to the homepage.

[Operational Bleeding Control +]

[Interventional Hemostatic Bandage +]

[Chemical Hemostatic Agent +]

[Topical Hemostatic Agent +]

There were four options in total. Ling Ran thought about it for a while and chose 'Operational Bleeding Control'. However, that was not the end of the division.

There were actually four more options under the option of Operational Bleeding Control.

[Perstriction +]

[Hemostasis by Pressure +]

[Hemostasis by Heat +]

[Barehanded Bleeding Control +]

Ling Ran could see that this was probably why the skill book was only at Level One.

If it were of the same level as the Newbie Gift Package, Ling Ran might be able to directly obtain the Perfect Level of the previous option--Operational Bleeding Control. That would be very useful in the Emergency Department, and he would feel even more at ease when performing surgery in the future.

'Still, even the four options below it are also considerably decent. After all, it did not take too much work to obtain the Intermediate Treasure Chest...'

As Ling Ran thought, he made another choice. He selected Barehanded Bleeding Control in his mind.

This time, no more options appeared.

There was sparkling gold light, and the words Perfect Level were attached to the Barehanded Bleeding Control skill.

Ling Ran lowered his head and savored it slowly.

He did not choose perstriction because he wanted to avoid wastage. It was obvious that suturing skills were also utilized in perstriction. Most likely, it would have required some additional surgical steps or for the surgeon to use some high class medical equipment. It would not be worthwhile to make it his first choice.

The remaining optionshemostasis by pressure and hemostasis by heatwere also not bad, but basically required the assistance of medical devices.

Ling Ran would have to work hard and prove his worth a lot longer before he could use medical devices in the Emergency Department. Barehanded bleeding control was the only one that Ling Ran could utilize immediately.

Medical approaches were not differentiated by whether they were good or not, they were only differentiated by whether they could or could not be used.

And even for higher level surgeries, the barehanded bleeding control technique was also often used in departments such as the Cardiology Department and the Nephrology Department.

Ling Ran extended his hand and imagined that he had the patient's entire kidney under his control. He imagined applying equal pressure to it with his thumb and forefinger, balancing his strength with the pressure between his fingers to achieve the objective of controlling the bleeding by pressing on it...

If what he possessed was the Master Level Barehanded Bleeding Control Technique, he reckoned that he would not be able to be do this so skillfully and at ease. And if it were of Specialist Level, the patient might even have some postoperative complications.

As Ling Ran thought, he blearily fell asleep. When he woke at breakfast time, even though he had only slept for four or five hours, he still felt relaxed and refreshed. He even felt like he had slept a lot.

After suturing patients for one day and one night, it turned out that he only needed a few hours of sleep to be recharged and alert. It meant that the Energy Serum was extremely effective.

Ling Ran thought, 'If that's the case, if I have enough Energy Serums in the future, I could even save time by not sleeping. I might even be able to use the Energy Serum for other purposes, but the thing is... I don't know what else to use it for.'

After washing his face and brushing his teeth, Ling Ran went downstairs. Before he could even stand properly, he heard his father's booming voice.

"My son is here. Everyone, take a look at my son. My son was the one who cured Boss Yang."

Ling Jiezhou placed a hand on his waist and waved his other hand at the members of the neighborhood who were receiving fluid transfusions.

Transfusion patients were the best listeners. They looked at Ling Ran in unison. Ling Ran remained calm.

If his mother, Tao Ping, was a quiet and artistic middle-class woman who pursued enjoyment, his father, Ling Jiezhou, was always over-excited when they had guests over. Ling Ran had been aware of this since he got his first medal when he was in kindergarten.

"The hand of Old Yang, from the knife-cut noodles restaurant, is recovering really well. Yesterday, he went for a re-examination, and they said that ninety percent of his hand's functionality can be recovered. Their whole family was so happy. The people in the neighborhood know about it too. These past few days, they are all waiting to see you so that you can have a look at their illnesses." Even though Ling Jiezhou looked like he was talking to Ling Ran, he was actually still boasting to the crowd with all his might.

Ling Ran glanced at the area where the patients waited to see the doctor. There was no one there at all.

"Come, come, come, give it a try. You happen to be off this afternoon." Ling Jiezhou dragged Ling Ran and wanted to make him sit down.

Ling Ran said calmly, "Even if I were to practice in the clinic, you wouldn't be able to cut back on Doctor Xiong's pay. You probably have to pay me for working overtime as well."

Ling Jiezhou hesitated for a few seconds and said, "It's our family business, you have to take care of it. Look, we have more customers today."

"There's still a difference between patients and customers." After becoming a doctor, Ling Ran had grown a little sensitive towards this topic.

Ling Jiezhou froze for a moment, but he started laughing after that. He pointed at Ling Ran and said, "Your father doesn't understand medicine. But you don't understand business. Think about it, would the people who come to our clinic prefer to be called patients or customers?"

This time, Ling Ran was the one who froze.

With a serious tone, Ling Jiezhou told Ling Ran about the truth he had discovered after all these years. "Our clinic caters to people in the neighborhood. We shouldn't only treat their headaches and fevers, we should also make them happy, right? What would make them happier than calling them customers?"

At this moment, Tao Ping heard the commotion and came downstairs. She said, "Old Ling, don't pollute my son with your rotten thoughts."

"Not polluting, not polluting," Ling Jiezhou said nonchalantly. "I said it a little too crudely. I should have said: As a doctor, you not only have to treat people, but also their hearts. Isn't that right?"

Tao Ping smiled and turned to ask Ling Ran, "You worked overtime yesterday? What's with your hospital, working a student who just began his internship to this extent?"

"They don't pay you for working overtime, right? Do they provide free meals? Look at how the hospital does business, using all of you like donkeys. And all of you willingly throw yourselves into it as well." Ling Jiezhou's train of thought was completely different, though.

Tao Ping said unhappily, "Away with you. He gets to perform surgery if he works overtime. Not all interns get to perform surgery. It's because Little Ran has good medical skills, isn't it?"

Ling Ran nodded honestly.

If he only took into account his Master Level in Suturing, he did have really good medical skills. Now that he had obtained Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control, it seemed like he had become quite the impressive doctor.

"I knew it. Ah, wait for a while, I asked the gods for something good for you." Tao Ping went back upstairs in a haste and came back with a jade pendant.

The jade pendant was clean and fair like a stone, it felt smooth like a stone, and smelled delicate like a stone. It was understandable that Ling Ran doubted its authenticity.

"I asked for it from Eternal Celebration Temple. This is Manjushri [1]. I got it for when you take the exam for a professional title in the future. But since you'll be performing surgery tomorrow, I'll let you wear it first." Tao Ping earnestly showed it to Ling Ran and said, "Take a look, it's real Hetian, with good workmanship."

Ling Ran stared at the jade pendant, which did not look quite symmetrical, and asked, "How much did you buy it for?"

"Requested, you mean. I requested it." Tao Ping corrected him conscientiously.

"How much did you ask it for?"

"30 RMB."

"A 30 RMB Hetian? I don't think that's even enough to buy a white marble."

"How is that not enough?" Tao Ping said slowly, "A sincere heart can work wonders. You cannot judge it by its monetary value. I asked for this from Eternal Celebratory Temple. The manager personally told me that this is an authentic Hetian. He only asked for 30 RMB from me because he saw that I was sincere," Tao Ping spoke in all seriousness.

Ling Ran interrupted her and asked, "How was the manager able to see that you were sincere? With a questionnaire?"

"It's a matter of the heart."

"They talk about this in Buddhism, too?"

Ling Jiezhou smelled danger, and quickly reminded his son, "No matter what, you must take care of this jade pendant well."

Thus, Ling Ran put it in his pocket.

Ling Jiezhou shook his head and said, "I once lost your mother's diamond necklace."

"You even lost a diamond necklace?"

Ling Jiezhou nodded regretfully, as though reminiscing something from a long time ago. He said slowly, "The one on your mother's neck. She bought it for 3 RMB years ago. In the end, I only found one which was a little similar to the one she lost after spending more than 10,000 RMB."

"And the diamonds are a lot smaller." Tao Ping added. As she spoke, she swung the necklace on her neck. The foremost little diamonds sparkled.

"I was the one who didn't look earnestly for it." Ling Jiezhou's tone became even more regretful, and he warned Ling Ran again, "You must take care of the jade pendant well. Don't misplace it just because it only costs 30 RMB, or else you might not even be able to buy a piece of authentic Hetian with one year of your internship salary."

Ling Ran asked in a probing manner, "If I lose this jade pendant, can't I buy another jade pendant that looks similar?"

"At the time, I thought so, too." Ling Jiezhou chuckled and said, "But the necklaces I bought back then that looked similar to the missing one were all exposed as fake diamond necklaces. If you lose a Hetian jade pendant, you can't just replace it with an alabaster jade pendant, right?"

Ling Jiezhou stressed the word "Hetian".

Ling Ran finally understood. It did not matter whether the figure of Buddha in his pocket was made of stone or jade, it had the value of a jade now.

"The price inflated so quickly."

"Yeah" Ling Jiezhou had a desolate expression. "It skyrocketed."

Translator's Note:

A bodhisattva associated with praj (insight) in Mahayana Buddhism. In Tibetan Buddhism, he is also a yidam. His name means "Gentle Glory" (Source: Wikipedia)