Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 250

Chapter 250: Receiving requests

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“Doctor Zhao, have you finished your work?” Doctor Zhou leaned against the door frame to the office. He had his white coat in one hand and his coat in the other. He was ready to either put his white coat back on or throw it on his seat in the distance at any moment.

Zhao Leyi snorted twice and said, “Never mind, I’ve prescribed multienzyme tablets.”

“It really was indigestion, wasn’t it?” He looked at his watch and thought, ‘There shouldn’t be any major incidents coming up anymore. The thirty-seven minutes and fifty seconds of overtime I did was all for nothing.’

“I asked. The patient said she ate eight oysters in France. I won’t tell you the rest of the story. If she was willing to sit in a private jet just to eat, it would be a waste of jet fuel if she did not eat enough, right? I really don’t understand why she decided to eat thin noodles. She gestured to me how big the bowl was, and she even had two eggs. I have to say, God is definitely unfair since she still has a good figure.” Zhao Leyi patted his own belly to indicate that he was now hungry.

“Why would she come back for a big bowl of thin noodles?” Doctor Zhou stayed for a little while more because he was curious.

Zhao Leyi took out his phone on the spot and flipped to the medical record. He said, “The patient complained… after staying overseas for a month, she didn’t expect to find local food so delicious.”

“Are thin noodles more delicious than oysters?” Doctor Zhou chuckled and asked, “Which restaurant’s thin noodles?”

“There’s a thin noodles restaurant in the backstreet of Heshui Road Market. They sell thin noodles, pork chops, fried eggs, and fried chili.” Zhao Leyi did not need to use his mobile phone this time.

“It’s a twenty-minute ride by car.” Doctor Zhou nodded before he looked at the corridor. He did not spot Department Director Huo. With one motion, he threw away his white coat. As he walked, he took out his phone. “Honey, do you want to have thin noodles tonight? Oh, a patient who happens to have rich parents almost stuffed herself to death with thin noodles. I thought about it and asked for the location of the restaurant. What… The patients’ gender is all the same to us doctors… No no no… you’ve misunderstood me. I didn’t talk to her. I asked my colleague…”

Zhao Leyi eavesdropped and snickered. “Old Zhou, you’re in trouble.”

“A man who goes back home on time every day… He’s trustworthy.”

“The last time I invited him to have a few drinks, he video-called his wife. And when a bar girl ten yards away entered the frame of his video, he had to give his wife a ten-minute explanation.”

“Hey hey hey, can you not include me in this? Video calls are very solemn affairs, yet he accidentally filmed a bar girl? That’s a problem with his attitude…”

Zhao Leyi listened with a broad smile and gave everyone a discriminating look. Then, with a light gesture, he opened his WeChat. As he eavesdropped on Doctor Zhou’s conversation on the phone, he shook his head as he typed each word after some deliberation.

[Dear, I was wrong. Let’s eat oysters tonight, and I’ll show you a good performance.]


In the observation room…

Tian Qi stayed alone in her room and played with her mobile phone. The more she played, the more impatient she became.

When the assistant saw her, she asked, “Do you want to tell the captain to fly ahead of time? I don’t think you actually need to wait for the film to come out.”

“Where to?” Tian Qi stared at her phone as she subconsciously asked the question.

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to go home yesterday?”

“I thought my father and mother went to Australia to see the grazing land?”

“Aren’t you eager to eat Sister Tan’s Mapo tofu?” The assistant smiled.

Tian Qi shook her head. She held her phone and said unhappily, “I’m eager to find poems. If I had known earlier, I would have studied Chinese Language and Literature…”

“Looking for poems… to chat with Doctor Ling?” The assistant saw Ling Ran. When she saw how Tian Qi acted, she could guess what was going on. If that had been a school and Tian Qi had a crush on a boy, the assistant would have immediately done some investigations on the boy and maybe even reported to Tian Qi’s parents.

This time, although the assistant had sent people to investigate Ling Ran, she did not rush to report it to Tian Qi’s parents.

The reason being, it was hard to show Ling Ran’s physical advantage in a report. As a fellow woman, the assistant thought that someone who was as handsome as Ling Ran and worked as a doctor could be considered a worthy future husband candidate for Tian Qi as long as he was not too bad in other aspects. There was no need to report things now. It may just cause a negative effect.

The assistant looked at Tian Qi, and in the tone of an experienced person, she said, “It’s not necessary for you to talk to Doctor Ling solely by using poetry.”

“He should like the poems I recited today, right?” Tian Qi asked.

“Perhaps he just likes chatting with you.” The assistant smiled.

Tian Qi smiled sweetly before her face fell again. She said, “There’s no such thing as falling in love at first sight. With that face, it’s certain that many b*tches have seduced him before. Look at him. He just walked off after he was done suturing me…”

“His superiors were standing in front of him, what could he have said?’

“Oh, yeah.” Tian Qi was relieved for a few seconds before she immediately asked, “Sister Bai, what information did you get from your investigation?”

“I won’t have results so soon. So far, I know that he studied medicine in Yun Hua University. He’s currently doing his internship in Yun Hua Hospital. He’s quite talented in performing surgeries, and he’s appeared in several media outlets. I’ll send you the links once I have them. In addition, his family owns a small clinic called Lower Groove Clinic, which is located in Lower Groove. It’s only a few thousand square feet in area and it has two floors. Clinic operations are carried out on the ground floor, and the family lives above the clinic. He doesn’t have any other property…”

Tian Qi blinked and said, “Does this mean that he lives with my mother-in-law? What’s my mother-in-law’s temperament?”

“I haven’t managed to investigate that yet. Besides, if you don’t want to live with your mother-in-law, you can buy a house and live separately. Based on my memory, your family has several houses in Yun Hua…” The assistant paused and said, “Why would you think about this now? You’re still too young to get married.”

Tian Qi hemmed obediently.

“Let’s talk about their other aspects. The Ling Family’s bank deposits should be around a few hundred thousand RMB. Ling Ran has around 100,000 RMB in his bank account. Recently, his monthly income has been about 50,000 RMB. In addition, Ling Ran drives a second-hand Volkswagen Jetta…” The assistant described the “small amount” of information she just obtained as detailed as possible.

Tian Qi listened, nodded, and said, “Fifty thousand RMB a month for an intern is a lot.”

“Yes, it’s more than the income of a senior doctor.”

“Doctor Ling Ran is so great,” Tian Qi praised him.

The assistant chuckled a couple of times and touched her pocket while she was at it.

“What’s Doctor Ling’s hobby?” Tian Qi asked.

“I will only receive that report earliest by tomorrow,” the assistant replied.

“Let me think…” After Tian Qi finished talking, she scrolled through her phone again.

Half an hour later, Tian Qi put down her phone and asked, “Sister Bai, if Doctor Ling’s car breaks down, he can only use transportation apps or take a taxi, right?”

“He can also take public transportation. But they’re about the same.” The assistant nodded.

“Oh…” Tian Qi sank into deep thought.

Sister Bai also lowered her head and quickly left a reminder in her WeChat. [Miss Tian Qi is thinking long and hard.]


Four o’clock in the morning.

After consuming some milk and oats as well as hot steamed buns filled with steamed salted pork in wine, Ling Ran entered the temporary garage and sat in his small Volkswagen Jetta.

He inserted his key into the ignition, twisted it to start the car… and failed.

He twisted the key to start the car again… and failed.

Then, he failed again…

Ling Ran closed the door in resignation and walked out of the alley. He looked at the deserted road and opened a transportation app.

It was impossible for him to get a taxi. Not only were there very few taxis nowadays, they were also picky when it came to receiving requests. At that point in time, very few drivers liked to travel near Yun Hua Hospital.

Ling Ran lowered his head and placed his request. Right after he confirmed his request, the app screen changed and showed, [Please wait for your ride]. At the bottom were the words [Master Liu, Black Rolls-Royce Phantom].

In a few seconds, a big and black car stopped next to Ling Ran.

The door opened automatically. The front door moved forward and the back door moved backward to reveal a huge space in the middle. It also showed the orange interior design of the car.

“Doctor Ling, what a coincidence. I was just going to get a quick ride home.” In the driver’s seat was Tian Qi. She waved enthusiastically before she yawned loudly to show her exhaustion.

Ling Ran thought about it a little and decided to get into the car.

Right then, it was very difficult to get a taxi. There was still a patient with three severed fingers and one severed thumb waiting for him in the hospital.

When Tian Qi saw Ling Ran get into the car, she quickly sat up straight and closed the door. Then, she asked, “Doctor Ling, are you heading to Yun Hua Hospital?”


“Is the temperature in the car okay?”

“It’s okay.”

“Would you like to watch the stars?” Tian Qi asked as she looked around. Then, she saw the ceiling of the Rolls-Royce Phantom display a constellation map.

Ling Ran leaned back and settled against the seat comfortably.

“Doctor Ling, do you go to work this early every day?” Tian Qi stepped on the gas pedal. She started the car with slight nervousness.

“Not necessarily.” Ling Ran crossed his leg over his knee and touched the leather seat as well as the right door curiously.

“It must be really hard to work so early in the morning.” Tian Qi felt her heart ache as she watched her curious Prince Charming through the rearview mirror.

Ling Ran said, “I don’t think so. Aren’t you also driving around and picking up customers early in the morning?”

Tian Qi was stunned for a while before she hurriedly nodded. “Yeah, I’m also trying to be independent and make my own money. I cannot always rely on my family.”

“Excuse me, can you slow down a little? You’re almost over the speed limit,” Ling Ran reminded her.

Tian Qi gasped and stepped on the break. This caused Ling Ran to fall forward. But fortunately, he was able to stabilize himself.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Tian Qi hurriedly steadied the car’s speed and continue to say, “I earned about 10 RMB from today’s requests. Doctor Ling, since you sutured my wound yesterday, why don’t we have lunch together at noon to spend it all?”

“Have you deducted the fuel bill?” the owner of the Volkswagen Jetta asked the owner of the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

“I can use the gas card to refuel the car. I won’t spend any extra money!” Tian Qi clenched her fist in resolution.