Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Serious Case

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After filling their stomachs with alcohol and meat, the doctors who worked overnight drove back home.

The doctors who drove here and drank some alcohol made some calls and called professional drivers. Tian Qi also made a similar call.

After a while, a Mercedes-Benz S-class Sedan was parked behind the Bentley, and two middle-aged people in suits stepped out.

“Let’s sit in two cars. A Bentley can only carry four people. We have five drivers including the driver.” Tian Qi’s eyes flashed, and her stomach was filled with meat. She quietly tugged Ling Ran’s arm and said, “Let’s get on the car first, I’ll let the driver take them home.”

Yu Yuan and Su Jiafu themselves did not mind. They looked at Ling Ran once before they turned away and went into the Mercedes-Benz. They did not seem worried about his safety at all.

Tian Qi smiled, opened the back door of the Bentley, pushed Ling Ran into the car, and ran to the other side herself.


The door was closed, and it became so quiet that it felt like they were in another world.

“Let’s go to the hospital.” Ling Ran chose a new destination.

“Then let’s go to the hospital, but don’t you want to go home and take a break?” Tian Qi asked.

“There are no patients at home, and I don’t have any cars I can use. It’s better to go back to the hospital.” Ling Ran shifted against the seat of the chair again, as if he found a good sitting position. His breathing became stable.

Four hours of microsurgery took up a lot of his energy, and after eating so much meat and drinking alcohol, it made him sleepy.

Tian Qi looked at Ling Ran in a daze. She really did not expect him to… adapt so quickly to his environment.

A Bentley’s seat was naturally comfortable, but it was a bit surprising to see someone fall asleep straight away after getting into the car.

“Uncle Wang, turn up the temperature, head for the hospital, and take it slow.” What else could Tian Qi do? She looked at Ling Ran’s side profile and sat quietly for a while before she also felt her eyelids drooping.

The azure blue Bentley slowly stopped in the hospital’s underground parking garage.

The underground parking garage was originally built for the hospital staff. The driver showed some identification, and the guards reluctantly let him enter.

If they parked a car that was worth 7,000,000 RMB at the parking lot, the probability of them being humiliated by the powerful and rich youngsters in the city later would be too high.

After the car stopped, Tian Qi did not wake Ling Ran up. She also pretended to rest in the car.

The driver adjusted the air conditioner and did not turn off the engine. He sat in the car and played with his phone quietly.

About an hour later, Ling Ran suddenly opened his eyes, having digested part of the meat in his stomach.

His phone rang.

Tian Qi listened to the song “The king had me patrol the mountains.” She could not help but wanted to laugh, only to hold it in, trying to appear as ladylike as she could be.

“Department Director Huo?” Ling Ran nodded to Tian Qi and picked up the phone.

“Are you doing anything at the moment? Come to the hospital if you’re free.” Huo Congjun’s voice was emotionless.

“Okay.” Ling Ran agreed immediately and asked, “What happened?”

Ling Ran was now accepted as a second-string doctor. If something major did not happen, he would never be pulled back to the hospital during a break. This kind of thinking can be compared to the airforce. The first-string pilots were always kept fully rested. They would not gather just because of a little disruption in the sky. That would just result in weakening the fighting power in the air force.

Correspondingly, ground security personnel such as the ground crew and the airport’s anti-aircraft artillery units would not take anything away from the strength of the airport, even if they were frequently dispatched.

In the hospital, first-string doctors such as resident doctors were equivalent to ground security. Their existence was not only necessary, they were also large in number, but their downtime and labor rights were the least.

When promoted to second-string doctors, their daily routine would become more lax. They would at least have a more stable resting time, but their responsibilities would also grow.

Of course, the one with the greatest set of responsibilities was always the head of the department.

Huo Congjun had made countless calls today. His voice was slightly softer as he said, “There has been a public security incident. It may be a major event. We need you.”

“Okay, ten minutes,” Ling Ran answered very happily. He had now figured out where he was.

Once he hung up the phone, Tian Qi looked at Ling Ran questioningly. She did not ask him directly.

“The department told me to go back. Thank you for today.” Ling Ran checked his body, but found that he did not carry any yogurt with him, so he did not say anything further.

“Can I come along to take a look?” Tian Qi had already thought of an excuse.

Ling Ran said, “I don’t know the specific situation.”

“It doesn’t matter, I just want to go up with you. You don’t have to care about me.” Tian Qi stopped speaking for a moment before she said, “Just treat it as if I’m going to your department to change my dressing.”

She stretched out her left index finger and shook it a little. The Donald Duck sticker was still quite conspicuous, causing the wrapped wound to pale in comparison compared to it.

There was no reason for him to refuse Tian Qi from changing her dressing, so he did not say anything further and took her straight to the elevator. Then, they entered the Emergency Medicine building.

The doctors gathered again in the Emergency Department.

Tian Qi curiously observed the doctors around her, but she did not care about the people’s gazes towards herself.

Since she was a child, she was the eye of the crowd. Since it was not something she could change, she could only accept it.

Ling Ran found Doctor Zhou and asked, “What happened this time?”

Doctor Zhou saw Tian Qi. He then looked at Ling Ran and smiled, “Are you afraid? Are you worried about another pretty lady being sent here by a helicopter, and you’ll have no time dealing with them?”

Ling Ran silently watched Doctor Zhou. He did not respond to his teasing.

As expected, Doctor Zhou was bored. He twitched his lips and said, “I heard that it was a carjacking case. There were casualties. The city is paying quite a lot of attention to this case. The ambulance will arrive soon. We must wait until the medical staff arrived at the place to know the specific situation. However, according to the most recent update, there is at least one dead and four injured.”

Ling Ran knew that the information provided by Doctor Zhou was abundant.

Doctor Zhou heard a lot of news during his daily strolls. He was unlike other doctors, who acted as if they were locked in a small black box after entering the operating theater. Even when their wives sent them short videos, they would not necessarily have the time to look at it. It was not easy for them to go back and forth between the resuscitation room and the treatment room either. They spent most of the day as busy as bees.

“How about coming in with a helicopter?” Ling Ran asked.

“The ambulance of the county hospital is at the scene, they can provide first-aid. It will take a while for the helicopter to fly over.” When Doctor Zhou said this, he whispered again, “The patient’s bleeding is severe. Department Director Huo believes you will need to take it up. ”

“Do we have blood packs ready?” Even if he stopped the bleeding, he could only reduce bleeding. Patients with severe bleeding would still need to receive blood transfusions. However, the current blood supply system did not make things easy. If two among the four seriously wounded had the same blood type, Yun Hua Hospital had may not be enough to provide for them all.

Doctor Zhou just nodded and said, “I heard that it’s a very vicious case. The robbers robbed a bus full of students, and the government has given great importance to this.”

Ling Ran understood.

Tian Qi listened by the side. She could not help but ask, “Carjacking incident? Did they succeed or fail?”

“We don’t know the specific situation,” Doctor Zhou replied. He then saw that Tian Qi was dressed in Burberry from head to toe, and he clicked his tongue. “Now you know how dangerous the world outside is.”

“I know. My family will arrange an anti-kidnapping training for me once every half a year. If I don’t pass it, I can’t go out alone,” Tian Qi answered very substantially.

Doctor Zhou was stunned.

Soon, more news arrived.

Huo Congjun personally held the case briefing and said, “As far as we know, there is a policeman who is seriously injured, and three robbers. The one who died is a robber. In addition, two teachers and at least seven students are slightly injured. A number of other students have light injuries such as abrasions…”

When Huo Congjun said this, his tone became solemn, and his words concise. “The injured policeman is a frontline member of the Drugs Task Force. He just applied for leave to visit his family. He was ready to go home and had plans to get married. After the carjacking incident, he single-handedly stopped the four culprits and, in the end, successfully rescued the hostages. He was very brave. Our superiors asked us to do our best and do everything possible to save the injured police. The three injured robbers have been sent to the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital, so, next, I will reschedule the treatment group…”

As they listened to Huo Congjun’s orders, the doctors in the Emergency Department made preparations.

In the next few hours, the Emergency Medical Center would reduce the number of patients sent to Yun Hua Hospital. Hence, since the Emergency Department of Yun Hua Hospital was huge, they could free up a large number of people to treat the policeman.

Ling Ran was made to stay beside Huo Congjun, as usual. Tian Qi quietly left the medical treatment area, sat in a chair in a corner, and watched the doctors’ movements while she played with her phone.