Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapter 257

257 Abdominal Closure

At first, Ling Ran only had three Perfect Level skills: barehanded bleeding control, finger replantation, and Achilles tendon repair suture. But now, these three skills turned a light purple color that signified Legendary Level.

Although Ling Ran was calm, he could not help but feel somewhat excited.

Legendary Level sounded worthy of being written in legends. After trying the Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control multiple times, Ling Ran had high expectations on the more powerful Legendary Level Barehanded Bleeding Control.

He had a thought in his mind. 'If the Perfect Level Barehanded Bleeding Control can help me accurately judge the bleeding point in the abdominal cavity without a surgical field, then theoretically speaking, the Legendary Level Barehanded Bleeding Control would have an even greater range of abilities.'

Ling Ran thought of this as he kicked the sterilization container and took out the sterile towel. He wiped his hands clean while talking silently to the mirror in the washroom, 'System, system, who is the best in the world in Barehanded Bleeding Control?'

"Adam Loew Davies," the system replied.

Ling Ran's expression froze for a while. Then, he asked, "What's the rank now for the Barehanded Bleeding Control technique I mastered?"

"The second," answered the system in a straightforward manner, as it usually did.

Ling Ran clicked his tongue and threw aside the towel that he had used just now, before he left for the resuscitation room.

Under the efforts of the head nurse and teachers, the children who had sung the National Anthem thrice stopped and looked in the direction of the hospital beds.

The head nurse gently and considerately arranged the children to the empty beds and made them rest for a while so that they would not be exhausted. Her behavior was completely different from the version of her in the young doctors' minds.

Ling Ran entered the resuscitation room by the time the song stopped.

*Thud.* The sound of the door opening made all the children look at Ling Ran. Jiang Li's family also did the same.

Ling Ran had his hands raised while he entered the resuscitation room. He requested a new surgical gown and gloves without looking at anyone.

He was not good at communicating with the family members of patients. Even with Huo Congjun teaching him directly, Ling Ran still lacked of sufficient skills to cope with the situations. Even when he faced a group of children who had gauze on their heads and bandages on their hands, Ling Ran could only nod and redirect his gaze back on Jiang Li, who was still in the middle of his operation.

"Give me a space." Ling Ran did not climb up the gurney again. He was forced to do that earlier, but now, there was no need for him to do it again.

Doctor Zhou gave up his spot to Ling Ran without any hesitation. Ling Ran slipped his hands through the gap before he squirmed his way to Doctor Zhou's position. He looked at the monitor for a few seconds before he said, "Check the bleeding point."

At that moment, the group of doctors looked for the bleeding point. He was not really needed for this part.

Huo Congjun was too busy to pay any attention to him. He first urged the blood bank to deliver blood to them, since the autologous collection of blood was obviously not sufficient anymore. Next, he gave another instruction to clean the abdominal cavity while he began to ponder whether he needed to do a more thorough check-up.

Ling Ran groped slowly in a clockwise direction. The Legendary Level Barehanded Bleeding Control did not make his fingers more sensitive, but somehow, Ling Ran was just more confident.

This was just like shooting a willow leaf one hundred steps away. Once you let go of the arrow, you will know whether you hit or missed. An archer did not need to know that the arrow tip must be aimed upwards, and did not even need to know the parabolic formula or kinetic energy theorem. An archer only needed to raise his hands, release his fingers, and fire the arrow.

Ling Ran no longer spared any energy to think about the location of the largest bleeding point, he could only predict the size of the bleeding point. For the bleeding points where he could ascertain the locations of, Ling Ran used his hands to find possible bleeding tissue.

Perhaps it was because his mindset had changed, but Ling Ran was able to find a small bleeding point within half a minute.

"7-0 surgical suture." Ling Ran did not attempt to use thin threads anymore. He turned the bleeding point outwards and sutured it quickly.

Huo Congjun let out a sigh of relief when he saw this, but he became nervous again in the next second...

...because there was no significant change in the indices shown on the monitor.

"The bleeding is still too heavy," said the anesthetist worriedly.

"Yeah," Ling Ran replied as he continued to grope around the area in the patient's body.

This time, Ling Ran did not find even a small bleeding point.

The doctors in the room grew very worried, but Ling Ran's mind slowly came up with some ideas. 'If I can't find any bleeding points on the exposed parts, even with the Legendary Level Barehanded Bleeding Control, then I should consider the parts that I didn't grope, such as the areas underneath the organs, especially under the injured organs.'

"I'll look around the liver." Ling Ran's hand slipped towards the liver.

Zhao Leyi, who was still looking for the bleeding point, frowned and disagreed somewhat with Ling Ran's actions.

From his perspective, there was a possibility that they still had not been able to find the bleeding point because the bleeding point was located in a deeper part like a corner, or hidden by some tissue.

It was impossible for him to be like Ling Ran, who firmly believed that there was no bleeding point in the exposed parts.

Ling Ran did not want to give more explanation, because this had always been an MOSP (Multiple Operations on Single Patient) to begin with.

After checking all the organs on the right side, Ling Ran went on to check the left side.

When he tried to touch the left side of the liver, Zhao Leyi could not hold back any longer and said, "The left side of the liver was just sutured. You don't need to touch it anymore.

"It's hard to tell." Ling Ran did not agree with Zhao Leyi's judgment.

"You should at least confirm the other parts first," Zhao Leyi said.

"There's no bleeding in the other parts." Ling Ran had also searched through those.

Zhao Leyi was unhappy and said, "Search again. If you really can't find it, then move to this part."

"There's no need for that." Ling Ran's understanding was completely different from Zhao Leyi's.

"Wait" Zhao Leyi stopped Ling Ran before he looked at Department Director Huo. He said, "Department director, we just sutured the left side"

"I heard." Huo Congjun did not need Zhao Leyi to repeat himself. He ground his teeth and said to Ling Ran, "Be careful."

This meant he had already tacitly agreed to Ling Ran's actions.

"Yes," Ling Ran answered as he gently raised the left liver.

A huge amount of blood poured out.

*Beep beep!* The monitor cried immediately. All the doctors in the room suddenly realized that the bleeding had quickened once the pressure disappeared.

Still, they had enough material for blood production to be used now. As long as the bleeding point was found, the problem could be easily solved.

The facial expressions of the doctors were somewhat relaxed, but the families standing outside the resuscitation room became extremely nervous. The beeping sounds from the monitor was like a mark of death to normal people. Even the doctors who were in the operating theater throughout the year may not get used to the urgent sound, much less the patients' families.

The police officer Jiang Li's fiance, Wang Yi, had already cried so badly that she ran out of tears. Now, she burst into tears again, but her voice was so hoarse she could not say another word.

Jiang Li's mother, Chen Fang, could not even stand. Her hands gripped the chair so tightly that all her finger joints became white.

The group of children did not quite understand the current situation, so they felt confused as they watched the adults around them.

"I'll do the suturing." Ling Ran used his hands to press the wound with medium strength. He did not aim to stop the bleeding completely, he just wanted reduce the amount of bleeding while protecting the tissue around it.

He extended his hand, requested a thread, and focused, before he fixed the needle into the surface of the liver. His appositional suturing technique was also at Perfect Level now.

First suture, second suture third suture, fourth suture

After Ling Ran used the simple interrupted suture twice, the monitor, which had been beeping just now, became quiet.

"Blood bag," Huo Congjun shouted. His voice then became lower as he membled, "We can do it, we can do it"

Basically, if the bleeding could be stopped, they could say that they have guaranteed the patient's life.

Huo Congjun turned back and glanced at the patient's family as well as the other people who still did not know what happened. He hesitated for a while, but did not say a word.

However, Huo Congjun nodded slightly when he faced Ling Ran.

"Check again. Clean the abdominal cavity. Perform abdominal closure if there are no problems." Once he mentioned abdominal closure, Huo Congju became very relaxed.