Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 252

252 Donald Duck

Hospital entrances were at their busiest in the morning.

However, when a Bentley with round headlights approached the entrance to Yun Hua Hospital, the security guard still whistled his way through the traffic and managed to make way for it.

The Bentley slowly stopped at the waiting area in front of the entrance.

The people in the area naturally took out their mobile phones and started taking pictures.

The azure blue Bentley was majestic and solemn. It shone in the color of RMB, which caused the people to let their wild imaginations loose.

Some people even took the opportunity to take a photo with the Bentley and Yun Hua Hospital as their background and posted the picture in their Moments: Can having a luxury car worth 7,000,000 RMB keep you and your family safe from being infected by disease? It can't. Look at how the rich deal with diseases. They need Longevity Luxury Insurance to protect them.

Su Jiafu was also mesmerized by the extremely expensive, sixteen feet long Bentley. He clicked his tongue. "It would be so comfortable to sit in that car. You'll definitely feel as if there's someone giving your ass a massage."

"This car should be the one I called." Ling Ran showed Su Jiafu the screen of his phone. The model was a Bentley Mulsanne.

The three people then went to the Bentley, and Su Jiafu shook his head in disbelief. "Am I drugged? Do the current transportation apps allow you to order a Bentley? Which model is that?"

"I called the express ride." Ling Ran looked at his phone again. The estimated cost was 22 RMB.

Su Jiafu looked at Ling Ran from head to toe and said, "Do you have magic? Why is it that I never manage to get a Bentley?"

During the conversation, Tian Qi also saw Ling Ran walk out of the hospital. She immediately got off the car and opened the door by imitating what her driver at home did.

The Bentley had four doors, just like any other normal car, so it had less appeal.

When she saw Ling Ran get closer, Tian Qi could not help but smiled. She waved her hand wildly in the air.

Ling Ran was a little surprised. "We meet again?"

"Well, I was coincidentally near the hospital." Tian Qi then saw Su Jiafu and Yu Yuan. Both of them had intentionally fallen a few steps behind. She asked, "Are you guys coming together?"

Ling Ran nodded and said, "We're going to Boss Shao's shop to have some barbeque."

"Having barbeque this early in the day?"

"I worked for an entire night. I'll be mistreating myself if I don't have some barbeque." Su Jiafu could not help but yawn.

"Well then, Doctor Ling, would you like to sit in front?" Tian Qi eyes lit up.

Ling Ran gave a positive answer and got into the car.

Su Jiafu was hesitant. He pointed at Ling Ran and asked Tian Qi, "Do the both of you know each other?"

"Doctor Ling sutured my finger." Tian Qi raised her left hand. Her index finger was still wrapped in a white bandage. There was a Donald Duck sticker over it.

Su Jiafu carefully identified it before he suddenly remembered and asked, "Are you the one who took a helicopter for emergency treatment yesterday?"

"Yes. That's me."

"The sticker is pretty good." Su Jiafu could praise her based on what he knew. It was no longer strange that a person who could take a helicopter to the hospital would be driving a Bentley.

After thinking about it, Su Jiafu felt that something was off. This person was rich and also happened to be a girl. Why would she choose to drive a Bentley car by herself? It was even a big and long Bentley Mulsanne.

"Thank you." Tian Qi waited for the other three people to get in the car before she closed their doors. She quickly moved back to the driver's seat and started the car carefully, her movements choppy.

"I'll drive according to the navigation app," Tian Qi said a little nervously. If she did not follow the navigation app, she would not know the way.

"Okay," Ling Ran replied. He rubbed the Bentley's leather seat and asked, "Didn't you drive a Rolls Royce this morning?"

The Rolls-Royce Phantom that Tian Qi drove in the morning had left quite the impression in Ling Ran's mind.

The villain in the James Bond Goldfinger movie drove a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Tian Qi clutched the steering wheel nervously and asked, "Do you prefer the Rolls?"

Ling Ran twisted his body and said, "I have not accumulated enough information to pass judgment on it."

Tian Qi was even more nervous, "How do you judge whether you like something or not?"

For Ling Ran, this was a good question. He patted his legs with his hand and said, "Generally, you can make judgments immediately. But when I can't, I'll do some tests. I haven't done in-depth research on decision-making, but someone should have studied this topic before."

Tian Qi remembered this in her heart. She was prepared to find someone to teach her this topic when she went back.

A Bentley cruised down the main road. The interior of the car was as quiet as a Karaoke box that had nobody in it singing.

Su Jiafu gradually got excited. He took out his mobile phone and began to prove that he sat in a Bentley with a selfie.

Yu Yuan was more careful. She listened to the conversation between the two and asked curiously, "What's up with driving a Rolls Royce in the morning?"

Tian Qi looked at Ling Ran and quickly said, "I wanted to experience doing part-time work while studying. So I will drive the cars my family owns to carry passengers. After filling up the gas for the Rolls Royce in the morning, I changed to the Bentley."

Her logic was sound, and her answers remained consistent.

Yu Yuan was amused and laughed out loud, "You rich people are really interesting."

"This isn't related to whether I'm rich or not. Labor is still labor." Tian Qi paused and said, "My grandfather often said that we young people have to participate in various activities in school. Whatever that we have worked and earned is our harvest. The cost is simply the family's education expenses."

Yu Yuan listened and was stunned for a moment. She said, "That is to say, if you earned 25 RMB by driving an express ride, that will be your remuneration, but the Bentley and gas would be your family's education expenses."

"Yes, when every worker enters society, this is the case. Can your salary as a doctor reflect the amount you paid for your degree?" While Tian Qi drove the car, she replied fluently.

Yu Yuan was stunned for a few seconds by what she said before she continued, "Your grandfather is really cool."


"So, what is the story of the Donald Duck sticker on your finger?" Yu Yuan started imagining things.

Tian Qi was stunned by the question. She did not keep up with her train of thought, so she replied dumbly, "Since it's a leather sticker, I thought it would make this bandage more breathable, did I use it wrong?"

She was now considering the problem from a medical perspective.

Yu Yuan listened to the explanation of the leather sticker, smiled, and silently used her phone to browse through Baidu.

Ha. Ha.

The Bentley slowly stopped in front of the Shao family's restaurant.

The employee in charge of cleaning up saw them and was dumbfounded. He then saw the familiar faces of Ling Ran, Su Jiafu and Yu Yuan get off the car. He could not help but say, "The benefits for doctors is so good. Did you borrow this, or did you buy it?"

"How can a normal person afford such a car?" Su Jiafu said and quickly spoke to Tian Qi, who just got off the car. "I did not mean anything else, I just mean ordinary people can't buy this sort of car."

"It's alright. This is, after all, my car at home." Tian Qi raised her finger and did not have any intention of driving away.

Although Su Jiafu did not sleep for twenty hours, he still had some common sense. At this time, he laughed, "Tian Qi, right? Do you want to have some barbeque with us?"

"Sure, are you having barbeque so early in the morning because this store is particularly famous?" Tian Qi was quite curious about this.

Su Jiafu smiled, "It is quite famous. The main reason we came to this family restaurant in the morning is precisely because it's open. What else were we supposed to do? Eat breakfast at nine in the morning?"

The doctors in the breakfast gang and the dinner gang would have their own reasons for their choice of food after they pulled an all-nighter. Su Jiafu belonged in the barbeque gang, so he would also make excuses that would allow him to go eat barbeque after pulling an all-nighter.

Boss Shao, who just came out to greet them, put on a stern face. He stomped the floor with the crutches he used to support himself and cracked a funny joke. "Doctor Su, my shop shouldn't be as bad as how you describe it to be. I feel like I even made myself ill by opening shop early in the morning."

"Why would we? We actually hope that you'd be open for business 24/7," Su Jiafu laughed out loud before he stared at Boss Shao's crutches for a while. He winced and said, "Something's not right, Boss Shao. Your leg doesn't seem as if it was treated in Yun Hua Hospital."

Boss Shao was instantly so surprised and his breath hitched. He coughed and said, "There was one time where I went to collect some crayfish, and I fell into the pond. That fall was very bad. I was immediately sent to the hospital. The doctor that treated it said I was physically weak. He ordered me to use crutches and not to fall down again."


"Is that so?"


"So, that means"

The two men exchanged some nonsensical words that only the other would understand before they entered the restaurant. Boss Shao personally prepared the ingredients. He used fresh salt cedar, prepared the meat skewers on the spot, and garnered loud cheers...

Soon, more people arrived.

There were doctors from the Department of Anesthesiology, doctors from the Orthopedics Department, doctors from the General Surgery Department, and doctors from the Thoracic Surgery Department.

With Tian Qi in the mix, Su Jiafu managed to gather ten people together. All of them sat in a circle and were elated.

Boss Shao looked at the lively atmosphere in the store and was happy as well. He used a crutch to help him walk around and went to cut the meat. He said, "If we had a barbeque using salt cedar as firewood, then we will have to pay attention to three things. One, the meat. Two, fresh salt cedar. Three, charcoal. The barbeque we will have in the restaurant today is not the same as the barbeque outside. We have to talk about the intensity of the heat. Meats of different sizes required different intensities of fire to cook them. I will show you my new method..."

Boss Shao stretched out his arm. A huge piece of meat was then fixed on a thin and fresh salt cedar. It shook a little when it was placed on it salt cedar.

"One skewer is 1.1 pounds, each slice of meat is around 0.11 pounds. Even the largest piece is only enough for one bite. But when you bite the meat, you will find that there is a lot of juice in it." After Boss Shao gave his speech, he grilled the meat over the fire. He said, "This will take a while."

The doctors who had just arrived also took pictures and posted the photos taken together with the Bentley to their Circle of Friends.

Tian Qi also got into the mood. She beamed with pleasure as she talked to Ling Ran, who sat next to her. "This shop that all of you found is very interesting."

"That's why the doctors like to come here." Ling Ran paused for a while before he continued. "I seem to have heard a thud from outside."

The others had also heard it.

Su Jiafu said naturally, "The patient would be for the Orthopedics Department if the person fell. The patient would be for the Neurological Surgery Department if the person fainted. The patient would be for the Cardiology Department if the person slowly sat down. It's an emergency case, do you want to take a look?"

Everyone agreed. Hence, an orthopedist, a neurologist, a cardiothoracic surgeon, and Yu Yuan and went out the door.